Scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Julian (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear...i thank you for adding me as your friend and i hope we will be great friends as we continue to chat and know more about each other.. am that type of person who has a great respect in a relationship and i also hope you have the same...well i have some picture's here for you and i hope you will like them
Letter 2
Hello Julian,i have been trying to reach you since in the afternoon but i guess you weren't around.. i wanted to talk to you on Skype but you were not there..i have some picture's for you and am hoping you will like them..please try your best to send me yours as well and am hoping to hear from you soon...Regards Agartha
Letter 3
Hello Julian,
How are you doing and i know you are doing great..i just came back from class and just read your message..Take time to find the disc of the photo's as am just glad to see you on skype and it's fine with dear i will go to the Ghana Embassy tomorrow to check for what i will be needed in other to travel and i will let you dear i have been sad in class today as i realise i have make a big remember you said i should get some money on me so that i can spend it there when i reach there..i have go and save all the money that was with me at a Commercial bank and their law say's that you can only redraw it within one month.. .i was afraid i may spend it when it is with me..i later realise that i have not finish paying my registration and its too late as i can't redraw the money left with some few weeks then i will be writing my final exams and am so worried now..i don't know what to do now and i was thinking may be you could help me pay it and i will give it back to you when am able to redraw the money..please do this from your kind-heart and this my cell-number 00233543267880 text me on my phone when you are online so that i can be with you on skype..hoping to hear from you soon
Letter 4

Hello my dear,i think you are having a bad connection dear please try your best for me and i promise you never going to let you down ..i think you may need some address in other to do the transaction and here it is
This is my sister's id and i will get it if you send it
Letter 5
Hello my are some picture's of me and i hope you will like them ..
Letter 6
Hello Julian,
How are you doing and how was your night as well..i hope it was all great and here are some picture's i said i will be sending them to you today..i hope you like it
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