Scam Letter(s) from Cynthia Spivey to Nikita (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi, this will let you know a lot more about me. Then after you respond, I will ask you a hundred questions. Just kidding: I will ask questions but I like conversation to just flow and we can follow where ever it takes us.

As it is obvious by my profile, I am a Christian. I have been asked many times to describe, explain, or define how I use the label "Christian". To answer that would take many pages but for now, I will give you some idea of what God means to me. God has been a very active part of my life, for about eleven years now. Before that, He was active in my life, but I just wasn't doing my part. Life is a lot better when God leads me than when I jump out there and take control. To get to know me it doesn't take long to find out that God is number one in my life. He deserves that position and not just because "He is God" but because of what he has done in my life. I can, and most likely will if given a chance to share with you these stories of the miraculous evidences of God moving in my life. After hearing those stories, you will understand that I owe Him much more than I can ever repay. However, I don't stand on the corner with a sign around my neck that reads REPENT. I, of all people, probably should but I don't. I don't hand out tracks. I don't walk around with a Bible under my arm just waiting to smack someone over the head with it. If God points me in someone's direction I will obey, but I am not going to try to force Jesus down someone's throat. Now, if they ask or if I bring it up in conversation and they are receptive and want to know more: Well let's just say we had better sit down because this could take a while. It's only natural to want to talk about the ones you love and I could, and have no doubt will again many times talk about God for hours on end. I will not point my finger in anyone's face and tell them that they are living wrong and headed straight on the fast track to hell. I let theHoly Spirit do the convicting. We are all sinners and fall short so I don't feel that it is up to me to beat anyone up over their failures. But don't think that all I do is talk about "God is love"; having a relationship with God is very much like and is often a reflection of a marriage and if you cheat on your spouse they aren't going to like it much at all and cheating on God is no different. Ok, let me step down out off of my pulpit here. I hope you are still with me and haven't just deleted this message.
I have had only a few serious relationships in my life: I never have been big on dating around or the dreaded bar scene. Met some interesting people there, (in the bars), but there is always where I left them. I have never left with someone. I value commitment very highly, and I want to invest in someone; and, I would like to get a return on those investments. Now so far as sex goes that is a capital investment and I honestly feel that when two people join together and make love you are joined and you have just given to that person a apart of yourself that you can never get back. They now share with you your intimacy, your love, and a special part of you that few people ever see. Unless you are like my brother, and go for anything that moves. I say that jokingly, but in honesty I look at his life and I see no heart in it. He has given himself so casually and loosely and so often to women that today he probably wouldn't know who they are or remember their name; now he has no love left to give. That is sad! Ok, enough about sex: I think you can get the picture. Just one note though: Don't think that I'm all Mr. Control. I have blood in my veins and I have a "very active sex drive." Hey its fun, and I like it.

Wow: I went straight from God to sex! That's weird, guess that shows where my priorities are I skipped right over food, job, hobbies, goals, family etc., but it looks like if I spend as much time on these things as I have so far, we'll be here till the wee hours of the morning.
I'll tell you all about my goals for the future; and what I'm doing to get there, and what I have been doing for the past years if you can bear to hear it all (but not right now).

I am a very affectionate person I love to touch and be touched. I love to hold hands while walking, and at times while driving.

I don't like being smothered though and I won't smother someone else.

some times, just the softest touch can carry a lot of weight. I love to kiss, not tonsil hockey but the soft, sensuous kind that make your knees weak or your stomach tighten like a balled fist. Just a breath on the nape of your neck...

and I like to wrestle play laugh and cut up run and swing just have a good time no matter where I'm at.

I am very protective when out in public I will physically place my body between the one I'm with and anything, person or object that I don't like the looks of.

Independence is great, and like I said I don't like to smother anyone, but personally when I am in love" that is the only man I care about except unlce and my Mom, but they can't give me what that special person can.

I enjoy pouring myself into that person. I want to be so in tune with him that we know what the other is thinking without saying a word..

That kind of relationship takes time to build and communication is the only way that kind of relationship can be achieved.

I am pretty much an open book I don't believe in, nor do I want to keep you guessing. I don't know how to keep secrets from my mate.

Christmas and birthdays are excruciating for me. If I buy something long before a birthday or Christmas, I usually have to go out and get something else, because I can't wait and want him to have it so bad, I give it to him early. So sometimes, I am a last minute shopper.

Ok, now I'm just rambling. I am looking for a man who is not afraid to Love. I am looking for a man with heart. I am looking for a man with a heart of worship a heart of love and a desire to be loved. I'm looking for that man with a heart, and to share with a man who can handle it gently without breaking it

Letter 2

thanks so much Nick for the warm reply , yes i do Live in Sydney , but i am in vacation in the usa now i should be heading back back on friday and maybe when am back we can meet up when you off school , do you work ?what kind of work do you work and do you have yahoo messenger so we can chat ?

Letter 3

full name cynthia spivey
city . danville
state . kentucky
country usa

Letter 4

Hi nick , i just want to know if you still will be helping me out as i have sold my stuff just need the 100 to be on the airline would be more than happy if you help me with it ..

Letter 5

Ok , how you doing today and hope you having a great day thanks once again for trying to help me , and i cant wait to be in sydney back home so bored out here ,



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