Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Borodina to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Mark
How you?
Borodin and Borodina, it's the same surname
Viktor Zhilennko- it is my representative in embassy! First name: Viktor
Last name: Zhilenko
Country: Russian Federation
City: Moscow
Street: Pionergorsky pr-3, korp.B I'll be waiting for your letter
Your love Tatyana
Letter 2
Today, the whole day was not working internet
Honey, today I have received your money!
Now I to collect things..... And to lie down to sleep!
I shall fly now with 1 changes in Warsaw (WAW), Poland, Frederic Chopin
And I shall land in Chicago, IL (ORD), USA, O'Hare International in
May 30 at 3:20 PM your time
LOT Polish Airlines Operated by HI Fly Transportes Aereo /Flight * LO001
-------------------------------- Please meet me tomorrow at the airport!
Your love Tatyana
Letter 3
What? I got your letter!
How dare you insult me?
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