Scam Letter(s) from Inga Malinina to Dileep (India)

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Letter 1

Good day to you!

I am very happy to write you my letter now, I feel that now we make the new steps in our lifes. Before you and me were single, we missed love so we started to look for it via Internet... but now, we can get to know each other better and may be we are the same two people who were looking for each other in this big world!! What do you think? Do you agree with me?? Now I am writing you my letter and I don't know what to tell you about me from the very beginning... I want to tell you that you are free to ask me what ever your want to get to know about me, I will answer them with the big pleasure. So please, don't be shy and ask me questions in your next letters!! Ok?:) And first of all, now I want to tell you about me that I am the honest loving sincere girl who is tired of being single. And, please do not be surprised that I am single. It is possible, believe me, I just do not want to be with every guy who will want to be with me, they all need only sex when they see a cute lady as me. I am so tired of this, and I want to find a man who will need me and love me for my inner beauty, not only for my appearance! I do not think that I will find such a man here in Ukraine. I do believe that men from abroad are different, they can love, they can appreciate what they have and adore their women, and I think they are more family oriented than our men... So I decided to look via Internet and I met you... I feel that it will be the start of the strong loving relations, I am very interested in you and I want to know you better!!! Please, write me to this e-mail address and I will answer you with the big joy and pleasure!!! Bye bye, I hope to receive your reply soon!!


Letter 2

Hello Dileep!
Happy to receive your letter today!

I was waiting impatiently for your letter and now I enjoy every your word which you wrote me!!

Thank you so much for telling me a little about yourself, but you know, I do not know that much about you yet! So let's get to know each other at first! Are you agree? Hope so! So tell me please about yourself, about your life, your family, your job, hobbies, how do you like to spend your free time? And you can ask me about anything as well.

And now I am going to write you about me because I know that you want to know me better. As you already know my name is Inga, I was born on the 25th of October, 1985. I live in the very little town Novoannovka, it's situated in the eastern part of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast. I live in a little house with my parents, they are pensioners and I don't have any sisters and brothers. In the childhood I was very happy positive child and I am still a positive active girl. I always look at life with positive look, I try not to see difficulties around me in spite of life in Ukraine is very hard now.... I am the loving romantic person and I always believe in Love, that every person has a second half who will be with him forever!!! I am looking for this Love, for my second half now and I am ready to give all my love in my heart to my beloved man!! So what else I can tell you about me now... oh, about my work. Studying in school I dreamed to be a designer and after finishing school I studied in Trade College, I am a Designer by profession. But finishing my local college I couldn't find a job by my profession, I couldn't find a good well paid job because I had only designer skills but I didn't have the needed skills in this modern world - I didn't know English and computers because I didn't learn them in my local little college. So now I am working as a hairdresser in a little local beauty salon. My work is not well paid, I have very little salary but I like my work because I like to cut hair, to make the different beautiful hairstyles for people. And to see that people are happy after that!!! Oh... my letter is already too long so I will stop and I will write you more about me and my life in my next letter!! Ok?? So please, reply me soon, I am already waiting for your reply and in my next letter I will continue to write you about me and my life!!! Bye bye, I already miss you!! I am waiting for your letter!!

Your sweet Inga

Letter 3

Hello, hello, my darling Dileep!

I am so glad to receive your letter. Was waiting for it impatiently and finally got it :) How are you doing? I hope everything is fine and you are in a good health!

It was very nice to read about you, thank you very much for telling me a little bit more about yourself and for answering my question! I want to remind you that all of your questions are welcome as well, What do you want to get to know about me? Please feel free to ask me what ever you want. And I will know what is interesting for you. Because I can keep on talking about everything! But I am not sure if you want to read about this or that ;)

And now I continue writing you about me and my life. I think that it's interesting for you to know why I am looking for my second half via Internet. Looking at my photos you see - I am the young pretty girl. And it seems that it's very easy for me to find my second half here, in my place or at least in Ukraine. But I had only bad experience in the past with our Ukrainian men so now I don't want to build relations with a man from Ukraine. All men whom I have met - were egoistic, they thought about their own wishes and they didn't want to think about the other things except their own persons. All men whom I met in the past wanted to be with me, yes, but they saw in me only my pretty appearance, my beautiful body but no more! All men with whom I had relations in the past wanted to have me like a pretty toy and not more. But I wanted to love... my darling, I wanted to love so much, to be loved but any men didn't give me any such feelings so in some time relations stopped. In the end I was tired of all such relations so I started to think that I would never find my real love, my second half so I would be single till the end of my life:(( But in one wonderful day I had a client in the beauty salon where I work. This client made the hairstyle for the wedding of her girlfriend and she told me that her girlfriend found very good caring loving man in the other country and she did it via Internet! Oh, it was so wonderful idea and I liked it so much! I thought that I can make the same, to find my second half via Internet too! At least I can always try my luck in it. But in a moment I remembered that I don't know English and computers at all so I would not be able to use Internet myself to find my love in the other country.... but that woman advised me the translation company which her girlfriend used looking for her beloved man. And I decided to use that advice because if the woman could find a real love, very good man in the other country with the help of the translation company - I can make the same too!!! I believed in success when I came to the translation company and now I am more and more sure in it because now I am communicating with you! ;) My darling, I am so happy now because I know you better and better via your each letter and I am sure that you are exactly the same guy whom I was looking for!!! Oh, I finish my letter now, my darling, but as soon as I receive your reply - I will answer you immediately!! Ok?? Bye bye, you will be in my thoughts and dreams all the time!!

