Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Arthur (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Andrinne Manning rudloff , I live in chadron NE with my cousin, his name is Justin....I just relocated here 2 days ago..I''m 31 years old single with no kids.....I''m 5''9tall and weight 140pounds, I love to play basket ball, skating,hokey, and table tennis..I love to eat Americana dish, Chinese dish and German mother is living in australia she is 68 years old, she is having a ******,but I always go there to see her at little sister is with her there...firstly I don''t think that the distance can be the problem and that can stop us from meeting each other...we just meet each other, and we haven''t know anything about each other.....I know that. After knowing more about each other, distance can be solve and plan on how to fly to each other....if you are serious and willing to meet me in person, you can come down here for us to meet in person, or I can come there interest in a man, I looking for a man who will care for me in every aspect,and love me for who I am.... i don''t mind been married or older than me....a man that we will both enjoy life together, and that we will both have full trust in each other....a man that will take very good care of morally, physically, sexually and financially, I believe this is how are a relationship can keep last and longer..please let me know what is going on if you are interested in me,cos I don''t want games to be play here, cos I''m old enough to be with the right man for me.. and we will both work things together and see how our chemistry works.....I don''t want someone that will be playing game or doubting of who am i.....I always use one mind with a man that i know that is very serious and honest cos I always easily fall in love.....I''m a God fearing woman, and i really believe in God more than you can see my pictures above, that is me,i know that I''m not that pretty but give thanks to God for the way I look...I graduated from college 2008....I work as an interior decorator an fashion designer, and I was one a modelist...this all i think that I can say about me for now, if you have any question that you wanted to ask me, you are free and I will answer all your questions, and give you the right answers...thanks Andrinne Manning rudloff
Letter 2
Thank you so much for your email...I do really appriciate...I lost my boyfriend few months ago, that is why I''m here looking for a relationship....for the distance, I don''t think that means anything to me, cos I''m here online to look for a date so that I can relocate, that is why I''m here....I''m here in Chadron NE to visit justin...that is my cousin, I do travel something for my job, I work as an interior decorator and fathion desighner...if you are ready to meet me, I''m ready to fly there for us to meet, after we get to know more about each other and see how our chemistary works....I''m ready to fly there anytime you want me to...I will be looking forward to have your pictures... Yours
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