Letter(s) from Sanilya Mamurova to James (USA)

Letter 1

This is such an awesome time that you read my email. I believe it will be a crazy launch for our meeting. I am Sanilya. I am from a distant land named Azerbaijan. I am a sweet and cute lady. If you are not married and if you will not request me to send you bare photographs, then we can make great correspondence and relationships. Please do not write back to this e-mail if you are married. Never ask me for nude photographs.


Letter 2

Oh thank you very much for your answer me and your interest. It is a pity that could not answer you earlier because of work. I work in shop as the seller of things man's and lady's wear and footwear and also we have various ornaments in shop. But nevertheless. I give you my photo and I think you will answer me. I do not want any games and I wish to be attentive. I also had earlier profiles on the Internet on a site but now unfortunately I have no. Now I can write only letters from mail to time separate of work.
Also I think that through e-mail we can communicate is better How do you think?
I like to walk in my town after work and with my girlfriend do some photos in beautiful places and it's my hobby. So the age or the distance is not not important for me. I know that between us there are some thousand kilometres but to me it is not important. How do you think about it? I am 29 years old and me will be 30 years in Jule, 12. and I live near our big city Baku in Azerbaijan and have already told.
I wish to learn you better and I search some serious relations, also for beginning can I ask about your place more? I think that you will tell me more about your district and also probably there are any features of your life? some fotos here also from girlfrind's fotosession
Here I wish you pleasant day, Sanilya

Letter 3

How are you today? It's glad that you have answered me and yet absolutely I understand our difference in time but I think that if I write you the letter in the afternoon then you can read it in easy evening and to answer. You very much like me and I wish to learn even more.
It is very difficult to trust men. But I will try to trust you through letters. Also still very early to speak about a meeting. I think that we can discuss it later? But not now. I never flied to other country and also I have no documents. At the given stage I simply wish to learn you better.
Nevertheless I should consider the important question with you. I wish to argue. If the girl has no children. Then it can have children then. If already at the new partner - men are children. Then it is possible and not to have children. Easier to care of other children. It is necessary to know simply that near to you there are children. Also it is necessary to love them as the and it is correct? It nevertheless.
As to again me.
So this is important to say: all games are not necessary to me. I am a serious woman. I hope that you too.
As I have already told, I never travelled to other countries. It will be interesting to me to look the world. But I do not wish to do it one. As I should receive this pleasure together with my man. I am pleasant like the world. Till this time I can look it only through the Internet and also through the TV. I want that you to me have more told about your city. Nevertheless I think that there in perfectly summer and in the winter?
I wish to tell to you that just a climate here very warm in Azerbaijan and almost always warmly. I sit now in Internet cafe and it is necessary to go for work.
That the chief did not demand from me much I should return to time after a break.
I already many times received the award. As I am able to work with clients...
Nevertheless it only work. And as to my hobbies. I like to go to pool on Saturdays in the evening. I and 2 more my girlfriends we go to pool. We take masks or points, also a cap on a head. Also we bathe 40 minutes. And then to go and drink hot tea. Or sometimes wine if there is a mood. I think that so.
I also wish to tell to you. What most of all it is not pleasant to me in people? When any person tries to show it that it above others. Not to like me it.
Also that that when the person brags that it has many money. In general it is disgusting for me. It is never important.
I work fairly in shop. I cannot reach the big. Though I can more and work with diploma higher education. But nevertheless.
Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak that they have expensive things. It not the main thing in the life...
Please tell me about what you wish to see in your woman?
That that should like me in the partner? Not important where it works and how many earns money. Main this happiness and trust. I think that people should trust each other in the relation.
But also where there is a belief - there should be and check. It is necessary to check the favourite person silently always. I it know all from stories of my girlfriends, my aunt, my mum also. That I was always cautious.
I should see in the partner always support. And if I have a relation - then the love and pleasant actions from which at me will be a smile.
I think that you think also.
I want that we have never deceived each other. I will never ask you things which you do not wish to do. I promise
I also do not want that you asked me those things which I do not want. And then all will be good. And at us much can turn out. I will try to trust you through the Internet.
I send you the photos. And it I on a photo and you am pleasant it? Tell to me.
Nevertheless I will finish probably my letter. As wrote to you much today. I will tell only a little more on my family. I also I have no house a pet now. I completely live one now. And I work much. If I had a pet then it is necessary care of them. And at least to walk both in the morning and in the evening. I cannot. I wish to change my life but till now it is impossible.
I try to search for such man who will be tender with me and strongly to love!
That I became another. I should learn you better, from different directions! Should understand all your gravity in acquaintance!!!!!!! Should understand, what you the person?
Therefore I wish to learn your character more??
I think, that I will not lose contact to you. I am afraid of it!!!
I very much would want every day to speak on the phone with you, to hear your voice. I think, what your voice sweet? But so it is a pity to me, that I have no phone. And consequently at night I can think only of that is see your following letter What your schedule of day? It is very interesting to me...
Well, I will say goodbye and wish you all the best.
Here Sanilya again hope you will have a fine day

