Romance scam letter(s) from Marina to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi dear stranger, Frank !

I am really glad to meet you and of course I will be happy to know you better. That is why I am here and I am writing to you now. I will not be pushy and I will not bother you with a lot of questions today. I understand clearly that to know each other better will take time and we should do it step by step. Do you agree with me?

I am an optimistic and positive girl. I have a healthy outlook on life. And such kind of communication is a very good change to know each other better. I truly believe that our meeting is a very good fortuity, which will bring us only positive emotions and we will make friends quickly. I hope that you share my thoughts about it :). When you gave me your mail address mybelovednet, I decided to write to you immediately. I never put off till tomorrow what you can do today :). It is my nature. I do not know if it is good or bad, but I am like that :). What am I looking for here? I am looking for interesting, caring and many sided person who is ready for serious relations, who is ready to share his interests and hobbies with a future life partner, who simply wants to be happy. Perhaps, is it you?
I like people with a sense of humor, because laugh and humor makes life happier. To my mind, both partners should look in one way. I always try to see only positive sides in a person. I do not like impolite and aggressive people. It puts me off in them. I hope that we will find a lot on common, but again just time will give us the answers on all the questions which we have now. Now, you know a bit about my personality. Of course I still have a lot to tell you about myself and my life. If you are serious and want to know me better then I am here and will wait your reply.

I do not want to bother you more with my letter. I want you to know that I am very interesting in you, like in a man and like in a person.
I will wait your letter with impatience and hope to get it very soon.

My friendly kisses and hugs.

Letter 2
Hello dear Frank! It is really a pleasure to get your reply. Frankly speaking, I was waiting it so much.
Thanks for finding time for me. Of course we will need time to know each other better, but it doesn't make me scared at all :))). I know, it is difficult to tell everything in one letter, but the first step had already done and it is already very important, do you agree with me?
Are you doing fine today? I hope that you are in high spirit and have great mood. I want to thank you so very much for sending me your so nice photos. I do like them so very much. You look very nice and I see that you have two very nice and cute girls. Are they single now? Do they live with you? As for me, the relations should be based on understanding, care and respect. Is it the same for you? The age difference, the religion, culture and race is not important to me, as the inner beauty of the person. Both of the partners should be honest and sincere with each other. They also should be the best friends. And to my mind the sexual inclination to each other is also very important in relations. What do you think about it? Is it important for you? Ok, it is enough with my thoughts about relationship :))). It is better to give you some information about myself. Do you agree with me? As you know, my name is Marina. I am Ukrainian. I live in Lugansk.
This city is the closest one to the border of Russia. I am 29 years old. My height is 167 cm and weight is 55 kg. I am blond. My pride are my sexual eyes. They are like a deep blue sea.
I am a blond. I live in a renting place now, as my mom lives in another small town called Antratsit, which is not far from the city where I decided to stay after the graduation of the National University. The reason of such decision was my job. I work in the wholesale trade of women's lingerie. I am a business agent. It is a very interesting and creative job. At this moment I feel comfortable with it, even if there are some negative aspects in it. If you checked my profile then you should know that my English skills are poor. I don't like to have some misunderstandings between us from the very beginning. I have a big desire to overcome this barrier in order to be free in our further communication. I just hope for your patience and understanding. It is very important to me. I don't like to finish my letter now, but in the same time I don't want you to be bored with it :))). I believe that now everything is for us. I am not a shy girl. And I will be glad to find the questions from you next time. Please, don't hesitate - ask me about everything you want to know. I wish to hear from you very soon. Have a great day. My friendly kisses and hugs. Marina.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Frank! I am so glad that you wrote to me. Thanks for showing your interest in me. After reading your letter, you have made me very curious about your personality. I am really happy to get to know such an interesting and nice person like you are. As for me it is not the least of the factors, that our communication is becoming more interesting and private with every new letter, am I right? As we are far away from each other and can't see each other's eyes, then we have just to feel each other, can you? I know that this way is not the easiest one, but we should try to built our happiness and don't loose this chance. I think that everything is in our hands. What do you think? For that we should be open, sincerely and honest with each other. I want to thank you so very much for sending me your so nice and new photo. I like hot you look and you know that well, right? Yes, I have my phone number. Here it is : + 380 66 543 52 11. I will be glad to hear your voice, as you know that I do not speak English. I would like to start from the most important fact of my life, do you think you can guess it?
You already know from my previous letter that I have only my mummy and granny. I always care of them as much as I can. They are everything for me and I am so thankful for everything they have done for me. Now I feel that I need to built my own family, my own world, where I will be happy and satisfied with my beloved man.
I need to feel care, support and understanding, which I am ready to give back to my future beloved. I want to have a complete, friendly and happy family. It is my dream, my second dream. And my first dream is to speak English well. Now you know two dreams of me. And I will be glad if you will share with me your dreams too, can you? Perhaps, you want to know more about my job. As you know I am a business agent in the company of women's underwear. It is a very creative and interesting job. I think that every woman likes nice and sexy underwear. I adore it :). And what about you? Would you be happy to see your woman in a sexy underwear every night? Which color of underwear does excite you? Please, do not be shy to talk to me about your desires. I told you in my previous letter that it is very important in relations. I also want you to know that I try to paint.
Of course I am not professional in this field. I have only two works of me. And I can only brag of them now :))). When I have time I like to take my brush and put on the paper all my feeling and thoughts. My two works were paint from my imagination. Unfortunately, I do not have time for this hobby even if I enjoy it. And what about you? What do you like to do for relaxation? Dear, if you don't mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
If you do not feel comfortable to answers them, I will understand. Can you tell me, please, what can turn you off in a woman? Would you feel comfortable to share with me some of your small secrets? I find some mysteriousness in it :))). Dear, I think that it is time to finish my letter or you will have one million questions form me :))). I hope to hear from you very soon. I wish you to have a very nice day, full of only positive emotions. Kisses and hugs from Marina .
Letter 4

