Scam letter(s) from Olesya Sergeeva to William (USA)

Letter 1

I am very happy that you have written to me the message it very much pleases me, really is very pleasant for me it and certainly I would be happy will get acquainted to you closer, if you have email that write to me it it will be very perfect to receive your letter and I hope that we can begin a new stage in our acquaintance. I shall wait for your message. Olesya...
Letter 2

You do not represent as me pleasantly to receive from you news, as for me search of the man it for the first time and I am very glad that to me have paid attention. It very much means that you have written to me and that I have interested you, I very much hope that we can find general and we shall begin with you to develop the attitudes, certainly for me it is all for the first time and I feel myself not as I would get acquainted with you in a reality, but I sincerely hope that we can learn about the friend others as much more and from us will develop the attitudes, as I very much dream about the man which can me understand and on which I can completely rely and can entrust the heart to this man, if you really think that I that woman which to you is necessary and I very much on it hope that by I shall be very glad to continue with you correspondence. You can to me write on my electronic mail and I shall be very glad to this: I shall wait very much from you of the letter and very much I hope that you can to me send your photo because it for me very much means, I wish to you all perfect and I shall wait from you of the speed letter. With sincere feeling Olesya.
Letter 3

Hi Steve!!! It is very pleasant and joyfully on heart that you have become interested in me and have written to me the letter. I am very glad to this as I first time in the life to try to find the man which to me I am necessary also is very happy that I have not remained without attention and you have written to me. It is very pleasant to me to read your letter and me very interestingly to learn you, it is not very a pity that you as well as I could meet the man with which you felt happy and with which you would like to create family. I think that we already have that that general as both of us are lonely. As you already know that I do not search for the temporary attitudes I wish I shall meet the man with which is glad to create perfect family, to give rise children and to be happy as all people on light. As to me that I the very thin and very sensitive man and consequently I do not wish that me used and caused me a pain, I very kind in heart the man but I shall not stand when play by my feelings. As to my life that as you already know me name Olesya, I live in Russia in city Pskov, where I was born and I live now, I live one but in the same city my parents live and I am very glad that they are always with me because I very much love them because they have enabled me to be independent, now I work in firm by the secretary and I is very glad that at me is such work because she very much am pleasant to me. I was arranged on it work after termination institute where I have finished economic faculty. I the unique child in family and my parents I think have given me in life all that could also I very much also I wish to create the family and to give children all that that I can give them. To me 26 years and I so feel myself lonely because I think that the people in this age already could create the family and I very much hope that soon I can create the family. Unfortunately I not so well own the English language but I think that will not be a problem of dialogue between us. As to enthusiasmes in my life that in free time I the most part spend on a nature because I very much dream when to create family to live where that outside cities to have a rest from urban vanity. In free time I visit gymnastics, as any woman I very much love to walk on shops but for me not main in life it is magnificent and expensive things, for me main all this that that main to be favourite and to love. I very much love classical music me culture I very much interest I have in a kind museums of visiting of theatre, it is simple for me very interestingly, I not when was not outside Russia and at me was when such opportunity to travel but I think that when I can create family that we can by all family travel. Now I have no a house of the computer as I do not have house of the telephone for communication with the Internet and I use services the Internet of cafe certainly it not that that I would be desirable also for me can not very quickly to you answer your letters but I think that it will not bring to us problems because I very much wish that our acquaintance has resulted to not that more than simply letters, but I think that the letters will help us to learn each other and can in the future we can will meet also I think that the meeting to us will bring very much much and a lot of interesting than letter. Can you find it very strange that such woman as I could not meet the man of the dream but it really so. I very much hope that my letter will put a beginning in our attitudes and you can learn from this letter a particle of my life. I very much hope that soon I can receive from you the letter. With sincerely by feeling and large hope Olesya.
Letter 4

Hello Steve. I was very glad when today has seen your answer, I am really glad that you are interested by me I also is interested by the attitudes between us, if I did not want to communicate with you that I it did not do but I really when saw yours of the message was glad that such as you have written to me. Steve I would like at once to inform you that if you search for entertainments, or it is simple you wish to communicate that at once I want to you to tell that you me did not write, because for me this acquaintance not game and dialogue for me this serious attitude and I want to create family, to find man with which we understand each other and really want to be together. Steve likely you are set by a question why I have not found the man with which I would be happy, yes I really could not do it in Russia because I yet did not meet the man which concerns to the woman about tenderness and love, likely you heard that in Russia a lot of marriage breaks up because the man will change to the wife and to love to drink. Loves to shout on the woman, I personally met it and I do not want to repeat the last experience, I not when was not in a marriage, but really I wish to find the happiness in other country probably man from other country with another culture not as in Russia sincerely concerns to the favourite woman and seriously wishes to create family, to have children, you likely would like to learn how many children I dream, I dream 2 or 3 it would be very perfect, I want that at my children was happy family. The kind and fond father which also loves children as I would love them. Steve as to my family, I do not have brothers there is no sisters it certainly is very sad and is very sad that I have them a but probably therefore I want that my children had brother and sister and consequently I would like to have several children that children were not so are lonely without the brother and sister. Steve I want to present the life, the love the fidelity to the favourite which man I hope that soon I can meet. I do not love to write long and set of the letters because I think that all the same not really and it is impossible to tell and to transfer the ideas in the letters. It needs time which it is possible only to do at meeting, certainly to me is sad that I do not have telephone to call you or you have called me but I think that it will not be a problem, me frequently asked concerning an opportunity to communicate through the instant messages in the Internet and I want to you to tell that I have no such opportunity to communicate through msn or yahoo, as I use the Internet of cafe and to have to communicate through it is required a lot of time and I have no opportunity pay this time I can only to write to you through personal email, I think that conveniently to begin it also first step in our acquaintance and our attitudes. I very much do not love when the man asks in the first letters on intimate life. Asks that I have sent frank photos, not when it I shall not do because such questions are decided only then when the people love each other and really wish to be together. Steve certainly I am happy that you have an opportunity to write and I is happy that we have an opportunity to learn each other probably that we shall understand that we approach the friend for the friend and it will be valid for me happiness. Steve I shall finish the letter I hope that you learn from him a part of my desires and part of my character, certainly on character I very much trust to the people and for this reason probably men used it in the past but now I do not want to repeat the former mistakes and I now I want simple family life with the favourite man. I hope that soon I already can receive your new letter I was to this is very happy. I wish to you perfect day. Olesya.
Letter 5

