Scam letter(s) from Oksana Lapkina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear! I would be very pleased to have been acquainted with such a man as you! I just recently on this site. And maybe you're the kind of person who would become my true friend!?
You got me interested, and I would love to know you closer!
Unless you do not mind my dear!
I am a very busy man, who used to put his career in the first place ... But I think it's the time when you want a little more or something else in this life ..
After all, every woman always wants to be wanted and loved .... And above all, to be a woman ... I want to be near a person with whom you can enjoy life ... Learn what happiness ..
For someone important in life career for someone sincere feelings! What for you is your home life?
It would be great if you tell me something interesting about yourself ... What do you like and what you want from your life ...
Look my dear I will wait for your answer!
Letter 2
Hello dear Reggie!
Many thanks for your letter, it gave a great predstamvlenie, about what you people .... How do you live, what you love and what you want out of life!
I am very pleased that I you are interested .... And the fact that you trust me ...
You're smart, do not lose hope in search of its second half!
Faith must always be with us, no matter what happens .. Without it, it was very difficult to live!
I think that you are very happy, cheerful and kind person! And you have to become a good eye Reggie!
Any knowledge is useful, and some of them also rewarding! Not so after all?
Your poetry my dear friend is a huge gift to me! You yourself wrote it? It is very nice, and thank you for your congratulations on the Women's Day!
You are very attentive and caring!
I'll tell you a little about myself .... I am cheerful, kind, gentle ...
I love nature, music, dance, and is also very well know how to cook .... And I love doing it ...
Very often on weekends I like to please your family and friends something tasty to me ... This is fun!
I want everyone to be happy, and then I'll be happy!
I miss the next milking this gentle and caring man ... who will love me such as I am, and fill my life with joy and meaning!
One thing I want to say that we are made for love. And I like all want to love and be loved .... every day to sleep and wake up in the arms of a loved one ..... take care of him, the smile on his face, I wish I was a man for a little piece of honey, which will give a great happiness in his life!
I hope I will wait for your letter!
Sincerely yours Oksana!
Letter 3
Hello dear Reggie!!!
You're very sweet and kind man, I can feel it!
I am a good judge of people, so I hope all my misgivings about you is true!
It is unfortunate that in our lives so many lies and betrayal ... It hurts us, hurts, gives a bad feeling in my heart .... I have a very understanding ....
But I taught myself not to hold grudges and bad experiences in my heart .... I let go of it all on my own ... I want to fill my life with positive and happy ....
I think that anyone who believes in and enjoys every minute of life in such a way to attract positive life moments!
And the joy of giving and kindness of its people can get it in return!
Personally, I want everyone to be happy, I think it right to tell you my dear!
In your eyes I see the sincerity and kindness that I really like. You charismatic and very charming man!
I like your thoughts and razsuzhdeniya and relationships of two!
It seems to me you would be a very caring husband ....
You know what's sad for me ... When people meet, they enjoy each other, appreciate, pay attention, affection, care .... And then when the relationship develop into a more serious relationship, living together .. Then what happens is that I do not want to ..
Do you understand me? I love kissing, and touching a loved one. After all, just sit embracing in the garden and enjoy nature and the unity of our souls is fine ... just holding hands and exchanging soft and warm, loving energy that inspires and fills the soul with light and the flow of joy and bliss!!
I really want to find a man for whom that's those moments will be moments of pleasure as I do ... I hope you understand my dear Reggie, I want to tell you!
I want genuine relationships, and family, built on mutual understanding, support and respect ...
You say that no one with a female does not offer you my food .... For me it's very strange and it is not clear .. How can you not please the person dear to you, tasty and good food ...... you prepared with love! I guess you have not seen these women ...
And an excellent cook together it brings together ... What do you think?
Thank you very much for your congratulations on Women's Day ..... Do not forget, thank you for your attention!
I hope this letter will give you a idea of what I want from the relationship ....
My kisses and hugs to you!
I will answer all your questions with pleasure!
Your Oksana!
Letter 4

Hi my sweet and tender Reggie!!!
You know your letters so filled with meaning and sincerity that I'm starting to get attached to you ..... I have not seen a man so deeply express their feelings, and so beautiful and I hope to be honest writing about their understanding of the relationship!! I really like the way you talk about the family of the infinite tenderness to his beloved ...
You know I think of such attention to the woman in the kitchen and in the battle))) can only dream of! For only loved and cherished woman can constantly caress and love, honor and cherish, give yourself and fill her life with joy and love! A person ceases happy even when he sees that can make a happy person who loves this euphoria! Of course, that the return on the opposite side should be at least .... But how can you not love the object of his adoration not because Reggie?!
You are a very romantic person and I like it, because that is what I am most lacking in the man! I agree with you that the woman is the guardian of the family, a family, kids, and a light to her husband .. A man should be the core of a family, a wife and children to feel the support and reliability of his hands, appreciation and respect for him ... His achievements and commitment in marriage!
I kiss you in the nose my dear))
You want to fight *****? Haha Do you think someone who will win)) MMM? Do not know Do not know)))
I looked up your photos, there's a photo from the Ukraine as I understand it? Is not it? Where are you?
How are things at work? Do you like your job? I wish every success and joy at what you do my dear!
Today I want to go to the movies with friends, but you know that most of all I do not like it .... This is something that I still will be there .... feel lonely because you want to watch a movie in the arms of that one, dear, beloved! Most gentle and tender on the ground!
I have to do the work, so with the thought of you plunge into the work! I embrace you tenderly and sweetly kiss!
Your Oksana!
With impatience I will wait for your letters and my dear dear Reggie!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Reggie!
I understand you, all that you say about women is possible and real! But it is impossible to be engaged in the search after true love, if you do not believe!
Today, I have to work very hard day!
I promise you tomorrow to carefully read your letter and discuss your letter!
You're a very good person, and I feel it. I am very easy and pleasant to converse with you!
I see and feel that you have a soul open to big and true love!
And I would love to be the person you desire!
I liked your photo, you look very nice there. Frank smile and kind eyes!
I embrace you tenderly, I need to run.
Till tomorrow my dear, kiss!
I kiss your Oksana!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Reggie!
I know what you mean on the one hand, all your fears and allegations are true!
We can not believe all the people, a lot of deception in our lives experienced and rescheduled for yourself! That is not well etched in our mind and soul!
You know, I'll tell you what my problem is with men!
I always want in a relationship full commitment. If lyuit I believe that love sincerely sincerely .. I love this man, to give him his care, affection, to devote herself to him without thinking of yourself! So I myself am always in a relationship. Man sees it all, and if I'm not love, he just starts to use it. He thinks that's met a girl who is ready for me at all! Taking advantage of this, until the financial situation.
There were such cases, from which deep wounds remain.
And every time I think I will ever smarter. But when love, then do not follow the mind, right??
Yet the belief that one day in my life's journey to meet the man who will appreciate this feedback and insane affection, which I'm trying to give your loved one.
And your son lives with you?
Where is his mother?
You think he's very happy. And it's true, what can be more beautiful happy children's eyes, and a sweet sincere smile on this tiny person!
I have nephews and I love them very much. They are funny and amusing kids .. If people were always friendly, in a part of the behavior ... I mean happy little things, never pretended to appreciate what they have and love purely and unselfishly!
How you hurt your knee? You fell on the ice, as I understand it?
This is sad, hard cured joints!
What do you want the doctor's advice? Do you drink vitamins that support the joints in the right condition!
I want to be your friend in the first place!
So you always know that I am close to you, even in the shower ...
That you can always tell me what your worries, or advice!
I embrace you tenderly Reggie!
Your Oksana!
Very'll wait for your letter!
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend? my Reggie!!))
Today I would like to talk to you about women's career!
Tell me please, how do you imagine your future wife?
You want it to develop, worked?
Or that was the keeper of the home occupied by children and the home. I was waiting for her beloved husband from work, cooked him!
Or the wife of a housewife will you be interested?
What do you think about this my good?
I need to know what you think!
Today we have a beautiful sunny day Nikolayev spring!
I wish you the same sentiments! Light of the day!
My kisses are flying to you, to touch your lips my sweet!
Do not forget about me! I embrace you affectionately!
Your Oksana!
Letter 8
Hi dear Reggie! ! !
Your letters very sincere and available! !
They give the complete and concrete description of your character! ! Your desire of the ideal relations.
It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you, and your understanding of an ideal and strong family very much is pleasant to me! !
I very much worry on your health! ! !
You only don't pass please procedures of all that the doctor recommends! ! ! You have to take care! !
And to be ready before to run for darling on park and having caught to kiss her! ! ) ) )
I am glad that you love children, after all I don't have them. And I too very much want the child! !
But this child has to will be born in a strong and close-knit family! !
It is a lot of families in Ukraine where after the birth of the child, couples disperse! ! And children remain without the father! !
The defective family badly affects mentality of the little man, I about the child now! !
After all he wants to be desired in a family! !
And know that mother with the father love each other and are happy! !
I look your photos, in what place to do a photo these are your ideas? ?
Simply all photos are made on very beautiful background, it are pleasant to me very much! !
You likely love the nature! ! It is good! ! !
And there on a photo, where you instead of a monument! ! ! Where you put a monument, set aside aside that didn't prevent you to do a photo))) haha! ! !
The ridiculous photo left! !
I very much like your letters, they pull together us, and we are very similar with you! !
I believe in us! ! !
I embrace you gently and I kiss! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Reggie! ! !
I want to ask at once for you forgiveness that I can't still send you the photo! ! ! I have no simply such free access to the computer at work! !
But I it is obligatory at the first opportunity, I will try to make it. For now I with you soul and the thoughts! !
I in increasing frequency look your photos and I think of everything that you write to me! !
I am very grateful for all caress and your tenderness in letters! !
I very much love children, and I trust quite to your experiment in an occasion of their education! ! ! But mothers also have a maternal instinct, as gives them a certain idea in the treatment of children! !
You asked than you differ from other men that pay me attention the letters! !
Well first I have to you a special attraction which is inexplicable, any internal feeling! ! And secondly in you there is a special combination of kindness, caress, passion, sincerity, fidelity! ! And the main quality is the family value, and care of the beloved! ! !
As for spirits, I not against experiments and with the great pleasure would like to try spirits which are pleasant to you! ! It is very interesting to me what you aroma of the woman is pleasant? ?
I wanted to ask, what that chetvarty picture means here, what you sent me? ? ? There too you? ? ? ) ) )
I didn't understand your question concerning my light party! ! !
But I hope dark at me isn't present! ! I can be different ridiculous cheerful, tender and gentle, passionate and naughty, lovely and kind! ! ! To me boringly doesn't happen to friends! !
At me the soul is always open, and I am very hypochondriac person! ! To me the destiny of others isn't indifferent! ! I want that all were healthy and happy! !
I work in advertizing company as the designer. Work is connected with creativity and the imagination! ! So my imagination is boundless, in all directions! !
Thanks to you big for a verse! ! Very beautifully and pleasantly! !
You know if I saw on a pillow here such note with a verse or flowers, it would be the big pleasure! ! After all there is nothing more important when the man appreciates adores the woman. Also shows it! ! After all the love needs to be watered that it didn't fade! !
And so expensive man's attention and careful can't be much! !
I gently embrace you and with pleasure kiss my darling and gentle Reggie! ! !
I will miss very much for you, ahead there are days off! ! Therefore I won't be able to write to you, unfortunately! !
I wish you pleasant rest, and sweet thoughts of me! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 10
Hello my dear and gentle Reggie!!!
Your letter as ever filled with tenderness and warmth, it is very nice for my soul!
I think you're the man, who with his warm affection and love is fragile and vulnerable heart, like mine!
Of course, I will answer all questions of interest to you!
I spent the weekend at home as a bit simple, and not feeling too well with a slight fever. But today the day, and I must be at work!
I hope you have a weekend went much better than my sweetheart
Therefore, only the good moments have been associated with you, and the memories of your beautiful warm letters to me, I was warmed and comforted!
You asked me about my weight, 54 kg! Size 42, you see a good understanding of my way of my dear!))
Shoe size I do not have a very small, I'm not Cinderella, to yet))) So 39)))
I love Victoria Secrets!
I love beauty and everything connected with it! A woman must be beautiful for her man, **** lingerie and short clothes like it's you my dear!
How do you like to spend your evenings What did you do last night and what are your plans for today? What is your perfect day off?
I hope you like how I kiss)), it can be very affectionate and tender kisses to passionate very passionate! It depends on my mood and state ..
I like your ideas for games, pillows fights, chase each other!
This all brings .....
Thank you for your pictures, they are great as always ... You have a son, it looks like you! Do you know him so well and looks so cute!
He's probably very smart and bright boy! And quite an adult!
He is not very hard suffered a ruptured parents?
I know you said you would try to give him a lot of time! This is very true! Bo here in Ukraine, when a woman gave birth to a baby, she probably already knows. That responsibility lezhit only her!
If the divorce, the father, at best, paying pennies alimony. And that's all it gives the child! No attention, participation in education and child development, joint progulog or rest no!
For yet it is my observation from the outside and it is very sad, because the child or was not guilty ... and he wants to be loved as a mother and a father!
Very dear to me our communication with you, I feel your care and tenderness, and it inspires me and gives hope!
I love you tenderly embrace my gentle, beloved and coveted Reggie!
About the fact that your humor may seem silly, do not even worry! This is not so. We should smile at life, be happy and enjoy every moment!
Embrace your hard Oksana!
Letter 11
Hello my gentle light of my soul! ! !
If honestly I thought my cold will pass quicker, but today I feel a sore throat and to an ear, likely I will go to the doctor on reception! !
