Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Evdokimova to Luke (USA)

Letter 1
Privet my dear Luke!
Sorry for some delay, I felt not well and couldn’t come up to the agency, I think that it was something with my blood pressure, it was too low that’s why I was half sleeping all the time and felt very tired even getting up from the bed in the morning, I used to drink a lot of strong tea and now it’s much better, maybe it happened with me because of the weather changes but now it’s Ok! How are you honey? Do you know that I miss you much? I think you know it. First of all I want to thank you so much for your help with the apartment, I’ve got it the next day you sent it and gave it to the landlord, sorry that I couldn’t write you a message, I tried but it wasn’t delivered to you, I don’t know why but it took 20 hrivnas from my cell phone account so I stopped to try. Maybe it was something with the connection, I don’t know. But I’ve got your messages and I am very thankful to you, I like them and you know how much I need them! I am glad that you are Ok! Now when I feel better I start the moving, I am going to clean the new apartment and than to pack all things and to move them there. I know that you will like it when you see it and it will be pleasant for you to be there when you come here. Dear I am so thankful to you that you helped me with changing the apartment, it seems too much for me (12000 hrivnas!) and I see what a caring person you are. This apartment is much closer to the kindergarten which is very important as well, I think that you don’t remember well that place where the kindergarten is because we used to be there not for a long time but it’s much nicer than a place where I lived.
It was so wonderful to see you through Skype, a real pleasure for me, it was a feeling like if you are sitting at the same table with me, like it was when we used to be at the cafe here in Sevastopol. I was happy to hear your voice and your laugh and to see your smile. I am still dreaming of the rain, not because it’s too hot, on the contrary, the weather is perfect, it’s 24 degrees or so, very pleasant but I just like the sounds of rain and to look at it through the window, and do you love it honey?
And I can tell you Luke that when you left Sevastopol the part of me came with you too, I was very sad when we went to Simferopol’s airport, I don’t know how to explain it to you but I think that you saw it, I didn’t know what to say and how to explain that feeling that part of me was going to leave Ukraine and belongs to you. So my heart is divided between you and my son.
And why don’t you have wallpapers into your house?! You don’t like them?! I think that I will help you to change your opinion my dear))) smile! By the way, next time when we meet in Skype I would like to see all your house, is it possible?! It’s just very interesting for me to see the place where we’ll live together, “our nest” like we say it here)))
I know my dear that you are worried about us, our relation and I want to tell you that you shouldn’t. As I told you already when we had Skype, we decided everything already, you know what I feel to you and I will be happy to tell you about it in person when I meet you again! Do you believe me?! When we had Skype it seemed to me that it was some distrust in you and I am worried about it a lot. Please tell me that everything is Ok! And thank you, thank you one more time! Thank you for everything you do for me and for being in my life!
Ok, honey, I will send you this letter now, I know that you are waiting for it and please forgive me that I made you wait for such a long time, but I was thinking of you a lot too and miss you much! Kiss you, Your Sveta
Letter 2
Hi my dear Luke! Privet my honey, my future husband!
Thanks a lot for your letters, you know I am very glad to hear from you every time! Congratulations with the first day of September! It was two days ago and if to be honest it’s impossible to notice that something has changes, the weather is the same but anyway time flies, I can’t believe that summer is over already. It was Knowledge Day here, the 1st of September, isn’t it the same at your place? All pupils from schools and Universities come back to their studies at this day. I didn’t like that day when I was a school girl)) I liked to have a rest! Actually I like the 1st of September as we didn’t study at that day, we just came back to school, brought flowers to teachers, met our friends from the class, exchanged news, it was nice. But the 2nd day of September wasn’t nice at all, the routine of usual lessons started and again I had to wake up too early, to spend a lot of time there at school listening to teachers and in evening to do my homework instead of walking outside with friends… I am glad that it’s over)))
How are you those days? How is your work? Mine is Ok although yes, life is so stressful because of work. Anyway I think that to work is better than to study (at least you get some money and a lot of free time in evenings)) and what is your opinion?)
My friend Ira had her birthday two days ago but she didn’t celebrate it yet, her Mum and step-father have a rest in Greece right now and she wants to wait for them to come back and to celebrate her birthday all together so I think that this coming weekend it will be Ira’s birthday celebration, she doesn’t tell me what plans she has for it so it’s going to be a surprise!) I still have no idea what to present her, maybe you can tell me something?!) Have some ideas?!)
You know how much I love your messages and thank you for writing me! They are always in time, for example, I am going to bed and I get your message where you wish me good night and tell me that you wish to be with me and you always tell me “good morning” in time too, it’s so pleasant! Your Russian is a little bit funny but I like your style a lot my dear! Thank you for writing me! If I understood it right in messages so you have bought some unlimited amount of messages or what? You wrote me about it in one of your messages!
And I am so sorry that I couldn’t meet with you on Skype on Monday but it was the first day at work and I couldn’t leave the shop that day. Dear I want to suggest you next Monday or Tuesday, what do you think?
I am worried of my son too, he has so fragile health, just like I do, but I am an adult and of course I am stronger… I am so sad every time he is ill, and it prevents me from communicating with you but Luke, dear, I really can’t leave him when he feels bad, with the temperature 38 he wants only me to be with him, I tried to ask my Mum to stay with him and to take care of him but he was crying and calling me back. I can’t do it with my child, I will be with him till I need him, so all those days I spent at home and I couldn’t leave our apartment. Honey thank you for vitamins, I take them and I like them a lot. Now my son feels better so I’ll give him vitamins too, I couldn’t do it earlier as he took too many pills and our doctor told me not to mix up vitamins with pills. Yes, it was “tonsillitis”, and he has it so often. Maybe it’s not as serious as heart attack but anyway it’s difficult for a small boy, believe me. When he wakes up at night feeling very bad and calls me crying, it breaks my heart…
I think of you often during those sleepless nights, just try to imagine you by my side, sitting with me near my son’s bed and holding my hand, it would help me so much, just your present would be very helpful, really. I dream about those times when we spend time together, I hope that we’ll visit the places in your country you are talking about, I am sure that my son will love it for sure. And I think I’ll like it too as I like these places, but the best present for me will be to see happiness in my boy’s eyes. And of course it’s great that he’ll have a lot of time to play outside at your place and that he’ll have everything he needs. I think that maybe it’s my fault that he is ill so often, maybe I cook some wrong food or something… I don’t know, I just want him to be healthy, that’s all I want.
I understand what you mean about work and maybe you are right, and when I am there with you I’ll need some time to relax and to enjoy just being with you, and also I’ll need time to help my son to get used to this new place (although I think that it’ll be easier for him that it’ll be for me, you have seen him – he is a very easy-going boy)) But I am dreaming of that time when everything is Ok, we are together and my life will not be a fight for every day any more. Honestly I am tired of it a little bit.
It’s so pleasant to hear about Sveta’s wisdom. It’s the same for us, real feelings are much more important than any distances which can be between people, sometimes people could be near by and it means nothing and it doesn’t help them to create strong relation and sometimes people can be far away from each other but be much closer in their hearts. What do you think?
Honey I kiss you many times, I wish I could do it in real but of course I have to wait till that time when we meet in real again! Honey please remember that the rent is due again next month. Should I hold the apartment or should I cancel it? I am dreaming of you and hugging you,
Your wife Svetluka!)
P.S. I will try to send photos again, I hope you’ll receive them this time!
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