Letter 4

dear I am so glad that we find common language and we continue to share thoughts. I start to understand now in a head that already we to get acquainted further not simply so. We try to understand both what we people but I understand you. I wish to write more and more. I hope, that it is interesting to you to read my letters!! I see, that you are not afraid to tell to me all that at you in a shower! I never thought, that in the letter many feelings and emotions to transfer to the person are possible. But when I see your letter - then all tenderness again after a dream in me for last years. All my caress and heat again on freedom. And it gets only to you!!!! Our letters do us very close to each other every day, with each letter to me all is more interesting! I have very big emotions now, I would like you to kiss even now! I should you tell - that I am able to understand people! I see - that all your words sincere, and you to me tell much of you. I understand - that we are familiar only through the Internet but if we trust each other in these letters then at us much will turn out. You will agree with me? I want, that we had a trust between us, it is a lot of!!!!!!!!!!! I think - that just trust - a basis of relations, without trust our relations will not develop. I trust you, I can tell it!!
I feel, that you the good man and I can trust you absolutely!!!! While I see, that I am not mistaken, and I rejoice, if you trust me!!! I can ask you - you write letters only to me or you have still other girls????? It is simply interesting to me to know it! Simply I do not write the letter, except you to ANYBODY. And I would not like, that I at you was not unique. I wrote to you, that I search for serious relations with the man. I try it with you and I write all that at me in a head. I learn you better! Also I want, that you learnt only me, and more any other girl. I cannot forbid to write to you to them but if you write me letters such. That is better to refuse other girls, understand? I want, that you always with me were sincere, spoke the truth and never deceived!!! I promise to you, that I will never speak you lie! As it is better to tell already the truth, and to be pure on heart. Than the lie, and then at home to lay in a bed and to think - what for I the lie has told! And constantly to ask a question - and if he learns the truth then to me it will be bad! You understand it also I think??!!!
Just was on work once and has forgotten to tell to you! I sold today to one girl footwear - it at me the constant client and always goes to buy new things! I help it with it certainly. Nevertheless business was that she feels - that its man deceives her. It has started to come with work late, not as earlier. Also she constantly is late does not know where it after work still approximately vanishes 2 hours, every day. She asked it: tell to me the truth, you have other girl or? He answered it: how you can so to think?!!! I true only to you and am more to me is necessary nobody, is simple at me a lot of work! And then I go home on foot. To walk and remove stress! Here so he spoke to the wife.
Then I have told to this woman - if you love it is you should it trust, and if he sincerely spoke all those words! Then your happiness proceeds. It is impossible to live in mistrust!! At us in the country it is very strict about lie. Such people are punished.
But with me, I think, will agree - that any truth to leave once on light. And then if all time to deceive - then it will be very bad to both favourite people!!! And consequently trust almost the most important in relations, after love!! Therefore I and to write to you at once, speak please the truth and only! So I is better you can to learn the first and, the second - to be in trust and to hope for the best!! Only so I can learn your private world and a habit to you, and a smog to fall in love. I already have feeling, that I fall in love! You for me very expensive person, my favourite!!!! I would like to write all time to you and to learn you better, but nevertheless time needs more for work to leave, than for the letter to you!!! It is very a pity, I would write you the whole days of what I think, that I feel. In the letter you receive it in the reduced form, but you should know - now I think of you always. And always I represent, than you are engaged and as you spend day! Of what you think at night before a dream!!! You can share with me it??? I will finish now this my letter and soon to see your answer!!! Then I answer you and I write to you more certainly!!! I already wish to write to you about more valuable to lives. As my feelings to you have the big growth!! I would like, that you answered me every day! If you vanish, then I will worry and be upset very much! I would not like it. So, it is a lot of 99999999999 kisses!!!
Yours here Sanilya

