Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Cherviakova to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Good time of a day to you Frank!! How are your doing? I wait for your answer but I have still nothing. Maybe you didn't receive my last letter with photos? Tell me, please! I miss you and I want to make us closer..) if you also wish that of course!:) at least we can learn each other better, why not?:) agree?) Maybe you is busy and you didn't find time to answer me yet? I keep waiting for your reply and want you to know I am interested in learning more from you!
I hope all is fine with you. I'm waiting for your letter so much... Svetlana,
with best wishes!
Letter 2
Hello to you, Frank!
I am happy to see you here! I am very glad with your answer!! You sincerely liked my photos?? I was chosen that long time before managed send that pictures in beige dress for you..;) Now, reading carefully your letter, I feel for sure I was not mistaken to make that first step and write you! You is very interesting person ;) I am so deeply touched with photos from you! thank you for sharing them with me!! I want to mention what a nice and stylish man looking at me from that pictures;) you is charming and very bright man! And then I see how life positive and kind you is - I like that!! you near children looking even more handsome and happy then you is!:) this is feeling how much you love them and what a great and tender man you is! you like living in Bonn? I hope that city didn't suffer from recent flood witch was in Europe? Reading that Bonn is famous with its orchards I am sure now that is a lovely place..) you is a well done military man and now being retired you can enjoy life fully;) you know? the most important is that while your trips to LA you understood you made a good choice choosing German:) this is what is the most important - to live there where you feel harmony! I so much enjoyed reading your words about Bonn, that how you feel living there.. I also felt I will be happy to see that with my own eyes..) and of course with such a guide like younear!:) OK?:) This is very good you have a chance to make trips - traveling this is interesting! I have never been abroad.. But I would like to see world or at least some interesting places!) Main thing - to make that with dear person near! Making all with person who is dear to you is better! mmm, I like that you is high. big man:)))) My height is 163 cm, seems we will look nice together) agree?:) I am sure you is a very great father..
this is feeling just how kind and attentive you is! wow.. 10 years not seeing them..
why for so long?!?!? I am sure now, when your daughters are grown up women they will have a wish to meet their father!
maybe you will try to contact them?!?! I like so much that fact how sincere and romantic you is.. I faced man who are not tender and I am a woman - I want to feel that I am loved! I feel your care even through lines already! I would be honored being that kind of woman you search for. I do hope I will have possibility to make you happy! I have wish for that at least!) I never made skiing.. I want you to teach me, please!:) will you make that for me?!:) I am also interested in more of that railroader! what is that and how to make that:) sounds interesting and I would like to try:) I like your plans as for August or September..:) I will be honored getting closer with you and of course for me meeting this is also very important!! Letters this is beginning and only meeting can get people really close!;) Now, as I promised in my previous letter, I will tell you about myself:) I'm 28 years old, I am Aries (if that means something..)), my B Day is on 12 of April. I'm from Novosvetlovka but that will tell you nothing, I think you could know Lugansk better :) Lugansk is a city where I got education and now found job. That is good and hard in the same time: I need to ride on buss to Lugansk and back to Novosvetlovka every morning and evening. I am not in position to rent flat in Lugansk... My main job is seller in women's clothing shop. And in evenings I have my second job - my safety-valve! - work as a belly dance trainer :) I have some pics from recent concert..)) can attach them in next letter, if you want..:) You might think this is not serious.. but believe me - that is also fitness and a lot of women wans to move nice! I also have two groups of children from 2-5 years;)) Such cute girls!!:) So usually my working day takes 11-12 hours daily. Saturated? Yeah :) My parents are officially divorced but living all together... Maybe sounds silly but Dad has nowhere to go. Long and hard story - in past he faced alcoholic experience.. But now he is free from addiction! Now you see, I simple has no time to find a man.. Glad there is SUCH way like we met each other. Who knows what we will have then?:) I belive our meeting is not accidental. Let's find out what is waiting for you and me, for US! I will be waiting for your next letter impatiently.
Please, write me. Tell me your thoughts. I will be waiting! P.S. Now you can see more photos in this letter, hope they will keep your heart warm till next letter! Good day to you I wish,
with care - Svetochka
Letter 3
Hello tender Frank!!!
I wish smiles to you!!! I couldn't imagine letter from a man can make mood SO much higher! Thank you for your reply! I am thinking about you all the time. Your answer giving me confidence that I was not mistaken to listen to the voice of my heart and contact you. I am glad so much with your awesome photos!! you is super man and your style, your eyes and your happy smile - all that is impressing me so much!! you looks super and that photo with princess with you.. you are perfect looking together just - this is seeing what a great time there you were sharing!! he he)) I am glad with your congratulations as for my B Day;) yes) better later) and next year..
hopefully you will congratulate me in time and maybe directly?!:) I so much like learning more about Meckenheim!
this is so interesting to learn more about that orchards and A small town in Germany:)
Bonn is a very nice place also, for sure! that is nice flooding problems didn't touch you!
