Scam letter(s) from Marina Nowik to Kristjan (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello, Kris I have got your letter so it means that you agree with the things I talked with you in my previous e-mail. I am happy with it. Thank you for your photo and telling me more about yourself, I feel we have special connection between us, I believe that we are truly close and united with you. i am pleased that we are together. i am sure that we will break the language barrier I will do my best to learn some English soon because i am sure that understanding is truly important for building stable relations. I have seen a lot in this life and I would hardly survived if i have not had my angel, my sweet Darina. I was too young when I gave her birth, perhaps I even did not realize it then but anyway I remained with my sweet angel even though all my family was against me and it took me years to restore relations with my mom and sister. I know that now you might be willing to know the whole story, well, I will start with it... I am not very comfortable to do it from the very beginning but since it is the most important part of my life I should share it with you if I want to go further in our communication... I was just 18 years old when I met Anton, he was mature and successful, or at least he seemed to me this way. He was married but I discovered this when it was too late... I was pregnant already and he left me the same day he was told about it... There was difficult time for me. I was all alone without any support as my family told me that I disappointed all of them greatly. The thing is that I have just finished school and went for studies, I live in small settlement called Bilogorivka in the eastern part of Ukraine. I was born there on November, 24th, 1978. I was brought up by my mom only as my dad is working in Moscow and he is seldom at home. My mom did not talk to me and my elder sister Galya was with her. So there has not been any way out for me then just leave the university and start working at local plant. I was just simple worker but I was given room in hostel and nurse for my girl there so i agreed. I never managed to make my dream to become a psychologist come true but we managed to survive with Darina. Now I work as a storekeeper at the same plant. My salary is not big but enough to survive. I will hardly be promoted in future as i do not have higher education:((( It has also prevented me from learning English but i never give up my dream about soul mate so i use translator`s assistance for writing you. I believe this is ok for you. I am focused on my daughter and give her all I can but I am tired of loneliness and I need strong man by my side. I hope you are just the man who I need... I suppose I should stop now. You know a lot about me and it is up to you to decide whether you want to continue with me or not. Anyway, I will be waiting for new letter from you, Marinushka
Letter 2
It is great that you are still with me and you are ready to continue our conversation. I know that it is not easy to accept things as they are in my life but it is great you do and I will do all I can so you will never regret about it... I really like your sweet letter and your boy looks truly wonderful on the photo, I am sure that you are truly close with him. I wish i could be with you all the time, I believe that we are truly united together and we ca be close with you, I hope that we will meet but I never thought that it is so fast and I will hardly be able to take vacations for visiting Donetsk, i wish you told me at least in a month about it but i hope you can understand me. I want you to know me better and i have been looking through my family album together with Darina and wondering how fast the time is. Here is she is as a small kid and she can not even speak. Oh, when it was? Well, it seems it is 1998, yes, New Year`s eve and we are together with Darina. Some of my friends come to congratulate me and took the photo, the first photo of us together:))) And the last New Year she is a true queen already and on January, 20th, she will be 11.... Time is really fast and hope my daughter is happy, I will do my best to give her education but i know she is free to do what she wants, anyway i believe she will never choose the hard way her mother did.... Oh, one more good photo. My mom and I in cafe, it is the first time my mom start talking to me:)) I was really happy with the support from her side. I truly need her, I need someone who can talk to me the hard days i am alone with Darina but i have not been even met from the maternity house... It was hard but it is over now. I have a small flat, the cosy place for me and my angel.. We do not have hot water or phone or computer but we have the roof under our heads and trust in better for future. I truly belive that soon there is the wonderful and unique man in my life who will make me feel the happiest lady on the planet. I am longing this to be true.... I try to find positive moments in everything. I live in a small place but we have two rivers nearby and it is wonderful to swim all the summer long. It seems to me the Darina has made the first swim before the first step:))) I also like walking in the forest, gathering berries and mushrooms. I like to hear birds singing and see different plants and trees... I also think that photos on the natural background are extremely attractive and I believe you will agree with me looking at the last one taken on July this year. :)) I hope you also enjoy the talk we have, I am sorry if my letters contain a bit of dramatic shade but this is life and colors are always mixed in it.... black and white.... tears and laughter... lots of pain and great relief. I believe i will find it with someone that tender and caring as you are. i kiss you and I am looking forward to your reply, your Marinushka.
