Letter(s) from Tatyana Kirikova to John (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I have seen your structure, and it has very much intrigued me. And I have thought, that at us it can turn out very many good relations. I shall write to you a little about myself. My name is Tatyana. To me 24 years. I was born Russia in the city of Smolensk, and now I live here. I work as the hairdresser in a beauty salon. I have chosen this trade because I like to look after myself and I like to do people beautiful. I work with one little girl, for us very strong friendship. I with girlfriend from, we rent the apartment. Apartment small, but cozy. Mine the daddy and mum live in suburb in small village. At leisure I arrive to them, in village very much it is pleasant to me, but here it is a lot of work: to erase, prepare, be cleaned, feed animals. I the daddy with mum are very old also to me it is necessary to look after them. But I did not have choice; it was necessary to go in city, to arrange the life. In the city I long searched for the man of the dream, but could not find. All men would like only one, everyone "play" with me in love, and I want the present love to become happy. All my girlfriends and partners on work tried to find to me the guy, but at them it has turned out nothing. And consequently I began to search for the love on the Internet though on the Internet I a little that I understand, but I am helped by mine girlfriend. I adore small children, so it is pleasant to me with them nurse, that I can sit with them 24 hours per day. Sometimes it happens me very sadly because, I too want the child. I very much like to go to cinema and to listen to music. Basically I listen to fate and the priest music. My favorite singer "Alsu". All its songs very much like me and cheer me up. And here my favorite song it "Solo". And the most favorite film which I saw it " Severe games ". This film has made on me such big impression, that I looked his time 10. I still go in for sports, the truth, at me is not enough time, but on pool and on volleyball I find time. These kinds of sports very much very strongly like me. I very well prepare for different dishes: salads, Russian salads, desserts and garnishes. My favorite dish is mashed potatoes with fried chicken meat and level with this dish I love shish kebabs. I basically prepare for meat dishes, as I am not indifferent to meat. We in the summer with friends frequently go to have a rest on the nature. At us already it became almost tradition. I shall send you a pair of photos. I hope, that I have interested you, and I shall wait for your letter. So long!!! Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I to go to write to you letters to Internet - cafe because I have no the computer. Whether I do not know I can arrive to Canada. I can leave my parents, for the sake of the happiness. But I want to learn you well. I shall write to you about the childhood. When I was small, I was very obedient, but harmful. I was very much envious and in any measure the rough girl. Mum always abused me for it. She always spoke, that my character was similar on men. But I am not offended on mum as it was correct. Now I was disaccustomed to these character traits, not without the help of mum. In the childhood in a vacation I with mum and daddy went to the grandmother in village. Her village was very far, and we had to go by the bus about 3-4 hours. At the grandmother I had to help mum with the grandmother: to prepare, be cleaned, erase, water a kitchen garden, to collect berries, vegetables, fruit, was shorter than work much. And I to all this was learned by they, and my grandmother have personally taught me to knit and embroider. I am very grateful to them for it. My grandfather was ill and has died, when I was small. Unfortunately, I almost do not remember the grandfather, as I was very small. When at all the day off was, all of us went on river which proceeds near to a village, and in water played different games, basically played a ball. Daddy learned me to float, as I remember, his lessons to me difficultly were given, I long could not float yet, but a bit later I already very well floated. For what to him many thanks. Now mum, daddy and the grandmother live together in suburb in a village. And now, when I arrive to them, we with a smile recollect the past. At school I studied well. Participated in school competitions on volleyball, even took 1-st place in city games. When I have arrived in institute, I played for combined team of institute. Here we were accompanied with smaller success, than in school. We borrowed only 3 places. When I was small, I had dog. Her called Tuzik, but he has died - was very old. Now at me a cat, her name is Masha. She all time fight, but all the same her very much I love. I with her too fight, but it happen seldom because she is very strongly scratched. I love all animals, except for frogs and cockroaches. Write, I shall wait! Tatyana.

