Scam letter(s) from Tricia Barnett to Marcel (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi Marcel,
thanks for keeping in touch with me here...i can see that you're interested in me... well,i must confess that i'm also interested in you too...
actually,i have check your profile on adultfriendfinder and i notice we have some few things in common...this is why i want to know you and meet you when i get back to the country....And pending the time i would meet you..i would like us to chat here to get to know each-other...
ok let me do some introduction...
Sarah Conor is my real name...i'm originally from ireland... I'm 30yrs of age and i'm 5:8ft tall...I am a Christian but I do not feel that I don't have the knowledge or the wisdom to diminish other peoples faith or beliefs. I do believe there is only one true Creator...and everyone would be judge according to our believe...
i was born in Ireland but i grew up in Philippine...i'm self employed..
i'm young but i'm very mature,understanding and respectful to be a good wife and a true friend..
i'm honest, intelligent, social and likable type character. I don't play games and I don't tell fibs...i prefer character to cute and Age to me is also a number and I don't judge people by their appearance...the Heart is only what matters to me...
I am always interested in peoples ideas and also to respect human right to an opinion. I am also far too trusting and I probably will never change.
But personality and attitude are most important to me..
i live all alone in the family no friend...
but luckily you're just my first contact from the country.. so i would be so
pleased to induce a lot of my attention to get to know you...perhaps, chatting here first would help us to get more acquainted before we meet in person.. actually,I find my life kind of lonely... this is why i'm looking for a partner..
And i'm actually here on the forum to look for a companion,lover,friends and soul mate...
so if you're interested in any of my relationship would be my greatest pleasure to date you..
but first, i would like to know more details about you here... so that your personality won't look strange to me when i meet you..
Between,i'm a stranger in the country...i have to be careful before i mingle with people cuz i won't like to fall into the hand of a man that will maltreat me because i'm not a citizen of the country...And i actually moved to the country to settle down and work..
although,i migrated to the country November 22 2012 but i have stayed for only 3months and few weeks before i came down here to westafrica to claim my late father belongings... and i would be coming back in few days .... so it's gonna be fun and my pleasure to meet you for lunch or coffee when i return. just to know more about you, What is your full name ???can you please send me 1 or 2 pictures of you?? how old are you??? whereabout in the country do you live??what is your occupation and could you please tell me the type of relationship you're looking for???Can you tell me why you wrote Houston as your hometown?
i have attached my photo for you....hope you like what you see..And don't mind the ring on my finger..i'm not married..i just wore it on the wedding finger to scare away unwanted men...
Between,How i wish we could communicate also on phone...but unfortunately my phone was stole a week after i came to Nigeria...And i can''t buy a new phone until i come home...
so please bear with me to communicate here till i will come home...
besides,i know there are so many Scumbags on the i have attach a copy of my international passport for you to know that i am real and not one of them... i wait your reply
Letter 2
Hi Marcel,
Thanks for your seems to be a responsible man with a good sense of humor...i do like your personality and i'm very much interested in you...but i suggest we should be friends first...And if we find chemistry...then we would be more than a friend...
although, i'm single looking for a man to spend the rest of my life with.. but i'm not in a rush,all i want now is just a man to stand by my side to make me complete, removing my loneliness...
each time i'm lonely and bored...i want someone i can always call and say...Hey let's go to the cinema to watch movie or to the coffee shop or sometime to the beach
And he would also be someone i can share my laughs, good times and bad times with...
someone who I can go for a simple walk and hold hands as we walk....
someone who I could express my feelings to and he could listen and give me advice.
I want someone who is kind/caring, someone who likes cuddling as well as make me laugh, someone who will tell me about his success and Failure and would also love to hear about mine, someone who would like a "cheap dinner" as much as they would like a "fancy/expensive dinner" someone who wouldn't be shy to hold my hand in public or at the lake...
i don't want someone that will criticize or put me down..And i would also like someone that will always talk to me with due respect and dignity too..
Even at times if we go outdoor and the night is coming to an end we can spend the night over at my place or yours and have some more fun...
our friendship will be a very close one and open..And we will always tell each other everything without hiding a secret from ourselves... it will also be all about a Good conversations in trust and good understanding...And I will never want to hurt you nor do anything to cause you pain. I am way too caring, romantic, loving woman for that.
i think i really need to tell you more about myself...just for you to know the kind of girl you want to make your girlfriend... what i like to do for Fun.........i like the outdoors...i love the tune of Music and i love to go out for a Meal/drink or dinner in a restaurant and hear the tune of music ..i also like to go to cinemas to watch movie...and cuddling with my partner in the beach when there is nobody there... About my Family and Background... i was born into a Nuclear family..just only mother, father,grandma and I'm the only child of my parent...i have no siblings..i'm an Orphan...i lost my parent in a car accident when i was 18.. and i was brought up by my grandma who later died of cancer when i was 25.....
i'm alone now without no family.. My Job..I'm very hardworking and i hate to depend on a man to survive...i also don't like people getting to know about my problem...what i do for a living is a Gold business..i buy Gold bars and melt them and design to form quality pieces of bracelet,rings,pendant,necklace and earrings..