At us today on the street snow swept up everything around! ! The winter finally decided to declare itself very loudly! ! !
I look forward spring, very much I love the sun, began to smell spring, the caress of a wind developing my hair, singing of birds..... mmmm
The spring gives forces to live, gives as though a new stage in life, there is a wish to change something to the best and including!
Especially when trees blossom, and bees fly that can please more soul........ only one Love! ! !
Yes my growth 1.68........
I very much love if concerns the nature, green and blue colors! ! And if clothes and linen that black and red, still the turquoise! !
I listen to music in dependence on the mood. It is a pop-music, a Metallica, sometimes an easy rap, or classics, or simply music as a hobby without words! !
And still I very much like to dance! ! ! I likely would dance for the darling if he received delight from it and pleasure! ! !
I like dark red roses, or gladioluses! ! !
If honestly gold on me isn't present, I carry silver! ! But I don't differ from women, I as well as others love jewelry! !
But I am not the greedy person, not in this happiness! ! If there is jewelry or to you wants it to present in all sincerity this one business! ! And if the person loves you sincerely but doesn't do it, I won't begin to love less! !
The main thing that the man gave that peace of mind and balance which is necessary for me! !
Cared....... In an award he will receive the infinite for it I wash caress and devotion! ! !
I dreamed always of the fantastic relations, and I never will recede from this purpose! ! And my belief will help me! ! !
I know that the relations it is hard work of two but only if these in these two fight loving hearts! ! !
You know, I have nearly a year as there were no relations! !
The last gap very painfully affected me! !
Therefore I didn't hurry to enter into the new relations, especially it there was a big victim for my part and lack of its actions completely! !
I moved to live to the person to other city where he wasn't so ready to the such! !
Though itself long time I asked that I arrived! ! As a result of his parents me didn't accept, it constantly said lies. Any trifles and episodes were false and when it came from work, simply asked that I didn't touch it, didn't touch. And I so wanted to love, and simply cares of it, but to it it was absolutely unnecessary, why only the person pretended to be I don't know! ! !
But it in the past, and let it will be happy! !
And I will find the happiness surely! ! I don't love whom vchy to accuse as occurred so to that and to be! !
I want that louses parents were healthy.... And you don't forget about the knee and a shoulder, let them also don't give about themselves concern! ! !
I will go on an appointment! ! Therefore with pleasure you I kiss and I speak till tomorrow my darling and gentle Reggie! !
I will miss and think of you! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 12
Hello to my gentle and nice friend!
How did you spend your weekend, tell me?
I would like to speak with you today about your first love?
I just want to know how seriously you feel about relationships, what impressions and moments stored in your memory!
Say you remember your first kiss?
Do you remember that girl, for which it seemed you can move mountains, the star is from the sky)
That sweet and perfect girl, who at the time you thought the only one and unique, and will forever remain in your mind and heart! I'm talking about the more unawareness relations, the relationship in his youth!
But which are now easily remembered, appreciated those moments will remain in your memory forever??
Tell me my dear do you have a moment in life?
I am very interested, i will do this some conclusions for themselves, so if you're not hard, then write me!
I am pleased to hear the story I want to!
I appreciate every moment of your life, and how do you happened to women, I hope you will understand me!
I send you many many kisses, they are only for you!
Your Oksana!
Letter 13
Hello my desired Reggie! ! !
Your eyes didn't disappoint me, well as you can such speak...
I am simply madly glad, you at all don't represent as far as was to see you....
In your eyes there is so much kindness and caress was, and thank you for it.
You are really very kind person, after all eyes it is a window to the soul, they can't lie! !
I believe that you are a person with open soul and kind heart! !
You me only forgive, I will write today to you not so much, this temperature increase is simple gives me weakness and there is a wish to sleep....
But your letter, each its line is very expensive to me
, each your word! ! !
I read your letter with attention and a smile, it warms me! ! !
I promise that tomorrow in more detail to you everything I will tell! !
I kiss and embrace you my lovely sweet Reggie! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 14
Hello expensive Reggie! ! !
As your attention, care is pleasant and expensive to me about we wash health! I represent as though it was remarkable if you were near and would care of me personally at this moment! !
But me it is already much better so don't worry my darling, I think that till Monday I will feel absolutely well! !
I think that you shouldn't worry on age, just as about it I don't worry. Appearance it after all soul cover. And each of us is beautiful on the. And only that person is beautiful and rich. At which pure, light and beautiful soul...
Yes to me it is very lonely, there are certainly friends who will support me. But another absolutely there is a wish for care...
You understand about what I)
You shouldn't worry concerning letters. I transport them by means of the translator, but I am not absolutely far in English. I at school had eleven *****, in this subject))))
But it is easier to translate, than to write.....
You correctly speak, it is good practice for English studying...
I mean now drug? ? ? ) ) ) )
And you now we depend? ? It is necessary to treat you)
It is very pleasant to me to hear about your feelings, and I always wait for your letter.
I think of you and I miss...
I have no computer house I to you said that I can use only the Internet at work. And it is not absolutely freely and well! !
You again wrote a verse! ! And it everything for me. You to me I abated, and I can devote only to you many kisses and the smile! !
If the man nearby read to me this verse, I likely would go mad of such pleasant surprise! !
My kisses I send to you! !
I wish you light day, successful work and simply good mood! !
I kiss you gently! !
I will wait for your letter! ! Your Oksana! !
Letter 15
Hello my darling of Reggie! !
Your letter as always is filled with caress and love...
Warmth and light sincere! !
I hope, all that you tell it not jokes, and you are sincere to me! !
I also rejoice to each your letter, and repeatedly it I read.... I want after all know about you all...
I have to recognize well you, I don't want more sufferings! ! Therefore if I don't say something to you, it from care, instead of to that I don't feel it.
I hope you me understand! ! !
You sent me a photo since the childhood, very lovely...
You certainly amused me, it was so pleasant! !
You likely were very amusing and ridiculous small boy? ?
And what it for cuttings from newspapers? ?
You were engaged in any type of fight? ?
Tell me about it my sweet Reggie! !
I will try to answer your questions, whether but I don't know these answers will be available to you. You have in the country after all sizes with ours hardly coincide...
How you know? ?
*** size two, shorts M; I don't know as far as you will understand it)))
The size of a ring finger 15 or 16, my fingers without rings therefore absolutely precisely I can't tell you! !
To be pleasant to me Chanel No. 5 spirits, can to me and your favourite female perfume aroma would be pleasant! !
But I don't know this Bulgari of a smell, excuse! !
What do I eat)))? ?
It not only healthy food I use, I as have weaknesses! ! ) ) ) Well as you can say that I will condemn you! ! I don't want that you refused favourite food! ! If you don't want it! !
Yes I love salads, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, seafood. But it doesn't mean that I don't eat hamburgers, chocolate or chips)).
I don't take alcohol. It is an exceptional case I can drink white wine, or champagne.
I don't smoke.
What me pleases? ? mmm... If in heart there lives love, each trifle, even an unexpected rain pleases.
It is any surprise of darling, it simply care.
It is the good atmosphere in a family, in that house, where do you live! ! it has to be that place where it is always good and quiet. It there where warmly and comfortably where you always will understand, will support. It I say you that pleases, and that that is sad.
I very much don't love deception. If darling deceives once, I won't be able to trust him more. It is very sick and unpleasant! !
I jealous)))
How you think my dear? ?
I consider myself as the faithful woman.
When I love, I am given to these relations.
I want more and more, and to see, hear, feel this person more. In absence I miss and I go mad! !
I simply know myself, and all these years didn't change me.
Still I think, I don't know how soon I want the child, but I have to be confident in you.
You know I don't want that the child lived without the father! !
I think I answered all your questions! !
You again wrote for me a verse))
It is very pleasant to me, you don't cease to surprise me my darling and gentle Reggie! !
Thanks to you my warm ray of the sun warming my soul and heart! !
I wish you good days off, sweet thoughts of me.... ) )
I will miss very much these days for you, but has to tell you good-bye till Monday! !
I very gently embrace you and with pleasure with pleasure kiss! ! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 16
Kind day and good mood for you! ! !
Know I to you never I told. But came to tell time the truth)
You understand what is the matter?? I after all was in your city and very much there it was pleasant to me. Therefore I look for the man from that city that remained in my memory forever! !
I know I to you you didn't tell only don't become angry about me! ! I very much ask you, it was a few years ago on work. But I had to you admit it)))
And now I will tell that I joked it there was a draw! !
We have today April Fools' Day or April Fools' Day! !
I congratulate you on it! !
The first of April – here so a festival of laughter,
Sense of humour today at all hindrance.
If you didn't play, play,
This day it is possible to laugh for hours and hours. To play a ***** trick on someone and to soil a back,
For deception it isn't necessary and to look for the reason.
Joke of the neighbor, play the chief,
That persons in this April Fools' Day lit up with a smile!
I embrace you and I kiss! !
Your joker Oksana! !
Letter 17
Hello my most gentle and desired Reggie! !
Thank you for your warm wishes and words to me! !
Yes I spent days off with the parents! !
And it was wonderful. All were very glad to my visit! !
We invited native, I baked very tasty apple pie and we led excellent discussion behind a dining table! !
Also I helped mother about the house, and in a garden on care of flowers.
My mother very much loves flowers, she much them sits down. And when they grow, blossom, she can sit and enjoy for hours them. If mother somewhere vanishes, she can be found in a garden! ! It takes force and beauty, inhaling this fine aroma flower! !
I am very happy with visit of the parental house. There after all there were my first steps, my first attempts of a driving by the bicycle, the first love and the first kisses))
Certainly my darling I missed you. I very much got used to your letters, to your attention! !
I like to read your letter, enjoying its sincerity and caress which you radiate from the heart to mine! !
I am glad that you trust me, and yours the aspiration to me is so deep! ! You too very much are pleasant to me and I value you. I in increasing frequency think of you, and I fill up with sweet thoughts of you my lovely Reggie! !
Yes very much it to be pleasant to me when you send the photos, it gives me information about your life, native. That pleases you that is pleasant! !
And now here these photos, they are made near your house? ? Or it is the parental house? ?
Now I saw on a photo of your parents very lovely people! !
Well you my dear, I at all don't consider strange when you asked me about the sizes! ! And I am glad that you so precisely study my body! !
I am glad to answer everything that you interests and it I consider quite normal. So you don't worry about it! !
I know that in these output all Catholics celebrated this Light Day of Easter! !
You also treat Catholic religion? ? ?
If this is so, I congratulate you, I wish a good health, huge love, and it is a lot of smiles on your face! ! ! ) ) )
I with pleasure would try your food prepared! ! No, I not against if the man in kitchen.
It would be on the contrary very pleasant to me if it unexpectedly prepares something for me. Or simply would suggest to help! ! !
It shows only his love to me and that the time pro-driving with me brings it only pleasure.
And it isn't important where we would be, the main thing that together, in it family force consists! !
I jealous moderately, about it don't cost concerns. I want to trust and feel love of the man! !
Without trust it is possible to turn the relations into a nightmare! !
I prefer absolutely another! !
Also I don't see anything bad in friendly kisses.
I don't tell you farewell my sweet Reggie! !
I speak I will depart only for an instant, with thoughts of you! !
I let in you the soul, therefore you always with me my good! !
Letter 18
Hello my most expensive Reggie! !
Today a sunny day for me which was shined by you for me with the letter! !
How your health my darling? ?
I hope that shortly you will come already to an absolute recovery.
I worry and I think of you! !
Your letter it such sweet, it to me such expensive! !
You can't present at all. I many times look through your photos, you don't leave from my thoughts! ! I miss you.
I am very glad to hear about your plans for the future. It is very pleasant that you have such intentions! !
Your letters are very necessary to me, your sweet words turn to me the head, and dispel thoughts! !
You are my light of expensive Reggie! You are my Milky Way! !
You are my pleasure and grief.... my grief on you! !
At us the spring came, it is time to love! !
And I feel it there will be a fine spring and summer if you are in my life my darling! !
Yes excuse that I didn't write you about the size it is written as 75C. You simply expert)))
I very much liked your joke about snake eggs. I represent simply faces of these people which hold this envelope! ! But some of them can incorrectly react to me it seems! ! It is necessary to have big sense of humour not to beat the person for such joke)) haha)))
with you everything is all right))? ?
I don't consider you as the depressive person, and that that you impart last experience, it is quite normal. We have to study on the mistakes, and each of us wants to be better for the darling! !
Everything is good, after all without the past and there would be no future. Not so after all my dear? ?
Rest in the Crimea, preparation by the ***** child of food in kitchen)) hm.
To be pleasant to me your madness. I agree that in a family has to be games, passion, jokes, joint walks, after all the child it to be so fine. At such moments it is possible to enjoy really life, start up for others it will seem madness. And for us love game, sincere, amusing, mad, but such fine. Which brings unforgettable feelings and sweet instants in our memory! !
What to you doesn't suffice for the husband? ? It is a heavy question. But I don't consider that something doesn't suffice. There are no feelings of reality only! ! And so I consider you as the worthy person for creation of a strong family and pure love! !
Know I always I dreamed of that my man enjoyed even such moments in an everyday life as a make-up, a shower, clothing. Simply I watched me! ! Here that there was all as you to me write! !
I very much would like to wake up from gentle kisses. From feeling that someone caresses my hair. To receive pleasures of that the person enjoys you and watches you. Admires you! ! Also goes mad of a touch to a body! !
That I want to tell you about the English, I could I think a little to talk to you. Maybe we even each other understood not bad. Goodness knows, if honestly I simply never practised it. But three together I for the present am not ready))) the Joke! ! !
