Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Popova to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello,i am a woman who wants to love and wants to find a man with sincere feelings for me.
i believe in spark between two persons(man and women ) . i can give you all my heart if i feel you close to me . i believe in pure and strong feelings that lasts for many years and make people feel like birds in the blue sky and all flowers and white clouds smile them! And there are no dark days of loneliness in their life . I think only communication can help us to be closer and then it will bring us to a real meeting and we will be together I do not think that appearance can tell everything about a person. i would like to talk to you to hear your dreams and to understand your desires. If you want me to be part of your life let me know .I dream that you will wait for me, kiss me and hug me everyday day and night.

my address is Oksana

Letter 2

Hello. frank! I really enjoyed your sincere and kind letter! I feel we could be together)))

Thank you for your kind letter and lovely photos. I believe everything that you stated in your letter is true. Most relationships follow the same pattern of an introduction, a period of getting to know each, dating, and if everything else is well, then marriage. i believe that we will be together and will build family.

I dream of having a warm and caring man that I can care for and share life with. I am a romantic, and as such, I want to fall in love and all that comes with it. For me it is the simple things in life. Waking you with a kiss and getting you a cup of coffee in the mornings.
Walking up behind you and giving you a hug and kiss just because I appreciate what you do and respect you. Having a nice dinner in town.
Taking vacations to someplace special. Walking hand-in-hand on the beach. Spending time in the mountains watching the sun set. Going to the store to buy something that we need, and bringing back something special for you. These are the little things that say a lot.
Anyone can say I love you, but deeds most often speak louder than the actual words.

As for me, I am a very warm, loving and attentive woman. I believe strongly in mutual respect and shared responsibilities. I am a very clean person by nature, and actually enjoy keeping a apartment clean and organized. If you are up doing something, then I will be up too.

In my professional life i am a nurse, i live in Ukraine. town is called Lviv. if you know something about my country i will be glad.

I believe that will be enough information so that you can search and learn more about me. I only do this so that we can establish trust in our relationship, as you cannot have a successful relationship without honesty and loyalty.

I hope that I have sparked your interest enough to continue speaking with me. If so, I look forward to your next letter and hope that we are on the threshold on something special.

Very Kind Regards.


Letter 3

Hello. Frank!!

I was so happy to get another letter with a wonderful photo from you and so quickly. it is great you have already been to Ukraine and even Lviv. how did you like there? how could that happen that we didn't meet?:))) surely I would like to meet you some day!!!

dear, I am going to say that i do not speak English and use a translation service to help. I would like to start by saying that I do not believe language is a barrier to developing a relationship between us. In fact, maybe you agree that we are speaking about the language of love. Love does not speak English or Ukrainian. Love speaks the language of the heart. I also believe that love also can overcome any distance between us now. We both believe that the purpose of our correspondence is to see if we could truly have a future together.
Later, if it becomes obvious to us that we do, we will no longer be apart.

We have a common find true love. I can see in your words that you are very serious about finding the right woman. I am sure you are a good man who can love a woman beyond your wildest dreams. dear, it is easy to imagine you could be the man I see in my dreams. The man who wants to make a life together with a woman like me. I understand you want to make a loving home and family...and this is exactly what I want too. I want to fall madly in love and be devoted to a man like you for the rest of my life. To cherish him, protect him, support him, to surprise him when he doesn't expect it. In reading your letter , I think this is what you are wanting too, yes?

my birthday is on the 9 th of October , 1984 . I don't care about horoscopes. There were three in my family when I was growing up. I have a brother and sisters who are younger than me.

What do you think is the most important thing in the relationship besides love? I think trust is so vital. We must be able to trust each other. We cannot cheat, or lie or deceive each other. If we are not honest with each other, the trust in our relationship will be destroyed.
And without trust, our relationship will fail and we will be left with broken hearts. I don't ever want either of us to feel a broken heart.

I really want to know everything about you dear so I hope it is not too long when I can read another letter from you. Until then, I hope you will be safe and happy.


Letter 4

dear, frank!

I am so glad to get a new letter from you. and also a wonderful photo)))

well, how was your weekend? as for me I went to see my mom and I spend that with her. I like to spend time in the house where I was born and grew up. it gives the impression that I come back to my childhood again! we always remember my childhood and laugh together))) and what about you? would you like to come back to your childhood? if yes, what would you like to correct in your past?