Letter 3

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. It is very pleasant for me to hear from you these words. Thanks for these warm words to me. I want to write to you about one's increases. I very much like to read books. Genres of these books different novels basically and detectives, as they very interesting and fascinating. My favorite writer Dostoevsky. His products of me very much admire. Reading books, they to me very much help to forget about loneliness. Sometimes we with girlfriend go to play tennis, but I in him badly play. Me have learned to play more recently. I have achieved the big successes, in volleyball. On it I even participated in competitions and not few successes have achieved in it. But it happens very seldom. I very much love small children, I like to sit and play with them. If at me the child were, I would not depart him on a step. Sometimes it happens me enviable, that my friends have children, and at me are not present. We with girlfriend frequently go to cafe, we very much like, to sit and talk about something. We discuss different themes which concern us and which do not concern. In hot days we go on the nature closer to lake as we very much like to bathe. In city I with the girlfriend we go to pool, water of me very much to have a rest. When I one in the evening nothing go in a room both I lie down on a bed and I dream about something. I admit, I dream much. Sometimes I watch TV, and I like some entertaining transfers. My friends have tradition that each May holidays to go on shish kebabs. On yours shish kebabs it is a barbecue. They differ only with preparation. We very much like, to go from city on the nature, to go to hikes, to spend the night in tents at the river. Now you have learned about me hardly more. Write, I with pleasure shall answer any your questions. Write! I shall wait for your letters! Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. It is very pleasant for me to hear from you these words. I as dream much. Sometimes I very much like to do it. I as dreamed, about that as we shall have days together. Also that I saw you and looked in your eyes. It very much was pleasant to me. Yes, I very much love chocolate. I in general love all sweet, but not in a plenty. When I was small, I have gorged on sweets. And then to me it was very bad. And I since then could not look at sweets, chocolate and other sweets. But now I to overlook about this incident and now I eat them again, but in the limited quantity. I very much love children. It is my weakness. When I see the child with me something happens inside. And me pulls to them. I do not present, that will be when I shall have children. I likely to not depart from them on a step. I would be all the time with them. I very much to like to look after them, to play with them. They such small, such good and I cannot resist against them. I would like to have to myself two children. I for some reason to want girls more. I do not know why. But I was more to want girls. I think of you. Write to me soon. I shall wait. Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. It is very pleasant for me to hear your warm words. I to you a little to want to tell shall wash the ideal person. Unfortunately, I cannot find such person in my city; therefore I decide to search for such person in the Internet. Also I hope to find him. I to lead a lot of time in the city to find suitable the man. But men in my city, only to play with my feelings. I so could not any more, I want love and to create a married couple. All we guys have already bothered me they absolutely irresponsible. I would like to find such person that he to be beautiful soul, instead of appearance. Appearance of me at all does not interest. To me, certainly, like guys with good appearance, but all of them do not approach me, as I spoke, they only play my feelings. I present his such gentle and tender under the relation to me and courageous in the decision of problems. The most important that he was kind, fair, trustful that he could help me a difficult minute if me to be necessary his help. I love men who are firm in the decisions, and never will leave the person to the mercy of fate. I want, that he was cheerful and cheerful and when did not long. At us interests should coincide though slightly. Though I have got used to show the first initiative, but at me it badly turns out. If we can suit each other and further we can get married, I to want to have from my favorite person of children. I to want one or two small kiddies. I think, that my dream when be will come true. I sometimes dream of how I walk with my child and with the beloved: we go on park, we talk about what cheerful, and the child runs around of us. I hope that, you will understand my dreams, and we shall find with you, that be general between us. I shall wait for your answer. With the best regards, Tatyana.