I am an owner, and I don't like to share the beloved with others)))
Therefore can remember the skills of English a little if it is so pleasant to you. And you consider it romantic! !
It is pleasant to me to hear that I am not a blonde, but you enjoy me! ! After all matter not only in appearance. The beauty can't fill sincere emptiness, and absence of gray substance in the head)). I hope you accepts my jokes and it doesn't give an idea that I am the frivolous person. I simply want to be pleasure for you! !
What your most ridiculous true-life story? ? Can even silly or awkward? ?
Tell me please.
Thank you for a wish of kind day! !
Mutually I wish you more smiles and joyful instants today. That you dealt successfully with the lawyer! ! Good luck to you my darling! !
I strong embrace you! ! My sweet to a kiss I give only you my desired Reggie! !
Your Oksana!
Letter 19
Hi my desired Reggie! !
I think you should doubt for a minute that you that person. With which I can become the happiest woman on light.
You to me also became very expensive to me! !
Your letters, your warm words they do me joyful and happy. I smile, and friends notice. That I changed, and can't find the reasons! !
They see this shine in eyes and a smile upon the face! !
I always smile when I remember you my dear! ! Your jokes.... your ridiculous photos.... it everything in my memory and thoughts is constant! !
Your letter is so penetrated by tenderness and feelings that I not on minutes don't doubt you. And that you are that man who can make the darling happy. To surround it with unearthly caress and care! !
But I will return the favor! ! I indefinitely love tendernesses, embraces and long kisses at candles! !
These love games)))! !
Your slowness of a voice, hm... I would think it not simply to me it was pleasant, and pushed on not so decent ideas! !
After all breath and a voice timbre too are very important in the relation. On these signs it is possible to learn as the person you treats! !
I see you still that joker, I about a photo)))) haha
With a photo I drew certain conclusions, you love snakes and a female ******))). Truth? ? ? whether so wash expensively? ?
That that you love the second to me it was obviously lucky. I love these caresses! ! !
You certainly my darling made laugh me. I when read about that awkward episode, about running by ***** child. I not simply smiled, and loudly laughed loudly. Yes so it not so decently was on a workplace)))
And when to you yet didn't pay in addition 50 cents, was even more ridiculous! ! !
Thank you for this wonderful story and for good mood! !
How I spend the days? ?
Working process at office, I as to you already spoke the designer on advertizing registration. That it wasn't, business cards or stands. I have to execute and issue a request of the customer! !
Work on the imagination and creativity! ! Work not so difficult, and me to liking! !
I live one in the apartment which I rent! !
I have no house, unfortunately.
But I have my favourite pet this is a cat. This only creation to whom I now give the love! !
Maybe you would like to be my cat and to sleep with me in one bed))? ? ?
On days off I visit parents or I spend this time with friends.
But will replace nothing embraces of darling.
It would be desirable to sit down simply on a sofa, having embraced silently to whisper each other on an ear gentle words. And in intervals to kiss gently him lips, or to bite an ear! ! Or to put his head to itself on knees and to iron it as kitten! ! I very much love simply here it at first sight simply, but such fine unification of souls, and two loving hearts! ! !
I when come to work, I open a profile, but it doesn't mean at all that I constantly sit here! !
I don't deny that many men write letters, but not all can feel, not all can love and understand! !
Thank you for a chat, though it was not so long. It is so pleasant to see it was your eyes, a smile, your freckles, and your language)))
You too showed it to me I remember))
Know I not when didn't put on a long coat and under it only linen. But I very much would like to give the darling such surprise! !
I like to do to the person pleasantly! ! Romantic evenings and here such trifles of prank. This that than it is possible to please and surprise darling. So why isn't present? ?
Why not to enjoy the friend the friend sincerely about openly! !
It also is art to love, and to do happy another! !
I also wish you today good day my dear! !
You have today procedures. Be the good boy))! !
I embrace you strong gently, then is even more gentle, then I will caress! ! Then I will kiss on cheeks, on a mouth! !
Your Oksana! !
My thoughts of Reggie of you! !
Letter 20
Hello my lovely Reggie! !
I want you to apologize at once for that my letter won't bear today your answers and won't be big.
I have today very fast order and I have to concentrate and execute it directly today! !
I hope you will understand me and you won't become angry.
But you know after all that my thoughts with you. With my dearest and lovely man.
And still today my younger sister has a Birthday! !
And I have to prepare for it a gift. Still the truth didn't think up that it will be. But the person needs to make pleasantly. Birthday without a gift it is bad.
All of us as small children in the childhood wait and we love this holiday.
After all nearby beloved mother will bring a pie! ! It is a lot of native both friends with gifts and attention. We adults, but sometimes there is a wish there in the childhood! !
Your photos, very ridiculous! !
To you very much there is such car and pumpkins))) haha! !
I will surely answer tomorrow your questions, and now has to run! ! !
I can't give such information on my surname, but I love when me call Ksyush! !
I embrace you gently my best, darling, the most expensive, most gentle Reggie! !
I think of you constantly! ! Also I fall asleep with your image before eyes! !
I kiss you my darling and my dear man! !
Also I don't say goodbye, and I speak till tomorrow! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 21
Working week comes to an end.
I want to wish you successful completion of all your undertakings, and pleasant rest on days off.
I very much hope for your warm letter which will please me on Monday! !
If you are silent, I will miss)))! ! !
What plans at you for the weekend? ? ?
I only, don't laugh, I am going to go to circus! ! And that to remember youth)) haha
And you love circus? ? Zoo? ?
You know, what at us in Nikolaev, the best zoo in Ukraine? ?
It is necessary that you surely visited it! !
I would like to ask you on what you a mad act is ready for the sake of the woman? ?
I about an act romantic, beautiful, probably silly. But such madman proving love! !
I observed one case when the man laid out the flavored candles huge heart on snow under a balcony. And then in this heart also candles I laid out words "you I love"! ! !
And in the evening he asked to come to its balcony. It left it lit all these candles! ! These words of love burned with fire! ! The girl ran out on the street and fell in embraces of the beloved.
People who observed this episode, were delighted. And it was very pleasant to me and if honestly there was a desire to appear on a place of that girl! !
I want to hear your opinion! !
I have to go to work.
And to you I send many kisses and gentle embraces! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 22
Hello my lovely Reggie! !
How you my dear? ? ?
What at you new and good? ? ?
Very amusing photo turned out. Thanks huge me very much was pleasant to you! ! Yes the metal woman is simply super! ! Delightful work I consider.
And a photo with pumpkins if honestly I very long laughed.
I very much like your sense of humour. And me to soul that you are able to enjoy so life and to rejoice to every moment of the life. We have to feel sometimes children who simply enjoy life. Rejoice, joke, play about, simply I do any mad acts, it exempts us from a stress and intense thoughts.
Love life - it is short! !
Isn't it? ?
It was pleasant to me as your last photo with the son. You there such important and courageous men)))
Though under a wreath go)).
Thank you for a congratulation of the sister, I will surely give her your congratulations and wishes. By it it was executed 24. Yes we arranged it a holiday. It was the huge pie with candles. It was very happy with a holiday, and that that all native arrived to it! !
You are very attentive and careful lovely Reggie! !
I am your Venus))) Haha. Then you will be my floodlight. Do you agree?? I will miss you after all ahead are followed by days off.
You want that I was your nurse? ? hm... I represent as you will wish that she was dressed)).
I think a blood pressure will rise at you, and I won't know that with you to do. How then to redress your wrong? ? ) ) I joke my dear! !
At us is every day it is raining! ! But at least it isn't cold, quite warmly after a rain! !
You have a garden? ?
In your garden there are fruit trees? ?
If yes, that what they? ?
You like to look after a garden? ?
Know I always I dreamed, in the spring when trees start blossoming, to walk there with darling of people. To inhale this pleasant aroma of flowers. Perhaps to drive on a swing. You find it pleasant or romantic to take for a drive darling on a swing! !
I would like it! ! And you are my darling? ?
I wish you pleasant days off, and good mood. Favorable weather in soul and in the house! !
Gently I embrace you and I kiss.
Your Oksana! !
Letter 23
Hello my most most lovely and romantic, most sweet and desired Reggie! !
"As it is cold to my soul, I so suffer!
When you with me aren't present...
Darling mine, I so miss!"
I thought of you these days, and I am very grateful that we met you. You such surprising, wonderful, careful! ! As your letters, your words became expensive to me! ! I remember your words, your letters and a smile doesn't descend from my face. To me simply pleasantly very much and warmly from your words! !
I see at you great spring mood, and I am glad that in it there is my merit))! ! Isn't it? ?
How you spent days off? ? Whether you missed for me? ?
How your health? ? What about parents? ?
I trust your words, I support your dreams, your hopes. You are right that really we will be able to judge about the future only at a meeting. But nevertheless me pulls to you a magnet! ! I trust and I feel that you not such as everything that. It seems to me that you can love so sincerely and so purely! ! And it what I wish and I want! !
You understand me? ?
No, I not against a sensuality, look my darling at health))
I could look at it with you together). If there certainly there are feelings, romanticism, passion.
You know at you very good parents. They since the childhood imparted at you good manners of behavior. And life on a Scripture is only big plus. People who have soul, heart which aren't indifferent to others grief, remains less and less.
I also want in church. It is possible not so often as though to me there was a wish. But if there is such opportunity or any big holiday, I surely go to work. Or when to me it is simply lonely or bad on soul, or it is heavy in life. Then I go to pray and listen to sermons. in church there is all negative, it becomes much easier. You as though dump c yourself all bad and heavy! !
The man has to be for the woman and the friend, both the brother, and mother and the father, both the husband and the lover. After all the woman leaves a family and all for the man! !
But it if the woman of it is worthy! !
I can't even tell that I would make for the beloved! ! But I think to me it wouldn't be a pity for anything. There was a moment when I did to the man a holiday.
I rose at night I baked to it a pie, put on in special clothes. There were many *****....
And on each wall, a door I stuck sheets with verses with his name and a congratulation. And thank you that it is on this earth! !
But the person didn't estimate it. If it is honest, to it interested rather more to drink and with friends to take a walk! !
It is sick and unpleasant to remember it! !
Yes I with pleasure would show you our zoo and the city! ! I live a little in other party from McDonald's! ! But often I like to walk on the embankment near the river! ! Sometimes to walk on the bridge. Here this huge amount of water captures spirit. At the same time terribly and still other feelings capture me! !
Though I am afraid of water and I can't swim? ? ) )
Therefore if I will sink to you it will be necessary to rescue me! !
Whether I like to go shopping? ?
Well it is loved likely by each girl! !
I think it will be necessary to be engaged soon in a dress choice for a special future holiday! !
But it isn't so obligatory. It if is opportunity. It isn't dependence or mania for me! !
Know I is simply delighted and struck with the first picture that you sent me! ! ) ) Now admit as you it made such with my photo? ?
I was very surprised, still I can't but will admire it. It turned out simply surprisingly and very sexually! !
Well and into the account of that I have to guess that in the second picture. I am afraid to be mistaken very much, but perhaps it is female buttocks? ? ) ) )
If isn't present, it is very a shame to me))
Everything is possible into information and voice account by phone, all in your hands my dear! ! !
I hope that at you everything is good and you spent the days off with pleasure and advantage. I descended in circus with friends and very much it was pleasant to us! ! Especially girls acrobats and the trained animals! !
I kiss you sweetie pie gently on sponges! !
I wait always your letter.... I think of you... I think of us.... about the sweet moments and instants which we will be able to present each other! !
I embrace you gently my Reggie! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 24
Hello my favorite Reggie!!
You awakened in me the desire to live, to love, to trust and wait!
Rejoice in hope and dream ...... I again came to life as flowers after the winter! I'm ready to love, fly to dream and enjoy life ....
I can not stop thinking about you, do not miss about you!
You became for me something important and special.
And I hope that you understand the importance of these words and moments!
I get great pleasure from your letters. And glad that I am to you and so has become especially important in life!
Thank you for a wonderful and romantic verse. He can not touch the heart and soul! It's so nice of you to dedicate these lines to me .....
I will keep them in my memory and my heart!
I imagine our meeting? Mmmm .......
I will wear a beautiful dress, I'll show you my bow legs)))!. I'll be in high heels, that you stood in admiration .... I will come to you easily and confidently stride! To you my man was fascinated and confused!))
I will approach closer and closer, and then thrown over and hold you tight! Close your eyes and kiss you on the cheek gently!
We, hand in hand, we can walk with you for a long time, to say the tire, not to chat about anything and everything .... We can enjoy by touching hands, and I can feel all your warmth and your feelings for me!
And then let us prompt our hearts ........................................... .....
Thank you for your pictures, it is so nice that I'm on your screen saver on your computer, or just there?
I have become an important part of your life! Save me!
And you'll always find solace and tenderness in my arms!
Have a good day my sweet sweet sweet Reggie!!
I kiss you my favorite Reggie!!
Your Oksana!
Letter 25
Good morning you! Although you have a different time, and maybe you sleep now?
But it does not bother me, because you must be nice. When you sleep, someone far away is thinking of you and miss ......
How are you my dear? How are you feeling?
You've been a doctor? Tell me what he told you!
I have to know everything about you! Not only in your joys and experiences!
I want you to share his experiences and thoughts with me. I want to give you the attention and care that you do not have enough in your life ....
Yes, I really miss you, you do not doubt it. We have to trust each other. I'm right?
Of course, each of your letter is a joy for me .... I look forward to them every day!
When I read all of your lines, I feel all your tenderness and warmth that you want to give me those words!