I promise you dear as we get to know each other I will never lie to will always get honesty from me. I know your heart is fragile and all you want is to fill your heart full with love of your woman. So, if we see that we believe we will go beyond just being friends, I will always be tender and careful with your heart and your feelings. I am a very calm woman.
As you know, words said in anger can never be taken back, no matter how much we wish we could. Of course, there will be times when we disagree, but I won't ever be so stubborn that I won't change my mind if I am wrong.

I have never been to your country. It is my hope that one day you will be able to show me your beautiful country. if you want to come to live with me in my country i will be glad to live with you.

I love sports. I really enjoy going to sporting events and sometimes watching on television. I am very serious about remaining healthy...that means exercise and eating good food. No fast food for me. My diet is mostly fruits and vegetable, fish and seafood and chicken. I drink at least 4 liters of water daily.

Me, I am 1,67 and weigh 56 kg. Maybe you can see from my photos. I am going to open up my heart to you and I am going to tell you what I feel, what I believe in, and you will see all of my emotions. I want to show you everything that makes me who I am today. And with good fortune, I will be able to show you how much I can love you...and how happy I want you to be with me for the rest of our lives. I am very excited to be able to see with you if we can have an amazing future together.

I am waiting for your warm letter impatiently.

with kisses.


Letter 5

My dear, Frank)))

all my thoughts are about you.

i love your letter and i have loved every your letter. You make me so very happy and i do feel your feelings, every day i feel it. I just want to touch it and hold it and kiss it and hug it.
I will keep you close to me when i sleep and kiss you every night and morning when i wake.
I will always kiss you awake every morning, Either way i will kiss you good morning. Then i will whisper in your ear that i love you very much good morning.

I will get up and let you rest and will cook breakfast for you and bring it to you and eat it with you in bed. There is nothing better than toast, eggs, bacon, and potatoes and coffee, in bed with a wonderful man. What a way to start your day. Darling i miss our time together so much but your letters make me feel as though i am there with you.

I will miss reading your letters but i will enjoy hearing it spoke to me every day and looking into your nice smile as we talk to each other and hold hands. I know you will love and keep me safe my love. I will love and protect you my dear. Our time will be so happy and fun, and full of life as we do each thing together.

I don't know how you do it my dear but i love it very much, that you know my thoughts. I guess when we are in love, true love, we do know the others thoughts and dreams,and desires. I hope i am doing the same for you my love. I hope i am in you thoughts as you think of things to write me and i have read your thoughts and wrote them to you. it does give us time to reflect about each other and our joy and happiness we have for each other and about our love we have for each other and new things we want to write to each other. I know i never get tired or writing you or telling you i Love You. You truly are my better half, and i could never ask for a better man to have in my life than you my Love. I miss you.

All my Love, Hugs and Kisses.


Letter 6

Dear Sir,

We have to inform you that we are translation service you lady used to meet you for serious relationships. She does not have own computer and does not know how to use it to find man for serious intentions.

She asked to send you one more letter:
"Hi my dear Frank!!

I like and adore your letters too and I want to continue our relations, but I want to be honest with you. I use the service of the translation company to be in touch with you. and I cannot afford that now. this weekend was awful for me. my father is in the hospital now, he has a stroke and he is in very difficult position now. I pray him to be alive.... I don't know what to do....
and I am out of money now. I want to stay in communication with you and meet you some day, I feel very serious to you, but I won't be able to pay for the translation of my letters to you as I don't know English... I am very disappointed... maybe you could help me with funds until my father is feeling better and I will be able to pay myself... I don't want to make you upset with my words and make you pay for my needs but I don't see another way out... I really don't know what to do... what do you think on the point dear?

I cannot lose you.. my heart will cry with pain..
kiss you

We bring to your attention that Oksana has been using our Internet and translation services too but now unfortunately we cannot translate your letter for her and she cannot reply to your last letter due to the lack of funds. We provide our help only after payment.
She wants to let you know that she is very interested in you and your further correspondence. If you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Oksana we can send you all the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it too.

Sincerely. translation service"Dialog".



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