Good day Steve. it was very pleasant to me to see your message when I have checked up mail, for me it already much means that you write to me it means that you are really interested by our acquaintance, for me most important that you understand me and and very much means that you not one of the men which loves to play games and loves to cause a pain to the women, for me would be really sick if who again used by mine by feelings and used my trust. Steve I really simply want to find and to find the happiness and rest in life, I really think that in my age it is necessary to think of the future and creation of family. To me is really lonely without the man which loves me and which I love. I understand that the love comes not at once and it needs time but I know that it comes also unexpectedly, to me the message ever more interestingly to know about you more as well as likely to you interestingly to know about me is valid Steve with everyone by yours new, I understand that certainly letters it not that way that all to find out about the man, but I think we that shall help it us to become closer and probably we can understand that we approach the friend for the friend. As to my last life that I not can tell that I was is very happy but I hope that I can find the happiness with you. Steve I love to represent our future it certainly pleasantly as well very silly but I think that if we already think of the friend the friend it already much means because we could find each other and we have an opportunity now to each other with each new letter all becomes closer. Steve I want completely to trust you but I hope that you will not cause to me a pain, because for me it will be simply intolerable. Steve I hope that having read my letter you can understand as seriously I wish that at us all has developed perfectly. Write to me I shall be with impatience to look forward to hearing from you because this unique that now me pleases and brings pleasant dreams of you. Yours Olesya
Letter 6

Hello my dear Steve how you??? You do not represent as I is happy to receive from you the new letter, I very much looked forward to hearing from you because with each new letter I ever more feel that we approach. I really feel myself by the happy woman when I read your letters, it so is pleasant for knowing that you think of me and most important that you feel also strong feeling to me as well as I. Steve I wish that at us the new life began where we shall not be any more when lonely and where we can be together create new family and to be together. Steve I so frequently think of you and I try to transfer all feelings in the letters, but I understand that it is impossible to do all that I feel it it is necessary to see in a reality and I very much would want that it became already speed for us by a reality only so we can understand our feelings to each other. Steve certainly I would be very happy to arrive to you as at me soon vacation in 3 weeks and I not when was not in other countries, but most important for me would be the large gift to visit you in your house to see your family, certainly me would be pleasant if you arrived to me, but I carried out you life the vacation only in Russia and I very much dream to visit to you but at me there is no opportunity to pay it trip as I learned in embassy to arrive in To you to me have informed that to issue all documents both payment of the air ticket and preparation of all documents makes about 1150$, certainly to me is a shame to ask you about the help to me to help in it, but have sat you really wish as well as I that I has arrived to you that I shall be happy if you me will help in it, I learned that the registration of all documents is required about 3 weeks and if we shall begin registration now that we can have time to prepare all registration by mine trip to a beginning of my vacation but the registration is required to be begun now, I learned as what documents I should give in embassy for registration of all documents, I can collect these documents and fill the questionnaire already tomorrow, but it is required to me already then to pay complete cost trip as to me give a complete package of services which it is required for trip to you. Whether Steve I asked in embassy how probably to make payment behind my trip and was interested probably that you can do it, whether but me have informed that the payment is accepted directly from the client and consequently I should personally pay cost trip to embassy I has asked probably as that to make to pay trip to me have informed that you can if you wish to me to help to pay trip to make translation through bank of western union in your city for me and then I can pay already personally in embassy cost registration and preparation by mine trip, for this purpose as to me have informed I should send you the complete data that you could do translation, I shall send you it. Steve I really very strongly wish to arrive to you to meet you and to feel our love between us only so we can understand sincerity ours of feelings and only so we can see each other, speak, go for a walk, carry out a lot of time together. Steve please write to me as it is possible is faster precisely to know already to begin registration to have time to to issue to my vacation. I shall wait for your fast reply. Yours Olesya... ------------------------------------------
P.S information for western union
My complete data:
Russia, city Pskov.
Street Sverdlova 21, apartment 26
Sergeeva Olesya.
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