Letter 5

Hello my big love James in this world and you received this night my kisses in a dream?! I am very glad to come now and look from you again the answer and you also have transferred me positive energy here. Name final I can yourself already happy girl because nearby - always in my heart there is you, my prince!!! Sometimes, after work I have weariness even if sometimes I have bad mood, but after reading of your letter I see the big care and caress. Constant support for me and I to appreciate it!!! Then again in me the feeling of vivacity clears up and is not felt any weariness and a pain in muscles! I very much with pleasure big to read your letter and again a smile comes back to me. If in the computer there was video a chamber :) then I would show to you as I to rejoice, if I see that you wrote! I to clap in a palm, and with the big tears of pleasure to speak to myself - yes, I again it see from my favourite!!!
And this feeling of pleasure very strongly is pleasant to me. As I am enamoured in you. And to receive words of love from the favourite person. And to see you - I dream of a meeting with you already every day and night!!! I already know that you also reflected on it, about our meeting. In your head, also there are these fine letters. I believe, that when I come we to spend very fine time. Every day I to dream of it! You speak also about it. We will do absolutely all. To dance together. To cry and laugh. To smile each other and it is even more to fall in love. Almost till the moment when our hearts will burst with happiness and the big love!!! You also I hope will help me with all female affairs?? As I cannot do one all - your help will be necessary to me! I have my familiar girlfriend - to it the husband at all does not allow to erase, it erases things itself. I do not speak, that you did it!!! :)
But you will help me with it? I think and I to you have a full confidence already to each your word!!! I so strongly want. That you trusted me also, my prince. If it at you to me very much 100 is true - then at us never will be problems. You simply should know, that I always spoke to you. I very true girl. And if I love you I always then I will be with you!!! For this purpose also there is a love, relations. You certainly understand it, I will not explain it to you! As you my the cleverest and true also the man in this world. I should you tell - that if I come to you on a visit? You will invite me? I do not know more many, but whether you can help to search to me work? As I do not wish to sit constantly on your neck!!! I wish to help you in everything, as well with a financial position. That we if together worked, at least I brought any part in our home! I write to you about it the first time - but I wish to work! Then I could do to you gifts about which for earlier you you will not know!! And then all rises on the places, I want it! I think you write to me about it, your assumptions??...
Today I will go to my girlfriend nevertheless, I wish to spend with it of a few time. To entrust it my thoughts. To tell all and to discuss!! I know, that she for me to rejoice and spoke to me already about it. If at it is that new to me to tell - then she to me tells!! I will not speak to it about what we with you we speak in letters, but I to tell about you a lot of the good! And very strongly I hope, that you same and in a reality. That I can entrust you very important in a life! I wish to be with you always, always you to kiss!!!
And always to look you in the face, to confuse you with little bit eyes!!! To me it will be certain it is pleasant. And everything, that I wrote all to you you receive it in your head. Carefully you consider and you write me answers. I to write you serious things which I wish to carry out!!! And you also any theme can discuss with me!!!
I certainly wish to discuss with you all and I wish to mention already such theme, as sex. I can talk to you about it if you want! If you to me tell, what it is pleasant to you in sex? And probably you think at night of it???????? Then not to hide it!!! Please speak me all that you want! I know, that it will be difficult to me to speak about it. But I will try. As I had still never no sexual relations with the man. You understand??? Because all girls in Azerbaijan cannot have sex. And it so is accepted in our country. At me never was the husband and consequently never was any a sixth. I know it only from books and also some video.
Then I will look your answer! Also I will probably tell to you. That I think at night! Of what I dream and that I wish to do with you, of the big love to you. It certainly sweet instants which are never forgotten. Also there are all new and new imaginations about which I wish to tell to you! I think, that it will be interesting to you it is the nobility!! Then I to say goodbye to you to the fast! I think, that long your answer to me to wait it is not necessary.
I love you the darling, I wish you to embrace and speak now all these words in eyes, or silently to whisper on an ear!! Also say, what the first love is remembered for all life?? It is a lot of kisses for my sweet prince!!!!!!!
Here, yours also I think for ever Sanilya

