Scam letter(s) from Henrietta Gymafi to Jakob (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello my new sweetheart,
Greetings!!! It was really nice and great to read your mail dear one.
Thanks so much for your your mail me. In fact, I am very prond to be associated with you. I now feel the most happiest lady in the world having find you in my life. Indeed, I am looking for someone like to share all my love and life with until death do us apart. I am looking for a serious partner.
I am living in a town called Berekum in the brong Ahafo region of Ghana.
I want to treat my man good and kind in all aspect of life. I like all recess of people and dislike racial discrimination and terrorism my hobbies are cooking, music, travel, Beach, theatre, sports, nature, navels, exchange of life dreams, fantasies, desires, wants likes, etc. I will give you all my love, heart, mind, attention devotion and everything when you come into my life. I will be sending you some photos of me as we along. In fact, I cant express how glad and excited I am to have you in my life. It has been nice to hear from you. I will bring my mail to a close and wait for your answer. please here you are my phone number you can please send me sms text or call me anytime you want ok. 00233208392243 with all my love, hugs, sweet kisses and best.Henrietta
Letter 2
Hello Dear,
i have been busy all day because if the problem we have, please how are you? hope you are well as i am here doing for you, dear, it good will for us, but the problem we have now is that, the land law as to live from the room, because she dont need us there again,it was so sad and crying today, because we have been having this problem all the time, we dont have money to pay for the room in years but some months and for that if the land law get money when is bigging than your she will give you back your rest of money you have is so sad and hard for us because we dont have money to pay for a new room.dear i dont know where and what to do about this, am the only girl whi is be try to help our family out of problems, but dear,it is too sad for us now, we have be giving some weeks to more from here.i know it is too difficult for us now and we are plan to meet soon, but please am your only one and my family is your now, so please dont look for us to be in this, please help me out of this.i know you have a lot to do but please am on my knees begging you in the name of the lord, please here me out of this.i will be glad with you if you can please get us a house when is for me and you and it will help my mother to get some peace to live, if we dont know anything about this, i dont know how what will go on with my family.please i as for house because am not going to live here but to live with you there and the house will still be there for us, so dear, do all what you can to save us for now, i know what am asking you this too beg but it is the only way for us please, it will help me family to live well.
Letter 3
i sometime ask myself that who are you and where are you at first, i dont know and how to say dear, you all the time make me feel well amd smiles all the time if i read your mail, i will thank you very much for your time ans the song you are been sending me, i love them very much.i cant wait to meet you for first. am very serious praying to God to answer my praying, yes he did.i will put my self into God, for him giving you to me.dear i will go to bad now and please do all what you can to send me the 17000 to pay for the house so we can pick in dear.i love you and please take care
Letter 4

Many thanks for your mails today, i can feel my dear one is doing more better today,wish am there now to cook or help you with what you cant do dear, i really don't know what to say now, i know you are not well but you are still try all what you can in you power to help me, am sorry to worry you with my problems, but i will be glad if you can be more than 3000 dear, it can help me to put our things in so that i can be feel to go. i feel you problem more than you dear,may the lord be with you dear, you will get better dear. hope to hear from you again.your wife
Letter 5
you make me smiles and the same time too sad, i smiles because you really care for me and you are in you power trying all what you can to help me to be with you and the same time too you are not well, that make me so sorry because you are not well. i will be happy with you for your promise tomorrow and the help for the house this week, i will be happy to get this help so that i can live from here to Accra to apply for my visit visa, please i will beg you here for you to try to get 5000 for the house because i call the man and told we will pay him 2000 this week and he saying it is small. maybe if you can get me 5000, i can pay to the man and pay the rest if am there with you, so please i know it is hard there for you now, but you try this for me this and it can help me to come and pay the rest if am there with you ok. i love you and i will love you forever a promise, i made to be with you dear.
