Scam letter(s) from Yana Malets to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Frank!
My name is Yana
I know we are separated by such a distance, but your letters can bring you to me.
I can tell you a little about me now: I always try to be cheerful, loyal and honest. You'll find tenderness in me, it seems to me I am romantic woman. I really enjoy cooking, home cuisine, that would be specially pleasant to make it for my man, my beloved.
I love active rest, picnics and maybe even hikes.
My friends tell me that I have a lot to give to the right man - serious, caring, who needs a good family. I do not smoke, if that's important for you to know.
Of course I have a strong wish to know you, more about your life.
If you feel to know more about me, you can reach me via my e-mail.
My e-mail is
Have a nice day.
Hope your new friend Yana.
Letter 2
Frank, really I am glad you have decided to write me.I send you my photos, and really I would like we exchange a lot of photos with you, well was interesting to know about you. So let me try to describe me and maybe I will answer some questions you have in mind.
As you know my Name is: Yana, my age is 24 years old. My birthday is June 01, 1988, zodiac sign Gemini. I was not married, I haven’t any kids and until this date I haven’t been able to find a special man. Honestly I will be lucky woman if you are the one. Frank jut I believe in God and I am Christian. My parents are still alive and divorced five year ago and I have neither brothers nor sisters. Where do I from? I was born in a small town Stryi… It is in Ukraine.
Stryi is 614 km far from Kyiv. About work: I am a secretary at the bus making plant "Stryi Auto" and have a bachelor degree. I suppose you want to have a view about my appearance, my height 165cm, weight 52kgs, blonde hair, it accentuates my green eyes which sometimes change their color to brown.
Maybe everything it will be acceptable for you? Frank some attributes that characterizes me: I am a sociable person, I consider myself as person with logical nature, I like to do things well done, and never let things imperfect. Also I am funny with sense of mood.
I enjoy theaters, museums, concerts, cinema and classical music. Take in considerations, I like to be direct in things bluntly, as say in my place where I burnt, is better to tell the truth, although it could be uncomfortable for someone, and not saying false things to get out of the moment. Into personal: I like things are sorted, I am clean in mind and body, I like to live comfortably but without luxuries, sometimes I like to drink a glass of wine, but better to me to drink a cup of tea. When I have free time I am a lover of the nature and stay far of the noise city, on weekend, I adore going to make picnics or camping, or go to the lakes or the beach and I also like to run on the wet sand, it makes me feel the nature in my feet. I consider myself a sportsman, I love to go to the gym and run at the early morning to get good shape and health. Okay its enough for today, bet let me know more about yourself and also your family. I will be waiting for your answer. Yana
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Frank. How are you?Thank you for the letter. It really made my days.How is your day?
For me my days are great as long as i hear from you dear. All people in the world have different wishes, aims, desires and dreams.Some people are happy because they got the work they dreamed about the whole life, others are happy because they have an opportunity to travel and meet new people, there are also such people who are glad that they bought great car or a big house and some others think that it is comfortable to be alone but in fact a person is happy when he/she has a Real love and if this person can share this feeling with his/her soul mate. It is really great! What’s a man without a woman?
What’s a woman without a man? They are just two separate pieces of one mosaic!
Love is a magical power which can find and unite those separate pieces in one unit! Love is the most ancient power which rotates the world, which does not have borders and distances! I can be happy if my men will be in my heart and if I will think of him 24 hours per day. It is love I think. What is a real happiness if you cannot share it with your soul mate? Perhaps I wrote you banal thoughts but all I want to tell you that only a family can make two people really happier and stronger.I can tell you for sure that I am happy person just because I can live!
My heart fills with joy when I see smiling and laughing people.I am very positive person and even if I have troubles in life I meet these troubles with a smile and think that tomorrow I will have better day. Yes it is me. Oh how can I describe myself? I can write a very long letter describing myself in great colors,I just Joke. I am simple woman but with out riddle. I am cheerful, kind, caring, purposeful, easy-going and have a great sense of humor. I think it is important to make other people laugh, right ? I can add that I have much love in my heart but to whom I can give all these feelings? I am going in for sport I love shaping and I do all exercises. I lead an active lifestyle and always try to be in a good shape. Do you like traveling? Where would you like to go with your beloved one? I like to get to know something new and when I have free time I like to read.
