Scam letter(s) from Suzan Aude to Dileep (India)

Letter 1
Hello dear,

Thanks a lot for your mail and also having more interest on me through my profile, as I am also ready to go into a deep relationship with you so that both of us will know more to each other and understand ourselves together.

Here is my pictures attached and I will also like you to send me your own pictures as well so that both of us can move on from here.

There is something which I will also like to inform you later as I don’t know if you can understand me as well.

Letter 2
Hello dear

Thanks for your mail but the thing which i will like to inform you about as i have been keeping this to me untill i found some one who can handle it up with me and some one who cannot go and start telling another person about this matter as this is my life hope too .

Well it is all about a funds transaction of 9 million us dollars that belongs to a man who wanted to get marry with me if not that he died so since then i have tried all my best to see that i transfer this money out from here but because of some documents the bank must surely ask us to get which i cannot get all the whole money to use and get them before they can make the transfer , and also my family members are after me which i want us to finish up this transaction soon so that i can move out from here .

If you are capable to do it with me let me know so that i can give you all the details about this funds .

Letter 3
Hello dear

I am so happy again for your mail message back to me , well all what I need to tell you and assure you in this matter is that this transaction will not bring any problem or risk to you or me as we move on you will see by yourself how everything will go on very fine .

The amount in the bank is 9 million us dollars which before the bank must transfer this money to you there are some vital legal documents the bank must surely ask us to get which will bear on your name , so that they will now have full power to make this transfer to you .

Also the account were this money is been deposited for so many years here has become dormant that is the reason why too the bank must need us to get all those legal documents from the ministry of justices here and ministry of fiance here before they can now have full power to activate this funds from that account ok.

From all investigations I made so far getting all those legal documents will not cost us much and because of my present condition here now I need you to act very fast so that this money can be transfer out from here to you so that I can also move out from here because of the way the family of my late husband are doing on me.

Now I need all your details information’s which I will use to go and program here in the bank file as the beneficiary to this money after doing that I will now get an application and send to you so that you can fill it up and send to the bank email .so that they can approve the transaction on your name and tell you what next you have to do.

Here are the information’s I need from you .

(1) Your full name_______________________
(2) Your contact address_________________
(3) Your Tel number_______________________
(4) Your age______________________________
(5) Your occupation________________________

Trusting to hear from you immediately,
Thanks & best regards,
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