Scam Letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to William (USA)

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Letter 1

About me..I am a smart, attractive and independent woman. I am a little bit on the shy side, but once I get to know someone I open up. One of my best attributes is that I can talk about anything and I am a good listener. I find people in general fascinating. I am an honest person. A single woman, I am always trying to be a good example of what a good woman needs to be. I love to laugh and I have a serious side and a jokester side. I am a loyal person - a good friend, am proud of that fact. I don't believe that there is such a thing as a "perfect" match, but my ideal match would be a mentally mature man, who loves to laugh and have a good time in life. Someone who actually wants a relationship and does not play games. He should be a descent human being and kind at heart. do you have yahoo messenger Im or any email address which I can write you and also send you lovely photos of me

Letter 2

Hello William and How are you doing ther , Nice meeting you as well and am so excited and happy you reply me back ..I really Like you photo you send me and I like your age as well , Age's are just a number;s and I dont mined you older then me .

Do you have kids and where they living with you

I dont have no kids and I have been single in my life for 3 and half Year's now with out now Man in my life ,Please am serious looking for one Man, right man,true man and long term Relationship .I really hope we can get to know each other. wowo we both have the same last Name

Selina Williams is My Full Name ,Am going to take lovely photos for you and then send it to you later and free and ask me any Question I will able to answer you

Well, I hope that this lets you know a little about me, and I hope I don't come across as being too cynical, harsh, or mean sounding to you?
I will give anybody the benefit of the doubt (we're all human beings with the same red blood in out bodies, we all make mistakes in life and I want to learn more about life in a relationship more and more),I'm just asking you to keep it real and be honest from the beginning; that way, nobody is wasting his Or her time or getting his or her feelings hurt.

Myself, I am extremely honest, sincere, caring, loving, sensual, passionate, optimistic, romantic, affectionate, and wish to have my soul mate by my side to protect, love and make him feel like the most important thing in life for me.

I would like to have the opportunity to meet a man who is sincere, honest, caring, responsible and knows what he wants in this life, that's not afraid to challenges. I really hope we can get to know each other.

I do not want to meet someone who may think of taking advantage of me or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses,i do never lie,deceive,play games or cheat in my life and never wants to be cheated,deceive,lie or been played games with in my life.
I am sorry if this sounds harsh, and I'm not accusing anybody of any wrong doing, but I'm being upfront and honest about that, so you know where I stand from the beginning.

I do not expect a man to be a servant to me, spending all his time working and and cleaning this are all responsibilities of a woman, I believe there is give and take in a relationship but Im not here for one's funds or materials or other things since all this are not included in a relationship, but here looking for some one honest,truthful,god fearing and i good listener, and I realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook, clean, and I have no problem doing that.

I enjoy many things, sports, nature, the arts, history, cultures, traveling, fine dining, and especially Formula One Racing. It has been a while since I last dated and miss the companionship and the warmth a quality man can give. Sharing and exploring together is very important as well as trust in one another, love is so much based on trust. And, yes, love is many things, the culmination of two individuals who belong together and deserve each other.

Hear from you soon Williams

Letter 3

My Father die when I was 18 Year's Old and My Mother die 4 years ago which make me been so sad when am in Australia and I don't have No Family over there In Australia so My Grand Mom decide to come here to be with here In Ghana , Please Have you Hear of Ghana before and Have you been to any of Africa Counties Before in your Life to I just ask then

Am from Brisbane – Queensland – Australia. but born and raised there but i am now living in Ghana with my Grand Mom and Sister due to the lost of my father .. So I will say i am from Brisbane – Queensland – Australia and living in Ghana with my Sister ,I have been here Ghana for 2Week's with No man and am serious looking for the right man , Am new on here and you are the first man meeting can we get to know each other if you wont mined then ...Do you have a problem with distance??

I Want to tell you secret which Please keep in your mined ,My grand mom told me when I Found my right man in my life she will give me something special which will help me and the right man I Found, even its will help me in our Future .My grand mom saying she want to give me 3bedroom, car and 30 K of Gold I cant handle this before am a woman and also I don't know anything about this as well , Please William do you know something about Gold and what did it do then ,But sadly my grand mom told me that she don't have all the Document with her because one of my Uncle stole it from her and trying to take it from her and she also told me that she don't want to give all the properties to him and even we can jail him about steeling that as well because she want me to have all that ..Now what should I do ,I Have an idea I Need a Lawyer which will help me to take all the properties

I want to tell you this am so excited and happy to have you and also found since been so lonely in my life , Please I promise to make you happy all the time and also promise to make you happy when you let me come there to be your side over very serious date you and be your wife to be forever and ever .One Thing am not after many Man in my life , am looking for One and you are that Man for me now its since God send you to me because you enough for me and I Like who you are Ok

1.Do you smoke
2.Do you have Tattoo , I don't mined you have Tattoo on your Body then
3.Do you have Animal at home
4.How many Brother's and Sister do you have and are they living with you .
5.Is your parents a life I just ask that I Hope this does not make you been so sad then .
6.Do you work and what kind of work you do then .I just ask that to
7.Do you have cell Phone Number so we could send each other sms text or even call you as well .

