Scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
which way did I go. I don't get you. and how do you mean. Just as you wrote me on yahoo I left to bed. I just woke up a while a go and said let me check on you..
Letter 2
Yes, You right I had wanted to talk with you on the messenger. I waited as long as I can yet you weren't showing up. My eyes started to close so I had to move and I left.. But yet I am all here for you.
Letter 3
No, It was an offline massage I got from you.
Letter 4

Well to me it couldn't look like you have a lot going on at your end. tell me what's wrong and what's all about that scam thing you were talking about?
Letter 5
Ohhhhh I am shocked you talking this way. I felt like I have met the right man for me. so there was no need for me searching or looking for any one else. So I said to my self let me have my profile deleted because there was no need for me searching.
Letter 6
Well here is a picture of my self too.
Letter 7
I see, I like them too. Am from Ghana. AND THAT'S where I live as at now.
Letter 8
I don't know what's wrong I am having problems with the internet sending you the some pictures
Letter 9
Hope You doing pretty fine and ok this morning. I missing talking with you
Letter 10
You welcome,
You need not to thank me for sending picture.. Nooooo none of those ladies are my sister. I am the Only Child for my father and mother. The first and the last.
If i may say it this way... No I AM not into Tatoo.. But I am looking forward if possible i will get one on my body. What do you think.
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