Scam letter(s) from Angelina Osie to William (USA)

Letter 1
Good Morning William, Am still hoping to hear from you soon since you haven't get back replying the emails I sent you yesterday, hope you slept well last night and how is the day going with you???
Letter 2
Well being honest with you, I'm also fed up of living single Life myself, I need a man who could make me feel like a real woman, I have been hurt and treated badly so many times which cost me so much pains and sorrows in my Past Life , because of that it hard for me to trust in men this days that why You found me me single on here in the site seeking for the right man of my dreams to make me forget my past and move on with him to plan the future together till the end of time...
Letter 3
Thanks for urgent respond back to me, that tells me how serious you are on here with what you seeking for, Well I have been single for two years now myself , never been into married before with no kids, could you tell me what you looking for in your new partner to be? and also would you want to settle down and start a new family when you find the right woman of your dreams planning to spend the rest of your Life with?
Hope to hear from you soon
Letter 4

Hi William I hope you will like what I write about myself and very soon I will get a letter form you. I will start form the most important thing, I am very lonely in this world with know kids, as I miss my second half. I am here to change it so, I am a very tender, kind and smiling woman. I have never been married but dream so much about it. Am glad distance doesn't bother both of us as I believe when the right time comes we would we be in each other arms , if we are meant to be and the wouldn't be anymore distance anymore. I am an health care provider but laid off from work now. At the moment helping my mom with her saloon hair shop. All relationships have some adjustment periods, but being hurt should not be part of being in love. Loving relationships have good qualities, such as support from your partner, a willingness to communicate, a desire to compromise, and open an honest communication.. When you do not have these fundamental qualities in a relationship, that relationship isnot likely to grow, and become something that you desire. We all turn to our loved ones for support from time to time... When your loved one does not offer you their support it may be time to look at your relationship.. As we all want to nurture those that we love... We want the best in life for those that we care about... If your partner is unwilling to listen to you, and to your problems, they are not meeting your needs when you need support... Support can come in many forms, someone lending an ear, someone going out of their way to help you, or something as simple as a phone call to cheer you up. Make sure your partner gives you support when you need it. That's what i seek in a relationship or how I would want my Relationship to be someday, when God permit i found the right man... I really know to treat my man real good making him feel so special with every moment we both share together to make him very excited with me without making him feel disappointing choicing me as the Love of his Life .. I someday want to settle down with the man I love to create a couples setting a Unique family to set as example for other to learn from us with any head games.. I always give the best in my past relationship Loved my ex unconditional, but paying me back with treating me very bad by hurting so badly, which cost me so much pains and sorrows in my Life, Its hard for me to trust in men this days, because I have been hurt several times and I know how it feels bad , when you be deceived by someone or heart broken by someone, and am not here for that, but rather here to Look for the Love of my life to plan the future with him forever. About what I seeks in my dream man.. I believe in the best and hope that I will be able to find you, my Man. The one who will make my heart beat faster in expectation of our meeting. My goal is to find a man who will see my maturity despite of my young age and who will appreciate me for who I am. The one, who will treat me as the most perfect woman and who I will treat the same. I dream to find a man who I can always tell everything and who I can feel weak with, the one who is confident with a good sense of humor. The age difference means nothing to me and I want to meet an experienced and wise man, who I will give all my love and care who I will share everything with. I would love to meet a man with kind heart and pure soul. Do you think I ask too much for?
Let me know what you think after reading about me and if you have some question you can ask me, I would give you a honest reply , but nothing else, Looking forward to read back from you soonest, take care and have a wonderful day.
Letter 5
Love means making the other happy, even from a distance.Don't measure the distance; measure my love.Distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to one another.Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be.No matter the distance between our hearts, I will pay for the long distance calls to hear your heart and voice.To truly love something, If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever.Distance is pure proof of this, It's not the distance that counts, it's the love.Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear. What captures is the God's love that will eternally melt hearts together to stay, fused and sealed forever as one. Love has its way and new life has begun. contrary to what the cynics say, distance is naazot for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough someone truly loves you, distance is not a problem. It's just the power of making love grow each day.The distance between us is only as far apart as our hearts will let it be. So, to me there is no distance, for we share each others' hearts, from mine to yours and from yours to mine.There is no long distance about love, it always finds a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them.True love does not worry about the distance between, for the heart and soul travels through one's words Distance doesn't matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and trust for that relationship to work out.If it is really love, you can see yourself standing in their eyes, part of the abstinence that is worth dying for. If you long for that recognition that will not part by distance, in time your dream will be replied.Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.Distance, it is a test of love, many will fail, but for those who can withstand it have the answer: true love.All quality items must be tested to ensure promised high standards for the customers...
Letter 6