I feel your attitude towards me, your attraction, your affection and care.
Your letters give a clear picture of you, of your feelings .. And I think that every your letter slowly draws us together, destroying thousands of miles between us! I feel it, and I will do what I wish!
I am sorry that your mother is suffering because ... But you're very attentive and is correct, that is not annoying. It's very dear to us humans. Who gave us life, gave us a start in life. Those people who have dedicated themselves to us all, caring, experienced and supported. And now we have to remember all of this and have patience and strength to help them, and surround them with care.
You're doing it right, I am proud of you. This is yet another confirmation of what you are sincere people .. That you are kind and helpful!
Let all our parents are healthy and happy, that's what I want them!
I'm sorry to hear that you so kindly heart, and have not seen the true focus and self-care. I think you have to deserve it .... We all deserve this. And especially those who is also a give away!
I just think if the love between two people is mutual and genuine.
Each of them in the first place to think and care more about a loved one, than of himself! How can you love someone without being asked how he feels now? He ate today? What are his spiritual experiences? Do you have a dress or shoes? I think it is so basic things when you just want to a loved one to be happy, because then you get pleasure from it and you .... If you can make someone happy, to give him joy, smile, to make him nice!
This is my idea, and I know what being a wife! The family must not only know the joy and bitterness as it did not want to avoid it. But it is in such times people learn about each other more clearly, and can be understood as a person devoted to you .... Will he thee, he will support you!
And he will be with you test tightly holding hands, offered fate ......
I hope you understand my dear friend!
I am very pleased that you are willing to teach me to swim. I am ashamed that such a big girl can not swim))) haha ..... But it is possible to learn how to swim need to teach the person to whom you are very well you trust? Tom cat can you trust with your life!! How do you think my dear?
Maybe in my life just was not such a man?
I understand what you mean, you're talking about shopping as a disease? I'm so not over, I want to assure you. Around the need to have a sense of proportion! Absolutely everything, and above all understanding!
I can not give information about yourself here! You know it's a good, and probably you know? Is not it?
The size of my body, well I'll write if you want to know!
This 90 - 65-92 .... I hope you understand this diagram)))?
What is your favorite hobby? You know I love nature, plants, and all living creatures .... Just do not snakes))) I, I'm afraid of them!
I like to walk in the woods, the park, enjoy the flowers, shrubs, leaves on a tree ...... every mushrooms on the ground .... It's because we are invisible miracles that happen in the world to us! In nature there is a special power and a special energy that is good us .....
I have to work now! But I'll write more, do not say goodbye, as you told me! I'll wait for your news on the hike to the doctor!
I embrace you tightly my light, my sun, my joy, my happiness!
Your Oksana!
I kiss you my dear Reggie!!
Letter 26
My dear Reggie!
I truly miss you! I do not want you to think that I ignore your questions .... Just when I write a letter to you my thoughts can **** some things to work! I digress, and I miss the answers to some of your questions then. but that does not mean it ignore! And I do not want you to think and annoyed!
I am very pleased to hear that you admire and enjoy my photos, every day .. It really means a lot to me!
I am happy that I can make you gay, I can give you moments of joy and smiles .... My thoughts and emotions as I'm trying to express in his writings. And I hope you feel it!
I understand you do not mind that you do not say "I love you." This is correct and you are doing the right thing. We can speak only when we know each other in real life! Not without it .....
You're so sweet reggae attentive, your words of respect, you know very well what to do correctly. Felt experience in a relationship and respect for women in the first place. This is very important!
I run fast, so you my dear not help that I'm wearing heels! Haha .... You will have a very good try to catch me, and reward a passionate kiss!))
Yes, I would like you to do photo session for me! That I posed to you ...... you to enjoy ..... I kept to these photos and looked at them with greedy eyes, loving, full of passion and brilliance!
What you're telling me about past relationships does not bother me, do not worry about it. If your connected with Association of pleasant moments in life. And you compare it, hoping that everything will be just fine, I do not see anything wrong with that!
Yes, I get a message on your phone, if you can get the information from its data! I finish work at 16.00, very rarely can stay within another hour! My salary is much less than you write your assumptions! I hope I answered all your questions, dear Reggie!
Are you satisfied with their earnings? What is your relationship to work? And if you love your work? You now I understand you spend time in the care of their parents! What to do at work?
I wish you a good day and mood of my favorite Reggie!!
A huge thank you for the wonderful photos that you send me, you were always smiling, and I like your vitality!
I'll hug and kisses my most desired man! Yes, I would like to feel your touch lips ...........
Your Oksana!
Letter 27
Hello my lovely Reggie! !
I am madly happy today! ! And on it there are many reasons! !
And most important from them it that I come here and I see the letter from the dearest man! !
And it for me isn't simple the letter, it isn't simple words for me. This letter much means to me and gives me many hopes! !
I am very glad that you never forget about me! ! It is very pleasant to me that you think of me.
Tell me what your most cherished dream? ? And whether you believe in her? ?
I very attentively studied a photo of your darling and all that you wanted to inform to me! ! Know I reflected a little or perhaps I became sad! !
Whether I don't know to be jealous to me? ? Or it will be superfluous! !
And I can became sad in that occasion that for me is offensive for you! ! I very much would like happiness for such good person as you! !
But your history is fine that it bore love for you, high points and happiness! !
I see you were very close, especially in the ****** plan, and at spiritual level! !
I think, that there was between you it was very fine, sincere, openly. It is pleasant to me such relations... I see they are pleasant to you, you received from it big pleasure...
Whether you will be able to forget it everything? ? To forget to let in Other girl the heart. And to enjoy only it? ? I have to consider all this situation a little. You don't become angry about me. I am glad that you trust me.
It is correct and it has to be so. Your relations give the chance to me to understand that you want. And that it is necessary for you for happiness and pleasure! !
Whether there will be able to be I this woman for you my lovely Reggiye? ? ?
You had very beautiful girl as I think, I very much liked photos. You were good couple. And on that photo that the general you very beautifully look. And you there are happy it it is visible at once.
But I would think what bitter experience it wasn't. But it was fine. And you now remember it with warmth in heart. In our life has to be more than such pleasant memories. But that these memoirs us didn't destroy the main thing. So after all? ? ?
I wish you today a sunny day, good mood, it is more than smiles upon the face! !
My kisses and embraces only for you my dear Reggie! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 28
Oh my lovely Reggie! ! !
You made what I didn't feel so long time! !
I sometimes feel the small child who rejoices to your letter. Your each word is filled with sense, it pulls to itself as a magnet! !
You are my light in the silence of the night..... and a star in the sky, shining a way! !
Your letters turn to me the head, you are so frank with me....
I feel you so close! ! I feel you nearby! !
I can't forget your eyes... They are so kind and filled with shine. They thirst for love, I know it! !
In them there is so much hope and caress! !
I think I will become that personality whom you will be able to present it everything...
You don't worry, but as though it sadly didn't sound. But it so. So low salaries at us and it so! ! Anywhere from it you won't get to. But it is madly pleasant to me, that you understand me, and treat it with support! !
It is good that you were at the doctor. You use products which contain vitamin calcium in food? ?
You love dairy products? ?
So we will strengthen with you our **** fabric))! !
You now have to have a morning. Therefore good morning my sweet man! ! ! I kiss you! !
Let beams of the sun will embrace you instead of me, and will kiss your lips! !
Breakfast pleasant to you. By the way that you do every morning in the very first turn? ?
You love more tea or coffee? ?
What do you like to receive for a breakfast? ?
Can be me? ? ? ) )
I have to apologize, but my name is on meeting therefore it is a pity to me, but I have to run! !
My lovely sweet Reggie I kiss you strong strong, I kiss with pleasure and tremblingly. As you would like it! !
Your Oksana! ! !
Thank you that you appeared in my life lovely Reggie! !
Letter 29
Hello my lovely Reggie! !
It is very pleasant to me that my letters bring you so much pleasure and delight.
I so wanted to find the person for whom I will become happiness! !
To which I will be able to give pleasure, love and to present all myself! !
I trust you certainly my darling, to each your word. And at me no, not the slightest doubts that that you tell all you undoubtedly you will be able to execute. I know that your words sincerely leave from soul, instead of is mere words and promises! !
Know I is a little surprised, but it is pleasant surprise. I now that you check mail and you sleep in expectations of my letter. It is so pleasant to hear it, you can't imagine at all! !
Today you have a visit to the doctor. I will wait from you for news my lovely Reggie? I hope affairs go on the amendment, and you feel better.
Know I sometimes reflect, after all to have a foot hand, to see, hear, it already is happiness. It is a pity that we understand it too late! !
All right we won't be about sad. Simply my grandmother when told that to me if to you it is heavy on soul. Look at others, the even more painfully and worse! ! After all there are a lot of people who can't lead full life, and enjoy it wholly! ! And awfully I consider it! !
Yes I agree with you my dear! ! Our day depends on our mood. And with what we begin day. It is very important. It is important to begin any business with good emotions, pleasure and a smile. The happiness in us lives. Also waits while we simply use it! ! Here now our communication brings me huge pleasure and you are my happiness! !
My most sweet Reggie, I not in which case don't want you to offend, but I think meanwhile you shouldn't send me money for a photoshoot! ! You want many photos, and I want to be model only for you....
Understand I want to be only your model, only before you I will be able quietly to reveal to relax. Therefore I think with it it is necessary to wait! !
I want that you correctly understood me! !
You became very close and very dear to me. But let's not force so events! ! It is very pleasant to me that you wish me all soul, believe it everything mutually.... I as well as you value you.....
All your words turn to me the head, but I want to enter into it gradually.....
You will receive information soon, you don't worry for it my good! !
Every day you become closer to me, and I feel your presence at my heart! ! But we have to be well sure in the friend the friend, understand! !
Thank you for a photo, I will try on the next week also to you to send a little.... That to please you.....
I very much liked the second photo, very beautifully it is visible the city. And you there look very sexually and gallantly. mmmm...... very beautifully and madly attractively! !
And I miss you my sweet romantic man! !
My most expensive and tender Reggie! ! !
I embrace you and I kiss gently! !
Your Oksana!
Letter 30
Kind to you day! ! !
At me I am not much time, but nevertheless here to wish you pleasant rest on days off! ! Because today it is necessary to hand over still the report for working week. It is necessary to report generally! !
Today Friday, comes to an end my day, ahead days off. But there is no access to the computer. Therefore I will miss you. And you will miss for me my dear? ? ?
What plans at you for the weekend? ?
Than you think to be engaged? ?
Therefore in these days off you have to smile more more have a rest, take pleasure in pleasant things for you. To do favorite thing, and whether a type of rest! ! And also to leave a place in thoughts of me)))! !
I am going for these days off to go with girlfriends on dances. I there wasn't long ago. But very much I like to dance. And I think if you saw as I dance, you would take great pleasure from it.... What do you think??
No, I don't want that you thought that me except clubs and discos interests nothing. But dances for me it as a sport to get rid of negative emotions. When the pleasant fatigue from body movements comes, it is so good and easy to fill up.... And communication with friends always goes on advantage. If it is friends who near you not only then to you it is good. But also when badly they remain near you! !
And you have loyal friends? ?
When you gather, as usual you spend time? ?
Whether there were moments, what friends were much closer in understanding and support than native? ?
I want you to embrace strong your courageous shoulders, to nestle on them! !
My kisses I send you! !
And once again I want to wish you the colourful days off, pleasant emotions, and pleasant thoughts of me! !
I will look forward your letter for me! ! Till Monday my sweet! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 31
Oh my lovely Reggie!
Perhaps you wanted to dement me the letter. Or that you wanted to achieve admit my darling! ! At me cheeks reddened, and eyes began to shine.... I am confused or it is pleasant with astonishment. And can it is struck or subdued by you....
Mm..... such smart bathtub as I want to get there. You very much teased me the letter)))
That you want to make for me it simply divinely, fantastically, indescribably.... As your words with pleasure sound, you to me presented huge pleasure when I read your letter. You know sometimes even for an instant to me it was necessary to stop to take breath. And it is probably simple to close eyes and to present there us..... What it is hot thoughts, goosebumps go on skin! ! ! But I at work therefore I read this letter, I was confused.
But you woke an ox to me desire. I very much would like to endure and feel it.
Heat and caress of your courageous hands.... And this massage that you described, now I will have it before eyes.
I know my dear Reggie about da it you wrote me it that I all days off missed and dreamed of you! ! That your bathtub with flowers that your hands pursued me everywhere. That my thoughts haunted me it there was your plan tell me my dear? ?
I won't be able to sleep now, I feel that I even will go in transport public and my cheeks will be filled with a flush, remembering your letter! ! !
But I think remembering these episodes, I will be able to fall asleep very with pleasure tonight.... or I won't be able to fall asleep in general. I don't know)) That you do the tempter? ? ?
Know I surely I will think that I would make for you that could console and please so you so as far as you made it for me! !
I now will try to distract a little for work)) If it at me turns out.....
But I think that you well to me set a subject for reflections these days. Days without you my beloved! !
I embrace you mine you passion and an award! !
I kiss you gently! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 32
Good morning my lovely gentle Reggie! !
I again nearby, again with you, many thanks to you for understanding and for your open soul for me! ! I it believe very much I appreciate and for me it is an important point! !
You know for me very important, that you treated with understanding to a situation about a session photo. I think we with you it we will correct in the near future, and you will be able to make a photo in those positions in which itself you will wish.
I want to be only for you the only woman who will present pleasure of that will pose before you! !
