Letter(s) from Maria Kuzikina to Michael (Canada)

Letter 1

Michael I hope you gather your thoughts and with his will. And you can help. I did so many things and really now there's nothing you can do?
What is a couple of hundred dollars? I gave everything to have. And I can not believe that you can do nothing. You're not a little boy.
You're the best man in the world. And you can help. I hope that you can do it and succeed.
I do not understand how you can not find anything. I pay for the entire trip. How do you live? What are you doing, what do not you?
You're a grown man. How can you say that? I just can not believe it.
Do you generally can not do anything?
I hope you stop doubting me when I arrive. And I'll come if you can help. And everything will turn out. I ask you, drop all doubt, and I will be with you. I have so much to do. And there is not much. And all turn out. Do you understand?
I'm asking you to help make the last step, and I'll be there. Really from $ 300're ready to leave me with nothing. Why? Really I did not mean for you? And so you can say about me? Why? I ask you to stop.
Gather your thoughts and help. And I'll be with you.
I love you Michael!!
I hope that you can understand and help. And do everything in your power. I'm waiting for an answer.