Good,i'm wearing a sample of some bracelets made by me...And i will attach for you to see... what i want from a man....who can stimulate me intellectually, as well as emotionally and physically. A man who holds the same values but who at the same time will help me to grow as a person. Of course attractiveness is nice but there must be character and emotion as well. That is all i can digest for you for now hope It's not too much. Perhaps,i wish i could meet you for lunch,dinner or coffee today...but unfortunately, i'm presently in westafrica at the moment...but i would be back to the country on Wednesday
so..hopefully you can wait for me to come back... Between...i guess as much that you must have been curious about my mission here in westafrica Nigeria...
well,i am here in Nigeria to claim my late father belongings..actually my late Dad do work with a oil security company here in Nigeria before he died...and during his service he bought some landed properties here..
But after his death...the Property was sold by the Nigeria Government...And the money was deposited in Bank..
so i had to come to claim the fund...And Unfortunately,i haven't been able to get the loot from the bank...
Probate says it will take more time before they can Authorize the Bank to handover the inheritance fund to me..
And i have stayed here in Nigeria for more than 3months...waiting for the Probate to Authorize the Bank..But all to no avail..And my return ticket will expire in few days...this is why i have decided to come back home on Wednesday... oops..i have to go now to make some preparation concerning my departure.....but before i leave ... i have some few questions to ask you...hope you will take your time to reply.. 1,What is the most annoying thing that someone could do for you?
2,will you be there for me if i need you most??
3,What do you like to do for fun?
4,What do you look for in a girl?
5,if i tell you about my dream and ability...can you make me accomplish it??
6,what is your favourite food?
7,what is the most happiest thing that can ever make you happy??and when was the most happiest day of your life??and tell me what made you happy on that day?? thanks for your look so cute and younger than your age..i must confess that i really like what i see..
well,i have attach some very recent pictures of me...hope you like them all...
sorry i have to go now...i will wait for your next reply and answers to my hope to hear from you soon..
Letter 3
Marcel! it is Tuesday 9:35am here....i don't have much time to stay on computer because i need to go to airport to book a flight for my departure today at 10:30pm..
Good,the airport is a very good place for first meeting....don't you think it is going to be a great fun if you could pick me up from airport????we can sit to talk and have a drink or meal in a restaurant at the terminal...
and after talk...i would like us to go to my i could show you where i live...
And if possible ...i would like us to spend the first night together at my place .....i stay alone in a single apartment...And I have a new bed that has never had anyone but me...
And i will make you feel comfortable...And in the morning when you wake up..i will prepare you a good ribeye grilled steak med..rare 2 eggs over easy side of pasta cottage cheese and a bowl of fruit.. Please let me know if you're good with the arrangement ...... so i can send you my flight details today when i go to the airport to book flight...
Letter 4

Marcel Please where are you??i'm trouble...i'm unable to go to the airport to book flight...i have got a problem with the management of the hotel i stay here in Nigeria and i need your rescue....I have got a problem with them because i overstayed in the hotel for two weeks and unfortunately i couldn't afford to Pay the bill cuz i have exhausted all the money i brought with me to africa.......Now, the management has kick me out of the room and seize My passport and return ticket from me....right now, i'm stranded with my luggages at the reception..
i can't go to airport because the hotel management has my traveling papers...
Please Dear,get back to me as fast as you can cuz the hotel management doesn't want to release my papers until i pay the debt i owe them..
And unfortunately....the money i have here in my Purse is not enough to clear the bill...all i got here is just 500euros and it's 1,500euros i need to pay...
And i did persuade the hotel management yesterday that i'm exhausted and wouldn't be able to pay for the 2weeks i overstayed until i get back to Zoetermeer... but the management didn't take heart with me...
and right now i'm so scared because the hotel management are pushing a threat on me that they will also lock me up if i do not pay them....
Please dear.....i need you to rescue me...I'm afraid...i don't want the Black people here to Maltreat me......please save me....
You're my last resort and hope....cuz i have tried all my effort to find a way to solve this problem but unfortunately nothing work out for me..
Btw..i have contacted my embassy for help but they gave up on me saying that they do not give loan or cash to solve any problem that citizens might incur.
Please you're just my last hope...i have no relative or friend i could call for help! please i need you to loan me 1000euros and i will surely reimburse the money back to you as soon as i get back home..
i have Goods of Gold jewelries worth of thousands of dollars in my apartment at home,which i intend to do for business when i come home......And i will definitely reimburse back your money to you as soon as i sell the Jewelries...
so please try as much as possible to help me today before my return ticket will expire...
Between, i know you might want to blame me for my overstay in the hotel but it's not really my fault...i overstayed because i was stupidly waiting for the Nigeria Probate to Authorize the bank holding my Inheritance fund to hand it over to me ...and i actually thought i would pay for my overstay in the hotel after i get my inheritance fund..
so please try to be understanding... You can help me send the money to pay the hotel through western union because this is the only way i can receive money here...all i will need to receive
the money is an Identity card...and fortunately i have my business identity card here that i can use since the hotel has my passport..
here is the information you'll need to send the money...
receiver's name..Sarah Conor
text question...Colour
please reply as soon as you get my message...
cuz i persuaded the management to be patient with me to contact my Boyfriend..before i could be able to use the internet....
And as soon as i receive the money i will pay the hotel debt and rush to the airport to board my flight..
And after i book flight,i will send you my flight you could know the time to pick me up from airport..
i wait your reply..
Letter 5
i can't believe you could deny me when i need your shows you're not a nice person...and everything you wrote about yourself in your email is not true...
well,i am happy for getting to know your kind of person before getting close to you...thank you so much for not helping me...
Letter 6
are you gonna help me?please i am worried and scared..i don't want to be stuck in here...please let me know if you're gonna help me out of my're my last hope...please don't let me down..
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