My days off passed well! ! ! I perfectly descended on dances.... I don't drink and I don't smoke, I follow there not acquaintances, but only only for the dance. I want that you knew it and understood. I have no such aspiration to windy life. Simply I receive huge pleasure during body movement. Friends I beautifully speak I dance. Then I think I will hear also your opinion about it! ! Isn't it? ?
I understand your opinion on the fact that I didn't worry for your health. But nevertheless for me it is important that you felt my support and care of you! !
So I will ask that you kept me informed these events! ! Well? ?
How passed your days off? ?
Than you were engaged? ? You called the son, how is he??
I very much liked your passionate thoughts of me, and that you forced me to redden, for it is unnecessary to apologize. After all cheeks reddened from pleasure, from hot thoughts and from sweet dreams! ! !
And I am grateful to you for these moments......
I thought of you these days.... I missed.... I waited...... I dreamed.... hoped and trusted! !
To me already entered into habitual business, to come here after portion of caress of care, love. Love presented, the most careful and gentle man on light.
Today Monday - an unlucky day. But thanks to you, it became for me joyful, and that afternoon which I wait after days off, after separation from you my dear Reggie! !
I hope that this night was in an anticipation of my letter, sweet and strange! !
I would like to come to you in a dream, to wrap up you with the heat. To caress you and to nestle the body on you. That you felt my breath, my pulsation of a body....
You would like it? ? ?
My lovely Reggie to me was very lucky to meet such man as you which awakened me as a flower, after cold and lonely winter! ! Thanks to you my dear for it.....
My hundreds kisses I send you my darling! ! I store you in the heart! !
I embrace you gently gently! !
Your Ksyusha! !
Letter 33
Hello my dear Reggie!
I'm sorry that my letter will be a little short. I just worked today is not in the office. So I have quite a bit of time to write you a letter! But I hope that even these few lines will bring you pleasure!
I would like to ask how you like my voice??
You're not disappointed?
I was very pleased today to wake up and see your gentle message to me! It's very nice when a loved one you wish good morning. It is a pity that I can not always wish it to you!
You're probably very expensive to call me? Do not you, my dear?
How did you sleep my sweet?
It may be something you dreamed?
You know I'm probably not very good speak English??
Do you think! It may not always be very well what you mean, but I am trying hard. I want you to know that!
How did you spend time with your son?
Everything was good?? He must really miss you!
I think you have a great their weekend!
And we will soon be ready for Easter, I love this holiday! That's a lot of tradition, all the relatives together!
As long as there is this festival in the world and yet there is a belief in God .. And it's very important I think!
I think tomorrow I'll tell you more in detail how I spent my weekend, and now have to go to my favorite!
I very firmly embrace you and kiss you many many!
Your Ksenia!
Letter 34
Good morning my dear Reggie! !
I wrote Ksenia there are many tender words which me are designated by mother, either the sister, or friends! !
For me it isn't a separate name as you speak my dear)))
You can call me as it is pleasant to you, at all as all call. Your tender name of my name can be another, personal, special! !
Only it will be pleasant to me! !
I like your voice, it very gentle, can do it only for me? ? ? ) )
Know I always I wanted to go on any type of fight! ! ! To possess means of self-defense! ! ! I think in our hard time the girl has to be able to protect myself... What do you think??
At us today very good weather, the sun shined everything, already green leaves and a grass decorates the earth. I very much love spring when trees blossom, the first flowers blossom, here is how now it is tulips and snowdrops at us! ! !
I very much want to come already somewhere with friends to the nature. We will have Easter soon and on May 1, think occasions for this purpose enough! !
But it would be much more pleasant to walk with you along the river, there where you walked with the son..... If you prepared a barbecue for me, and fed me from hands, it would be unforgettably pleasant for me my darling! !
You know to me always a little sadly, on the eve of the Birthday. I don't know how to explain it, but it so unfortunately! !
It is very pleasant to me that you understand, that I speak to you by phone. Yes you are right at me not enough practice in colloquial English, but I love this language and it very much came easily to me when I studied....
If only to want, it is possible to depart to space, you know such saying? ? ? ) )
I will try to come today into the mail, something there at me doesn't leave to enter, but I think today I will correct this situation! !
Thanks for a photo, they very good! !
You have good friends. I you sent a photo, you and told nothing about it. Can to you it wasn't pleasant? ? or you didn't receive it? ?
I kiss you strong my sweet! ! ! !
Your Oksana! !
Good to you day my dear! ! !
Letter 35

Hello my lovely Reggie! ! !
I want to apologize at once that didn't write these some days! ! It was difficult for me, I after all don't want you to lose! ! ! And I didn't know that you think when I couldn't write to you. But you have to remember that I near you. Even when I had no opportunity to write to you. And you in my soul, heart, thoughts! !
And even if I not nearby, you in me.... in my feelings...
I at work had malfunctions with the computer, tried to repair it. It is already too old, and it isn't so simple to find spare parts on it. Therefore I think because of it so its repair was long! !
To me it was very inconvenient that I couldn't warn you at all that at me it happened and I won't be able to write to you within several days! !
But I very much hoped for your understanding. And it is pleasant to me to know that you missed, and worried! ! I believe in your love, I trust your tender words! !
Your tenderness it something is unpredictable and is wonderful! !
You tonight and pleasantly pleased me in the morning with the messages and a call! !
I became puzzled a little when you called so excuse if there was something not so! !
But I read even at night yours messages, and it was madly pleasant to me to know that you think of me. I sleep, and someone dreams of me it perfectly! ! It pleases and heats! !
I want to thank you for a call, I gathered at this time for work. So you wished in time me kind morning! ! So I went for work already with good mood. And here still repaired as a result my computer at work. And I could write at once you the letter! ! !
That you knew as I missed you. I thought of you! !
It is a pity to me to hear about the tragedy, that you wrote to me. I understand your fatherly feelings. And you certainly have to share with me the experiences and thoughts what they wouldn't be! !
Your letters are so fine and gentle, and for me are very important.... You always so sensually speak... I without mind from your sincerity. I like your thoughts your words. My thoughts of you it that you are that person who can love and respect, appreciate and enjoy life. You are open and sincere also it that I appreciate in you my lovely Reggie! !
I know that now it isn't simple to you to cope with all problems which you now endure. And I am proud of you that you strong and courageous! !
And I hope I though a little bit I can present to you the support. I want that you didn't feel lonely! !
Thanks for your wishes, thanks for your kindness to me! !
I want to wish you sweet night, a sunny day, and certainly in your thoughts! ! !
My gentle and strong embraces for you my darling of Reggie! ! ! !
Yes I missed I miss and I will miss you! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 36
My lovely Reggie is a pity to me that you had to wait so long for my data, but now you have them. And we at present even spoke with you! !
Therefore I think you shouldn't find out reasons of a delay and to complain of agency. I simply don't love the conflicts. And mass media and delays it is quite normal in our everyday life! !
I don't want that you worried about it, promise to me! ! ) ) ) Well? ? ?
I know that you want me to see, to hear. But I can't go to foreign person and communicate with you in Skype. Don't become angry darling! ! !
I respect all your aspirations and interests and is grateful to you that you are so open for me. But I want and very much I hope, you will understand me! !
I very much hope that at you with a knee everything will be good. I very much wouldn't like that it reached surgical intervention... I very much worry about it! ! Keep me informed these events! ! Your medicine is better than ours therefore I hope that at you everything will be good! ! I hope it doesn't cause you huge pain and sufferings? ?
Tell my darling? ?
How you these days of veins? ? I missed you. I know you worried that my letters didn't come to you. And it is pleasant to me that you treated it with understanding! ! I appreciate it! ! !
You know so pleasantly that your parents lived so many years together. It is huge and surprising pleasure, I consider...... And also a big rarity in our life! !
I think you have to note it properly. And many people will admire it, and will bring the congratulations! !
You on a photo stand near very beautiful temple! !
I very much like to visit such places where it is beautiful and quiet....
Where it is possible to reflect, enter into depth of the thoughts, to remain alone with itself and good luck! ! !
To release all bad and to find composure! !
Thank you for a photo, I hope I you also though I will a little please))
I don't understand why you ask that I wrote you the contact information, you after all received them! ! ! Something not so my dear? ? ?
I write to you and I don't want that you suffered on days off.
I want to wish you good days off, good mood... Only it is more pleasant the moments that surrounded my sweet man! ! ! !
Yes there are some places where I think excellent photos would turn out. I think these places I can show to only the dearest person.... And it you! ! !
I think I there I will be model for you! ! !
And we will take pleasure not only the nature, but also silence, our unity of soul..... And you will be able to take pleasure in me in the nature.....
I wish you all fine these days! !
I still only devote to you these gentle lines. Only to you I give the kisses and embraces! ! !
I kiss strong you! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 37
Hello my lovely Reggie! !
You entered into my life so silently and unexpectedly! !
Having touched heart so gently and smoothly! !
Yes I as think that we approach with you everything closer and closer! !
It as thousands kilometers between us start being dissolved slowly....
It is very pleasant to me that you like my laughter! !
I like to bring you pleasure and pleasure! !
You are the most tender man, and the kindest! ! !
I think to you you shouldn't be afflicted you surely you will try my cooking. So and I very much wish that you prepared something for me! !
Start up it won't be a culinary masterpiece, it isn't it. And in the fact of preparation for me darling! !
If honestly I yet didn't manage to enter into e-mail! !
And that you say that sent me the same points on the ideal relations between two loving people surprised me, and slightly shocked! !
I hope that I will enter there already soon and I will be able to read all your letters but while I read them here! !
I everything perfectly understand you and quite agree with you! !
Yes my sister early married! ! But they have very strong family! !
I consider business at all aged. Let it will be 20 or 60 years, it is necessary simply to be able to love and appreciate, and everything will be excellent! !
I am glad for it, and they have very good kid! ! It brings me pleasure, and I very much like to be played with it, or to prepare sweets for it! ! !
Yes to me by bus to go to mother about two hours! ! !
Soon after Easter, we will have a funeral day. When all native gather and go by a cemetery to the dead! !
I will go home soon, I think I will be late there for some days to help mother! ! I always wanted to help it when was small that financially that morally that physically! ! But not everything turns out.
I am not afraid of insects but if they have no teeth))))
Probably I will shout as is loud as Maxwell, and can on hands I will jump out to you! !
Also I will shout rescue me the road! ! !
Looking that there for an animal will be)))
I think that in that how to put tent from me not so big assistant, but I will try very much! ! ) ) )
Yes I want to be for you the unique and most desired woman on light! !
My kisses only for you my most sweet Reggie! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 38
I thought of the relations of the last time much. I also started reading books about it, and you know - I found some of very good thoughts, and I think, they are right about us!
They how to have the ideal relations.
1 . Talk. Always in pleasant tones. Isn't present to shout or swear at each other. You tell only positive words with mildness and kindness. Communication daily. It is the highest and the most careful a love form. 2 . To go together more. To accept for 30 minutes a day. To train, communicate, let out emotions, to exchange ideas, the purposes and to clear any misunderstanding. It normally to hold hands, too! 3 . To execute new and actions together. Enjoy new restaurant, other dish, a concert, unique rest, to visit a class together - something fascinating that both of you can plan and look forward. To study together, and you will be happy. 4 . To give each other gifts often. As well as subscriptions to the magazine, the special book, a heat bath and massage, flowers, surprise by experience, favourite dishes, and many other special things your spouse will use and to be fond. 5 . To write love notes. To hide them on all house - in clothes, pockets, in a box of kitchen and secret places. To send some its or its workplace. To write the letter of passionate love. Express the love in writing on a refined stationery. Attach the gift certificate or crackling a 100-dollar banknote. Use the imagination and to make it a pleasant surprise. And to do it is more often! 6 . Don't criticize, to condemn or complain! It isn't present. Only praises. Recognize good in each other. There is no place for a negative loving and the long relations ever! Your spouse will do the correct things - as you to give an example. 7 . Achievement and maintenance to your ideal figure. It is a gift for itself and the partner. Healthy and attractive bodies also promotes the healthy relations. 8 . Allow your partner to bear responsibility for the life. It or it has the right to define own reality and destiny. Always to respect this choice. Both of you can live the life in own way - harmoniously. Treasures of distinction of each other. Make the best to make life simpler and more cheerful for your partner. 9 . Grow together. In the same the speed and the direction - on similar ideas and actions. It will fasten you together even more leaning thus warm memoirs. (People who don't grow together have to finish the relations and pass to conduct different life. For this reason majority of people divorce. ) 10 . Not owner. Don't act, as though you "" of your partner. To support, encourage each other of a way of life and individual interests. Be grateful in harmony. 11 . Treasure your time together. It can be your the last. Look at it thus, and you will always appreciate each other even more. there are no bases for regrets. To spend time with each other to do everything that both of you like to do. Make it now!Tomorrow can not come. So together - I plan to receive the best time of other part of your life. 12 . It is normal to do everything that pleases both of you. In private, there are no restrictions that you can make together with each other... while as advantage and to agree. Everything that other people think that you do or tell not your work! So, forward experiment - also satisfy each other to a limit! 13 . To be open. For new ideas, experience and the relation. It is a way for pleasure, growth and expansion in your life. Than more you learn together... the both of you will be happier. 14 . To forgive and love. Release the past at every moment. Live in the present. The plan for your future - together. 15 . To be free for offense, anger, jealousy, hatred and envy to each other. It will open to both of you even more mutual respect. Be grateful for your kindness of the assistant. 16 . To eliminate completely argue. In any place, at any time. Especially during food or in a bed. Each person has the right to own opinion. To respect each other of idea, philosophy and outlooks on life. To be Big the listener! 17 . To smile and laugh with each other. The recipe for vivacity and health. You don't judge yourself or your partner too seriously. Relax and laugh more often. Remember that your smiles are right each other gifts. 18 . Look in eyes each other often. See love, truth and beauty in yours a mat. The more you look each other in the face with love - the more you will love each other more deeply! Do it daily. It is very powerful and it is cheerful! 19 . Concern each other gently every day. Embraces. Kiss. Caress. These remarkable ways to show care and love. All of us need it. It is more, than we are ready to recognize! 20 . To develop a healthy lifestyle. The good food promotes more healthy a condition of mind for more significant relation. Eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, integral wheat, grain, hello - celluloses and the low content of fats, low-calorie products. Drink more water. To receive more than the others. You behave I cleared, eats, and balanced. 21 . You hold your house, the car, kitchen, built-in cases, rooms - simple, accurate, pure and organized. It will promote a quiet situation for the ****** world and happiness in your life. It really works! Begin this - already today! 22 . Dress on all hundred. To correspond, accurate, pure, and to be proud of the appearance. As you look, especially in public places - raises your choice of the partner and appearance, too! 23 . Share in financial questions. If you are married, communicate with each other on all your finance. If you have a family business, be convinced, both reported about profit, losses, expenses, etc. Establish financial priorities together. It will help to strengthen your relations which are under construction on trust and an exchange of them. Enjoy construction of your financial future. It is very important.