Hi my dearest Frank! I am smiling now. Do you know why? I found your letter in my mail-box :). My mood is great :). It is so touching that you found time for me.
Being a very sensitive person it is very important for me to feel the person with who I communicate. I am so excited that I feel free and open myself with you. Don't you think this is very important factor in our story? How are you doing today? How was your day? Was it busy and hard for you? Are you tired? How is your mood? Today I would like to tell you more interesting things about myself, which will help you to have a general picture about myself and my life. How was your weekend? Was it nice for you? As for me, I had a very nice and positive weekend and I spent it at home. And what about you?
Thanks for the new photo of you. I like you so very much, but with a smile I like you more :))). Please, keep always a smile on your face. "The way to man's heart is through his stomach". I want to share with you the words which were said by a very famous model who was married to Mick Jagger from the band The Rolling Stones. Her name is Jerry Hall. And her mother gave her these great words of advice. She said to her: "Remember this to keep a man happy, you must be a maid around the house, a chef in the kitchen, and passionate in the bedroom". Jerry Hall turned to her mother and said: " I'll hire the first two and take care of the third myself". It is the true life story. What do you think about it? My dear, now you are curious to know why I started this conversation with you, right? I should to tell you that I adore to cook. The cooking helps me to use my creative nature in the dishes. I like to make the experiments with different dishes and I should note that at the end I always get an excellent result ;). I put all my heart and soul into my dishes.
Perhaps, your cuisine differs from Ukrainian one.
I am sure you will be delighted with our national cuisine, especially if it is home cooked.
Oh, even now my mouth is watering :))). As for me I prefer to eat at home more than out. It is really tastier for me.
Of course I don't mind to have a dinner in a nice restaurant and romantic atmosphere, but it is not like it can be at home. What do you think about having a romantic dinner cooked by me with a candle light and romantic music? You can see me in a nice little black dress and bedroom eyes. Do you not think that nothing can be better than to have such romantic dinner with a beloved at home? Because of my great imagination, I almost forgot to ask you about the most important :)))). Dear, have you ever tried our cuisine? Which cuisine do you prefer? Which food do you like to eat? Do you prefer to eat at home or out? I think that after my story you will prefer to eat at home :)))). My dear, I know that I am too talkative today. I am a sociable and cheerful girl with a good sense of humor! Did you note that :)? I do not know, perhaps, my letter will make you smile ;). But I am so happy to have a chance to share with you many things about myself. I have so tender ( and a bit crazy ) feelings about you. I don't want to finish my letter, my dear, but I have to. I wish to get your reply very soon.
Please, take a special care of yourself. Sweetest kisses and hugs from Marina.
Letter 5
Hi my dearest Frank! Today I woke up in a cheerful mood and the first thought which appeared in my mind was about you. I decided to go to the translation office to check my mail – box. And I was right, dear :), I found your letter. You know your letters became a part of my life now.
Should I consider myself as a very lucky woman who the destiny has already smiled on :))? I wish that a lot :). Dear, tell me, how are you today?
How is the weather in your place? How is your mood and health? Thanks a lot for sending me your so nice and new photos of you. I like them as always and you know that I like you so very much. I always glad to know more and more about you and your life. I like to get and read your letters which give me more information about yourself and your life and it makes me to attached to you more and more as I see a lot in common with you. Today I would like to tell you a bit about my interests, likes and dislikes, even if I prefer to discovered them in real life by myself :). Perhaps, you have already noted that I am a romantic girl by nature. There are so many fantastic things which I like, such as; strange sounds of birds, animals, insects, rustling of leaves, the murmur of the water, sound of the wind and so on. It is incredibly beautiful! We live in such a wonderful world! What do you think? I also like swimming, hiking, riding a horse, having barbecue with my family and friends. I am an active girl and I have a lot of interests in life. It will be even not possible to contain all of them in one letter! But it will be so nice to have a chance to share each other's interests one day. How do you find this idea ;)? Can you tell me a bit about what you like to do and do not? What about my dislikes! I hate quarrels because it always adds negative emotions to relations. I don't like falsity and hypocrisy, especially from people whom I trust.
