Scam letter(s) from Megan Smith to Andrew (UK)

Letter 1
How are you doing today ?i really appreciate your response ,and sorry for late response,i want you to know that am new to this internet dating stuff ,but i believe things will work out the way we want from here and we can start a relationship,so i will like to tell you about myself ,i hope this letter finds you well...I was born in the year 1983 and that was when my whole family were living in Maryland,Am the only daughter of my both parents,Dad was a goldsmith in Essex and he is originally from United Kingdom,while mum is from the United State.I lost my Dad four years ago when he got involved in a motor accident,when himself and mum went to visit one of my family member,According to the officers that witnessedit,he said the car brake failed and dad couldn't control himself,so he died in his attempt to gain balance,anyway mum is yet to get over the shock of the accident,she was able to survive while dad died immediately.After dad`s death,i stayed with mum for sometime in Maryland,But when things were not easy as it used to be ,i had no choice than to move to one of our far relations who was there before her death was a fashion designer and hairdresser,through her i met so many people and she introduced me into fashion designing and female hairdressing and she was living at 59,noble street,wem,shropshire.I spent years in learning it from her,A year after i completed my apprenticeship,my mum passed away and i immediately caught up with life and started operating on my own after spending few months working for her,I was there working with her before a childhood friend called me that a promoter approached her that he is looking for qualified fashiondesigner and whatever happens he would like to take one of us to NIGERIA for some contracts. It was during the process that my friend sandra met the man of her life on a dating site and to my surprise, it was not long that they got married and i was really happy for them,her case got me convinced that this on-line dating can really work. And both of them are still on honey moon holiday somewhere in Hawaii and i came to Nigeria with my promoter. On arriving here in NIGERIA we met the C.E.O of a textile company in Nigeria,they talked and my promoter agreed that we will need to advertise his new textile products as the company is a newly established company .It's been two(2) weeks that we have been here now and i will be through with the contract soon but my promoter quickly went down to China to secure some contracts and he promised to be back by Saturday morning. So i am kind of lonely for now but i am doing all in my power to keep myselfbusy.Now,i am looking for a new love,relationship (Mr Right) that's the reason you saw my profile on the dating site it was exactly this site that my friend met her husband and thank God they are now happily married.But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring, lovely,open minded As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity,not religious or religious believe and physical appearance in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. I generally prefer men in any range because i believe age its just a number, but am open to any depending upon them i will love to share the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back.i hope to read from you prettysoon,will appreciate it if you can tell me everything about you also ,and a recent pics of yours will be nice to see.Itwas nice meeting you.Stay blessed
Letter 2
Am really happy to read from you today ,it really made my day for me,especially the way you ve told me about yourself like have said in my previous email that am new to this system,And that am on here to find the right man for me ,the one that will want me in his life forever and will always showed me what love is all about,i have the believe that things will work out for good ,for both of us,you are the first person and last am meeting on this internet,so i wouldn't mind if we can go ahead an delete our profile from the dating site we met,to avoid distraction fromthere,and let me know if you have done that.I will like to know more about you by asking you the following question and i hope to get your honest answers to it....what do u like in a lady ?Does being in love inspire you to want to be a better person?How far are you willing to prove your love?Are you a player or for real?What your favorite food?Who has been your greatest source of unconditional love?Whats your best sport?Do you help orphan?Have you met the love of your life?Tell me more about yourself?Whats your favorite vacation spot?Whats your favorite color?Do you believe in prolonging youth or aging gracefully?How many hours in a day do you work?Do you like the beach?When was the last time you kissed someone who was asleep?Do you prefer cool or warm weather?Whats your best attribute?Are you100% sure that, if you're in a relationship, and somebody better came along, you would never leave your loved one?Do you ride a bike? Can u teach your wife how to drive? Do u drive cars? What type of car?When was the last time someone said to you "i love you"? Do you like fire places? Can you love and be in love with someone you don't find physically attractive?Do you like to soak in a hot tub? Stop for ONE second....Think of ONE thing about your Significant Other that makes you smile...The FIRST thing you thought of......What is it..... Do you have house plants?Whats your bad experience in meeting a lady on the Internet.?I hope my question are nice and hope you dont get tired of it?i hope to read back from you soonest.
Letter 3
i hope you had a nice day?i want you to know that you ve been really making my day for me ,with your lovely letters,whats the time over there its 10:50pm here now,
Anyway like have said in my previous email,have just concluded my contract here in Nigeria and i should be going back home as soon as my promoter gets back from his trip,.He went to china to get some business settled according to what he told me, and he promise to be back by next week,so i have to wait for him till he comes back,So as to go to the company we worked for and have our entitlement,then we will be on the plane home.I am not even sure the kind of relationship you want with me(do you want me to be your wife or what?)and how do you think we will meet when i get back home?,Is not as if am in a hurry,but that very day i read your profile,my instinct agreed with me to contact you which i did because i believe it always leads me right,I am planning to quit this contract when i get back home,infact that was the more reason my promoter traveled to china,to find another lady that will work for him in his new job in south Africa,I decided to quit because,it has always been my dream to settle down and have my own family,healthy and happy in love.And i am sure that if i continue with this contracts ,i may never be chanced to get my self am planing to establish a beauty salon for ladies,and also a supermarket,from the little money i realize from this trip when i get back home,I am a professional hair stylist and i also engaged in costume designing so am sure of excelling in that field.I am just praying for God to lead me to the right location,i am not sure i can stay again with my friend,since she is now married and i will be the only one to stay at home,so i think a very good location is one of the most important thing to make business boom rightly.i will like to know your suggestion about this and also will like to know more about your family background because,my dad used to tell me before he passed away that " One thing is to have a good wife ,another thing is to have a bad in laws"According to him ,it was good in-laws from my mum`s family that helped them most in there marriage and lifestyle,I will have to stop for now ,till i read from you again.