Do you Like my Photos I send you and tell me How do I Look Then ..Hear from you soon William

Letter 4

Good Morning to you William, wow you said that You have been many woman and I Hope they are your friends or they not in your life any more ,I Just ask that

Williams for me I wont entertainment any man when am over there with you or even talk to any man because I don't want you to get sad or jealous I promise not to hurt your feelings OK ,Just that I want you to be the only one man in my life and I always make you happy all the time when I see you and I also promise to beside your side every time you need me

Oh yes My Uncle is very Greedy and bad man and afraid someday he can kill me ,I Really need Lawyer to protect me and even win the case as well to get the property But what I need to do I have to get the Document first and then change the name of it to my Name or even to the Man I Love much ..Oh I Really Interesting in you to and also be the woman in your life Until the world ends.

I don't mined you smoke or drink and sorry to Hear your Mother died two Years and Your Father still a life that's Good I can image when you see your Parents you always feel happy .Tell me How long have you been long in your life as an engineer and I Will be excited to have your Cell phone Number if you wont mined then .

I am an honest and good,respectful who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays. I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest,loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, sexual, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with. I am outgoing and very spontaneous.

I am generally try to live a somewhere healthy lifestyle, exercising and some sort of jogging's, 3-4 days a week and eating healthy, trust me, I love sweets and pastries such as ice cream,biscuits,cheeps,fun ice,fun pop,yogurt and fun milk, but try not to over do it in my life and i do not smoke or drink ....

I have several hobbies (and wish I could find more time to pursue those) such as cooking ,swimming, dancing, and reading, and more,and would like someone to share that with, as well as sharing his interest with me too..

HOBBIES:I like reading a lot , infect meta physics novels especially by Tuesday TOM Clacy I love cooking , playing squash and watching basket ball and talk shows like Oprah Winfrey talk show in the Harpo Studio.

I do also have some funs to such as fishing,boating,cooking,going to the beach and i do want to participate all this funs with the person in my life..

1.What is your idea of the perfect first date..??
2.What have you learned from past relationships..???
3.What is your LIKES AND DISLIKES??
4. What do you dream about at night?
5. Can you drive a vehicle And do you have Car .For me I Can Drive .
6. What's your religion?
7.Are You left or right handed?
8.What sports do you play or like?
9.What languages you speak?How many Language do you speak.
10. What's Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy?
11.Tell me what you would ask for if you were granted 3 wishes.
12.When it comes to career, family and life in general, how do you feel?
Happy or Sad.

Hear from you WILLIAM, kiss, Hugs for you

Letter 5

I am an honest and good christian,Good Morning to you my love ..I Hope you doing fine and How is the weather over there to..Thank for answering my Question and I will also answer the same for you to know what I am then .

I do understand you about your married and I wish I was the first woman met you this days long ago but its wasn't to late then we can start from now and am so excited and happy to found you I promise to make you happy I cant wait to be with you over there ,its had been so long not had any man in my life and even not had sex long time to

What is your idea of the perfect first date..?? Answer:
It is always good to meet in a neutral place like a coffee shop or a place with music in the background so you can chat.. Ideas of a perfect date could be a romantic dinner followed by a stroll in the moonlight,have a night of bowling and go to a pub afterwards.. Planning together a event or activity you both would like. These are just a few ideas to work with.

What is your perception of an ideal relationship..?? Answer:
I Spending time together and when your apart you don't forget the other person. Being able to share your feelings and show your emotions freely. Being there to support and stand up for that special someone.

What have you learned from past relationships..???Answer:
I have learned from past experiences that honesty and listening are very important. Communication is important. Never try and change that person but take them with all their faults. Be caring and thoughtful. Never go to bed mad or angry. Discovering new things together day to day helps keep the relationship alive.

DISLIKES: I hate lies, I hate dirty people , I don't like loquacious men ,I also don't like greediness cos I believe in giving and its only when u give u will take its a natural law of creation.

LIKES:I like honest people, I like being down to earth, I love begin truthful in all my deeds ,speech etc My dear, I think I have been able to give u in details all u need to know about me and would love to read same in reciprocity to ensure a suitable ground for a start of this relationship.

What do you dream about at night?I Dream Good things and also like to meet my future man always happy and be with him .

