Scam letter(s) from Anna Bastrakova to Rick (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Rick. :)
How are you doing?
I am very glad that you have written to me. I waited for yours the message.
My name is Anna. We have got acquainted with you on a dating site.
Rick, excuse me, I have made an error, I have specified other country. I have made it to find the man from your country.
I hope you me you will forgive. I live to Russia, city Vologda. My age of 39 years. I do not have children.
Never was in marriage. I work as the realtor in the company.
I search for serious and long relations on all life. I search for the clever, kind, careful and tender man.
By means of correspondence through the Internet, we can learn each other better. In the future we could will meet. If we us have general interests.
The distance between us should not be a barrier, to our dialogue and friendship. :)))
Rick, I have sent you pictures, on one of pictures, I am on work. On another a picture I was photographed about an aquarium. I love fish.)))))
I will wait your pictures. I hope, in the following letter, you will send me the photos.
I hope that you will answer me at once as you will read this letter. I will wait for your prompt reply.
I have a big interest to you. :)
Letter 2
Hello Rick! :))))
How your mood? At me today very fine mood. Because you have written me the letter.)))))
I am glad that you are interested by acquaintance to me. I search for serious and long relations.
I search for the man for joint life. :) To live with the man all life. To me about the man will be necessary which to love and care of me.
I work as the realtor in firm. Our firm sells apartments and at home.
I like my work. I work 7-8 hours per day. At me higher education on economy. I studied foreign language at school.
Has then continued studying at university. Unfortunately, my foreign language not the ideal. ((((I speak better, than I write.
I hope that you understand my letters! Please, tell to me about your work. It is very interesting to me to learn about your life.))))
I want to tell to you about my family. I do not have brother and the sister.
To my mum of 65 years. To the father of 66 years. Mum Olga. Father Aleksey. My parents on pension.
My parents have lived in marriage more than 35 years. They are happy together.
I want to find the man with whom I will live in marriage as long and happily.
My growth of 173 centimetres. My weight of 58 kg. I was born on June, 10th 1973. Zodiac sign Twins.
Thanks for your photo. You love fishing??? I can is free speak and write in English. I speak better.)))
Rick, today I have sent you the pictures from my work, at office where we works. And a photo made in city park. I like to go to park for rest.
I hope that you liked my pictures. Now I will wait your pictures. It is really interesting to me to correspond with you.
So we can learn each other better. Rick, I wish you excellent mood and successful day.
Letter 3
Hello my Rick!
I am very glad to receive your letter.))))))
How your mood? At me today excellent mood.
Today I have risen early in the morning at 7:00 am. Descended in a shower. Has ***** cup of coffee Jardin.
I love coffee in the mornings. Without coffee my day will be heavy. (Joke).)))
My working day begins at 8:30 am. Therefore I wake up usually in 7:00 mornings. For this purpose what to have time to take a shower, make a breakfast.
I work 6 days in a week. Sunday at me the day off.
I can freely speak English. I cannot speak through Skype in working hours. At me is not present web cam.
Usually in the evening, after work I make a tasty supper. I the good cook. I know how to cook many tasty dishes.
Some years ago I went on courses of the cook. It to be pleasant to me: Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine.
I like to eat: a pizza, beaters, paste, croissants. What your favourite dish?
I have attached a picture with my friends Elene, Olga. I hope that you like to look at my pictures.
As I have sent you photos I sit on kitchen and in cafe.
Rick that you do after work? What do you like to do on evening?
When I, have time I meet my friends. I cheerfully spend time with friends. We sometimes to go together to cafe or shopping centre.
On the TV I like to look news, comedies, insurgents, a fantasy.
My favourite actors: Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Robert de Niro, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Murphy, Mel Gibson.
Mine favourite films: the lord of the rings, star wars, leon, gladiator, the matrix, titanic.
Rick, you the unique man with whom I correspond. I hope that you very seriously concern our correspondence. It is very important for me!!!
Rick if you do not receive from me the answer, inform me on it. I will write you letters every day. OK.)
I hope that you always can find a few time what to write to me.
I with pleasure will wait for your letter.
Because it is very interesting to me to communicate with you.
Send to me more than your photos.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Rick!)))
How your day? What weather?
Is very glad to see your new letter.))))
Now my mood fine. Thanks.)))
Today I have woken up at 7:05 am. I have taken a hot shower. For a breakfast I have eaten vegetable salad. Coffee and a banana.
Tonight I should meet my friend Elena. For this purpose what to help it, to transport some things from apartment.
What will you do today? Thanks for your photo. You are pleasant to me. Very much to be pleasant to me film Troy.
Rick, I work 7-8 hours per day. Sometimes there are difficult days. I like to work, I do not like to be at home without work.
My hobby, I like to go in for sports. I keep control of the figure. I have sent you pictures in a gym, after training.
I have sent you music which me to be pleasant:
I hope to you to be pleasant music which I like to listen.)))) Rick, you listen to what music?