Megan Smith
Letter 4
Hi Andy, Am pleased to read from you, I always look forward to read from you each morning, It has been cleaning the loneliness in me and i hope you improve in sending more emails.I was just getting into the passion part and didn't want to lose any important thoughts. It does not matter where we are or who we are with to make our lives better together. We should bring out the best in each other always, no matter what the circumstances. If in business we share ideas that will benefit us, that would be fantastic. If we could share some of our success with those less fortunate, this would also be fantastic - together. Reaching our highest goals, sharing our love, our minds and our bodies, everything will be better together. My passion for life could be strengthened by your ideas and contributions. Making love, finding our ultimate pleasure physically and emotionally, stimulating both of our senses could only be done together, wherever and whenever. I do believe we should stand up for each other always. We should strive to make each others' life better everyday. To find a way to help each other, put out an open hand and welcome love and caring attitudes. I do believe we should tell each other everything. Honesty may hurt occasionally, but truth wins in the end. It builds trust and strengthens our relationship. There have been many times I feel I was deceived previously and I do not ever wish that on anyone in a meaningful relationship. My ex boy friend lied about not hanging around with other girls, but later the truth was unleashed and i had to leave him for breaking my heart so i wouldn't want that to repeat itself again. In a great relationship that is based on honesty and trust this would not happen. I am looking for a great relationship that will last longer and leads to a happy end eventually(marriage).There are no limitations in my mind.How about yours?
I look forward to your reply.
Letter 5
How are you today? I got your email today and keep smiles on my face,thanks for the updates .I hope all is well with you. It now sounds like we both want the same thing in relationship. I definitely realize that you are very determined and committed with your intentions on finding a special person to become your lifetime partner and creating a beautiful family. I also share this same desire and believe in strong family values and morals. As I already stated in my previous emails we both share many qualities, interests and philosophies of whats important in a friendship and a long lasting loving relationship. I sincerely believe that we are a good match and think we would be very compatible and hope a strong chemistry would exist for a lasting relationship! I'm a very committed, determined, honest and loyal person. I'm not seeing anyone at this time and I can assure you that when we meet in person and hit it off, I will be 100% loyal and devoted to you only. There is no reason whatsoever to be insecure, I'm not that type of woman.I will soon be out of this country as soon as my promoter gets back from his trip and hopefully this week.I want to get this email out so I will close for now, I hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Megan Smith
Letter 6
am so glad to hear from you today.....thanks for the compliments!!!! Your emails has given me a new excitement and goal, My goal is to work really strong at our relationship and hopefully in the future we can make a great family You and I want exactly the same thing so even at first when we meet if we are a bit unsure which I hope is not the case we can keep going out together, spend as much time as possible together, enjoy being in each other's company. This way our love for each other can only grow. I am a strong believer that if two people spend enough time together and are really committed to establishing love, then inevitably they will fall for each other. We both already have a solid foundation upon which to build.We both want to find true love in each other, we both have no baggage, we both have the time to commit to each other, I cannot tell you how much I hope we end up together and eventually marriage. I understand that being in Nigeria at the moment cannot be pleasant. Dear, I am here for you.We already said we are going to keep in touch every day,but you can email me more if you like. I check my emails all of the time and really enjoy writing to you. I also think of you all the time and hope that when we meet we can just be as open as we are when writing to each other and talk about our dreams. I am really easy to get on with and I feel you are too. You are so honest and what I already love about you is that you say everything that is going through your mind and hold nothing back. I feel that you are really special and I want to be with you very soon. You have touched my heart. looking forward to read from you soon.
Megan Smith
Letter 7
hello Dear,
Good to hear from you, i want you to know that i'm not happy presently here in Nigeria. I'm really facing a lot of **** right now. I wont be able to talk much than this. Looking forward to read from you soon.
Megan smith
Letter 8
Hello dearie i havent heard from you today hope all is well?and how was your day.hope to hear from you soon
Megan Smith
Letter 9
Morning dearie thank you for been there for me. Just wanted to inform you i will be coming back to uk this week, when is your birthday? Cant wait to see you i love you.
Megan Smith
Letter 10
Good evening dearie, how was your day, hope it was not stressful. I really need your help I'm in a big mess right now.hope to hear from you.
Megan Smith
Letter 11
Thanks for your mail. You might not know but they have a way of brightening my days each time i read them, and i always print out your mails, and tag them into something that i can always read when i am so busy and away from office, because they leave me smiling, since they came from you. I am looking forward also to meeting you all the time.