Letter 6

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. Yes, I to have a compact disk and VHS. But I to not have DVD. I want to tell to you about the friends. At me not so it is a lot of friends. We carry out a lot of time together, basically we together go for different holidays, we have a rest in different discos where I with them very seldom go as I not so love discos. I do not love them, because there everyone go with the guys, and at me the guy is not present. We almost always after work meet and we go in cafe, there we sit and we talk on different themes, we discuss, as at who has passed day, what interesting situations have taken place for this day. We go on different exhibitions, to me have especially liked an exhibition, Russian artist Ayvazovsky. His pictures of me very much inspire. I with my girlfriend we like, to walk on city. I very much like to walk on streets, and to talk about what be. We very much like in park to go for a drive on roundabouts, still we go for a drive in park on rollers, but I badly go for a drive, as me have learned to go by them more recently. And my best girlfriend Natasha almost the professional. She for me the dear friend. We with it since the childhood together, she to me began almost as the sister. As you remember, I from it remove an apartment so we almost all time are together from the previous letter. When we with Natasha are littered, we long do not talk to it, and to me it becomes very bad. Though she to me the best girlfriend, but at us sometimes tastes do not coincide. And our friends then long reconcile us, in a result we then forgive each other. In the summer we go with friends to have a rest on the nature. I very much like, when it is a lot of sun and many trees where it is possible to have a rest far away from city. I like to walk on a wood, to collect flowers. Still we together go for a drive on a boat, on our lake. But as you know summer at us not for long. At us, Russia, be famousin the cold winters, the winter too is pleasant to me, but not as summer. In the winter simply very coldly and there is not enough sun. But it does not prevent us, to go on a skating rink. I with Natasha in the days off went to ski, very much it was pleasant to me, I never so did not go, as then, that is I so many times never fell. Here such my friends. Write, I shall wait! Tatyana.

Letter 7

Hello John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I do not think, that your parcel to reach me. You know why? Because in Russia, all works very badly. In Russia very bad post service. And I do not think, that your parcel to reach me. From us here steal parcels. I do not know why. They likely think, that there lays, something valuable and they do not reach the person to whom send a parcel. I hate these workers of mail. I somehow for a long time tried to correspond with my girlfriend who lives in Moscow. And I to send it some letters. But not one to not reach it. I do not know why, but I think, that them steal. And where him then to get to. Means them steal. Especially your parcel will go from abroad. And her with more probable case will steal. I do not think, that it is possible to send me a parcel. I more than am sure, that she to not reach me. And this superfluous expenditure of money and efforts. With love, Tatyana.

Letter 8

Hello my dear John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. It is very pleasant, that we shall soon see you. It is very difficult for me to understand affairs in Stock exchange. I was better to understand it at conversation. I with pleasure to walk with you across Russia. But at me it will be fast holiday from work and I would like to have a rest from Russia. I here am very tired to be. I want to leave from Russia for some days. And I want to be with you. Here it is very hard to live and I cannot suffer much. I want to be with you, and to go to you. After that we can go together to Russia and I to show you all. I really very much want to be with you and to have with you warm attitudes. With love, Tatyana.

Letter 9

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. It is very pleasant for me to hear from you these words. I think, that I can arrive to you. Where I can and have a rest from Russia and to be with you. The most important now to me to see you and to not depart from you not on a step. Write to me the city and the airport that I could know how many it will to cost and when I can fly to you. I think, that I can fly to you of number 3 on August,-4. It is good you. And I can there will be at you 3 months. It is convenient for you. I very much miss you. With love, Tatyana.

Letter 10

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. Yes, I can fly on this flight. But I can remain with you for three months. I to speak with mum about it and I have decided, that I can remain with you for three months. It is good for you? After these three months, I will need to arrive back to look my parents. I can make the visa till August, 3. I have girlfriend and she works in the Russian embassy. And she to me can help and make all documents for some days. I will need to pay for it only. I shall depart from the airport: Domodedovo. I very much miss you. I every day to think of our life together more and more. You can help me with money? With love, Tatyana.

Letter 11

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I send you the data on flight on which I can arrive to you. Except for cost of the ticket cost of a package deal which is necessary for me for trip to you will enter here. Here enters: (foreign passport, visa, tickets for Moscow, tickets to you and back to Russia, medical insurance, different inquires, etc.).

To you:

Airline: Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight: 247
Start: August , 6, 8:45, Moscow Svo
Arrival: August , 6, 9:45, London Heathrow
Economy class.
City of change: London
Airline: Air Canada Flight: 831
Start: August , 6, 8:40, London Heathrow
Arrival: August , 6, 10:35, Toronto, Canada (YYZ)
Economy class.
From you:
Airline: Air Canada Flight: 854
Start: November , 5, 5:40, Toronto, Canada (YYZ)
Tue, November 6
Arrival: November , 6, 11:25, London Heathrow
Economy class.
City of change: London
Airline: Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight: 242
Start: November , 6, 1:30, London Heathrow
Arrival: November , 6, 8:10, Moscow Svo
Economy class.
The total cost of a package deal costs 1462 $. I have thought and I want to tell you, that I can not arrive to you, as it for me very big sum.