I Can Drive That's my Answer

I" M Christians

Am Right and left handed

I Like sports and a lot, watching bass ball,basketball

I can speak German,French and Spanish .My Father thought me all those language's

My Favorite Sexual Fantasy is very part of my body and my want my man to make me happy and make love to me as well

My granted 3 wishes are ?

1- I wish be in love with a man that love me
2- health is very important to all my man , and to love I love.
3- love is important and love
and health,

When it comes to career, family and life in general, how do you feel? Am always happy to meet my family and I will always happy to see me when you close work or walking with you by the roadside .

Please I like to have any Different photos of you to

Hear from you William , I also send you photos of me and In The Photos you can see my Friend with me in the pool-water

Williams Tomorrow I will be going to Anniversary in town with my Friends

Letter 6

Good Morning to you William , How are you doing and I Hope you doing well and The weather over there as well .

The weather over here very hot because of the Sun raise all the time and sometime the weather feels Ok for me as well

Right now am not feeling so lonely anymore because I have found my right man Now that's is your William and I promise to make you happy and also be your side , I will never allow your anyone come close you ..I cant wait to be with you soon and I wish am already there with you

I am so blessed to have you as my man . You make me feel so special and loved. I want to spend every second of my life with you.I want to live with you, wake up next to you on the bed, have my meals with you and spend loving times with you. All this I am missing now

God blesses us to be together and live my life with you by my side always.

Question for you to Answer

1.What's your favorite foods & drinks?
2.What would be your most ideal date?
3.What are some activities that you'd enjoy on a date?
4.Where would you like to spend your retirement?
5.Tell me about how your favorite way to spend your free time indoors.

kiss for you , Hugs and Am always Yours William

Letter 7

Hello William ,

You sound very Good William and I Really like what you wrote to me, do you know what I feel right now I wish am there with you right now so we could have good time , walk to any place we want to and I will always be happy we both hold each others hands together..Oh yes I Will like to share everything with you have a Glass of red wine to

The weather over here very hot and some time I go the beach my Good friends but some of them are married and gone to they husband house

This My Answer to:

What's your favorite foods & drinks? Answer:
Drinks, I drink water, soda, a cup of coffee a day, very seldom drink tea
I Do like pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

What would be your most ideal date?Answer:
Dinner at a fancy restaurant, slow dancing and a moonlit walk on the beach.

What are some activities that you'd enjoy on a date?Answer:
Trying a new restaurant, Picnic in a park, Walking on the beach

Where would you like to spend your retirement?Answer:
Sipping margaritas on a beach

Tell me about how your favorite way to spend your free time indoors.Answer:

Tell me what things in life are most important to you.Answer:
God,the man I Really love so much , love my husband That's is you, and everything we both have

Do you like sex?

Oh Yes I like to have sex with my man I Really love That's You anytime his like's it then or are you shame to do that with me .

Yes Yes I want to be with you and I cant wait to be with you William

What we both have to do now I have to check out at the Embassy Here if you want me to.

You Always Mine William

Letter 8

Hello William

You make me happy when you say those words , Oh Yes I Like sex but its has been so longtime I had not sex in my life .I will like to have sex with you am there with you and then we both make each others Happy all the time .

Oh yes I want to be with you , be your side and then hold each other;s hands together going any places we want to go as well .Please William you will enjoy what I will say to you And I cant wait to be together with u in ur arms as u will give me ur sweet and loving kisses all over my body .my love i will first undress u naked and i will used my hands to hold ur cock very firm and i will start to suck and lick ur cock very good and smooth.My love i wish lam together with u now in ur bedroom as i will suck and lick ur cock for u to moan and moan mmmm, wowowo and I will also suck and lick ur two balls for it to become my smooth and soft .

William Tomorrow I will go the Embassy to found everything and You will able to help me to be there with you , I will never let you down .You are the only person I see when I closed my eyes ....You are the man I see in my dream. You are on my mind day and night ...I promise to love you,care,respect,honest and make you happy

Letter 9

Hello my William,
You make me feel so much happy when I Finish reading your lovely sweet message ,I cant waite to be with you am always wet when am here lonely playing with pussy here all the on my bed thinking about you I need your real cock inside me.

You sound Good and I cant wait to have make love to you and I will also suck and lick ur two balls for it to become my smooth and soft I will suck and lick ur cock like I have ice-cream inside my mouth and i will be twisting ur cock every corner inside my mouth....Willliam I will continues to suck and lick ur cock with salavi going round it and I will make u moan very louder. I will suck and lick ur cock till I swallow all ur cock deep under my throat and I will continues to twisting ur cock and I will suck ur cock up and down to ur two balls and I will suck and suck on it good my love.I will suck and lick ur cock till u moan very louder calling out my name I love u so much selina,selina,selina and I will continues to suck and lick ur cock till u pump all ur cum inside my mouth and I will drink it to show u the kind of Real.pure and True love I have for u .