Letter 6
Hello my darling how are you doing this time of the day .
honey there is a very very big problem now ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i don't know where to start from my love, honey i let the woman called some one who is in the city now so that she find some hotel for me before i even arrive there tomorrow,But the problem is ,my love she called back and told as that all the hotel near are occupied and also honey as you know and see the president of Ghana has died and soon the funeral is going to come on this coming week, so honey the very nearest Hotel that she got for me price is very different from the normal hotel price we knew for one week.
so my darling we asked her and she said ,for best i have to come with 900 cedis,this money contains my hotel fee and my pocket money .this has made me disturb a little and honey by all means i need to leave tomorrow ,so can and will my husband Jakob still help me as honey i cant wait to bee with you ,i need your side been badly my love.
honey ,i thank you very much for this lovely assistance /help that you are helping me my love.honey yes my husband about the receiving the insurance ,honey when i arrive there tomorrow will ask them about it and then get you my passport number ,my love i will send you box address that is well secured .Darling please be fast and let me know now should i prepare for receiving the 900 cedis tomorrow and leave here to the City tomorrow ???????????????????
Your wife.
Letter 7
Hello My Treasure,my day has been so nice as i have been thinking about you .
as usual ,
Honey thinking about you all day do bring golden colors into my life,darling wow i wish i was there to eat ice cream together with you in the Harbour there ,
My love today ,i have been very busy walking from one office to the other ,trying to fist all things and get it done fast,my darling i have been wondering why and how these people in this country came from but honey like i told you is all because of the late president of Mother Ghana funeral.
Darling today i have been staying and staying in the offices for quite period of time ,honey we was done with some little little items and honey soon will be getting the passport and my love will let you know the passport number so that you can send me the insurance soon.
My darling honey i never knew that when a country is fully filled with visitors ,things and food even cost much than any thing as usual ,
my darling also when i went to one office honey they asked me to pay for some form to fill,darling in fact i never thought i will reach this point ,but here am i ,my love please now that i am almost done with the incoming things ,honey do best and lets complete it,darling i need your help critically ,i need an amount of 1000Gh tomorrow or darling after i pay for the hotel ,my love they told me to go and pay for another fee if i will be eating from them if not i should get some money to spend on my own,my love you remember i told you this hotel is the most expensive hotel in Ghana here.but all the same my love ,now that we are about to complete things ,my love do best for me to complete it,my love i am there for you on this earth and you are also there for me,my love also in case i have to go back home i don't even have any money on me to go back,so my love i am here with a broken down pocket ,
my lovely one and only sweetheart i believe you so much, im waiting to have the details tomorrow or latest Friday,i trust you.
Letter 8
Hello my treasury husband Jakob,
i wish i have the golden words to explain how much you mean to me ,
honey in fact you are the world that i live in,my love you are my supreme super one and only sweetheart,my love,
i love you so much and thank you very much for your lovely caring.
honey now this 500 cedis you sent me i have pay to them but honey they are asking me to bring the remaining 500 so that i can enjoy all the access in their dinner hall.
as the total amount is was 1000cedis,so now that i have paid 500,my darling dont let this create a problem between me and them here for Christ sake ,i believe you so much so i am waiting to receive the remaining money and pay them fully, love you so much ,so when do you think you can send me the remaining 500 cedis,
Your wife,
Letter 9
My Darling,True love is understanding,caring ,lovely ,faithful ,honest ,open minded and compassion etc.
my love,Could you believe that the whole of yesterday i didn't eat .my darling imagine in case i die from hunger ,even my love in case i want to return home after ,how can i get to home,my darling look at the days i need to stay here .and imagine how i will be suffering ,i don't know any body here in this city,honey never loose hope in any thing my love.honey my love ,imagine if you were to be the one ,how would you feel,my husband ,if i die i die for you.
please my love you kindly get me this 1000 cedis because i am madly hungry and nothing nothing on me to pay them for food for this 1 week and even will have to buy pomade in fact many little things .
In case i die honey ,,,do you know that i have break your heart??do you know that all the effort has become fruitless.darling i am short for words to describe how i am suffering honey .is all because of your true love,my dear i have no one who will help me in case i am dieing ,in case i am sad,in case i am worried,you are the one and only one who understands my views and my beliefs ,honey please don't put me into shame and don't let me down,because you are the one in my mind and in my heart and is forever.
My love the way you saying you do love me ,i believe and trust that you .
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