Letter 6

Hello my most lovely prince James and thank you for your answer today. I wish to hear from you these words in my address every day. Always and everywhere to me it is indifferent in what place we will and how many to the people will stand about us. If you can say these all words - love words then I will be to the happiest girl. Only you should speak it with sincerity and confidence what exactly to me you wish to tell it!!! I assured. That I will kiss you constantly, that I will never be afflicted with you, as you my light for which I wish to live and aspire to the best, to the future!!!!!!!! And all that I dream when we in the future will meet will be for us!!!!!!
Favourite I, very much was pleasant to me as you wrote and has answered me.
I just waited to write to you!!!!! Yesterday I did not see at all acquaintances because wished to dream of us as much as possible. About our love and caresses which I want. I dream of it very romantic. To you will be it is pleasant? If you come from work? And I will already wait for you. Always!!!!!! Every day, and only you because to me nobody is more absolutely it is necessary!!!!! If we have met now and would be already together. Then if you come home - and then I meet you with embraces and hands. You undress and pass in a bathroom. To wash, that you sat down a table already pure and changed clothes of working clothes. Then I to sit down a table! I think, that I will never have supper without you, always I wait you and we together to sit down. So it will be more pleasant for you to have supper with me, I think.
Nevertheless then we to have a supper and to drink tea, we to talk after that about us again. We to speak each other the most remarkable words which we want. I will name you mine the prince, and wash with love - my ideal and dream. After all so it also is! You the kindest and gentle person in this world, my gentle! I so think, that you are ready to do all for me, and I to appreciate it!!!!!! I feel your big love to me, your caress and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue … when we after a supper - we can have a rest a little and then nevertheless a little to walk! You can show me the most fantastic places of your city. As I already also spoke - I wish to know ALL about you, you show me just all that is connected with you. Probably you will like any place, it will be possible romantic! You it please remember.
And then we together to go there to spend time. You to me tell something concerning it, and I will listen to you very attentively! We can then come back home or go at once still somewhere!
You know your places more and consequently you see off me! We can go, where people will sit, there are such places at you, I assured. Then we will go together and to keep for hands. Then all people will look at us and to smile. As I think we will be an example of fine pair which approaches to each other. Such pair which has the purpose in a life, we will always achieve what we wish to reach together. I not to doubt it at all the lovely!!!! You my beloved, very careful, and I never will give you to nobody. The main thing that you have not wanted to leave from me, differently I cannot simply keep you!!! But I do not think of it as you the man and itself should choose to itself the companion of a life!!!
With mind, and with desire!!! Nevertheless the darling, I wish to write further! As I also spoke to you, I have asked you last time about sex. As it also very important part in relations and very fine.
BUT it is important: I still never had experience to sex. I understand, what you are difficult for trusting, and it seems strange?????????? But I never had sex.
IMPORTANT!!!!!!! We in Azerbaijan have strict laws. THAT the girl never should have sex before wedding. At me never was weddings. Therefore I become till now kept.
But it so, and please to trust me!!!!!!! The weight of pleasure also delivers. Which never cannot be forgotten!!! BUT that now I have desire to make love to you is important!!!!!!!!!! As only with you I wish to embody all my makings and dreams in a reality. Also I think, that if you in it help me - it will be absolutely already fine!!! I want. That you understood - I very gentle and with you I wish to begin always with tenderness. I want massage to you a back, it is a little to remove stress. Thus to feel your equal breath. Each man loves massage from sensitive hands of the woman???????? I am able to do it, and you should catch weight of pleasure from it!!! When I finish, I will lean against you round your back my breasts if you want it!!!!
And then I simply already to iron you in area an ear and to say to you silently, that I love you, the darling!!!! You my good, and gentle!!! My hand then to go slowly to your trousers and I to touch your genital! At first through trousers and to iron it it is very gentle! When I my hand at you will be between feet is for you it will be good very much! I think, that by this time your body, will already rise and does not suffer more! It is the truth? Then you simply to turn and we look face to face and we look fool in the face!!! Not to distract and have nevertheless contact, that just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our consciousnesses!!! You to bring hands to my body and force me to feel also the big desire to make love!!! And then you start to remove from me clothes that I was bared. Trace, I think too most that you also wanted it!!! Then nevertheless your imaginations what? I to take your genital further and I start to dream, gently touching its end!!! You to become from it as much as possible raised just simply to embrace and start me to love already!!!
But I simply to clamp it I want my breasts. That it to heat and massage!!! You speak to me if you want the big!!! When we already will be in such condition, take possible I can his lips to kiss! From it to you will be more pleasures? I am ready to do it ONLY FOR YOU!!! Also should tell - that never before it did, but I wish to try it with you! Only with you - the person whom I very strongly love and I do not wish to give to anybody more!!! But I so wish to speak you all my imaginations!!!! That you knew and then waited for this moment!!! That when both of us will have the raised condition then you to me already pleasure deliver!!! That it was already ready, to give to me pleasure. Here it to me WILL be the darling So I represent it is pleasant in sex!!!!!!! To lead up you to such maximum possible condition that you never forgot it!!!! I want, that to you it was always good with me that you went the satisfied. As also it is important also for me!!! I think, that I also always will be with you satisfied. Also I will tell - yes, the darling it was something, such with me was not, such pleasure and love test!!! I want it, and I think that could tell to you that I think! Of what I think at night!!! About what I dream to be engaged with you!!! I think you you write me your opinion?? I with impatience wait for your letter again. Also I will always answer you!!! Always say me that you think and as you represent it!
You represent a life with me and all it how I wrote today to you??
Whether you want it??? Whether you want already now?? I love you the darling!!! I always for you, yours here princess Sanilya