24 . To accept each other COMPLETELY. As both of you. Don't try to replace each other, uniqueness. Allow yours to change a mat if when it or she wishes. It promotes an everlasting peace. 25 . Tell: "I love you". Daily, many times. Especially, when you wake up and before going to bed. Tell that for other part of your life together. Never to take love for granted. To express it ******, and also with action. All of us have to hear that the magic phrase. He confirms that we feel at this moment. So, to fill the life with millions love moments, speaking: "I love you."
I am so happy that we are on the right track with you my dear!
I wish you today special and joyful day! !
I miss you! !
With great expectations on the answer! !
I kiss and embrace! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 39
Hi my lovely Reggie! !
I like all your words gentle in my party. You are that man who is able to subdue, is able to win heart, to open soul, and to have feelings. How to recover a zavyadshy flower, and my afflicted soul to force to blossom.
To blossom this fine spring, love time! !
As though you didn't call me the main thing it that I feel in you. You are strong in love and in feelings and you can be given them entirely. As I got used to do it! !
In it we with you are very similar. I long looked for the person for whom the love and a family, the strong relations is the most great value in life. Instead of other values which finally don't bring happiness to the person. As though it wasn't rich or well-known, it doesn't mean yet that it is madly happy! !
You agree with me? ?
I have younger sister, her name is Irina! !
I likely said to you that I not from the city, and only from area Nikolaev! ! Here my parents live for hundred kilometers from the city, even is probably a little farther! !
The sister has a family! ! It has a child, he is 5 years old. I often spend time with it! !
I am very often played and spend time with the nephew! !
He is very amusing kid! !
In this regard I rent the apartment in the city, it not from cheap pleasures at us in the city if to level our salaries! ! ! I think you perfectly it you understand! !
When I can, I consider financial and temporary opportunities I visit mother, I help her about the house! ! Though it probably not so often occurs, as though there was a wish or as though it was necessary! !
So I am not the big city girl)))
And I with pleasure would go with you on the nature, and would create there camp.
Would spend night in tent and I fished! !
In total as for the nature and pro-driving time on it, to liking also brings me huge pleasure! !
Me madly pleasantly your feelings, all that you write and you tell me! !
Know I yesterday simply I couldn't explain to you that was going to prepare)))..... You likely thought that I strange, were going to make a dinner, and that itself doesn't know! ! Yes? ?
You still likely with pleasure sleep, but I already wrote you the letter! !
So let the easy breeze will touch your lips and will kiss you from me! !
I embrace you my darling and expensive Reggie! !
Your Oksana! ! !
Letter 40
Hello my darling of Reggie! !
You know this letter for me was not only it is executed by love.
You very much made laugh me when wrote about insects and ours with you the attitude towards them))))
Here it I laughed when you wrote that will run also together with me if suddenly you find out that teeth will be found in insects! ! Haha..... ) ) )
Thank you for good mood that you give me! !
You me will rescue Ou, holding on hands, then I don't know as it is possible to thank you the savior))
I am glad that I can give you pleasure and caress though I and it is very far! !
Yes my laughter sometimes very clockwork, you will be able to laugh together with me even if for this purpose there will be no special occasion! !
After all reasons for pleasure and laughter it isn't necessary for two happy people so after all? ?
I very much love fish and seafood. I hope to me nevertheless it will be possible to try your baked fish prepared by you! !
And it is even better when I will prepare for you in underwear, and you will be my assistant! ! I will have in kitchen very gentle and tender assistant! !
I hope at us with you will burn down nothing in kitchen? ? ) ) ) )
It will be very interesting to me to listen to music which gives your feelings, your state of mind! ! I will take great pleasure, listening to it! !
Well and so, as for the first part of love it is passion. Yes it has to be present undoubtedly.
We have to wish this person, not only to see in the bed, but also near ourselves at breakfast, in a bathroom, on walk. We have to adore each section of his body.
The second part proximity, I would tell, it is necessary huge trust! ! And if though a little in any occasion it reels, it will suggest ideas to reflect. And the person can deceived you in everything. Therefore personally I consider that it is necessary to be frank in everything.
Darling has to be both the friend and favourite and dearest. That person who always will understand and will judge! ! Having hidden something once it everything it to anything good won't lead it precisely will pour out aggression, and! ! And into the duty account, it also is on how many we love the person. After all it is life today you is rich and well-known, and tomorrow you can be the beggar or the disabled person. Here then here true feelings also are learned. As far as you can devote to the person of, the life. After all both and in the mountain people swear pleasure to be together, only what are confident in the words! ! Thank you for wishes, I think I will spend well time with the native. The road as you speak as after operations. I too laughed from this point. After all it is the truth! ! And still there is one plus, communication there practically isn't present, here so! ! Thanks a lot for a photo, very beautiful niece at you! ! She simply plays as a hobby? ? Or perhaps it also any competitions? ? I am grateful that you are at me! ! Such darling, good, gentle! ! I kiss you gently gently! ! Your Oksana!
Letter 41
"Heart, thought, a look, movements - all in yours to captivity again and again already for the 100-th time...
Each time I am more and more convinced that you the one who is necessary to me. The best can't and be thought up. You are my ideal. Such real and inaccessible, You - mine everything! It is the best gift from all that I received. You live not for me. by no means not! But also it will suffice wholly that I can simply see, observe, admire you.
You are externally very simple, but this simplicity brings me to madness. There is nobody better you. You it is unreal charming and attractive, brutal and at the same time gallant... You dement me... I even can't imagine that would be with me if you simply touched me. Oh no... This true madness... You - my madness... so sweet and desired... that I don't want to escape...
You presented to me happiness, the most ****** happiness in my life, already that you it is simple to eat... Also I love you that you such what is... Remain always such, and my heart will belong only to you even if it isn't so necessary for you... "
Close to an instant eyes, present that I sit at your bed. You as though sleep. I iron your hand and gently I whisper all these words as you are dear to me? ?
You would like it my dear? ?
These words are pleasant to you? ? You want in the life of the such? ?
I want to wish only to you pleasantly to spend days off, and not to forget about me! !
Letter 42
My dear Reggie! !
It is a pity to me that here so happened to your knee! ! ! I will try not to worry, but hardly it is possible. In any case thank you that you tell me about it. It that I asked you! !
You don't worry in August even better, I this month have to have a holiday! ! ! Therefore it is quite good! ! !
The main thing that successfully there took place your operation, and fast restoration of a knee. It would be without serious consequences desirable better. I don't want that you had a pain.
But I believe that everything will be good! ! !
It is a pity that you now aren't present nearby, this day I would carry out with you! !
But we will correct it surely! ! !
I would like that you to see though for some minutes here therefore if you will read this letter until the end of the working day, you will be able to execute my wish! ! !
To lick me in kitchen? ? mmm.....
So can specially spill to me on itself cream? ?
Only it is necessary a little, and that you will be tired from sweet, or in general you will stick, and then to us will help nothing))))
I wrote to you into the transfer account, but I forgot the passport, I won't be able to receive it if you don't change it. Or simply return to itself back! !
Thanks to you huge for your congratulations. And that you wanted that this day to make for me colourful, joyful, at you left you can not doubt. And I am very grateful to you for it! !
I give you many kisses for it! !
Your Oksana! !
I embrace you gently! !
And if you now sleep, I wish you sweet sound sleep! !
Letter 43
Hello my darling dear, darling. It was madly pleasant to me, you the first who congratulated me on this day. You are so perfectly ripe this song for me, the congratulation song. Though I also was in a minibus, it was so pleasant to me, it presented to me many smiles! !
You the best, the most attentive! !
You sweetie pie, was very pleasant to me. You have to sleep with pleasure for a long time, and you waited to congratulate me. To me very pleasantly my darling! !
I was at mother in the village, I spoke to you. That there communication on phone of my operator of MTS is absent. I couldn't but answer calls not the message to accept as there was no communication! ! ! Don't become angry about me! ! Well? ?
I only arrived in the morning, and at once read all your messages! ! !
Thanks a lot to you for a surprise. But here such business to receive your surprise, the passport is necessary after all? ? ?
I am very afflicted, I after all forgot it at mother. I will take away now not soon! ! How now to be I don't know ((((
I have one option, I rent the apartment with the girl the girlfriend. It to me almost as sister. It is possible to receive on it? ? ?
I don't know look itself, or simply I will remain without a surprise. But I anyway nevertheless am very grateful to you! !
You are the only person who creates to me a holiday this day, pleases me and it is very pleasant to me! ! !
I too missed you these days! !
I helped mother, at me days off were not lungs, and now the working day! !
I kiss you and I embrace. I will wait for your answer, it is possible and today)))
I kiss you and I embrace my good Reggie! !
Your darling! !
Letter 44
My lovely Reggie! !
I not in which case don't become angry about you, well why you so speak? ? I simply warned you and only! !
I don't want that you so thought! ! To me not it important understand! !
Important that you didn't go to bed, and I waited that to congratulate me! !
Important that you congratulated me the first! !
Important that you called and I sang to me the song! ! It was very lovely and pleasant! !
Important that you remembered this day that you prepared for it.
And that you made to me very pleasantly is important! ! I represent if you a row were. There would be your fine verses, music and a pie with candles! !
It everything that is important for me! ! I want that you knew it! !
The attention and care is important, and anything isn't present more expensively! !
I have to go, today at work I brought a pie and we will note it a little with employees! !
And I am grateful to you for everything! ! For all fine moments that you give me in my life! !
I kiss you with pleasure! ! Thank you for congratulations once again! !
You were very careful today and it is madly pleasant to me! !
I kiss you my lovely Reggie! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 45
Hello my dear Reggie! !
I want to thank you for everything once again! ! For your fine words of a congratulation and for your caress and kindness to me! !
I very much appreciate it! !
I began the days off, but Friday think will be the worker! ! Therefore I won't be able to write these days to you! !
I will miss you! !
But we shouldn't be afflicted, as you all the same always in my thoughts, in my soul and my heart! !
Your attitude towards me is very expensive to me! !
You appreciate and respect me, and it is very important for us! !
How today your affairs? ?
How do you feel?? When you are going to do a knee operation? ? I very much worry about it. It likely very unpleasant procedures! !
And why you speak it is necessary to put needles in a stomach? ?
I about speak, and I have already goosebumps! ! To you likely it will be very sick. I don't want that to you it was sick! !
I will be thoughts with you these days! !
I hope that everything will pass well! !
You trust the doctor? ?
This is the good, clever person? ?
You know at us very bad medicine! !
Once I fell ill with quinsy. I went to hospital, I stayed there two with a half of hour to get to the doctor! !
When I to it went, I already took medicine, including antibiotics.
When I came into an office, it asked you something you accept. I answered da I drink antibiotics, he wrote down what as though it appointed it. Then speaks you will caress a throat, I answered yes. He told perfectly caress further well you can also spray to buy.
Here so it to me wrote out the recipe.
You understand any analyses, at all I didn't direct me on survey to the ENT specialist! !
That is what there can be a trust to our medicine.
Without money you will die on the street who at all won't approach to you. And the ambulance won't take away you even if you die. You have no money, all you are necessary to nobody! !
Unless so has to be tell? ?
Well we won't be about sad. I think at you all in a different way! !
I will make today to myself a campaign in a Spa salon, thanks to you. So I will please myself! !
Thanks to you huge for everything! !
I strong strong embrace you! !
I kiss and miss! !
Your Ksyusha! !
Letter 46
hello my darling! ! ! !
hi, my darling!!!
hello light of my life! ! !
forgive for long separation, for long silence...
I madly strongly missed you! ! !
But I weren't not only at work, but also in the city in general! ! !
Yes at us and tomorrow it will be possible output. I yet don't know, at us officially working days begin in Ukraine only on May 13. And tomorrow still Victory Day.
Tomorrow on all the cities of Ukraine have to pass meetings with the military equipment, with march, and with soldiers.
Also veterans of war will tell us about the feats.
And now I will tell you where I was and as spent these days.
I with the sister and her family, and also with others native and friends went on the nature these days. It was the unusual campaign. With tents in the wood we spent the night. Therefore communication at me practically was absent on phone. And these days were both fine and heavy. It was the campaign after all without any conditions of comfort, without a normal food, and a lodging for the night.
