Scam letter(s) from Kristina Shevchenko to John (USA)

Letter 1
I had very serious attitude to you,was confident in your love.I was very hurt and sad when i drive in 20 degrees below zero on ice on a summer tire and it is very dangerous to me,also i can be fined.And you don't care.You find different reasons to quarrel with me,insult me, only just not to help.On 20 degrees below zero i can be kick out from the apartment and you stay indifferent,brawl again,accuse me.I am very sad and hurt you say that i lie and spend money on something.I was very offended.A man who loves does not conflict,abuse.And he has to offer his help to beloved.Girl will be appreciate. Tell me frankly,do you want my father to pay for my apartment?My parents paid for my studies,clothes,food,medical treatment.They bought a car.Do you want them to pay for everything?And i have a man who say just about love.My dad doesn't understand why i'm meeting with a man with such an age difference,and he continues to pay all bills.Maybe you believe that a woman must provide a man?In a relationship should be all-love,respect and wealth.Financial issue is important in relationship.Very sad,when a money issue appeared,your love began to pass.True love nothing can destroy.Historically male should take care of the female.
Letter 2
Hello,Roger.I am pleased when you tell me words of love.But sometimes I need a strong man's shoulder and help.But considering the situation that you've created i cann't turn to you.My mother will be able to help buy a flat for me only when she sell her apartment in Russia, a lot of effort applied to it.But now i need to pay for a rented flat or i'll be evicted.So i worry about it much.Also a wheel on my car messed up and i have to buy a tire that is sold only in the set.Dear,i need to know that a man who is going to be my husband not only talked a lot about love and even helped me with my problems.Hope for your understanding. I had hoped so much for your help but instead i borrowed money to fly to Kiev to take all my documents.I am in Kiev now.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!Thinking of you.Missing you.I have so many worries now.I already bought plan tickets to Riga to fly to my mother.Today I received a call from the embassy and I was told that a visa will be open on Friday so I need to pick it up.Dear,can you send me 400 dol to fly to Kiev and take a visa,please.Kiss.Hug
Letter 4

Hello, sweetheart!Miss you very much.Dream about a time when we'll meet again.Dear,I'll fly to Riga to my mother on NY holidays.On Monday I should fly to Kiev for a Schengen visa.Tickets to Kiev and back costs 400 dol,and visa costs 75 dol.I would be very pleased if you help me.Kiss you and hug
Letter 5
Hello dear.It is cold now and my fur coat had torn.Today i went shopping and looking for sheepskin coats because the price on fur coats are great.I liked one.It costs 1625 dol.Dad gives me 1000dol.So could you send me 600 dol on sheepskin coat?I already delayed it and i want to pick it up on Monday-Thursday.I often think about you,dear.Waiting for our meeting very much.Miss you and kiss
Letter 6
Dear,today i was told i urgently need to depart to Kiev on Friday on urological conference to reed the deport.After i get a certificate that will help me in the future.I really need the money for tickets and flat for 2 days.Thanks in advance.Miss you.Kisses.
Letter 7
Thanks for answering my massage.It would be nice to get at least 1000$.The rest i'll reborough someone else.My full name is Sevchenko Kristina
Letter 8
Hello dear!I was called by my friend's guy today and asked me when i can return his money.When will you send me money.Kiss you,miss.
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