Every time i think of you, i just can not stop thinking of when we would finally be together, so that i can share all of my life with you, and wait for you every evening when you come back from work, so that i can kiss your lips and welcome you back into my arms. I cant wait to help you with your clothes and take you to the bath when we bath together, so that i could help you watch off all the dirt's on your body and when i am through, we would make sweet slow love. I am also glad that i would drive with you soon, so that you can show me around your area. I am also glad to know that you keep me in a special place in your heart and that you will protect my heart and keep it safe. I am just too happy for that, because i keep you the same way in my heart.

Cute, I don't know why but i just feel that the bond between myself and you keeps growing. It is just so easy for me to understand you the same way i discern that you do me. I hope you are going to be sweeter when we meet, as i keep longing to see you and hear you tell me those sweet words you use in your mails. I feel that you would be a good guide and a romantic one too.

Sweetheart,i woke up this morning after packing my luggage,and i saw the land-lady of the apartment and she told me that i should pay up my apartment bills before traveling back to UK and i don`t have the money...The bill is ?950.46,and I have been able to raise little out of it to make some part payment of the bill.All i have on me is ?400 and all i need now is ?550 Iam deeply sorry if you are offended that i am asking you this, and if you lend me this money, i promise you that i will pay you back for everything as soon as we are together, because i would be able to have some funds by then. Because once i am with you, all i have to do is to deposit my check and i will be able to cash my check in 3working days and then i will pay you back. The only money i have left with me right now is the money i will use to take a cab from the hotel to the airport to catch my flight. And the land-lady of the apartment said i should pay my apartment bills before leaving,or else she wont allow me leave here until i pay my bills. And i intend leaving the apartment tonight cos the airport is in another state,So i will need to travel down to Lagos tonight for my flight to UK so we can be together. Please honey, i am trusting you for this and i am counting on you. And i really hope that you understand.

I hope to read from you soon, so that i can get the funds, and pay up my bills... I wait your mail soon, and till then, always know that i care a lot about you. Thanks for your love and care. I love you so much, with all my heart.

I love you xxxxxxxxxxx,

Your angel,
Megan Smith
Letter 12
You arenot replying dont you want to help me let me know.hope to hear from you soon
Megan Smith
Letter 13
I havent heard from you all day wots wrong dearie talk to me
Letter 14
Aii dearie i know you aint heartless.anything you can help me with no amount is small.just help me with anything you have i promise to return it when i get back to uk.i love you so much.
Megan smith
Letter 15
just got online not too long ago...I don`t know if there is any western union money transfer near you cos that is the fastest means to get the money to me...My bank informed me that someone as been trying to get money out of my account so my account as been put on hold,so i cant use my account at the moment till i get back to UK and i will go to the bank to clarify the problem and confirm that the account is mine...Do help me send the money through western union money transfer and my details is below:

Name megan Smith
Address 12,Lisabi court road,
State Ogun State
City Abeokuta
Country Nigeria

Please do send me the details to receive the money like the MTCN number,question and answer,senders full name and address to receive the money here...

I wait your mail asap,
Megan Smith
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