Scam letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Resa (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Deniz! Many thanks to you which have found time for the answer to my letter. It means, that we have placed the beginning for our friendship. I hope, that our correspondence will have continuation, and we can study each other more. In this letter I would like to continue my history about me directly which you knew about the Russian women, at least, about the some people from them better. First of all I shall begin a history about my childhood. I raised the usual girl in usual happy family. Already then I had dream to begin the woman in a white dressing gown, and to devote me to health of ecological people. Therefore nobody has been surprised, when I worked in Medical institute, and successfully it has ended. Then I have left to work. It so is wonderful - to receive from pleasure of work and to know, it today you have helped whom is. Please, Tell to me please about work. From school I have studied the English language, I dreamed, when I can see other countries, study their culture, and the knowledge of foreign language will help me. But unfortunately, I however was not in anybody to other country, if not Russia. Tell to me please about your of travel, it would be very interesting to me about it to know. Know, I very much love Russian wood, I like to enter campaigns together with friends, it so is pleasant - to sit in the evening about fire, to speak with people. Such minutes especially feel association, affinity of people which sit. Such minutes which I transfer, that I am lonely, that about, there not any person of whom all life, will heat up me. And to come home, I again feel a cold of my lonely apartment. But today I know, that in me one more friend it you has appeared. If you knew, how I would like, which you have filled in emptiness in my heart. But I know, that still early to speak about relations, big than friendship, therefore we shall not accelerate time, still send. Today I shall tell to mum about my new friend, it will be pleasant, that in my life there are you, even if you the friend on the correspondence. It is surprising, which is possible to communicate almost with the stranger and so quickly to accept it for the friend. But it is really possible. In some days I with impatience it will be already probable to wait from you for the letter, and I shall worry very much if you will not write to me. Please, write to me your questions, I am necessary on them, I shall answer. Today I stop to write the letter only tomorrow again, to receive from you the letter. Please has arrived to me your photo, and I shall send you mine. Good-bye! Dasha.
Letter 2

Greetings my dear Deniz!!! My dear I thought yesterday of that that you suggest. My dear I not against our meeting. My dear Deniz I agree. She can solve all our problems. We can understand our feelings each other. My dear it is a meeting it is necessary for us, I agree. My dear there is one problem. I have finished medical university. My dear I work as the nurse. In hospital. Deniz I think you know what salaries in Russia, at doctors. My dear my salary 150 $. Me suffices for a life and to pay my accounts. But my dear I do not have superfluous money to travel to you. My dear I understand that it silly, but I am compelled to ask your help. My holiday will be this month. It begins on August, 21. My dear also it will be prolonged till Sentember 20. We can be almost month together. My dear travel to you will cost 800 $. I have no such money. They simply are not present at me. I tried to ask them my mum, but at it too was not present. All my girlfriends work in same hospital, and receive as much as well as I. My dear it is a shame to me to ask you money, but I do not have other output. You can help me? My dear I want to be with you, but for me are necessary money for my trip to you. My dear if you can help me write to me, and I learn the exact sums of my travel of travel agency. My dear I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely yours Dasha.
Letter 3

Greetings my dear Deniz!!! I am glad to receive your letter my dear!!! My dear I yesterday thought of you much. I thought that we can become good pair my dear!!! I as thought about our meetings with you Deniz!!! My dear I thought that this meeting will help to understand our feelings up to the end. My dear this meeting is important for us. You think as Deniz? My dear I would prepare us for a celebratory supper. I like and I am able to prepare well. I would make that that you have asked. What do you like? Deniz I think that is necessary to us will meet you. My dear I learned concerning my travel agency. My dear to me have told that the following documents will be necessary for travel to you my dear for me. The passport for travel abroad, the visa, and tickets will be necessary for me. The my dear passport will prepare approximately 2 days and will cost 80 $. My visa will be 12-16 days prepare approximately and will cost 120 $. There are my tickets they will cost 596 $. The my dear result of my travel to you makes 796 $. My dear yes I understand that this sum not small. But in fact this money are necessary for our happiness. They are necessary that I could visit you. I have learned that this money you can transfer me through system the Western union. She is very convenient. And they do all quickly, and it is very good. Deniz understand that this money are necessary for me for the order of documents, and purchase of tickets. My dear you should write me the full data. I write you the: Dariya Pustovalova The country Russia City Cheboksary Street Mira 31 apartments 78 Number of the passport: 8804784136 My dear we should not tighten with it. My dear you can already transfer me of money this week. I shall order at once documents and tickets. My dear Deniz I hope you of me will understand. My dear I wait for your answer. Dasha
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