Letter 7

Hello my greatest love James in this world and I am very glad, that I can write now to you the answer to your letter! I full of energy and forces, cheerful mood and the full positive. Just that is necessary for me! I can ask as you business? Nevertheless weather was a little adjusted today and now is little bit warmer when to go along the street. It is very glad, and still I would like to visit you and consequently knowledge of you for me it is very important!!! But in letters all it you will not see - it is necessary to look it your eyes. So you to me all the same will not have time to tell all. I think, that nevertheless I know the most important thing! As I strongly would like to see you most of all now. This my unique desire and me now very much would be desirable it! If I was able everything then I to fly to you on the sky, and to come at once to you to the house. Already would stand on a threshold and you would meet me. Or, if I knew, how I can travel to you - then already would plan. But I still do not know it!
I wish to inform you today - important, that I will already go within these days to a city of Baku, in agency of travel. I will visit some agency at once to be convinced of accuracy of the information. Just there I will move tomorrow, and certainly I choose for this purpose time. That I learn all information, I will inform you!!! I understand, that if I to agree on this step - then I should spend many forces!!!
There is 4 best different agencies. I will choose the best and I will tell to you. They have all necessary communications c consulate for documents and can book tickets. And they can organise without problems my trip to you. And also in any country.
You can write them the letter also. The friend to my family there works. He knew my father and studied with it at institute. But I will tell to it that he spoke nothing to my father. I think it will help us.
If you wish to write the letter to agency then. I will tell to you all data the darling.
I not to doubt, that in our future relations WILL not be doubt and mistrust to each other. I not to doubt even that our love vanishes simply so. You to say to me, that I the frank and beautiful girl. And if I love you then you will love also me and never to throw.
BUT I to LOVE YOU and this main thing, I so I consider, and if I to meet you and we together will be - then I to become the happiest girl on this planet. I never to throw you, favourite my man! I never to think badly of you. I the girl who is able to forgive and if there will be errors then I not insult - you correct them! It will be present also and at my party, and to depend on me and from, whether you are able to forgive. You can not doubt my words. As I to write to you only, that I think and of what I to dream! And all my promises is NOT WORDS ON the WIND! It is the truth and if them correctly to understand you agree?
And, if between us there will be such feelings and full confidence. Then we meet, despite of everything. I would like to feel you soon, to iron you and to show all my care and love to you my careful prince. I understand, that now my life depends on you! Also I think, that you to look at it from the correct party! I wish to see you, to be the beloved. That you never to throw me!!
Whether but it is possible?? I can learn it!!!! And then I can see your answer, your beautiful words about love. Your feelings about me and your opinion!!! Also REMEMBER - THAT FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE I AM ready ON ALL! I would like to hear from you also these words. If you so to think, then you to write. It will be very difficult to meet and we should understand it both. I never flied still anywhere for limits of Azerbaijan. It will be very difficult and is not simple!!! I think - that our meeting will spend all our efforts and diligence, she will demand the help and care from you!!!! But we are ready and to it we will aspire, the truth?? We will not surrender!!!!!!!!!
I will finish today my letter! I will be glad to see from you the answer that my eyes shone for pleasure!!! I to give you 9999999999999999999999999 kisses!
I LOVE YOU, my gentle and careful man!!!
Yours for ever here Sanilya

