Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello,Frank! This is nice that you have your interest in me. Our communication is developing and I'm glad to this. This is pleasant that we have this opportunity in life to get to know each other better. Thank you for the photo to me and you for sure have caught all my attention with your so shining eyes! You look lovely:) I hope that soon spring will come to your place. So, what about your day? I'm so curious to know about how you are doing in it. How is your mood? Hope that you are in a high spirit and interested to read what I share with you. As for you have asked for my phone number, so here it's +380666976186. I'll be so glad to hear your voice and feel you closer to me. Just I think that it'll be great to have a look at each other life, even in letters, but this can help us to understand what we are in life. I enjoy music so much and I think that the kids that you listen to depend on your mood. But for sure it can rise it, if you wake up take the cup of green tea with honey and you feel the powers that you can do everything:)
This is my kind of nature to stay positive and to find the light moments in life, in each day) I advice you to do the same and hope that you'll follow this)) I can spend the whole day in the kitchen, I can't say that this is my passion, but I can have the inspiration for invention of some new and so tasty dishes)) I'm sure that if you try them so that you'll be so pleased-:) I like healthy food and try to make the variety. You know that this is important to eat food of different colors, this is so useful) And what do you prefer in eating? I'm just curious about this)) I think that it is in my nature to be sensitive and romantic. These lyrical songs are always about the feelings and emotions. I have to admit that my greatest passion is running in the morning in the park and just you see how your town is waking and people are hurrying to different places. this makes your whole day! You can be sure that I don't have some bad habits. I drink socially and don't smoke. I think that in life you can have more interesting things and just develop it as you wish. Hope that you share my ideas.
And what about your character, are you an active person?:) I'm finishing my letter!!! Hope that it was interesting for you.
Please, write to me when you have free time. I will impatiently wait for your answer to me. A bright day to you! Nataly
Letter 2
Hello,Frank! I'm glad to see your letter today. I like how our communication develop and that we have understanding with you. Your letters help me to look at your life and to see everything with your eyes.Of course I can't tell everything what is in my life, but I try to reflect myself in every letter. Your letters help to me to learn more about you, your emotions, feelings, life and I feel you near me. Thank you for the nice photo to me and just you have such a dreamy look, I imagine hat you are looking straight to my heart! You are so lucky that you have Easter celebration at this time and we have to wait till the 5th of May till it'll be in our country. What about you, how was your day? Hope you are in a good mood and everything is going well in your life. We have real winter in our country. Such snowy days...Of course not a depression, just a feeling that it's so cold all the time. But you brighten my life with your letters to me. You make me warm with your words and attention to me, you keep sun in my heart:) Hope that you'll be successful in all your projects. I just don't know how to answer on your question about what I'm looking in life for at the moment. I think that I look for love and happiness for me. At work I had just the ordinary busy day and I had some lessons with naughty pupils-:) I know for sure you even can't imagine what happened to me on my way home) I was going my usual way through the park, and I saw at the cafe there was a wedding. Such a happy one:)) People were smiling and dancing. I was just passing them when suddenly somebody called me. Just, Oh, girl, stop, we need you, please, don't run away:)) I was so wondered. Of course I stopped and came up to them.
They told me that according to our Ukrainian tradition they have stolen the bride and they need the girl to put on her place and ask the broom has to guess where his bride is:))
Such a funny tradition) Maybe you've heard about it. Of course I agreed and after the guests asked the groom to fulfill some tasks they finally gave his bride back. I was watching and felt such happiness. They are in love and they have the whole life before them to live together. I also dream about this with all my heart. Hope you enjoyed my interesting event:) And a small piece of Ukrainian traditions:)Maybe later I'll also have such a day! Just I'd like so much to share this with you myself, to call you and say just a few words, but it'll be so personally, if only I knew English. Oh, hope that you aren't tired of my letter to you:) But I couldn't wait to share this with you. I have never taken part in something like this. And you? Maybe you have some special traditions in your country?
I'm eager to know this:) I'm finishing my letter:) Wish you a great day! Take care!