I think that a well-bred person never can let shout at somebody. I can not accept it as I think that everything should be solved and discussed with a normal conversation. Do you share my opinion about it? My dear, today in the morning when I opened my eyes, I understood that I want to hear your voice so very much. If I could, it will help me to feel you closer to me. I understand totally that I have to learn English. Because I want to talk to you and to understand you without any help! I have some English books at home, but it is impossible for me to learn this material without a teacher's help. I tried to start it, but the difference between English and Russian is enormous. If I only knew English… then I could whisper you a lot of sweet and touching words, how my wet lips could touch yours and feel how you held your breath. How much I want it, dear! I dream about it! I know, it is only my fault. I have no one to blame, only myself. So the desire to be closer to you make me to get the consultation of the interpreters of translation firm, who help me with our letters. And they advised me to attend English classes for the beginners. The matter is that this firm has such classes and I would be happy to become a student again. Unfortunately, now I cannot afford to pay for these classes. The economical crisis has changed many things in my life, what is really terrible. So, it is still my dream and I will do everything to achieve my goal, even if it will be not easy for me. Do you believe in my, honey? Dear, it is time to go for me, but you are always in my thoughts. I want to ask you to be open with me, as it is the best connecting link between woman and man, which I do not want to lose. I hope to get your letter very soon, as it means a lot to me. Sweetest kisses and hugs from your Marina.
Letter 6
Hi, my sweetest Frank! How are you doing today? As for me, my mood is really great today because I am with you now and can read from you so kind and sweet words, which are addressed to me :).
Yes, of course I am flattered with all of them, as I am a woman :). You know that you are already a part of my life and the best one of it! I have never thought before that I will share my thoughts and desires with the person who I have never met in person so easy. I feel myself so comfortable and open with you. I am so attached to you and it is you who made me to be so close to you. I feel and belive that we are right for each other. What do you think? How was your weekend? What did you do on it? How do you feel yourself?
Are you better now? Do you have good treatment? As for me, my weekend was calm and busy for me. I was visited my mother and helped her to clean everything about home and yard. Thanks a lot for the photo of you. I like it as always and I an happy to get your photos with each new letter of you. You know, dear, I always imagine you with a smile on your face. Don't you know why :)? I have so tender and pure feelings about you. I don't understand how it is possible to be attached to you during so short period of time. Are you magician, dear ;)? I think so... My dear, yesterday I saw a very strange dream, but at the same time a romantic one.
Yesterday, before to go to my bed, I thought of you a lot. And then I had a dream about us.
Are you curious to know it :)? I was in a real fairy – tale with you. It was a cold winter afternoon. I saw us in a fantastic place. It looked like a fairyland. I don't remember where it was. There were very narrow streets, old buildings with red tiled roofs. The sky was really blue and covered with the clouds, like the playful horses and the shape of the trees brought me a sensation of peace and beauty. The wind made my cheeks pink and seemed to take away all bad feeling. It was quiet. There were nobody on the streets, only me. On that cold winter afternoon I almost felt happy.... I went to the park. In the park were several baby-sitters with winter dressed children. The dogs played between the trees.
The chubby girls and boys made a snowman and had a snowball fight. It was so cheerfully to watch them do that in such frosty day. The pure air filled my lungs with health and even hope. I was almost happy not knowing what I was missing at that moment to reach total happiness. I began to reflect about that empty feeling inside of me. It didn't take me long to realize that what was missing to be truly happy. It was your company. What was bother me? It was your absence. I missed you.
Discovering what was bothering me, I took a deep breath of fresh air and.... And I saw you across from me. You looked at me with so tender, true and sparkling eyes. I could not tear my admiring gaze away from your eyes. Your look was so magnetic and inviting. You just reached out your hand for me and I followed you.....We came home. You threw my coat off on the floor. Then you took my hand and I followed you. The bed was covered with red silk and so soft sheet. My breath started to be quicker and deeper. You ate me with your eyes and your so greedy look. I was full of desire. Honey, and in that moment I waked up and felt how my heart was beating. I did not want to believe that I opened my eyes in so bad moment and didn't see the most interesting and desirable part of my dream ;). I hope that next time I will be more lucky :)))). Honey, do you see often such dreams? Did I come to your dreams or not yet? Call me, and I will come and make you happy. My dear, I want you to know that you are so special for me. I am sending you this letter with all my affection: it was written with all my soul. I am leaving you now with my sincere wishes of good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. And please, don't let me to wait your letter too long. With a passionate kisses and hugs from Marina.