Letter 8

Hello my love I am ready James to write you the important letter now. Thanks for your answer to me.
I think much of us as we will be together. That we will do, and that us does to each other more close. Just last night dreamt of it and already thought, that you meet me! That it is all very simply and there are no problems. Then I with pleasure to run to you in hands. That you could embrace me! If you already embrace me at the first meeting - then all changes. I will see your care and your aspiration to be together with me. All only depends on us. And if we to wish be together we certainly together we try. I also thought of our love much and have understood, that I can not wait for our meeting!!
But I wish to tell to you at once. We can overcome all problems. We should arrive correctly with it. As the future depends on it ours.
I learnt already in agency of travel for me very big pleasure!!! I can really tell to you - that I went in a city Baku and learnt all there. I will speak to you more low a few their condition. Nevertheless all is remarkable, and I am very glad to news! I have told it - that have got acquainted with the good man on the Internet and now I wish to go to you to meet. Then they spoke me the following:
That I should be more cautious with you. As there is a lot of deceit on the Internet. And men invite girls. Then girls come to men in the different countries and then to become prostitutes. As men take away the passport and still do not release then girls back home. But I have told that I trust you much and you will not make never with me it. I have told that I trust you.
To me have told in agency, that I should be assured that I do. And I have told it, that I assured in it.
I will have the tourist visa for 3 months. Also should have also return tickets. It is the best variant.
As if to take other variants as the invitation or another then to me will probably refuse in the visa. And still it will be all so long but the tourist visa to me it will be good. As we never met and still we wish to be together earlier. We can try this time to ask relations for 90 days visa
I can collect now all documents to submit in agency and if I will be in time then I will already give to agency today.
But dear I at first wish to ask your consent. I also know that you my man and always I wish to consult on you.
I trust you of 100 procents! But I am afraid. BUT I am ready to risk for the sake of us. For the sake of our future and our love.
I am ready to make everything to arrive to you. I will trust you more. As I love you much!!!
I also already have to you feelings through the Internet and I do not wish to write the letter simply. We should solve something now in our relations. And I do not want that we lost then contact to you. I do not want that we have stopped now. Now that we can make that and if you are interesting in our meeting?
Tell to me that that is necessary from me and still that I should make for our meeting.
I can submit all documents to agency and sign with them the contract. But also there will be other problems that the price very high and I cannot probably consult. Probably at first to learn something about a trip?
I can give you some data of me:
Sanilya Mamurova
Azerbaijan, 1088
City - Zabrat HWY
Ameksek street 18-12
passport number: 06472772
Also some data on travel agency:
OFFICE: Azerbaydzhan. Baku st. Nizami, 11001
website: http://happypolishtrip.com
e-mail: manager@happypolishtrip.com
For example if you tell to me in what airport I should fly to you?? Already precisely to tell then and to learn all about our meeting and also to learn the price. You can inform these data at once in travel agency ok? Then we can discuss something together.
Please tell to me your intentions about our meeting and if you any information interests concerns me or agencies I ask you ask me only.
I finish now my letter, and compelled to leave so I should give to agency my answer the next day. Tell me please your answer and then I will write again to them the letter. I love you my dear! You always with me, in my heart.
And I here, with kisses yours for ever Sanilya

