Scam letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Scott!!! Many thanks for your correct letters. I thank the god and destiny for an opportunity, considering me to get acquainted with you. You - not as it is important for me to read your letters! As though I wanted it, your feelings to me really were more than friendship! I cannot hide all tenderness more and the mad appendix to you. I do not know about you anything, if not the name. Cannot, it - silly, but I never before such feeling. I think of you, about us. I never meet from the person, more sincere and sensual, than you. I want to be with you, to touch you, to feel tenderness of your lips, high temperature of your breath. Your kisses would reduce me from opinion. I want to bring to you only pleasure, to caress you. Each part of my body would like contacts to you. The strange feeling pulls me to you and unites us. At night I again cannot fall asleep. I think of you. My close shouts. And I do not know how to calm a pain. You feel from my life. I hope, that in you all is good. It I calm me and a pain. I simply want, that you were happy.. I close eyes, and I feel, how you concern to me. I the whole you, the whole your sensual lips, a gentle neck. I know, you are created for me from the easiest dreams. I am afraid, which this life can transfer without you. I cannot lose you. You mean for me too much. You to give me hope, not promising anything. It reduces me from opinion. It to me to make, in which all was in another way. I ask the God, that you did not take offence at me. You are free and can do everything, that will want. If you will want, I can belong only to you. I very much am afraid for you. I very much wait for your letter and meeting with you. I can hope only, that all my dreams will be executed. All in your hands and you are free in your choice. I know, which before we shall decide to meet, should pass a lot of time, and we during the beginning should study each other better, should hear a voice the friend the friend. Forgive to me, there can be this letter, frightened you of my passion, but it is valid you, does not satisfy. I would like to be with you sincere up to the end, only. I want to admit you, it 3 years ago I have left one Russian person. Then it seemed, that I love it, we have met almost 2 years but then I have learned, that it deceives me, a lot of time changes on me with other woman. We have left and did not meet, it - is more. Therefore I any more do not believe the Russian men. You seem, that to me not such, you suggest also cautious. It seems, that if sometime you will choose me, you will not deceive me, and I shall love you all a life. Probably, you think, it also I speed up events, but I write to you the truth. I do not want, with which you have tired with reading my letter, therefore I stop to write. Please, write to me more, I like to read your letters. Yours Dasha!
Letter 2

Greetings my dear Scott!!! My dear yes I now I believe you!!! My dear and you trust me? In fact to start to build love first of all the trust is necessary!!! My dear I wait for the answer!!!! My dear you smoke, drink? How many, where? I do not smoke, I do not drink!!! My dear when your birthday? You would like to meet me soon? I love you!!!
Letter 3

Greetings my dear Scott!!! My dear I thought yesterday of that that you suggest. My dear I not against our meeting. My dear Scott I agree. She can solve all our problems. We can understand our feelings each other. My dear it is a meeting it is necessary for us, I agree. My dear there is one problem. I have finished medical university. My dear I work as the nurse. In hospital. Scott I think you know what salaries in Russia, at doctors. My dear my salary 150 $. Me suffices for a life and to pay my accounts. But my dear I do not have superfluous money to travel to you. My dear I understand that it silly, but I am compelled to ask your help. My holiday will be this month. It begins on August, 11. My dear also it will be prolonged till August 31. We can be almost month together. My dear travel to you will cost 1500 $. I have no such money. They simply are not present at me. I tried to ask them my mum, but at it too was not present. All my girlfriends work in same hospital, and receive as much as well as I. My dear it is a shame to me to ask you money, but I do not have other output. You can help me? My dear I want to be with you, but for me are necessary money for my trip to you. My dear if you can help me write to me, and I learn the exact sums of my travel of travel agency. My dear I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely yours Dasha. My dear you have not answered me you help me or we shall not be together? To me to learn the exact sum whether or not? I love you!!!
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