But it isn't so important, the main thing the good company, and mood! !
To connect to the nature, to feel the child of Earth. And to live as there lived tribes sometimes it is very useful, though it is difficult for us. But nevertheless it brings huge benefit and pleasure.
Evening fires and songs to the guitar, it was something fine and brought delight.
But our campaign was difficult we went to the Temple in the country. To which came nearer to Easter! !
It is fine day. Day which bears something in itself sacred and great. Speak while people will bake Easter and to celebrate this holiday, there will be an earth.
But this spiritual, I won't be about it.
I simply want to tell you that very much it was pleasant to me. Here so leaving from the city and city bustle, constant working everyday life, it is simple to take a backpack on a back and to merge with the nature. For an instant to forget about everything and to take pleasure in the nature surrounding us. To which we sometimes at all don't pay attention...
To plunge into the thoughts, to reflect on the life and plans for the future. And that here so passes life in vanity. Year after year, and though I try to enjoy every day any moments in my life. But over time values change. And the pleasure and happiness require a little another! !
In the Temple we were on long service. It was improbable feeling of ease and pleasure. We consecrated the food, everyone thought about intimate, made some wish. Well and any plans for the future.
But I always thought of you, and strongly strongly missed.
I said to you that I will be absent therefore that you didn't worry that I so long am not present! !
My good Reggie and your gift did me good! !
I took great pleasure from procedures in salon.It I was both massage, and different face packs and bodies.
Also manicure and pedicure. And different water and mud procedures. It was a huge relaxation and pleasure! !
And for it you many thanks, was very pleasant to me! !
You have an operation soon, but I hope there is no reason for excitements. You don't worry? ? You don't despond? ? ?
I want to tell you that you kept. Everything I will be well sure! ! You after all at me strong and courageous. And I very much want that you had everything as it should be.
Yes you are right, you have a top-level medicine. And if honestly I am disappointed long ago in ours! !
I have at mother long ago problems with health. And if our medicine was better it long ago it was possible to correct. But here so there live people. Yes you and itself perfectly understand. Even you say that if something not so, never would address to our doctors. And it I think correctly. They not treat Ito can but only ******* (((as though it awfully didn't sound! !
I want to embrace and kiss you strong! !
I hope at you good days now. Though and it isn't easy to you to support parents. To be treated most, and nearby there is no the one who could help and support.
I wish you many forces, patience..... good mood and sunny days! !
I kiss you strong and much! !
Your Ksyusha! !
Letter 47
Hello my darling of Reggie! !
And so I saw your photo on fishing with a rod. Whom you there caught? ? ? I so wasn't for a long time on such actions! ! You very strongly love fishing? ?
I think in it I precisely you I will support! !
Tell when you fish you think of a large catch? ?
Or silent waves of water suggest certain ideas of life? ?
You know I at the same time and I love water and I am afraid of it! ! Therefore I think on water would lick I disagreed)))
And you at me courageous and strong therefore certainly can such allow yourself! !
I am glad that you had fine days off with the son! !
I see on a photo when you with it, you shine eyes. In eyes not to hide happiness. You very much love the son! ! And it is healthy! !
It is pleasant to me that at your country fathers don't forget about the children. As there is it at us! !
At me at the acquaintance the father even by phone seldom communicates with the son, and after all 6 years and man's support is so necessary to it... And that the annoying he nevertheless waits and loves the father. Though that at all doesn't ask about its education, about his life! ! They see each other very seldom several times a year! ! the father doesn't take any participation! ! And in any way to the son doesn't help! ! I thinking my friend won't begin to think out. Yes I and observe it!
And at you it is healthy! ! ! I very much like your photos where you with it play, entertain where you are simply happy nearby! !
You are very good father! !
I hope it so, but you created about yourself opinion for me very good, sensual, judicious and skilled person! !
I think I am not mistaken! !
You see even worry about the friends, try to help them! ! I hope your councils will set them on the right path! ! Because if children still the small will lose a family, well why to them such trauma! ! I don't want that children grew without the father and mother. Everyone after all from them wishes to grow in normal and loving families. The mentality, and physical condition, both mood, and pleasure, and desire of life depends on it them both! !
Yes I also consider that the wife of your friend arrived very humiliating and incorrectly. Here such acts after all destroy something sacred, feelings! ! !
Though it isn't right if often drinks with friends. After all the care is necessary to the woman! ! She very much is tired on care of the child, and it could help her though occasionally! ! !
It simply starts becoming angry to it and it is bad! !
I they hope in time to see reason, there are no wish that one more family broke up. And they to you dear people therefore I don't want that it caused you also pain! !
You have rainy days. And we on the contrary had long ago no rain. Also the earth suffers from it.
I when called mother, she is very concerned by it. As some vegetables on a kitchen garden were planted.
But the earth completely dry and practically grows nothing. Except a grass certainly angry)) I have to go, today a holiday in Ukraine, the Victory Day, you know likely! !
in this regard we have a reduced day today! !
I will write to you tomorrow my darling! !
My light in my life! !
Pleasure of my soul! !
Strong I embrace and I kiss you my dear! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 48
Hello my beloved Reggie! !
I received from you pleasure two in one? ? ) ) )
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters! !
Yes you are right, you very accurately and specifically tell everything to me about yourself and about the representations of ideal family life. And it everything is correct, we have to be sincere and trust each other! !
This important beginning of the relations! !
And strong base for their construction! !
There is no one native nephew at me! ! But cousin there is a lot of)))
At me 5 cousins and sisters and it only on mother! ! and at them at everyone on two children))
Therefore we are rich with it)))! ! !
I have a father, but he doesn't live with mother together. Therefore it isn't so pleasant to me to speak about it. I don't hold the evil on it. But likely grudges I beared a little! ! But its it doesn't interest therefore except how to reconcile to it to me remained nothing! !
It is long history in my life! ! whether I don't know it is interesting to you! !
If you want, tell I then to you I will tell in the following letter! !
But I have mother and I very much love her! !
She strongly is ill and it is heavy to me to look at it! ! Because I can't help it anything! ! In general it is very sick and bad when people dear to you are ill! !
Yes we with the sister prepared Easter cakes for a holiday! ! Also it turned out enough not badly! ! I always have a good dough! ! Sometimes mine nano?ia asks that I baked something for her family. It can be lazy simply a little certainly! ! ) )
I consider food it is necessary to prepare always with desire and love! ! Then the dish will be very tasty and useful! ! ) )
My lips to touch your lips silently and carelessly in night silence.... You silently without opening eyes you will enjoy my sweet kiss. Only silent breath will excite our reason. My hands gently to touch you and will caress... and we will be dissolved in the friend the friend..... I think of it when I fall asleep or to me is simply lonely! ! And it gives me hopes fortunately with the beloved! !
You became me very dear person in my life. And even part it! !
I always think of you, and you seldom leave my thoughts)))! !
Thanks to you my dear for your warm congratulations, wish sparking, gentle words to me. It isn't simple words, and care and attention words to me and me it is madly pleasant! !
I sincerely hope that at your friends everything will be good. But it will be if certainly at them in a fit of temper still there lives love! !
I want that all families which swore to love each other eternally, reflected on it and stored each other, protected love which connected them. And so was always.
You know to me very pleasantly to look at here such episodes, it depends today I went for work in the bus. The elderly couple, years already likely on 80 went, and it speaks warm my hand and that it froze! !
It gently took her hand in the and ironed..... I am proud of such people who for such for many years, having much worried and good and bad, and difficult and cheerful kept in the souls and hearts here it is tenderness and respect to each other. All the trepetnost to darling! ! It is very pleasant to me and when I see here such couples I always lovely I smile also I admire such people. It is very pleasant to me on such to look. And I very much would like that I had all exactly so! !
My mother now fell ill and I some time won't be able to take away the documents. They to me while unnecessary especially. And here the condition of mother very much disturbs! !
You were already morally prepared for carrying out operation? ?
I think it quite difficult and unpleasantly. But it is our life and all of us worry not only the pleasant moments! !
But at you everything will be good, and you have to be healthy! !
Very much it is pleasant to me with what you tenderness you tell about the son. You very much love it! ! And it is good. You will be the careful father and I hope the same husband))! ! !
I now have to devote a little to work. And all these holidays strongly weakened that, and somehow and work doesn't go))! !
I gently embrace you and I kiss! !
Always your Oksana! !
I wish you pleasant days off and the solar moments in your life! !
Letter 49
Hello my beloved Reggie! !
It is very pleasant to me that I can present to you though a little happiness! ! ! Such person as you has to be happy and we love! ! You it are worthy! ! And I very much hope that you nevertheless still will find! !
Yes a subject concerning the father, for me not so pleasant! !
As mother with the father don't live already long time of years so 15! !
They live in one settlement, but not together! !
I won't tell that I am afflicted with it. This already remote past, but is a pity that he never was interested in life of my or my sister! !
It was very sick and unpleasant to me when he even on Birthday didn't congratulate never! !
I visit him, I don't have to him rage of anything.... But sometimes here this children's pain wakes up and lets know about itself! ! I feel simply sorry for mother, she grew up us, learned. All the forces, it in it didn't take a fate. And if honestly I a little indifferently likely treat it. For many years his indifferences to me couldn't affect my attitude towards him well! !
But I always at a meeting will approach to it and I will kiss, I will ask as it put... But it not those relations which would be to be had with the father! ! It didn't suffice in the childhood. And perhaps also doesn't suffice and now. But I seldom reflect on it.
Mother for me is now the dearest person on light! ! But certainly better the full-fledged family isn't present anything! ! Therefore I wouldn't like that my children endured such episodes in lives through which I had to pass! !
But mother correctly I made that divorced him! ! After all it is that person who that nearby that on distance, it is identical! !
But I for what don't blame nobody. Everything developed as it developed! ! And now anything won't change any more. In any cases the father, is, he is live, and thank God! ! !
Well here such it is history! !
I respect your attitude towards parents. And they were lucky that they have such son as you. Careful and patient Reggie! !
Even more often you come up against awful situations when children have no desire to look after and help parents. Violently defining them in retirement homes. Thus feeling drops of pity and a remorse. Everything that interests their these are apartments and inheritance! !
It is awful cruelty. And unfortunately it becomes more and more. Few of very kind people! ! But is still fortunately! !
Well we won't be about sad. And that my letter today the very sad! !
Here to you joke:
I am engaged ten years in a kickboxing. And my wife is engaged seven years in karate. We not we quarrel, to us it is terrible!
What you prepare in a way for operation? ?
At present you are disturbed strongly by a knee? ?
Rather to you to endure here these moments. You when speak about needles, at me goosebumps go on skin! !
I have today a lot of work, all holidays ended therefore it is necessary to be engaged somehow in work and to direct the thoughts on it))
Now on me big responsibility lies. The sister went to business trip therefore her son remained with me! !
Now every morning I will take away it in a garden, and from work to hurry to take away it from a garden! !
Therefore my evenings will be now taken! !
I think my all attention will be directed to it! !
Well I hope that at me everything will turn out! !
I think today I will come into the mail and tomorrow I will tell that I there found))
And concerning Skype while I can promise nothing! !
You these days off saw the son? ?
How its affairs in school? ?
There will be summer vacations soon? ?
You told it about operation? ?
And what your parents speak about it? ?
They likely very much worry for you! ! It that isn't desirable for them now! !
Everything my darling and dear man! !
I would speak with you indefinitely, but the debt calls! ! ) ) ) You now I think with pleasure you sleep! !
Therefore I send you a morning kiss! ! The gentle and sweet kiss on your lips, presented by me let will present to you good mood and health! !
Good to you day today and warm sun! !
I embrace you strong! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 50

Good morning expensive Reggie! ! !
I don't understand that you become angry, I when sent you a photo in a bathing suit, I didn't say to you that on this photo I. But if you want, our first quarrel, it is good, let will be so! !
I sent you the girl in a picture, with a perfect body and suntan, this that to what I aspire and that I want! ! !
You strongly negatively reacted to it, it became very unpleasant to me. After all you at all didn't ask who it were? ? ?
Can do it someone from my relatives, or the girlfriend, or simply picture from the Internet. You became angry at once, and wrote me angry messages! !
I always try to be extremely frank and honest with you! !
I always lift a tube when you call. And when I don't take the call it doesn't mean that I don't want to talk or still something! !
Hands can be simply occupied from me, or I can go to shop or on the street, without having taken with myself phone! ! Often, when I go in transport, it always standing. As buses at us are always overloaded! ! Both you keep one hand and you stand on one foot, I can't lift in any way a tube you understand? ? I can sometimes disconnect a sound that didn't disturb from work, and itself to lie down to have a rest! ! !
I think in the relations the main trust! !
And you start doubting! ! Whether so! !
In everyone cases I apologize that brought you such unpleasant emotions! ! I didn't want to cause you pain or chagrin! !
Therefore I hope you will calm down, I don't want that you were upset.
I came today into mail there a lot of interesting and even the unclear. And there is a lot of many letters. I need a lot of time that them to read all! !
There are a lot of links and all the rest.
I hope there everything to me it will be available and clear! !
I yet don't answer all questions in your last letter, whether as I don't know it interests you still! !
I in your morning the message read big chagrin! !
Therefore I look forward to hearing from yours for our further communication! !
I still kiss you and I embrace with pleasure! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 51
Hello lovely Reggie! ! !
I am very glad that you aren't angry and we found out our misunderstanding! !
I am guilty that didn't explain you everything at once, without having thought of your thoughts! ! But we won't come back any more to it! ! I perfectly understand you, and I don't want to do you more unpleasant things! !