Letter 9

Hello my dear love and prince James!!!!
Thanks you, that you to write me the fine letter!!!
You to open to me more and more and I to rejoice, that we with you to become even more close each other!!!! I want, that never will be secrets between us and we can always speak on any themes!!!
I wish to tell to you, that at a meeting you can see me and feel and pleasure by me!!!! We will be pleasure the friend the friend and it will be a fairy tale!!!! I love you and I wish to present to you all my feelings, all my passion and the caress, all my tenderness and love!!!! I think, that we will be mad when we will be together and all world will exist only for us with you, my love James!!!! You can think, that again I to hurry up for our meeting!!! But I do not wish to write you the letter only!!! I am very glad, that you wish to be with me together!!! I too very much want it and I understand, that we are familiar only in letters, but I feel you, your love to me and my heart are said to me, that by you - my happiness, you - my love, you - my future!!!! I very much wish to see you, to embrace, kiss you, to speak with you about love and about our future! Today to shine the sun and heat and I to smile and rejoice to this fine put!
I to rise today with dream of you in the morning and I will be to think all the day long of us with you! You have presented to me the new feeling, new happiness and I thank the god, that it has helped to find you in this world! I all flare hot fire from love to you. This fire in my soul and my heart and it inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly.
My love, I think of you for days on end constantly. And does not suffice at night when I lay down in cold bed to me especially you. I to trust you completely, and I know, that you will never do to me badly and I can be sincere always with you!!! I am confident, that our love has a future!!! Our future are we with you, mine James!!!! James - a part of my heart and soul, a part of my life and the future!!!! I never was earlier so is happy, as now!!! You to give me happiness and pleasure, you to give to me warmly and love!!
I wish to ask you James please tell me please, my love too to give you a lot of happiness and pleasures??? I love you all heart, but it is very pleasant to me to hear your compliments and the gentle, warm letters, full caress and love!!!! And still dear I can already fly to you it is can already happen in 2-3 weeks. But if you cannot meet me then then you tell to me other date.
But I can already fly to you soon in 2-3 weeks. And term of my visa will be 3 months (90 days).
I yet have not signed any papers and I will do it only from your consent. And if suddenly I sign the contract then I will send you a copy of it and all papers. And then when I will be ready my passport and the visa I can reserve tickets.
I have collected also other all documents from a place of work and about that that at me is not present any a debt here. Thus I am ready to give it to Travel agency in Azerbaijan that they have given it further for visa preparation.
There my data are already specified. Also if we will have a consensus on a meeting we will solve it and only I should put the signature. My trip should be paid for rules of my country here in Azerbaijan that all taxes to go to our country.
That as to the information of a full trip for:
two way tickets
the visa
The passport
Medicine insurance
Other taxes
Agency work
To conclude the contract with agency I should pay at once 15 procents of all trip and then still the rest
within a 2 weeks. But if I receive additional money I can pay only till 15 procents of this trip and others I cannot. Here I wish to ask you if you can support me in it? Easier to answer me and then I will see if I need to go to sign with them the contract or not. If it will be interesting then I already gave all information in agency. You can write there the letter and learn all information and all data of a start if you can help me? Also they can give the receipts, all guarantees and confirmation invoice and contract rules. They also can give all information and all will depend on us as we will solve and as we will be capable to cope with problems.
I need to see your answer and still we can solve together that that we want. If you suddenly can help me then we will make it together. I do not want that you were afraid of something to make a step to our future. But if we trust in our love then we can meet and check up our feelings. Thus I completely upset when have learnt the price of all trip it's impossible for me to to make something. I do not know now as it will be further but we will look forward and to solve something. I am very a pity to me that not rich and also I do not think so of you never. Simply by common efforts it is possible to achieve much in any relations. If you refuse to help me then I will not take offence. I will try all to make but I do not know if to turn out. So it is a shame to me that I write about it and at all I do not know as you you will react. And also if you have at least any question then you can ask it in agency I gave you e-mail
I will wait very much from you the answer. I very much love you and I want that once already I did not write you the letter. And simply looked in your eyes and to smile.
9999999 kisses.
Yours Sanilya also I wish to be your woman for ever!!!