because that was a real disaster! he he))) I am happy that 15 cm high heels are OK for us:)) we can use them in our bedroom:)) agree?!:) that is so interesting to learn more about your car work, about that how you is interested in that and what a well done man you is!! this is feeling that what you making is really your passion and this is great!!:) he he.. yes! I never thought that luggage of tall people will be more with weight then mine.. but that is!!
interesting.. then flying companies maybe should take that into account?! that is not fair other way... you see?!?! day after day situation with children getting better.. a little bit, but still!!! not all so fast.. hold on!! I am sure time will put all on its places... I would be glad to support you!! OK?:) thank you for that care and attention you gave to situation as for my Dad! You is very gentle man... I am also here much tired of lonely nights.. I am sure that is not fair for people to sleep alone!! I feel hard to put all what I feel and want to tell you in one letter, you have such feelings??:) Few days ago we were living without knowing about each other even and now I am getting more addicted to your answers:)
And no discomfort we are from different countries, right? If only you knew how often I heart from friends, when I decided to search a foreigner, that to have relationship with a foreign means to move to another country and to leave everything, and that would be too hard... But why everything? If love will be found!)) Besides I am ready for leaving Ukraine when that will be needed, on a way to happiness I agree at that! I believe that life without love is senseless, it is just an existence. Do you agree with me, my dear Frank? Please, tell me your opinion. I am caring, loving, very affectionate and devoted lady. I want to present all my feelings, my tenderness and passion to my second half! Unfortunately I don't speak English, I use services of the translation agency. But I am sure that idea wasn't senseless because we found each other! Agency provides us with translations of letters and Internet service. I sincerely hope that you are not disappointed in fact that right now I do not speak English. I have a great aspiration to learn English as soon as possible because I am serious in our relations! Please, tell me, do you believe in me, Frank? I started waiting for your next letter. I am interested in you!!! Warmly,
your Svetlana P.S. Here are my photos from concert of belly dance, as I promised. That is from end of 2012 year:) What will you say about these pictures?))
Letter 4

Hello unique Frank!!!
Hello baby, Frank!!! I thank you for your letter!!! With more of your lines I am feel more secure about us! I am really glad that you understand how important it is to keep close contact with each other! thank you so much for your photo! you is man looking at whom I feel shivers all over of me.. I feel care and passion.. I have a huge and deep wish to get closer to you!! I so much like looking into your wonderful eyes... I just wish them looking directly on me...
and feel your warm body next to mine! mm, I am happy you liked my photos and I will be glad and happy enjoying dancing for you;):) ONLY for you:) he he)) I liked your thoughts about umbrella like a weapon)) actually, yes;) cool man with cool taste - only German cars. I heart they are the best in a world! I am glad for that you told me about Meagan and her phenylketonuria. I heart if to be on diet and to be keep eat very careful lie will be full and OK! Today's your reply showing how you treat me seriously, how sincere are your feelings. Actually all that what is important for me man to have - you has! You is well-educated, intelligent, you understands me like no one else. I like that how attentive you is. Never in my life I met someone like you! I feel breathless because of that happiness I have inside!!! My hot heart fills with joy when I think about you, sweetheart! Yesterday I thought what that would be like when we will meet one day. My heart melts and my soul is set on fire with desire to hold you, to spend with you the most magic first date! To look into your deep eyes directly. I want you to know in past I had bad experience, man hurt me, betrayed...
That is why I was skeptical to open my heart, but you easily made all fears fly away!!!
You became so special to me, so dear! I see that you is also very open with me. I have new sense in life, I'm glad you for that! Yesterday I told my Mother about me and you... I hope you is not angry?? She was happy that I have finally met a good man!! She mentioned already changes in me since we started our correspondence! Can you imagine that?:)
Frank, you is the reason I am happy! I am ready to share all with you, I want to promise you - I will do my best to learn language for making our communication easier. I will make all for not disappoint you. I give you a word! Tell me, please, do you feel the same way about me? Do you believe that we could be a perfect match?? I will wait for your next letter impatiently! With care,
your Svetlana P.S. These photos were made specially for only one man - for you! Hope, you enjoy them! I send you my kisses. Do you feel my care?
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Frank,
thank you that you found time for writing a letter to our translation company 'Best Fast High Quality group' We were translating your correspondence with miss Svetlana.
Svetlana was paying for our services here while you were in touch. Now miss Svetlana is not in position of paying for letters to be translated. Svetlana would like to be in touch with you until you are together in real life. In case you want also staying closer with miss Svetlana - we ready to inform you about our prices and conditions. We will help you providing with what is needed for further connection with miss Svetlana. Here our translation group offers services of translations from Russian into English and from English into Russian. We are cooperating with plenty of clients. We have 11 years of experience! Contact us and let us know what information you need to continue your correspondence with miss Svetlana? Write us to learn services, terms of payments and more. All goods to you,
staff 'Best Fast High Quality group'
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