Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Williams to Ewen (Scotland)
Letter 1
Goodday to you sir,
We are send you this mail to tell you that we have make a new reservation seat for MISS MATILDA SMITH;this was done prior to the fact that she will come up with the Tax fee early tomorrow.she will make the flight for friday morning if and only if she can make it early thursday according to her. we promise to mail the flight details soon we can have the cash of 100pounds.which she must get the balance of 205pounds to us soon she get down to stornoway. thanks to you for your usual cooperation NB.SHE MUST COME UP WITH THE CASH SOON BEFORE 11A.M,FAILURE TO MAKE THIS HER FLIGHT FOR FRIDAY WILL BE RESCHEDULE TO MONDAY 17/12/2007.
Letter 2
Dear sir,
we are using this medium to inform you on the flight status of your wife (our client) Miss Matilda Smith.She was in our office to book a flight from Nigeria to Stonoway but she was unable to pay for the flight due to some reason,she pleaded for a seat reserve which we did on the condition that the payment must be meet up 3 hours on before the stated time of the flight. The below is the flight Price breakdown which must be meet Passenger Price Taxes fees, charges and surcharges* per person
1 Adult ?755 ?95 ?210 All the above payment must be done before the flight,soon we can have the money tomorrow morning we will get to you the flight details
Thanks for your patronage R.MARTINS
Letter 3
Unionbank of Nigeria,
P.M.B 1922,
Marina Lagos,
Justrite Electronic Store,
Bank Code:03900
State Code:01011
Account No:889
Sign By:Gary Harlowry To
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Account number :
Sign By:Matilda Smith TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.
This is to inform you that a sum of ?304,200.00 is to be credited into your account by the above named bank in fulfillment of the transaction between your company and our client (Justrite electronic store).
Due to confirmation,distance and international clearance we hereby inform you that the money will be cleared and fully transfered into your account in the next 7 working days which will due on or before 30th November,2007.
Thanks for your co operation we are here to serve you right.
Thanks, Signed for Bank,
Moris K John.
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