Scam letter(s) from Natalia Lemjakina to Stuart (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello there! How are you? I am glad to get your responce this evening!
I'm so sorry for the delay of my letter, I have been soooo busy, and I didn't even see this e-mail until just now. I received the message from, with your email adres. And has decided to write to you the letter. You know, i don't like dating sites:) or probably I do something wrong. And I send you my pictures as I promised, And I hope you will like it! I should admit that I feel uncertainty :) But I nevertheless hope that your heart is open for new friends, and I know that right now I must write at least the most important things about myself. Well, You know, my name is Natalya. My height is 170cm (I think it is 5,7 feet).
Did you think I am low? Or not))) My weight, if I'm not mistaken - 118 pounds. Im 27. My birthday is September, 20 I was in relationship for 3 years. I have no kids and at present live alone by myself,that means no boyfriend, what is about you? Now I live in the Russian Federation. But I lived in Canada for a long time.
I Trained and worked in a pharm area. I am a Pharmacist(provisor).
If it will be interesting to you, I shall speak more about it. I aware that Russia maybe too far away from you, but I think it will not be a barrier.
And probably soon I shall travel again. Now I live in a little town in a northern part of Russia, Solikamsk city mmm... yes I like to travel.I visited different countries.
I shall speak about it later. I think it's great to have some friends who live in the other parts of the world. Do you agree with me?
And I sincerely think that for friendship there are no borders or distances. But enough about it. I feel that I should finish my letter because I even don't know if you are still interested in a dialogue with me or not. I hope you have. But if you have no desire to talk to me anymore, please, at least, write me about it.
I want to ask you some questions. :). Simply I would be glad to know Where you live? where do you work, and do you like your work?
And, in general, what are your interests? It's a banal questions certainly :) but i would like to know more about you. And by the way, I will be glad to have more your pictures! Therefore do not hesitate :) I will write you the day after tomorrow if everything is alright! Hope to see your letter soon !
best regards!
Letter 2
Hi !!! It's me Natalya.
The first thing I want to do is to say "thank you" for your fast answer!! :) It means that your heart is open for new friends:) I think it's Great, because friendship brightens people's life and refreshes souls, doesn't it? That is why I was so glad to see your letter.
Ok, Probably you have already noticed that I'm not able to keep my emotions inside. :) Of course I am talking about joy, about good mood, about all good and positive things that can be in my soul. I always try to share my joy with other people.
I never try to show people that I am grieved or I have some problems.
Therefore all people who I work with and communicate are sure that everything in my life is perfect, that I am a happy woman, that I have no disappointments. But unfortunately it is not always true, because when a person is lonely, nothing can cure sadness. And if you ever felt the same, of course you understand what I am speaking about.
Well, I must tell that I try to write in English as good as possible (within my knowledge). I hope you understand all what I write:) I have been already studying English for more than 10 years, but I understand that my English is not quite correct. Therefore I apologize for my mistakes :).
At school I wanted to be a traveler or singer and even finished a musical school. But I sing songs during my life just for myself and do it quite good :) and I play the piano. do you play any musical instruments or sing? :) When I finished school I realized that I want to work in a medical field. And after school I entered The Kazan State Medical University (the Pharmacologist faculty).
After 7 years of studying there I received an excellent diploma on "Pharmacist". Best diploma is called red in our country :) The red diploma is the highest mark at graduating from the university in our country. I have been working as a Pharmacist for 3 years, I like my job in spite of the fact I have to work a lot. Also I have interesting seminar trips to many places. I go there to get my work experience. Once I was offered a training course in Canada, and I agreed. It was a good chance for me to see the world. During the courses in Canada I studied English.
Then I decided to work in English speaking countries. It's a good experience for me. Also it's very interesting. But half a year ago I returned to Russia. It was necessary to settle some questions. And Now I work in a local clinic in our town. I Like Russia but I have ideas to move to a more stable country. The life is very complicated here. I know it will not be easy in a foreign country. But I am a hard-working person and not afraid of difficulties I am sure I can do more, than do here. Besides I have experience living and working in a foreign country, and I don’t want to waste time.
Can you tell me how you chose your job? Well, what you are looking for in a woman? Probably you have many female friends in the Internet. :) ..mmm.. What else to tell you about myself as I have little time..
By the way, I use the internet in the laboratory and work from Monday till Friday. But sometimes on Saturday and Sunday.
Therefore, maybe I will be able to write letters at weekends, if you want :) This computer is located in the medical analyses room.
Well, now this computer will be used for my dialogue with! :) I think you understood, I'm still single and I have no children. I wanted as well to learn more about your family.I miss my parents too much...
Now I have to go back to work and hope to see you soon.
Have a nice day!
Best regards.
Natalya. PS. I sent you more pictures. Hope you like it.
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