Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Shur to Emmanuel (France)

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Letter 1

Hello, dear Emmm!
How are you today?
I am fine and very happy to see a new and really wonderful letter from you, it was very nice and interesting, very sincere and bright.
My dear, you are right, nothing bad can happen to me until we are together and as I know that we will be together forever, it means that I will be happy all the time;
My dear, I am glad to see that you like my words and you think that they are appropriate and that they can make you feel really sincere and happy.
My dear, I will never leave you alone because I cannot imagine that we can be happy together without each other. I am so lucky to be with you and I am so thankful to heaven that you were sent to me. Honey, I want to say that I will be so happy if very soon we can leave all our doubts, if we can overcome all our circumstances and obstacles and if we may have the world full of happiness and love.
I will be your happiness and I promise to be the best girl for you in everything.
I am glad to see that you support me in my work and you think that I will be able to have great and really nice results, I am sure that with your help, my life will be really wonderful and nice.
I see that your last week was a bit busy, not in your job but rather in private action. I want to say that I wish I could be by your side in order to support you, to give you a lot of encouragement and I love. I truly believe in you and I will be so happy if we are together in the life full of success.
I see that you will go to the Church from my cult (orthodox) to celebrate my Easter, it makes me feel closer to you for sure, thank you a lot for the attention and love which you give to me.
I need you a lot in this life, I will be thinking about you pretty often, please be with me and do not forget to love me as much as I love you.



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