I already picked up some photos, and I think the other day our management of firm has to be away and I will be able to send you them. I will make it efforts to make to you pleasantly! !
You asked me some questions in the last letter, I now will answer! !
Yes I very much like to go by the bicycle! ! When I was at mother, just remembered the childhood and driving attempts were made! ! There is no everything passed successfully! ! I didn't fall both knees and elbows remained whole and safe! !
I remember in the childhood I studied a driving by bicycle, anybody didn't teach me therefore grazes and scratches was much. But also there was a lot of delight when I nevertheless learned to ride and a lot of pleasure! ! But that the most ridiculous I remember so it that I learned to go, and to brake isn't present! ! And when I went and already the street came to an end, I had a huge panic as I didn't know that to do to me. And as to stop it! ! ) ) )
It was very ridiculous to observe from outside likely the passerby! ! Simply still the bicycle was not for my age! ! I needed as to jump off nothing from it and it went further! ! Here bitter experience was such! !
I didn't suffer at that time, and it was a little! !
So I am ready to new adventures! ! And the more so if you will go nearby)))! !
I went by a horse, but only in the carriage as though by walk! ! But I very much want to exploit! ! I have long ago a huge desire! ! I don't know why, can not there were opportunities or wishing to divide with me this entertainment! ! Though is both horse farms, and such services. But meanwhile it remains only in my desires! !
If honestly the ballet I don't love that! ! Though if the good company and if something everything interesting that is possible! ! ! ) ) ) And museums if it is any finds archaeological, something interesting from history. Here yes of course curiosity above all!
I consider it very interesting, informative and drawing attention likely everyone! !
Whether I don't know I believe in newcomers from space. I didn't see them! ! And you saw? ?
You trust? ?
I if honestly not so reflected on it and I don't wish to see them! ) ) )
And you are afraid of newcomers from space? ? You likely saw enough many awful movies)) I joke.....
We know nothing about it. Therefore I am not afraid! !
Today I hope you will have a fine solar morning! !
Having opened eyes present that I nearby and kiss gently your lips, sometimes biting them! ! I think to you pleasantly? ?
To feel since morning of not lonely and to feel care and caress of darling very important and pleasantly. Then day with the lightened mood and pleasure begins! !
And the spring becomes even finer and even more pleasant! !
And you go down the street and you smile even to birds. And their singing becomes such pleasant and melodious! !
As though they sing for you in order that you smiled! !
Today I wish you such sweet awakening! !
You now have a difficult preparation for the future correction of health. Therefore eat more vitamins. Believe in the best and hope for the best. Also you will receive success! ! !
Everything has to be good! !
I embrace you very strong! ! !
With thoughts of you your Oksana! !
Letter 52
Hello my beloved Reggie!!! !
Today a fine sunny day, also I think an excellent occasion to give you a long-awaited surprise! !
I will be able to send today you some photos! !
I they to you think to be pleasant and will bring pleasure! !
I miss you every day, I want that you knew it! !
And when I don't receive your letters it me frightens a little! !
You became for me rather dear person. And important in my life! !
As you took a place not only in my thoughts, but also in my soul! !
And it is possible and in heart! ! ? ?
It will be a small secret)))
How your affairs today and yesterday? ?
How at work successes? ?
Any news??
I hope today you began day as it is fine as at me! !
You know happens you wake up, without understanding why it is so joyful on soul! !
Here and at me today! !
They say that so can be in a presentiment something good! !
But good you are in my life! !
And I am grateful for it! !
I appreciate each your good attitude to me and care! !
I read with the great pleasure each word written by you! !
I hope that the letters I though most a little can bring pleasures and for you! !
I want to be given to the relations entirely! ! I hope for you the relations to which you can devote all yourself are also important! !
I always wait for your tender words for me, your tenderness and care! !
Your Oksana! !
I embrace your shoulders, I kiss your lips! !
With the best regards!
Letter 53
Hello my darling and sweet Reggie! !
When I see your delight which you receive from me, you at all don't represent as it is pleasant to me. I feel the special woman and unusual when you admire me! ! !
And for it to you many thanks! !
I think it one more your positive moment when you can make the woman happy! !
You can force that she felt herself the finely and favourite for the man! ! !
It that the woman loves and from it takes great pleasure! !
You excuse sometimes when you call, I simply not always understand that you speak or ask! !
Therefore if I smile it one more sign of that I can't understand you don't say so!! ) ) ) Well and certainly the first sign it when I enjoy your warm words to me both tenderness and compliments! !
Yes I look fashion and you tease me it a little. As I very much love underwear beautiful! !
I like to feel ******! ! And when you are near, it will be even more demanded I think! !
I wanted to tell you that I yet didn't take away the passport. I have no opportunity to go to mother! !
Now for the summer there are a lot of orders! !
It is a lot of customers aeeoi?aia on the summer resorts, new shops! !
Nobody releases me to go home! !
And there go minibuses not every day therefore it is necessary to ask for leave from work! !
And my severe administration to me doesn't allow to leave! !
You don't want that me dismissed my dear! !
I can't allow it now. As I live on the rental apartment, and I need to pay it! ! ! And also also to mother I try to help though sometimes on drugs! !
I here thought that probably towards the end of a month I will remove the questionnaire on a site! !
After all we already have mail and phone! !
Our communication everything becomes closer and closer! !
And it very much pleases! !
It is very pleasant to me that you received and is so glad to my photos, I have still some photos, more open character! ! But I can't send them meanwhile. Strongly risky at work to do it! !
I they to you would think were pleasant even more. There a photo in underwear! !
Today I as always woke up early in the morning and took away the child in a garden! !
You know at me now as at mother))) appeared duties much! !
And I now understand as it would be difficult to live one and to have the child! !
I sleep a little, he wakes up sometimes at night! ! Behind it it is necessary to look after and be engaged therefore now I give all the time to it! !
But I very much love this kid! ! Therefore I like to care of it! !
Also it is some kind of brings me pleasure as if honestly I need to direct the caress and care somewhere! ! While you not nearby)))
Today very loaded day therefore I have to be engaged in work! !
But also at these moments I don't forget about you my good! !
I now will with pleasure with pleasure kiss you, then once again I will kiss, and then again I will kiss gently! !
After that I will strong embrace and on an ear I will whisper as you are necessary to me! !
Good to you day today and successful solution of all your cares. I here, I nearby therefore everything at you will turn out! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 54
Hello my beloved and desired Reggie! !
I very much missed you these days off! !
Today new working week began, and for you it not absolutely easy will be. I know that you should worry and feel. And itself already I start worrying for you! !
I know, you don't want that I worried, but it is impossible if is honest! ! I can't but think and not worry about person dear to me! !
How passed your days off? ?
I hope you perfectly spent time with Maxwell? ?
Tell where you were? ? Than were engaged? ?
I am sure when you together, he is very glad and to him is always cheerful with you! !
It is very similar to you and loves likely madly the father! !
Well as here not to love you? ? ) ) )
We also with the nephew spent wonderful days off! !
I drove it in a zoo! ! At us if you know very good zoo! !
You love animals? ?
I very much like to go to observe razy animal species. Especially I liked this time monkeys! ! Here these big gorillas! ! They have there the whole family. I so understand mother the father and the child! !
When mother sat scratched there the kid, periodically she likely didn't divide something with the father. Therefore it approached and gave to the father of a slap in the face! !
It was so ridiculous that we couldn't come off viewing of this family picture long! !
Also there were many beautiful insects, and our favourite snakes with you)))
You love snakes so even as well as I am the truth? ? ) )
You likely still with pleasure sleep and I want that your awakening was sweet. When we wake up with a smile, day has to pass successfully and interestingly! !
How your health? ? At present the knee strongly disturbs you? ?
I hope it doesn't disturb your sweet dream? ?
I always think of you and I dream.
In my dreams we with you having joined hands we go on park. Then passing by a bench, you will sit down on it, and I to you on hands! ! ) ) If you not against certainly! ! I will embrace you gently for shoulders and I will press to the ******! ! Gently caressing your hair and the head! ! !
We will stir with you as though there is nothing, but at the same time about everything! !
It will be lovely conversation of two people in love! ! We will smile so sincerely and lovely as children. To rejoice and enjoy the friend the friend! !
You will kiss me easy prikasaniye of the lips! !
And I will enjoy your sweet kisses! !
I want that here such at first sight walks simple postponed a deep pleasant trace in our memory! !
And we had general memoirs, the general moments which heated our hearts! !
I hope you understand about what I, so after all? ?
And what pictures in the head you represent about us tell! !
It is very interesting to me! !
Thank you for that you at me are, I appreciate every day, when you near me! !
I embrace you very gently! !
Also I kiss very with pleasure! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 55
Hello my sweet desired man! ! my lovely Reggie! !
I would think I remained in captivity of your embraces and was rained kisses there by you! !
Can to dizziness or insanity)))? ? ? You want to rain kisses on me before consciousness loss? ? ) ) ) hm.... I think all in ours with you hands! !
I think it fine idea to spend time together outdoors! ! !
You will eat from my hands? ?
I think there is nothing more perfectly to feed the person loved to you from hands.... if you certainly like it! ! !
I think it there would be a touching picture? ?
What do you think??
Whom did you dream to become in the childhood? ?
Whether your dream also came true? ?
I in the childhood very much loved small children! ! Also it wanted to be learned on the teacher! ! But it needs to be had I think a lot of patience and forces! ! Now there are not so simple children, and many forces that to teach them to something are necessary! ! ) ) )
Therefore I refrained from such act! ! But children I didn't cease to love! !
Yes on me the difficult task of education of the child now lies, and the sister called told that she is late still there off-schedule. If honestly I am tired with it a little, likely from not habit))) But I think it normally. Now very active children! !
It is a difficult task for me, I after all had to change to time and very sharply the mode of life! !
Therefore on me huge responsibility now lies! !
It is good that you don't worry before operation! ! And it is correct, you remember my expression, only that who believes in itself(himself), will achieve success! !
Yes I will wait for your call today to support you! !
I want you to embrace strong strong and is with pleasure sweet to kiss on the mouth! ! ) )
Good to you day today and great mood! !
I kiss your Oksana! !
Letter 56
hello my beloved! !
You have to have yesterday very important day! !
The big regret that isn't present me nearby to support you, or to help something......
I at all don't know! !
I don't know as at you everything passed? ?
You sleep now a sweet dream, or perhaps you don't sleep because of pain? ?
I know this hard time for you first of all! !
I hope, you have now somebody a row who could support and help you! !
As everything passed, tell me as soon as you will be able to make it! !
I will wait very much! !
How do you feel??
I very much worry for you! ! And I have a huge hope that everything passed very well! !
I trust your medicine, and you told that very good doctor you will operate, but nevertheless I can't but think and not worry about it! !
I will hope soon to see your letter that at you everything is all right! !
I embrace you gently gently, and I kiss! !
My dear and most gentle man, you strong and everything will be good! !
I believe in you! !
Your Oksana! !
Letter 57
Hi my most sweet and dear man Reggie! ! !
I don't know that you thought when I didn't write, me it was awfully bad, at least from when you didn't know that happened at me! !
Last Saturday I began awful pains in a stomach, I didn't know that occurs, what reason in it. But pain was so strong that I had to call the emergency medical service car! !
If honestly it is better not to get to our hospitals, it is awful! ! ! Doctors couldn't define the reason of pains. And now it is already ridiculous, but to me nearly didn't perform operation on removal of appendicitis! ! ! Is called I ran away from surgeons! !
I have relatives in other city in hospital. And next day I went under anesthetizing ****** there! ! I can't entrust the health to those people who at all don't know that it is necessary to treat! !
I had an inflammation in female system! ! !
It was difficult and long treatment that didn't yet end, but I could return to the city! !
Now it is necessary to continue a course of treatment, there are still some pains.
And I have some concerns concerning work, I long was absent. And now fully I can't start a full operating schedule as I go on procedures. I am afraid to lose work. It would be very much not to noaoe.
To me it was awfully bad without you..... very much it would be desirable that you came to me with flowers. Gently I embraced and I told, don't worry I with you, I nearby, I will preserve you! !
I missed madly you! !
How passed your days without me? ? ?
What occurred new in your life? ? ?
How do you feel.
It is a pity to me that these days, important and difficult for you, I forced you also to worry about me, and couldn't support you! ! !
I think soon everything will be adjusted, and everything will be good! !
The main thing that difficult minutes close people were near. At me after I were in hospital there were very few friends! !
Friends it is those people, which not in happiness with you, and in grief! ! It also is the annoying! !
But me was about what to think, this the most pleasant was thoughts of you, and together with it and experiences about you! !
I after all didn't know as you live, and that at you occurs! !
Therefore very much I want to hear at you, how are you?? ?
Whether you thought of me? ? ? If thought that of what? ? ?
Whether you missed? ? ?
I with impatience will wait for your answer my lovely kitten! !
With big kisses and sweet wishes your Oksana! ! !
Letter 58
Hello my dear
I today I received the offer from my sister to go to sanatorium to the Crimea! ! !
I now go in the car together with it and her family! !
She decided me to thank for that I was with her son, and to carry to receive medical treatment. I will arrive in two weeks and then only I will be able to receive flowers! !
You only be not afflicted, you are very dear to me! !
You can to me while these days to call and write! !
I wanted to go long ago there to have a rest, and now I will be not prevented also by treatment on the seashore! !
You don't become angry about me? ?
Has to leave, and that at the sister from phone will draw out a lot of money! !
Simply everything so quickly turned out! !
I kiss you with pleasure and I embrace! ! !
Your Oksana! ! !
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