Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to William (USA)

Letter 1
I like am man who is honest,kind,loving and will be happy to be with me and matter how hard thing are cause I am really ready to give all I have for our love...I seek a lovely and long term relationship which can even get as into marriage...I enjoy swimming and palying with my puppy..I have never been married but I have ever been in a relationship no children,swimming and palying with my puppy....No...6 month...I will like to gert married 1. to have kids 2. to live a happy life 3. to have my own family....Age never matters if we can be happy and also if you can make me happy..I PROMISE to make man Feel as if he i son top of the world...I need a man to make love to and also a man I can wake up to see next beside me and a man I can show to the world and a man that can be the father of my kids..I can love a man and with all my heart promise not to break his heart and hop he does not break my too...Love has a lot of meaning and understanding..but I will say it is a plat form for people to be happy and to express their feeling ..yeah Dreams do come true...
Letter 2
so tell more about yourself....what do you do for a living....what do you do to have fun...?
Letter 3
Hello William...
I am looking for a long term relationship which can even get into marriage...William if you can make me happy I PROMISE to do everything in my power to make you happy too ...I am a good cook will love to cook for you with you at my back touching me and holding and kissing me when I am cooking..So why don't you add me in your messenger so that we can chat often when we both are online...
Letter 4

Hello William...
My dear so tell me how many woman have you talk to or met on T.F ....Have you ever been in any relationship with any of them..William so for how long have you been on the internet for a woman to live a life with...?
Letter 5
Hello William
Hello how are you doing ..???I mis you a lot Dear..So how is your day going and also how is work .... hope you can add me at yahoo messenger cassy9198 so that we can chat ..I love you bye ...
Letter 6
**** mon and I will be goint to africa to visit grandmom so when am back then we will get to meet in person OK.I LOVE U WILLIAM..A LOT OF KISSES AND HUGS
Letter 7
Williams my love i miss you a lot,and hope you doing great..?? i will love us to be texting each other on phone but dont have an airtime now +2332419295691..this the number am using down here if you can get me an airtime i will love to text you a love message you day will be bright without me..I LOVE U ..KISSES AND A BIG HUG FOR THE MAN OF MY DREAMS ..THANKS FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE..TO LET ME HAVE A SMILE ON MY FACE ALWAYS..I LOVE U..pls take care..Bye
Letter 8
Thanks my love for emailing me back..Hope you doing great..?you can send me the airtime through this number +233241929569..any amoumt will do..I LOVE U..A lot of kisses for you and a big hug as well..take care and have a nice day.
Letter 9
Name:Michael Amponsah Country:Ghana Country Code:00233 Bank:Western Union Grandmon got me this from one of her neighbours so you can send me the money throug this cause am not from here and dont have an id to cash money..I LOVE U..**** please i also need to pay for the internet bill down here if you can get me that i will be ok ,if you cant am still ok..I LOVE U William and every minute i get to read you message..Please darling take care and stay safe for me till I get back..A lot of kisses and a big hug..
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