Letter(s) from Erica Lawayan to Manuel (USA)

Letter 1

I am so much excited that we can be together real soon honey.

Letter 2

IM JUST A SIMPLE PERSON AND LIVING IN A SIMPLE LIFE... I'm perfect in my imperfections, secure in my insecurities, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses, and beautiful in my own way...I am ME!!

you touched my heart, you touched my soul, you changed my life and all my goals, and love is blind, and that i knew when my heart was blinded by you..i kissed ur lips, n held your head, shared ur dreams n shared ur bed, i know u well, i know ur smell, i'd been addicted to u...i am here for u if u'd only care.....would u lie ..would u run and hide..? u have been the one for me...!
With money you can buy a house, but not a home With money you can buy a clock , but not time With money you can buy a bed, but not sleep With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge With money you can buy a doctors time, but not good health With money you can buy a position, but not respect .
With money you can buy blood, but not a life With money you can buy sex , but not love ---
I?ll Never be perfect, but ALWAYS BE uNIQUE.

Letter 3

Teasing the navel with gently, creating a sense of heightened passion, softly storking the armpits , kissing the tender earlobes, gently nipping the long graceful neck
Carressing the tender are behind the knee slowing liking the insides of the well shaped thighs
Drinking from the fountain of you residing between the finely shaped legs. tasting the honey flowing from the holy grail, waiting to nourish my passion
Bringing the waiting body the heights of passion once, twice, then gently sliding your waiting, hardened, erect King cobra into the warmth of the waiting grail, sliding in and out rubbing the clitoris, nipping the nipples, slowly searching for the one spot that will drive the passions and create the climaxonce, twice, three times, and then exploding a torrent of hot fluid into the holy grail to mix with the honey juices flowing therefrom.

I am imaging it now babe

Letter 4

Your tongue is getting very hard and desiring to taste the sweet nectar hidden in the valley between my legs.
The nectar that flows so freely over my hardened clit, and oozes through the labia to find its way to your waiting mouth.
The insides are warm and moist and the entrance shek sheltered by a tiny forest in the shape of a heart.
Oh, the hardened clit, so erect, so tempting to suckle round and round testing the hardness.
round and round, round and round, very slowly.
take is between the teeth, gently nibble as the tongue probes the inner wetnes, tasting the sweet nectar
Thrust in lick the insides. round the clit.
Your hands on the breasts nestled so tempting on the chest
Thrust inside, deeper, deeper, deeper.
thrust, pul back, thrust, deeper deeper,deeper,Wiggle the tongue suck the clit, thrust deeper
Nibble the clit, taste the nectar, thrust thrust, thrust
Move the clit with the tongue.
Let him( King Cobra) feel the warm of the valley.
Thrust King Cobra through the labia, across the clit
and feel the hardened clit