Letter 12

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I to understand you it is very good, that you do not trust me. And these people scammers are people which steal in bank of money? I to hear, that in theft in bank is a lot of them. And in banks now there is very good protection. And I to hear on the TV that credit cards forge and on these forgeries they to remove money. And it is valid they to steal from banks many money. I very much hope, that I shall very soon with you. I really would like to have with you the big evenings. I am very tired to be one and to not have near to you the favourite person. I very much to miss you. I as to ask this sum which I need to pay for the ticket and documents many my friends. But anybody cannot borrow me such big sum. It is very big sum and I do not know as her to get, to pay all expenses. I too very much to want to speak by with you to phone. You can leave to me the phone number and I can call to you. And you can feel, that I am sincere with you and I really want to live with you. And I would like to be with you in August because in three months I need to be an at home. My parents very old and to them my care is necessary. But you to me too are very important also I cannot without you. I shall go in agency and to have with them conversation. Your help is really necessary for me. And I with them shall speak about my trip to you. And you can speak too with them. I to you shall allow the address of this agency. You want this address and to speak with them? I very much miss you. You are necessary for me. Yours for ever Tatyana.

Letter 13

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter and your photo. I shall be very glad, that if you will come to me. But I likely cannot accept you at the airport. I likely at all shall not be in the European part of Russia. I shall leave to distant Russia, for Yakutsk.

I to not speak you about my problems to not irritate you. But at me mum lays in hospital. She to get in failure, and at it the backbone is broken. And now she without consciousness. And it have sentenced death if it to not perform operation. And this operation very expensive. And we with mine the daddy cannot pay her. She costs 3000 Euro. We could find only 1000 Euro. And now if we do not find the staying money my mum will die. And if my mum will die. That mine the daddy will take away me to Yakutsk. It is very far city from Moscow and there it is very bad to live. But at the daddy there relatives and it wants, that I went with it. And it does not leave me in Smolensk. I very much would want to remain here and to have with you attitudes. But I cannot persuade it. It so wants. And I do not know, that to me to make. I to not speak it to you, because I very much was afraid, that you will think, that I to ask you money. But it not so. But now doctors speak, that to it to remain not so much to live. And if to it urgently to not perform operation on will die. I every night cannot fall asleep, it is very a pity to me mum. And we try to search money, but we do not have not enough forces. And I therefore to want to go to you that the daddy of me to not take away. I all in despair. I do not know, that to me to make. I want to be with you. But I cannot give up to the daddy, it me will take away on all of 100 %.

I want you. Also I want to be with you. All my love to you. Tatyana.

Letter 14

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I do not know as there will be a situation. I very much to want to leave with you from Russia and to be with you. Mine the daddy very strong person and I am sure, that he will live as the normal person and there is nothing will not require. I do not think, that I can suffer till September. If I can be with you, only not in Russia. I want to leave to you. And to be with you beside. You can send me of money for the ticket. And I can arrive to you in August. I do not want to leave for Yakutsk, I want to be happy, I want to be with you. I to not have documents. I think, that I can make them in August. I can call to you very soon. And we can speak. Ok!!! I very much miss you. I want to be with you. I need you. Your Tatyana.

Letter 15

Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you very much for the letter. Yes, I very much hope, that I shall not go to Yakutsk. And I if shall go to Yakutsk I do not know when I shall leave. As the daddy mine will tell. I do not know, whether I can call again to you. As my friends now are not present in city. They now in departure. And when they will arrive, I shall call to you. Ok? I now to not have at all money as all my earnings have left on treatment of mum. If I need to make all papers for me are necessary money that for them to pay. And I do not know where them to get. But why a parcel of money, very bad idea? You do not trust me? I think, that you could not pay for trip 2 times. And so, I could arrive to you. And you simply to meet me. And you had not to spend for me so many money.

I very much miss you. I do not know how many I can suffer this separation. I need you. If we had daughter I her to name Anastas. My your love. Tatyana.