I am pleasant like tournament on tennis Roland Garros, Formula 1, the Olympic games. I like to look game of a national team of Russia on hockey.
My favourite sportsmen Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Roger Federer, Maria Scharapowa, Michael Schumacher, David Beckham.
Two times a week I am engaged in fitness, for this purpose what my figure was in shape. Rick, I hope that my figure is pleasant to you.))))
I very much hope that you like to read my letters and my photos!)))
I understand that you to occupy with the work.
I hope that you will always find time for this purpose what to write me the letter. I wait your letters every day!!!
I try to tell about myself much. That you could learn is better me and see my life. I think it interesting for you.
Also all is interesting to me about you. Because I am interested by you!!!
It is interesting to me to learn about your life and the world which surrounds you.
I hope that today your day will be successful.
I wish a sunny day and fine mood.))))
Yours Anna.
Letter 5
Hello my Rickard.
Rickard, you the best man in the world!
How your day? At you everything is all right? Than you were engaged?
I have strongly missed you. Has passed not enough time. But I already miss you.
I do not know as me it to describe. But without you, I do not see meaning of the life.
In my heart and a shower not clear feeling is created. This feeling asks outside. Wants to break off my ****** and to fly to you.
My heart began to fight very often when I think of you Rickard. I am constant about you I think. I feel your affinity when I read your letter.
You the real and best man. I want to you. I want you to see you as soon as possible.
Today, I have concluded with tourist agency the contract. Rickard, at there are me 2 news. Good and bad. I will begin with the good.)))
I was at the boss on work and to me have paid the salary. My salary of 15.000 roubles.
Now bad news.
Today to me accounts for apartment, for utilities have come: an electricity, water, heating, gas.
I have been compelled to pay accounts for utility bills.
It was necessary to solve all in one day. Still I paid taxes. In a total sum I have paid 13750 roubles.
I still had 1250 roubles. I have been very upset by that that have been compelled to pay accounts and taxes. It needed to be made necessarily.
I wanted to postpone my holiday for the next month. But the chief has told that it is already impossible.
The chief has already signed documents on my holiday. Already have found the person who will replace me during holiday.
Therefore to transfer my holiday for other time I cannot any more. ((((
Now I need to find money what to pay for official registration of papers and visas.
I tried to borrow money at fellow workers. But unfortunately nobody could lend me money.
Therefore I have gone to my parents. My parents have bought to me apartment on tick in which I now I live.
It were last savings of my parents.
Therefore parents cannot help me with money, for travel. Because they should pay the credit every month.
I have been very strongly upset and cried. To me it was very sad and it is sad that I cannot find money.
I want to spend this holiday with you. That we would be happy together. I dreamt of it.
We cannot miss this chance! Rickard, I hope, what you will agree with me?
My parents asked to transfer you greetings and best regards.
They hope that we will meet you in the near future.
Your girl Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my Rick.
I am very glad to see your letter.
How your day? Everything is all right?
I hope that your day was yesterday successful. I wish you fine mood.
Today I have woken up in 7:00 mornings. I have taken a shower.
For a breakfast I have eaten a fruitcake with tea, a banana. What did you eat today for a breakfast?
Tonight I want to call on my parents, for this purpose what we with mum have together made a supper on all family.
Mine it is pleasant to parents as I is tasty I prepare salads and meat in sauce.
You my unique Rick. I promise to love you all life. I promise to be yours on all life. I give you the word of honour.
I very often think of you. I often think about our meetings. I think of the first ours kiss. I think of your embraces.
That you have touched me and I have felt your warmth.
Rick, it is very inconvenient me, to ask your financial help. I never it did. I have got used to pay for myself.
I tried to find money, for this purpose what to pay for official registration of papers. You can probably help me???
In the future I promise to return you all money back. I will work and I will return you your money back. I promise.
I swear to return you your money back!
You know that will be fast at me holiday. I want to use this possibility and to arrive to you. We will cheerfully spend time together.
You never will regret that has helped me to come to you. Because together we will be happy pair.
What will you do tonight? What plans at you?
I hope, you like my photos, I try to send to you my photos in each letter.
My Rick, I send you the air kisses. I strongly miss you. I do not have not enough you and your caress.
Your girl Anna.
Letter 7
You will help me with money for travel to you????? I very much want to come to you in I will return. I want that we would be together with you. You understand it????
Letter 8
I went to the nearest bank. I do not have bank account. I have learnt, through what system, I can receive your money.
In bank to me have told that you can send money through system Western Union. This system is almost in each city.
My information, for this purpose what to send money through system Western Union is necessary to you.
Name: Anna Alekseevna
Surname: Bastrakova
The country: Russia
City: Vologda
The address: Galkinskaya 46-30
I will wait from you the information on transfer 350 euro. Please send to me a form copy about transfer.
For this purpose that I could receive your money without problems.
I very much hope for your help and support. I will be very grateful to you for your help.
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