Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to William (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you for sending your email address. I will write to you.

Letter 2

this me esther ok you gave me your id to me at topface ok dear ok

Letter 3

hello william
I am pleased to meet you. I thank you for writing. am not working am seeking for a long term relationship and a man who will love me and take care off me as his wife and will do everything for me ...and you ? No am not married and have no kids ok i like to play games on computer 15 years been single ... i want to get married and have my own children dear i alway love to treat a man good and sincere when he loves me a lot ok age is a number am not worried ok yes i need a man because i want to have a family and you ? love is everything to me ok I WOULD LOVE TO LIVE WITH YOU OK

Letter 4

william you have no tell me where you are from ok and what you do for your living and soo worried how can i meet you without any passport and visa and ticket unless you help me with them ok and dont forget my pics ok you have not send me my ok dear ok am waiting for you soon ok pls

Letter 5

i want to sked you how can we meet any way but i dont have this things ok passport and a visa and ticket ok so tellme how can we meet ok

than you very much ok how can we meet ok that is the problem ok

Letter 6

the visa and the ticket cost 600 ok can you help ok

Letter 7

Dear do you have western union over there..?

Letter 8

Ok would you need an address to send me the money on here so i can get some paper work than here as my passport and visa, cant really want to spend the rest of my life with you

Full name : Bright Teiko
Country : Ghana
City : Accra
Zip Code : 00233

Letter 9

Think am coming to you soon but don't worry will try and send you some pics but thought you were going to send the money for the passport and visa