Hi Sweet William, Thanks for your email, I always get over excited after reading through your email and sound perfect as a responsible man to me who can change my world making me feel Unique as a real Lady, i assured to give that same in return with all my Love,well since we been emailing each other one's a day, I would want us to move to the next level by hearing our Voice from time to time to inspire us through our day or to text each other good morning when we wake up from bed or good night when we are off to bed to feel very close to each other as we keep knowing each other real much better to see , if we could be great couple's some day in the future to plan to make our dreams come true. I would be glad if you would be able to help me with calling card , so always I can text you every morning or night and sometime call you during the day , so we could both know what going on with both of us to feel much closer with one an other even though we living separate ways for now.. And also I can text you when am online or you can also do the same thing when you are online for us always to be meet and talk more , Let me know what you think hoping to hear from you sooner, take care and a wonderful day stay blessed Yours Doll Benedicta
Letter 7
Hi Sweet William, You have made my day and always put smile on my face after reading your email and being honest with you I think you truly know how to pamper a lady even with words, I appreciate your kindness and being loving to me that exact how I would want my man to treat me , so I can give all of my heart and Love in return back to him Well with the calling card its same as airtime I would upload it on my cell phone after buying i will be able to call and text you all the time, so we get to know what is going on at our end as i did mentioned to you early on and I think $100 airtime would last for a while from texting and calling you to get to know how we both sound to each other and also drawn as closer to one an other all the time.... with how to get the funds sent to me i think the affordable best way to receive money from out-side the country in Ghana is through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER OR MONEY GRAM.... I hope you have had of this banks before and have some at your Locations.... Last but not there list is you would be needing my informations to get the funds sent to me and here they are NAME :... BENEDICTA AGBANYO
ZIP-CODE:.. 00233
ADRESS:.... 269 CIRCLE STREET I would be looking forward to hear back from you with the informations the bank would give you to be given to me after sending the funds to me to cash it here at the bank to buy the calling card as soon as possible and not to forget to add your contact # , and i just can't for both of us to hear our lovely cute voice on phone anytime soon as we keep building our Love to make our dreams come true in future making things more easier for both of us ... hope all is well with you, have a wonderful day and stay blessed. Yours Baby Doll,
Letter 8
Well I believe you need trust to love, but first you need to love in order to trust.. To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another... One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this.. Love is like a wonderful feeling of compassion and satisfaction. it should be given respect and trust; and it should receive that love back.. The best proof of love is trust.True love is the greatest thing that you can experience; it can weather any storm... Loving, trusting and respecting each other totally can bring you to true love and happiness... It's hard to love and hard to trust; but finding love and finding trust was a gift from you to me.. Relationships should never be taken for granted... The choice of being with another life is an amazing thing.. Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal.. happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don’t have these ingredients you will never succeed... To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her first.You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart... Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting them with your heart.Trust is what you put in someone's hands. Faith is what you hold on to.Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them.. I also do believe to let you know am not here for your money or to hurt you.. we both need to start knowing every single thing about each other in essence for us to start building trust in each other by making sure we suite together and meant to plan the rest of our Life together forever, examples like hearing our Voice all the time to notice how we both sound to one an other, texting each other for us to feel much closer with one another and if you wants to believe in me am here prepared to start my Life with a Unique and Responsible man who would appreciate me and love me for who I'm to show me real Love for me to give all my Love to him till the end of time.. If you insist maybe we can chat on yahoo and if you don't have access to yahoo messenger you can create a yahoo account , so you could get to see each other on cam for real as we both chat , I can be of help to you by creating yahoo account or if you have any option, so i can do it for you to believe in me that am real and not here for any head games nor play with your heart and feelings, Let me know so i can do it for you..Looking forward to hear from you soonest, have a great and wonderful day and stay blessed blessed.. Yours Benedicta
Letter 9
My Sweet William Just waked up from bed some few minutes ago to check my email now to see your wonderful awesome mail.. And being honest am being touched first thing waking up from sleep to see this great email from you sweet William.. I think you sound perfect in what I have been seeking for my dream man to spend the rest of my life with in future and am ready to move to step's with you , if possible God's willing we meet together in person soon to make our dreams come true in Life. All i demand from you now is always by hearing your Lovely Cute sweet Voice on phone and also texting one an other to cheer our day whiles we both plan for to be together in future someday... Let me know if you would be sending the funds for me to buy the calling card , and am sure you already have my details and where you send the funds through for me to receive here,,,, Hoping to hear back from you soonest sweetie! Your's Benedicta
Letter 10
Alright, but first of all as I insisted could you give me your cell #, so I can call you for us to communicate on phone, whiles we both plan for the future, would be waiting to hear from you soonest, have a great day and remain blessed!

Letter 11
Hey William , if you not interested anymore you can let me know, so I would move on with my searching , Let me know what is going on with you?
Letter 12
Tell me more about, how we both going to make it possible for us to meet in person?
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