Letter(s) from Svetlana Krasnova to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Bill,
Thank you for the letter, I really want to arrive to you and to be with you.
I go agency of travel. I talked with tourist agent, He has told, that is necessary to make many documents that I could leave the country, arrive to you and will meet
I need now to start to do the passport for travel abroad, 320 $ dollars, the visa 460 $ dollars
I very much want fast to start to do all necessary documents and will meet. Dear, our meeting completely depends on you.
It very a lot money, I cannot find so much money and pay for all documents. I want, as soon as possible to begin to do order in agency of travel and to fly to you.
I want will meet and to be closer to you, I want to feel your love.
Sincerely, yours Svetlana