Waiting for your answer with impatience. Nataly
Letter 3
Hello,Frank! It’s nice to receive your letter again. Every time when I get a note from you I feel that we are getting closer to each other and become more open. How do you feel today? I'm well, in a good mood. You have already changed my life, every morning I rush to the office hoping to find a message from you. I open my mail and if there is a letter from you my whole day is really better. Most people start their day with breakfast - I start my day looking at your message, which always brings a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Some time ago I even couldn't imagine that I will communicate with any foreigners, but now our correspondence became a part of my life. Thank you for the photos and you look lovely on them:) You have such shining and bright eyes:) This is sad that you haven't seen your your daughters for some time. This sounds nice about that you have good weather and just that you can have travelling when you wish this. Maybe this is because of spring, but the pupils at school are not so active and just they look so sleepy. When I come to the classroom, so that I try to raise their spirits with the sounds of music and you know that it has some good influence on children. And closer to the middle of the lesson the pupils become so involved in new material and the songs that we learn to play with them. I was impressed to read that you have been to Ukraine already and hope that you have the good impressions about our country. I want to tell you that when I come home after work I think what you might do at this moment and what you are busy with. And you? Maybe you have the same thoughts:) It's so cold now in the street, , maybe soon I'll write to you that you have to take me out of the snow:)) Oh, just joking-:) I take a big, really big cup of tea with some jam , I hope you guess that I cooked this myself:)) My friend called me and told that she has got a new dog, it's really such a cute and nice one) just like the small child)) I brought some toys to it and my friend was so happy about this, just how I'm caring about her. And maybe you have something interesting to tell me:)) I hope to hear from you soon) I'm curious about your day and how it was:)) Wish you a good day and nice time! Hope you'll have time to write to me:) Nataly
Letter 4

Hello,Frank! Hope that your days are going all right and you are doing good. How are you today?
And what about your mood? Hope that you are in a nice spirit. I'm glad that you have the time to share with me your thoughts. This is so important for me. Thank you for the photo and you really have such a catching look on it! your eyes are so bright and shining!
Thank you for the sweet words to me and I really value this from your side to me! I had a bit busy day at work and feel tired. Just I had to practise the new kind of material with children, but I was glad that I could bring joy to them and how they have enjoyed it. You know that I devote myself to work and how this is so important for me.
Hope that the club meeting went all right and you got the positive emotions there. Just I want to share with you that our communication is of great importance and hope that for you also. I'm open to you and just how we are developing together. I think that we can be the good match in life. And we are getting closer with you when we tell about our lives and just some views on relations. I have a good feeling about you and trust. I think that this is really the most important. We have such warm days at the moment and the real spring is in our area. Hope that it's not cold for you and just you stay in warm. I'm worried about you. And this is sad for me, but at the moment I can't afford the translation cost. You know that I use the services of the translation agency and there I pay 5$ per a letter to you.
I don't want to loose our communication and just now when I have found you, I don't want to be alone again. I'll be grateful if you can help me with this matter.
This is so serious for us and just I rely on you in this. Our communication is the part of my life and hope that it's the same for you. My heart is completely open for you and just you always brighten my days when I get the note from you, so that I feel you so close to me and to my heart! You are like the ray of sun for my days and hope that you imagine how I feel at the moment. I think that I have hardly on my account for the next letter to you. This is making such pain for me. Take care and be all right. I'm caring a lot about you. I know that I sound so sad and just I do hope for you in this matter. Waiting for your letter and hope that you have just a minute to think about me. Nataly
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We are entitled to inform you that our client Nataly have not the opportunity to use the services of our agency because of her empty account. That's why we can't fulfill the translate services any more.
We were sorry to disappoint her, but our services are equal for any client. Miss Nataly will be able to have your letter translated and write her reply to you as soon as her account is positive. We hope that you can help Miss Nataly with the translation account and then she'll be able to continue the correspondence with you. Sir, your Lady Nataly is waiting for the answer to her.
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