Romance scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to Wes (USA)
Letter 1
I am 30 years old 125 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 5'7 tall single never married and no kids I don't smoke or drink STD free and not into drugs.... I will like to tell you that I am really a sincere and honest slave, am caring, romantic, smart and educated slave, am good slave will serve as domestic sexual slave and sex slave am good house keeper also can work outside the house to support myself and master bills if master want me to work I have a bachelor degree in accounting.... Master I love all about the lifestyle both indoor and outdoor activities I enjoy such activities as spankings, flogging, bondage, whipping, cock worship, cum control, discipline and pain for master pleasure only if master into pain but not into blood play or permanent injury and death... I love sex both anal and oral sex am also a good sucker and enjoy swallow cum... My servitude is one of the most rewarding parts of being a slave to me master nothing feels better than knowing my Master home is clean, his shirts are pressed and dinner is on the table I know that through serving my ex master and making sure that all master day to day needs are met master is likely to find satisfaction in me... Master am willing to relocate to you there ASAP you want this to happen sir am single slave tired of being alone without master to use me and control of my life, Master I will like to know more about you and more of what your want from your slave.
Letter 2
Nice to hear back from you master am very interested in you and would love to come to you ASAP am so glad you want this to happy quick am also tired of being lonely now without master to use me and take care of my life, Master I promise to satisfy all your needs and make you happy forever sir.... Master am originally from Houston Texas just moved here to Kansas last 2 weeks living with my cousin now and eager to start new life with master am so happy I found you now... Master I am not rich and need to buy a tire to my car and service before can't come to you I will need $300 sir I will be very glad and happy if you can do that for me I promise will never let you down sir if can do that for me today I be there tomorrow Sunday sir, you will help me send from any nearest walmart to you just ask for green dot moneypak of the amount sir... I will attach my driver license to you here for you to know am for real and very serious about this sir, hope to hear back from you again soon and let meet tomorrow sir... Have a nice day and take good care of yourself sir.
Letter 3
Master I have Toyota camry 2008 money I need the money I ask you to pay debt before I leave here, I will come once you can do this for me am very serious and ready for this
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