Letter(s) from Paloma Usunariz to Ron (USA)

Letter 1

Good night,
Just want to know if the email is correct.

Letter 2

you can get back to me with your cell number so that we can be communicating thru text messages

Letter 3

Good Night Ron,
I appreciate your time and effort for getting back to me. I hope this would continue with time we would know each other better. My real name is Paloma Usunariz which i was born 26th of October 1983, i believe i want the best for myself.I believe you also seek the same. It is time to move on.Family is very important to me. I can cook, clean, make my own bed well when I feel like it.Am a nurse which i work with freelance Doctor which i travel from one under developed countries to another am in Africa right now for the past 8 weeks as a Volunteer Nurse and to take care of sick kids and this jeopardize my relationship which i have less than 2 weeks that am going to spend here and i want to take the time to look for the right man to settle down with and that is going to take care of me.I cannot call out or receive calls in the camp i am, i can only communicate with my pager and email they said because of security purpose and you can drop me your cell phone number.About my family My parent passed away Prior to the 2004 Madrid Train Bomb blast along Atocha Train Center in Madrid Though all offers are welcome lol I'm looking for a partner who doesn't mind sharing everything: the good times and the bad. Someone to watch a good movie with, for great conversation and see the world with. Good company and conversation essential. I've got a soft spot for intelligent and cute man with opinions of their own: good looks are a bonus. Above all you must have a good sense of humor. Whilst I have my serious side, I tend to see the lighter and funnier side of life ... please note that you must laugh at all my jokes! I consider myself a sincere woman, very easy going, kindhearted, intelligent(well, clever enough to run a business, but I'm not about to win any Nobel prizes), hardworking, loyal, understanding, creative woman that places spirituality as an important part of my life lol honest and open. I can also be funny and I have a quick wit as well. I am a happy person, responsible, honest,considerate, caring, sincere, serious, and have a good sense of humor. I was once a fool and this has really drawn me back all thanks to God...For now i just had to pick up my life again because of the past. I am looking for a man to possibly develop a relationship with. I am a Christian and I put my faith in God above all other things. I am the type of woman who always "ask" when in doubt. I belief, that provides solutions to many situations. My love life is very real and i try to take my time to acquire one.My being single introduced me to internet dating because i hear alot of stories and testimony from people that got married through it ...Happily married. I belief in true love as it develops. Am very romantic and I enjoy dancing and dining out at least once a week especially with a partner. I haven't been doing that too much lately since i have been single for a while now. I hope to find soul mate one day I hope you are an honest man because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship. I'd like to know if you are an open minded person, honest and easy going. A sense of humor is a big plus. I hope we'd have some shared interests and goals, as well as some similarities in opinion about what's important in life. I would love to find out if you are a true gentleman that I could have a very deep relationship with and be able to just feel the Light when we are together. I'm hoping you would be a like minded partner to share life with. I like to be physically active as much I can, as a great balance to the cerebral side of life! I am very respectful, obedient and ambitious. I always look forward to even further improvement whether is in a relationship or betterment in life general. I will be my own boss someday. I would love to develop friendship with you and hopefully it can grow into my every day dream (wife) lol I am young but I have experienced the joy of love and pain of hurt before. I had to walk away to save myself from walking into more than I could handle. I may be nothing more than a romantic idealist at heart; I cannot help it. But people either move me inside, deep in my soul, or they do not. I write you because I feel its necessary i stay with the Doctor i work for presently. I look forward to having a new family that I can grow to enjoy always be happy with. I hope my search for true love doesn't get me into trouble lol.As silly as it sounds, I believe in love at first sight although this has put me in so much trouble.This is about all I have to say. Ohhhhhh I am NOT photogenic lol I am truly much better looking in person! Pictures really don't do me justice I prefer to be physical contact. And lastly to close my rambling on here I would love to hear more from
you. Maybe we connect maybe we don"t but you can never have enough friends in this world!!!! I am a complicated person as I think we all are but I love to have fun of all types and like to meet new interesting and positive people. I just hope to find the right one
that can handle my intense passion for life and love. I hope you would find my pictures attractive. Hope to know more about you. i hope we can chat soon.Well do you have a CELL PHONE so that we can chat thru text messages so we can chat..I will be glad to chat with you
Here are some Questions for you.....Hope you would answer them for me......
1. Are you previously married and If so how Long?
2. Do you have children? If yes how many, how old? Do you want more children?
3. and are you ready to settle(get married) and how soon?
4. Are you religious, what faith?
5. When is your Birthday and do you have a problem with my age ? I have no problem with yours
6 What music do you listen to? What do you like to do for fun?
7. do you believe in love at the first sight ?
8. do you believe that dream do come true ?
9. How do you treat your woman ?
Well I think that is enough for now.Thats basically my life at the moment, all i want now is someone who is ready to be mine for now and
eternity ..I hope i have tickled your fancy a bit, if there is anything you would still like to know , please feel free to ask.
Hope to hear back from you
Have a nice day
Take care.

Letter 4

Good Morning Love,
How are you doing and how was your night hope you had a nice sleep. my love i just get back from Immigration office now and they said am going to pay Travel authorization(TA) $1500 but the money is refundable which they going to give it back to me as soon as i get to Orlando airport. Honey am sad as am writing you this mail and crying because i don't know how am going to do that. Just to let you know and i attached the flight details ans the photos you asked for.
Love you