Letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Salvo (Italy)

Letter 1

My sweet prince, you are my knight My love Salvatore!
The manager travel agency gave me their website and e-mail support: http://maza-travel.com/about/index.htm and e-mail address: info@maza-travel.com

If you're writing an email to my travel agent, you need more information about me:

FULL NAME: Novikova Ruslana Albertovna
DATE BIRTH: 31 may 1986
LIVING: Tyumen, street Yalutorovski 5, Apartment 44, 625002

I ask you to contact my travel agent and ask for more information about my trip to your town. Just let them know your airport, and the date of my flight. and they will provide you with detailed information about me. As well as the cost of my trip..