Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Mykhailowa to Anders (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi, my friend Anders! I am pleased to write you! I am simply girl who wants to be happy. I think you are here with the same goal. I can't write fairy tails about me, just try to describe myself as I can and more detailed. My name is Ksenia .My height is 163. I was born in 3.03.1984 and if you are believe in horoscope, my star sign is Pisces. I am generous, caring, and kind. Sometimes I tend to be more concerned about other people's problems than my own. Like I said you before , I search for happiness in my life and I am sure that I can get what I dream about. I want to love and be loved, and I am sure that it is very important part of our life. At first I hope to make nice acquaintance with you, friendship and after, who knows, maybe we will feel mutual feelings to each other. I really want to know you better. To be honestly, I don't care about age difference, sign star and material income. I just want to find my Man. If you are interested in me, we can start our communication, really, I would be glad to know you better. During our communication we could understand if we fit to each other. Do you agree with me? ;) I hope to get your reply very soon ;) Bye for now! Your new friend Ksenia.
Letter 2
Good day, dear Anders! I am so glad to see your reply! I hope, that our star compatibility is ideal! :) Can you imagine I doubted just a little, cause a lot of nice girls write you every day. Anyway I don't want to think like this anymore and want to tell you something about me, because you should imagine who I am:) You already know, that and I am here to find my love. I am sure that everyone has the right to be happy! Do you agree with me? I look for kind man, because our world sometimes can give us some difficulties and I am, like a little girl need in a protection and support. Of course, I am not a weak person, I just want to find my soul mate with who I will be real woman. I hope, that I can find this man in you. My life story is not very special:) I live in Bryanka. I like my town, because it is my native place of birth, but if I will have serious relation I can move to my boyfriend, it is not so big problem for me.
I understand , that I must know English, because it is international language, therefore I start to learn it by myself. Hope, that soon I will speak with you without any barriers. Now I use service of interpreter, who works in private company in my town. I am one child in my family and I live with mother. I grew up without father, that's why I don't have a big experience in building a complete family. Anyway, i know, if both of partner want to make happy relations , they can create strong family. Maybe is so early to make plans:) My job is teacher in elementary school . The reason why I chose this job is very simple, I adore children. They make me happy, because they are not able to lie and open to the world. I like to listen good music, movie to walk with my friends. My favorite sport is free calisthenics. In childhood, I was in this sport, but I hurt my leg and I came back to my ordinary life. Which is your favorite sport? Tell me about your tastes in music, movies ;) Now time to time I visit dance lessons. Honey, I have no computer at my home now, it means, that I cannot use Skype, Google, unfortunately. I write you from office of translation company and it is not free for me. I have no nearest Internet cafe.
But i will try to solve this problem, and until our meeting I will find possibility to see you on-line. Dear Anders, I like a lot of things in the world and I cannot write everything in one my letter to you, because I don't want to be boring with long letter. Just ask me everything what you want to know about me. And of course I am impatiently waiting for your reply. I send you some of my summer pictures. Did you heard about Azov sea? :)
Bye for now. Sincerely yours Ksenia.
Letter 3
Anders ! How is your day? I am fine! Reading your letter to me, I understand that you truly interested in me. You know the same from my side, and I want to reply you, right now. Anders, please, don't call yourself old ****:) I would be very happy to meet you in August! We will go to Azov sea together! ;) Just a little bit about my hobby... I am creative personality, it means I like to do something by my hands from gifts of nature. Of course, I am excellent cook and can make very nice dishes. I like pets, especially parrots and dogs. My favorite singers are: George Michael, Robbie Williams, I like Genesis and Pink Floyd, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson. I like disco and jazz. I prefer quality cinema. I don't like horror movies and action films, because I hate violence. Our world full of not pleasant things, therefore I don't want to look this on TV :) I am very sensitives girl and I can see romantic everywhere... In summer rain, fresh sea, golden beach and calm forest. I can be happy even in cosy hovel, of course with my soul mate...I try to enjoy every moment of life and capture this happiest moment in my memory. Of course romantic music, candles, chocolate and glass of wine, just a little bit:) Honey, are you romantic person? How do you imagine your best moment of romance? I dream to travel around the world and have honey moon in some island... I attached my pictures for you, I want to be the best girl for you.
One of them: I have a repetition in dance hall. Second one, I listen music. I kiss you , dear Anders . Sincerely yours Ksenia.
Letter 4

Hi, my sweetheart Anders ! Darling, first of all I am so glad, that I met you here. Internet allows people to find each other despite of distance, different country and nationality. Now you are one of my pleasure, because without our correspondence I feel myself alone, maybe you heard a lot of story about attitude of men in my country, it is so difficult to find man, who can care about girl. I really appreciate your understanding and your warm letters to my personality. I am sure that I can be good couple for you, I can love. There are a lot of people tell this, just building castles in the air. I can give for you all my care and attraction, if I fall in love I always support my man in any case. I have sense of humor,I adore romantic nights, ***, cuddles. If I love I can be very open and I don't like when people hesitate to much, when they are close to each other. I guess that I find my soul mate;) Honey, I want to hug you right now, just distance disturb us. I want to meet you, and I hope one day my dream comes to reality. It up to us, am I right? Anders, tell me please, despite of my poor English, are you ready to develop our relations? Honey, I want to keep in touch with you and to be with you. Is it possible to improve our learning about each other?
I cannot continue our correspondence now, because I have some debts, unfortunately my salary almost gone and company ask me about my decision to visit them. I have plans to improve my language and buy laptop, but later. I hope, that we will not loose each other . I am little ashamed to tell about this , but I need in your help of my first steps. I hope on your support, Anders. Just let me know, what do you decide. Kiss you my dear and send you my pictures. I am waiting for your reply.
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