Letter 7
Hi, my dearest and sweetest Frank! I do not have enough words to describe you how much I was waiting for your letter. Your letters warm my heart, make me smile and happy. My dear, are you going fine today?
Was your day hard and busy? How was your weekend? What did you do on it? Yes, we had the Easter on the 5th of May and I was too busy during this weekend. Thanks a lot for the new photos of you. You always look very nice :). Honey, I have a very strong feeling that you are the person I have always looked for to be by my side. I belive that I am not mistaken about it. I`m talking about understanding and affection, you know, and of companionship, deep friendship and simple feelings. I am talking about love and caring! I know, that I have never seen you, but I was able to identify in you, during all the time with a help of our letters, some of the qualities, which please me the most. You are real gentleman, intelligent, caring and loving person. And as I see you are ready to give all the warmth of your heart to your beloved woman. And in my turn I am ready to give back all my warmth, caring and attentive. Perhaps, it will sound strange to you, but it’s really great to have you in my thoughts and feel you so close to me all time.
I never get to miss you because I know you are always with me, even when we have many roads and miles between us. I only regret the lost time, I regret not having met you before…
But there is a small secret, which can also be a life motto: "To be happy never can be late!". The destiny doesn't make us, we make our own destiny!!! Don't you think so, dear?
Or do you have your own opinion about it? My dear, I have something to talk to you about. I did not want to share it with you before, as I do not like to complain at all. I was doubted a lot if I should discuss this topic with you or not, but I realized that if we are eager to create long-term relations then we should talk about everything, what bothers us without any doubts. As you know I live in a rent room. The owner of the apartment is an old woman. Her health state is bad. She has hypertension and she suffers with it a lot. Few days ago she informed me that her family wants her to move to their place in order to take a very good care of her. They live in Russia. She accepted their proposition. The apartment where I rent a room is selling now.
Honey, such news shocked me a lot. Now I don't know what I should do. Where should I live? I have already checked many rooms and small apartments, but without having any result. The prices of renting are too high now. I do not have any choice as only to pay the money for the new rent room which I saved for learning English and for our correspondence before. I am depressed. I am afraid of losing you. I am attached to you a lot and the thought that one day I won’t be able to read from you and to write to you makes me crazy, because I do not have enough money to pay for everything I have. My salary does not allowed to do it.
I am frustrated, honey. What I can do? I can not accept this situation, but at this moment I can do nothing. I am afraid that my current financial problems will be the cause of our parting. I want to be with you, I want to save our relations, I want to make you happy.
Please, tell me, what should can we do in this situation? I have nobody to share my problems with. I have only my mom and old granny who needs my help. Honey, I beg you to understand me. I feel myself too bad because I can lose you one day. I will do everything what is possible in order to save our relations. If only could be everything in my hands...I hope that our wonderful fairy-tale won't be finished. I always miss you and think of you. Please, remember, that you are constantly in my mind. I sent you my sweetest kisses and hugs. Marina.
Letter 8
Dear Sir, We are entitled to inform you that our client Marina have not the opportunity to use the services of our agency because of her empty account. That's why we can't fulfill the translate services any more.
We were sorry to disappoint her, but our services are equal for any client. Miss Marina will be able to have your letter translated and write her reply to you as soon as her account is positive. We would be glad to cooperate with you and inform you about our services if you want to continue your contact with Marina. If you are not interested with the girl any more, please let us know.

We hope for our successful cooperation. Sincerely yours, Eurotranslation.lg Administration
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