Letter 10

Hello my beloved James! I am very glad to receive now from you the letter!!! Nevertheless just came to Internet cafe to look it and to answer you.
I a little have got tired today and I want home. But at first certainly I write you the letter, as well as would like. I see already us together. Here, that I think every day! Always in my head you and I cannot forget you for a minute. As it would be good - if you were a number now. If I was together with you - I simply to put my hand to you on a shoulder, or my head to you on a breast and would speak you the happiest and best words in this world. Always would like to say to you, that very strongly you I love, that anywhere you absolutely to release I do not want. That you knew it and understood, therefore I speak! At me in a head always concerning you only serious thoughts and the truth. Most important thing all only and for us.
That we were together and had a smile. If now I spent evening with you - then to go in the morning from a bed on kitchen and at once run to you a breakfast would prepare. Tomorrow is there will be pancakes, own preparation and tea, with honey. If you have for this purpose sour cream and jam to stir - then pancakes to dip there. Simply you then would lick fingers. I would like always to prepare to eat and help you to you in all. If you come once tired home - then always, I almost assured, - that will be to you mood to lift! So from a small smile you will be very big. The smile will just show to me - that I the person who cheers you up. Always would like to speak with you on different themes, on absolutely any - James!
So that you knew you can absolutely trust me! Also Should be able to understand me as the woman. I will probably not speak you about some desires also it there will be a riddle for me. For this purpose you should have imaginations what to do or how to be! Then I will see your aspiration. Now all suits me, we write each other fine and fair letters. Just which should be between us. As this beginning of our relations. Though it we do not see each other - but I can represent you! All your qualities and your character! All very much is pleasant to me. I have feeling, what I completely know you James what you? I know you the darling. 100 % to me will be always good with you and I dream to be as soon as possible. I want, that you showed to me just at you not only apartment. It will be very difficult to learn your culture, but I will consult! And if - you invite me in other places or cities - I never I refuse it! Then we to visit all and you show all fine places to me, what would like. What at you in heart, it is possible surprises. But then you to hide it, that to me were a riddle from you! As though it would be desirable to walk with you on different streets, there where there are people, or they are not present. Then there are no problems. I love you the darling. My prince James! Both I miss on you and I dream of you always. Always I wish to be with you and always all life to spend to pleasures. In understanding and taste of a life. And to know, that such the present relations, and the nobility that such present happiness. Because if we will be together - then it and there will be a life and knowledge of love for me. Then it will be taste of a life which I wish to feel! Then it will be as both of us want, if we meet. Relations serious with you and the big love, the great future and many the fine moments and the phenomena in our general life.
I love you James! Soon we consult absolutely with everything, and no problem even to us will stir! In this world with all it is possible to consult, and even with each trifle. With each important point All it will depend on us!!! And if we want we achieve all always and everywhere. It is necessary to trust each other and to love! How we love each other!!! And consequently at all of us I turn out also is glad!!!! Also my darling James you has told that there is a small chance that you help also we meet. Full cost of a trip is 1355 USD and all expenses. And if we to pay it then I can soon receive documents and then in July flies to you darling James. You can write the letter to agency and also transfer your phone number.
In dreams of you I finish this letter and to say goodbye to you. I do not forget to give you 99999999999999999999999999999999 kisses today!!!! Here, yours for ever Sanilya!!!