Your little girl Inga

Letter 4

Hello, my honey Dileep!
Hello, my sunshine!
Hello, the reason of my happiness!

You were in my head all the time since I wrote you last time and all this time I was waiting when you reply me... and you answered me, I have so happy positive mood now! Your letters make my day and mood always better! Thank you so much for this ;)

When I will get some pictures of you, Dileep? Can you send me some pictures every time? It will make me very glad! And I hope you will like these new pictures of me as well!

So how are you? Did you miss me? How are you going to spend your weekend? I hope you are fine and in a good health!

What would you like to get to know about me, Dileep? Please ask me what ever you want! I just do not know what will be interesting for you! Just ask me and I will answer all of your questions ;)

My darling, I cannot even find a right word to describe you my happiness now?! I am so happy that I am together with you now, I am your woman and since you and me met each other - you returned me the trust that the real strong love can come in my life! My darling, you know that before, in the past men played with me and they wanted to use me only like a beautiful toy, they didn't want to love me and they didn't want to build the long term relations with me.... my life was so sad and unhappy and I didn't know what to do, how to find my second half with whom I can be always till the end of the life. But meeting you via Internet, started to communicate with you I saw that the real strong deep love really exists, your heart is full of it and you are ready to give me all! My darling, you are the wonderful man and I thank the destiny so much for that it presented us the meeting in so big world! I thank you so much for that you came in my life, you are ready to give me all your heart, your soul, your body and now I am completely sure that I can be happy with you and with you only! My darling, I am sitting and writing you my letter now and I am smiling so happy, you can't imagine how much! All this is because I think I love you, I want to be with you and now, communicating with you via our letters I am already waiting when you and me meet personally! I am sure that our meeting will be great, happy, marvellous and after our personal meeting our feelings to each other will be only stronger and stronger! I love you, my darling, I want to be with you and now you need to know that my heart is yours, I am yours completely! It's a pity that I finish my letter to you now but my feelings to you are never ended!!! I kiss you many times and you need to know - I am waiting for your reply very much! Bye bye, have a good day and know that Inga, a girl in Ukraine loves you and misses you very much.

Kiss you many times
miss and wait for your reply
your beloved Inga

Letter 5

Hi, my love Dileep!

I am so extremely happy to get another letter from you today!!! Even more happy than usually because it seems it will be the last letter from you for me for an uncertain time:( I am very sorry that such a thing has happened but as you know I use the translational agency to write you as I don't speak English at all and have not a personal computer, but I had to pay 5$ per each letter to be translated and now the moment has come when I can not afford it any more:(( I am very very sorry for it, honey. I had no intention to disappoint you in any way but there is nothing I can do:(( My salary is extremely small and I can not manage the translational fees any more. Please advice what shall we do???? Shall we lose our contact because of this problem or hopefully you will not let it happen??? I wish I had money for at least several letters then the problem would be solved!!!!! May be you can help me with it a little bit?? I paid for our correspondence in the beginning and now I ask for your help!!! I need some help from your side, I need your shoulder to lean on!!! Please tell me what do you think and if you are interested in me as much as I am interested in you??? I don't want to lose you, honey!!! Never!! I truly hope to hear from you soon and truly hope that the answer will be positive as it means so much to me and hope for you too... I kiss you... Kiss you like my future lover.... Please don't be angry or disappointed with me, I never meant to hurt you... Don't hurt me too, ok?? Inga

Letter 6

Dear Dileep,

I am glad that I was not mistaking when I thought you were a gentleman. No, really, I am glad that you want so share translation fees with me and that we will continue our correspondence until personal meeting. If you really want to hear my voice, here is my number, +380660640495. So I will wait for your call in the evening after 9 pm, but please remember that we definitely have time difference, so please call me by Ukrainian local time, and not later than 11 pm please, I usually go to bed at 11 pm! So I will wait for your call impatiently!

I just hope, my dear that you will be serious with me.. I have never done this before but I was told that I can get your help via Western Union or MoneyGram. I am not sure what MoneyGram is but I heard that Western Union can make money transfer from you to me so I can pay for the translation of our letters. So here is my full name and my home address:

Malinina Inga
Smolenskaya Street, 33
Novoannovka, 53020

You were asking me about amount of money I will need to pay for the translation services, well, per one month unlimited translations with exchanging pictures I paid 200 USD, and without photos it will cost 150 USD, 2 months will cost 350 USD and without pictures- 300 USD, 3 months- 480 USD, without pictures-450 USD. If you want I will ask the manager to send you all the information about their services next time.

And I think it is the last letter from me, and I will be waiting for the continuation of our correspondence with the great impatience! So let me know as soon as possible, and I will maybe ask the translation manager to send you their prices, so you could see what is it like.
Have a nice day and take care, Dileep..

Well, I am not sure if I am able to answer your next letter so I will wait for your help and letters.

With hope again..

Yours, Inga



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