This Morning I wake-up to the Embassy to found Good Traveling and Tour agent who will work my traveling to you In The United state of America ,They gave me required Froms

Letter 10

Good Morning to you William

I always feels happy to when I read your sweet letters to and sometime I Feel like am already there with you .

The agent gave me Travel from I have to scan it and then send it to you

I Dream about you pick me up at the airport and then drove me to your home then later we both took shower whiles we both still naked together in the room and then we both go straight to the Kitchen naked together at the sometime you were making love me , I really feel good and love it when you did that to me

William after making u cum I will take u to the bathroom and have u bath and I will bring u back to the bedroom and I will continues to suck on ur cock soo that it will become very harder and harder again soo that u can give me very good fuck my love. I will then open my legs very wide for u to have very good taste of my body .I cant wait to have very good taste of ur cock and my pussy is crying for ur cock and I wish I had ur cock thrubbing on my clits and also sucking on my nipples .you on my mind, love in my heart.

Letter 11

Hello My Love William

How are you doing and How is the weather over there Am doing fine and the weather over here keep on hot because of the sun raise always all the time am Always happy as well just that I cant wait to be with you over there I keep missing you so much when am lonely on bed here playing with my hot pussy and also finger fuck my self But do you know what I Really need inside in me I Really need your real cock inside my pussy all the time and your hands around me to when you cum inside me I will be happy and then suck your cock again to make you cum more And more for me ....William You will run your head between my leg and your tongue inside my wet hot pussy at the sometime you were eating my clits ,you will kiss my nipple and then all over my body nice and then slow mostly you put your tongue inside my pussy hole and then you sucking me and then your finger's inside my asshole while you were eating my hot pussy too and much you will turn me over and put your hard cock deep inside my ass and fuck me nice and slow whiles you playing with my nipples and then you put your cock straight inside my mouth , you then fuck me deeply inside and cum inside my mouth too ,so i have you so wet and hard all on you , i will come over your body and you also pee on me , you also open my legs and then finger fuck deeply inside my wet hot pussy for me and I will be always happy to make love everywhere in the house with you William

William have you send money to someone or any one your Family before I was just asking if you have ,Do you know Western Union Money Transfer where you live or in town and any Post-Office just ask them you need to send money Through Western Union ..maybe if you have Credit to send money online through Western Union Money Transfer ,

I ask a Good friend of mine and she told me that you send it through Western Union after sending it Western Union will give you Code Number ,secret Question and Answer because when I go Western Union they will ask me that but you need my full name and Address to send it through in

Name: Selina William


City : Accra

Country: Ghana


Bank:Western Union Money Transfer

Letter 12

Hello My Love William ,
Good Morning to you , How are you doing today and How about the weather over there to
Here the weather its OK because it get raining 2days ago its keeps the Hottest down for us .

I really Need you , I want to be with you and Stay with you together until the world ends I Really keep on loving you so much .I Cant Waite to be with you William I wish am already There now

I love you so much, and can't wait to be with you . I want to give you my heart and soul. I don't care about anything else in the world because I am in love with you, William

You move down so you can lick my pussy while you finger me , licking and flicking my clit, I really start to moan now, begging you to fuck me , but you want to tease my a little more, so you turn so that I can play with You very erect cock, so I start to play with your cock, taking it into my mouth, Mmmm that is so good, licking and sucking your cock while you lick and finger my pussy, I start to play with your balls which just drives you mad, so you start to lick and finger me faster and you feel my cum, your cock is so hard now and you want to cum so you turn me over you can take me doggie style, you push your cock deep into my pussy as I moan and scream for you to fuck me hard and fast, slowly you fuck me from behind but get faster and faster as You come deep inside me ,I can't wait to see what the future holds for us and I cant Waite the agent to start preparing The Document for me to fly to you over there ,Have you write down my Full Name and Address if not then it is again ,sorry to repeat that again for you William

Name: Selina William


City : Accra

Country: Ghana


Bank:Western Union Money Transfer

I promise to make you happy and trust each other all the time It always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres.Love takes many things: trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got, even when you know it's not going be enough.Love is not always fireworks and shooting stars; sometimes it's a simple understanding and trust between two people That's YOU And ME

you have made me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of being in love with you.

Letter 13

Hello William what happen when I wake-up to check my mail box they wasn't no mail from you I was so sad and worried because I Thought I did something wrong or I am rushing on you to help me to come there

You just break my feelings and my Heart either because I did not think such thing in my mined I like to Hear from you always

Talk to me william I want you to trust me I Wish I had money to get my self here to come there to be with But I dont have no money to do that , Please if you have the money try and send me or even trust me for once I want to get in-touch with you



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