Letter 3
Dear Kris, Thank you for your letter. It was the highlight of my day. I am happy to hear from you, I believe that we are getting closer with each letter, i wish I could be with you in Donetsk but I need to experience stressful moments at work instead and working on Saturday on top... It was very tiring day yesterday physically, emotionally, and mentally. I feel really empty and sad today, do not worry, you are not the reason for this, the reason is my boss. The man seems to be truly heartless and thinking only about himself. You know, he is not able to afford a cleaner so he charges us as a duties for keeping the changing room clean, I understand that it is not difficult to clean the floor or wash dishes if everyone does it but this is only what women have to do and men are just working and making mess and never care when it is cleared. I feel like I am such a shabby and pitiful creature. I was never employing as a cleaner I have to do this, it is so humiliating... I am sorry for writing this but I just need someone to talk to and i hope you can understand and support me. I want to leave this work so much but I can not do this as it is my means for living. I am happy to read your letter, it helps me to feel better and I am pleased with it. I feel that you have a power to change my mood and i am happy with this. I like dreaming, do you enjoy this thing? I imagine my life 5 years from now having no debt to my name, and relaxing in a big soft bed in a resort on the beaches of Tahiti with you, without a care in the world holding us back, or at home cuddle on the couch with you watching a movie or just holding each other. How do you see your life 5 years from now? Am I in it? I must call it a night for now and I'm going to get home and have some sleep, but I'll be dreaming of you. Write me soon and send more pictures. Your Ukrainian Lady, Marinushka
Letter 4

FROM Full name: Marina Nowik
Address: Radyanska Street, 23/80
Settlement: Belogorovka
Country: Ukraine
Place of work: engineering plant
Occupation: storekeeper TO Full name: Anna Lazareva
Address: Lenin Street, 33 ofice 30
Settlement: Belogorovka
Country: Ukraine
Place of work: translational firm
Occupation: head manager APPEAL I am writing to claim the current impossibility to continue covering my translational and Internet usage fees for writing to Mr. Kristjan Bergmann. and ask you to forward the note to the e-mail address So Mr. Kristjan Bergmann is aware that I am under hard financial circumstances now and unable to get the account refilled. I believe that Mr. Kristjan Bergmann. is aware about the fact that I am truly interested in him ad I will be really happy to continue our communication. With lots of respect,
Marina Nowik Dear Mr. Kris You have just got the appeal letter Marina has brought to us today, if you are ready to assist your lady in her difficulties and have the account refreshed. Marina will be truly grateful to you. If not we will inform her about your lost of interest in the lady. With hope for our further cooperation, Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Kris Thank you for your letter. Our phone number is +38067 83 31 287, the zip code is 93310, we do not not know rode map you use but our firm is legal and we are ready to prove it to you as for the data concerning your lady Marina, you must ask them by her personally when her account is refreshed. With hope for our further cooperation, Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Kris Thank you for your letter. In one of her letters to you Marina explained that her full name is Marina but her friends call her Marinushka and you are welcome to choose any way. She is truly serious lady and she hopes to continue communication with you in the nearest future, here is her passport scanned so you are sure that she is a true girl. With hope for our further cooperation, Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva
Letter 7
Dear Mr. Kris Thank you for your letter. There seems to be a misprint in your letter from marina, we apologize for the fact. There is no tendifacation numbers in Ukraine for people and companies, we do not understand what you are talking about, unfortunately we do not conduct international transactions through bank account because of high taxes so we would kindly ask you to use Western Union system to make the transfer directly on your lady`s name. You can find our fees in the file attached. With hope for our further cooperation, Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva
Letter 8
Dear Mr. Kris You can check with the Internet and discover that no organization in Ukraine has the number, we are not going to scam you. We just wanted to help you and your lady, it is a pity that you have not evaluated our efforts. Head Manager BestTranslations
Anna Lazareva
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