I am not going to be a careerist I just want to do the things which give me much pleasure.If you have any questions about my personality I will be glad to give you my answer.
Tell me more about yourself. How do you imagine your family life? What are the most important things for you in family relations ? and which things are in admissibly for you in good relations ?
I will wait for your reply with great impatience with love Yana.
Letter 4

Dear Frank.
How are you today? I hope your day is like mine when i receive you letter.
Thank you very much for your letter! I am very glad to know you are interested in continuation of our correspondence. I think you are an extraordinary person whom it is very interesting to communicate with!!! It is so pleasant to meet clever, kind and interesting people but when you are betrayed, mistaken, when people start to lie to you - you may even loose the sense of life. But in any case I forgive everything when something like this happens in my life, as it would be impossible for me to learn to understand how much I should be careful, opening my heart to different people. What i think you are whom i am looking for that's what my heart is telling me but in any how lets know each other first and i want you to do the same and let days prove for you and me that we took the right action. I am happy in a way but I miss so much the warmth of another person and feel I can offer a lot to him. I am very gentle, romantic, sensitive, understanding, considerate and polite, very sincere and optimistic. They say I have got good manners and good character too. I enjoy simple things in life and thank God for giving me a chance to enjoy life. But I want to share it with a special man. Maybe with you?
I am dreaming of a loving partner, whom I will give everything and receive the same in return! So, that is all for today.
I will be waiting for your next letter impatiently.
Wish you good luck and all the best, Your truly, Yana.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear love, my Frank. How are you? Thank you for photo. As for May holidays I enjoyed it very much. On the first of May we saw the parade in the square. In the evening it was a concert and the salute.
Many talented children and also older people sing songs. It was so nice, but I was lonely without you. On the second of May we were in the forest with my friends to make a BBQ.
It was so nice weekends and I rested a lot. We play volleyball, make a fire and prepare BBQ. The weather was so nice. It is so warm, more then 25 degrees. On Easter I came to graves of my relatives who were died. It is the tradition to visit them on the Easter to put some eggs and paskas into their graves.
And children gathered these eggs, candies to remember died people.
Also in the morning I visited the church to consecrate eggs, paska. Did you have such a tradition? How was your weekends dear? Kiss you and send you all my love. Your Yana.
Letter 6
Dear Sir We are the firm "Poliglot" that provides our clients with such services: translation, using of computer, Internet. Your Lady Yana is the client of our firm.
She paid for the translation and we provided her with Internet. She asked us to send you one more letter: "You know, dear Frank after meeting you my life changed. I could not even imagine that I will meet such a man as you. when I wrote you my first letter I was afraid that you will not answer me, but with a plenty of tome you became closer to me. It seems that we know each other for all life and I see that there are a lot in common between us. We have the same wish and interests...
And, you know, sorry that I did not write you earlier but I am not perfect in English. All this time I used the translation service to read your letters and to translate mine. Also I gave the access to my email address to the "Poliglot" Firm they to inform me when I can come to write you my answer. You may say that it is better to use electronic translators, but i do not agree, because they loses the meaning and it is very hard to understand what the person mean, because every English word have a lot of meanings and electronic translator can choose the wrong one.
Dear, you are in my heart, in my soul, in my mind. I can not imagine how to live without you. But it is the last letter I am able to write you. Maybe you can help us to be in contact and to keep our relations?
With over lasting love Yana." Now Yana's account is over. She will be able to answer you as soon as she will make a payment and her account will be re-open. If you are really interested in Yana and your relations and want to help her with payment for the translation of your correspondence, we can send you information about our service and payment. Respectfully,
"Poliglot" Firm
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