Scam letter(s) from Kally Smith to Don (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear,
I am in search for my life partner, soulmate, some one to share the same heart, i really need a real man in my life who could be loving and caring, when i just came across your profile, i am writting you to get my attention, if we will love to share in the joy of our smile together,in fact i want to get to know you.... if we could surely make an angel with broken wings go an extra mile.
I will be glad if we get to know each other and become friends.You never know we could become the next success story on here.You could be my romeo and i your Kally..
i will like if we can be friends for now and see what God have for us in the nearest future. This is my email addres pls write directly to my email box so that i can send u my picture and tell u more about myself as i will like to see some more of your photos and know more about you. Phone Number to reach me 00233-249 393 766,
Thanks i look forword to hear from u very soon.
hope to meet you soon
My Best Regard
Letter 2
Hi Romeo, Wow ... Darling you are really handsome and i love your picture.. darling is your name bosse I am very happy and glad when i received your letter, i am your juliet name Kally Smith.I am single.Never Married....I dont have any kids.I really wanna settle down and have a family of my own...I will be 29 this year and dear i feel age is just number when it comes to a true relationship, i dont think the outer mosty beauty that matters, and what matters is the inner most beauty, the true feelings and understanding, passionate love we can give our selfs ... well is okay we can start has best of friends...... and this my pictures i am sending you because my heart feel i like you..... Here is a few things that makes me happy.....Let's see.. I love to travel. I've been to different places. .. Weekend trips are fun too.I like going to the beach and I wouldn't mind going to LA for a weekend I'm really down for whatever...My aim is to find a Trustworthy man, honest,handsome and my heart must confirm it....I would like to find out more about you I am really serious, which i really wanna get to know you and meet you someday soonest, I really feel I need one who will be special to my heart, that we both always love and care about our feelings, if really there could be one single out there to be special to once heart, i have really been into a relationship before were i got an heart break and i was hurted in my heart, thats is really why i want to be in a true relationship that i will not be chected on or be hurt in my heart because,[ I THINK I AM JELOUS] i am not really confortable when it comes to that ... hope please i dont scare you, but this is how my heart feels. .. i want to know ........ know more about you ....... I grew up in Accra Ghana But I do feel Lonely when I travel..I just wanna stop travelling and settle down...Life can be so lonely.I just want someone Honest who willl be there for me so we can share the things of life together..I can Like what U want..I will be humble to U...Just please be free and let me know anything.. there is another thing that make me unhappy when i think of it, but i dont like just thinking of it, ..... if you care i talk about it in my next letter ... because i really want us to know more and every thing about our self to see what God hold us in the nearest Future. .. I don't smoke but drink occationally non acoholic wine. I Love Kids so much.I look forward to having some if possible from you.I am honest person...... I also really enjoy being outside. Walking, biking,golf, sporting events, amusement parks, going to the pool, camping and stuff like that plus too..I try to stay very active.I am single and with the way you talk,I dont want to search any further, and baby i really want to tell you this that is not the outer beauty alone that matters in a woman, the inner most part matters alot, true heart and feelings .. I feel glad to hear from you.Pls keep it coming..Cant wait to read from you again.
Best Regards.
Letter 3
Hi Dearest, Good morning my romeo and sunshine, its loving to find your letter, reading your letter convince me you are real for me, thanks darling for your compliments .... Darling thank you i know your full name Bo so will i be Mrs Smith,wow... it looks lovely darling, lol.... Darling hope Jenna and johan are doing very fine and great my best regard to them, i hope to meet with them soonest someday .... darling i am very happy today is fantastic, honey hope to visit the village you stay and to meet with you, i surely know you would love to have me on you arms ... . to see the sun shinning from the clear blue sky and hear the birds singing, and we could go for a romantic walk holding our hands together walking in the forest... Honey hope some day we could travel to see the world together with your juliet even to see the moon .... honey it will really be intresting and loving to be with you .. Honey to be sincerel with you i think i am falling in love with you, and i feel i do love you too... honey what do you say about your smoking habit, honey please understand i dont mean to make you unhappy, but i want you to understand is not even good for your health, but i am happy you are honest and sincerel with me, thats how you stole my heart because any other man could tell me a lie that they dont smoke because they know i dont like it, and they will not tell me the truth, Honey for making me know this i diffinately know you will not tell me a lie and i want we both to be 100percent honest with our selfs because is with honesty and understanding we could both build a beautiful home that we both and the kids will live happily together forever .... I love you honey but promise me you will try to stop the habit of smoking, darling please try your best and you will see more of your beauty and how hand some you will look for me, my pride is when my true love is in good health and happy doing well and always in a good and loving mood.... Honey thank you for your promise that since we have found our selfs, you will not search any more has i promise you from my heart i will no longer search any more because i have found my Love and forever love, I love you the King of my heart..... yours Kally.
Letter 4

Hi My Lovely Husband, Honey i have been thinking all about you druing the day, i was trying to sleep tonight i was thinking about you my love, how are you doing, have you taking your dinner, are you watching TV, or went out for a walk, who helped you prepare your warm water for your bath this evening i could not read or write bacause no connection on the laptop and i was worried thinking about you before i fell into sleep and i dreamt of you when sleeping, i saw you kissing me, holding me and making me screen passionately and i woke up and saw it was a dream, i was not too happy it was a dream, and i went to pick up the laptop and i saw your loving letter, honey you bought my whole heart with your love for me...... Honey i cant wait to come over to be with you, live together with you, and we spend the night to feel our body close to our selfs ... and wake up happpily in the morning, seeing the morning sunraise ..... taking care of our self and planing the day together. .... Honey again and again i read your letter and you make me feel loved and miss you kissing my red lips passionately. .... Darling i love you with every beat of my heart, My love Sweet Dreams tonight, i feel sleepy now and going back to bed i miss touching you next to me on bed, i wish you a nice and blessed day tomorrow. .. I love you honey from the bottom of my heart the king of my soul,
Urs Kally.
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