Scam letter(s) from Lilia Ifiej to Frank (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Friend!!!
Forgive me, but I at all do not know that to begin the letter to you.
We have got acquainted with you on a site of acquaintances international where you have left to me the address.
And here I have decided to write to you what will get acquainted with you.
Fairly it wash the first experience dialogue on the Internet and I at all do not know from what to begin my letter.
Well in the first my name is Liliya, I from Russia to me 33 years.. My city is called Alatir
I think that you perfectly know the country Russia. After all it is the greatest country in the world!
And to you the city likely hardly to you is known, because it is a small country town.
And where do you live? What your city? To you is that interesting to tell to me?
I work in post branch. As I grew without parents to itself could not provide worthy formation. As soon as I was disaccustomed at school to me it was necessary to go at once to work.
And you as whom work? You like your work?
I work mail of Russia post!!!
I can tell about myself that I the beautiful girl, at me very beautiful eyes. I think you estimate it =)
As I very kind also like to help all. I do not like to stand aside if who be requires the help and I can help it.
As I very active, love sports, rest on the nature. IN THE MORNINGS I do warm-up and I would run what to hold the body in a tone.
As I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not drink. I have no against those men which drink for taste (instead of as at us in Russia, men will get *****, then beat the girls and feel heroes... It I hate!)
I do not drink and I do not smoke, because I realise that I the future mother. I love children and I want. And consequently I would conduct a healthy way of life that in the future to give birth to healthy children.
Why you have solved gets acquainted on the Internet?
I have solved will get acquainted on the Internet because I could not find the worthy man at home, and on sites of acquaintances have been told that foreign men better. They are careful, want a strong family and respect girls. Therefore I have decided to try to find the love in the Internet. And you why search for the ******* the Internet?
I send you the photos. I hope that they will like you also I will cause interest in you.
I will wait from you for the new letter!
I hope that I was pleasant to you and you shortly to me write.
Your new friend Liliya !
Letter 2
Good afternoon Frank!
About, it so is healthy to see your letter! I am glad that you have shown to me interest!
To me it is very pleasant that you have become interested in me
It so is sad that you have not sent me the photo. I would like to see you! You should understand that at us acquaintance will not go if we at least on photos do not see each other.
I wish at once you to warn that at me not so a lot of time to write.
Unfortunately I do not have computer and consequently I use the Internet on work.
Time would suffice me what to write to you.
Works by the way at us suffice, that is it is a lot of it, but I am not stung.
I have decided to write down to you the vidio-reference what you were interested in me more.
I hope to you it it is pleasant.
As I would like to ask you skype. Probably I could to you as that to call and we could talk.At my girlfriend is web cam and the computer connected to the Internet .
At once I will warn that I not too well know English language, I try to use google the translator for a writing of letters to you.
But I hope that you understand that I write to you.
For me it is fascinating that I have possibility to write to you. It is first my experience =)
But likely it is interesting to you why I have decided to search to myself for love on the Internet?
I had a girlfriend which very much for a long time has gone abroad.
And having been disappointed in Russian men I have decided to search for foreign love.
On the Internet I subtracted that foreign men appreciate women more.
And I certainly would like attention and care. And here I from Russian men I not when did not receive.
At us not all seriously concern marriage and love. And me 33 years and I think that to me is time to marry already. But while to me in Russia, in the city of Altyr it was not possible.
As I read that foreign men search in Russian girls for care of a family, children and the house.
It so?
Simply I very much love children, I want the family, the house. That there would be a big and strong family! I so would like it!
I as can always tell that we Russian girls are betrayed to the husband and a family.
At us it is not accepted to betray the person, change it at us as a sinful sin in the bible.
We have got used to trust people and we wait for the same from other people.
Unfortunately my time already approaches to the end and I need to finish the the letter.
I hope that you to me still write!
Your new friend Liliya
Letter 3
Hello Frank!
It so is pleasant to come for work, to sit down for the computer and to see your letter!
To me it is pleasant that you have become interested in me.
Thanks that you have left the contact skype. I will try to write or call you shortly. I see glad that we can each other in a reality. It will be very healthy
I would like to learn more about you and your family.
What hobby at you. Whether strongly you get tired on the work. Whether it is a lot of at you time what to write to me.
I would like to know all your thoughts. That you think of me.
And still it is interesting to me to learn more about your country. As at you is, that there is good and that a bad.
I think you heard about my country of Russia much. It is the big country.
In it lives to the people and many nationalities much.
I thoroughbred Russian and my religion Christianity. On Sundays I go with the aunt to a temple.
Our country very beautiful. Many picturesque and colourful places. It is a lot of wildlife.
I heard that in other countries already remains the pure nature a little. It is more than cities than woods.
But I live in a city. Though to name final a city it it is to is difficult. Because it is very small city which dies out. Becomes workplaces a little and consequently the majority of people already start to drink much.
I live with the aunt in one-room apartment.
Parents at me are not present. I have lost them when was absolutely small.
Then I was 6 years old. They were lost in accident.
It very sadly to recollect. After all so much years have passed also I them any more I do not remember.
I remember that my parents have gone on affairs and me have left then at the aunt.
And next day the aunt has told that my parents have left on always and now I remain to live with it.
I then did not understand why my parents have thrown me and long cried.
This tragedy was very deeply reflected in me.
When I walked and saw as children walk with the parents that I cried. I too wanted mum and the daddy.
After all failure was very awful and consequently at all there was no funeral. Not that it was simple to bury.
And I did not know about it. And me it was very sad that my parents have left me.
But now I have grown also all I understand.
Certainly I do not forget them. Because they have given me a life.
And all my conscious life me was brought up by my aunt. Her name is Marina.
I am grateful to it for it. Well that she has not thrown me and has not given to children's home. I think that it well would end.
It is very sad that I to you now have told it.
I hope that I have not upset you. I think that it is not necessary to you to tell all certainly.
But I think that you should know.
And that you can tell about the family.
On this to sadly note I finish the letter.
I will wait from you for the new letter!
Know that you are interesting to me and tomorrow I hope you present to me happiness in the form of the letter!
Your friend Liliya
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