Scam letter(s) from Natalia Patskan to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Michael! Wow, I like your picture. You very much interest me!!!
Dear, are you eager to meet a girl who will give you all her love, warmth, tenderness and passion? Do you want to wake up in the morning and see her smile and feel her hot kisses on your lips? Do you want to build a strong castle of mutual love? Are you ready to share your happiness with your loving lady? So? I am here for you!
I hope that our meeting can cardinally change our lives. Registration on this site was prudent step, as overall objective at me here - search for my beloved Man with whom we will reach together tops - of tops of pleasure, happiness, tops of love, success. You want the same???
I am assured, the love opens all doors irrespective of the fact how be closed they can. The love gives wings and uplifts on clouds. Those obstacles which now between us is only time obstacles which together we can overcome, certainly for this purpose important our mutual desire and aspiration!
I hope soon to receive your answer, your reflections and thoughts. Oh, do you like my photos? What think about my summer photo in bathing suit?)
Letter 2
Warm greetings Dear Michael! I like this type of man, as you.
Thanks for the compliment, you know how to draw the attention of females! I was very glad to receive your letter. I like your profile and I am interesting in you.
Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn't the dream destroy reality? Are you agreeing?
Let’s tell you about my dreams. My main dreams to be happy and I want to make happy my lovely man. Maybe you will be him. I want to have lovely and understanding relationships. I want to have a happy family. I want that all members of my family love and understand itch other in any situations. I want to spend more time with my lovely people. I am also romantic person. I dream about romantic evenings with candles, walks on the beach and look together on the night sky with bright stars. Do you like it?
I want to found a man who will be kind, honest and understanding person. I want to have a beautiful, loving und understanding relationships. I want to give my kind and my soft for lovely man. Dreams come true and all are possible that we want to receive from life. I can be a good friend, a faithful wife AND a passionate lover for you. Maybe I will be especial for you. I can support you in any situation; I can give advice for you if you need in it.
I will be very glad to know you more. Can you tell me more about yourself?
What do you like in woman?
I will be very glad to hear from you soon!
With best wishes,
Letter 3
Hello my Dear Michael! I was sdo glad to get your letter! I feel there starts something special between us! I dream of that what near me there was a man with which I was happy. I want that my close people were healthy and happy. I don't have children. I live alone.
I like to make a comfort. I like to decorate room by interesting things. I like to decorate the room, workplace and apartment where I live by with parent’s original pictures, I like to be engaged in floristic and there are many beautiful flowers in my apartment. I like to feel near itself nature, beauty. And creating round itself all of it likes me.
Tell me about your work, you like it? I work in the salon of beauty. every day I like to create beauty, do people more attractive, to underline their beauty, I like to create unusual appearances. I do make up, grow cilia, grow nails and engaged in scenery of nails.
I don't know what is the time to me to be necessary to learn the person through letters. I very much hope that I will be the woman in which you need. With the serious purposes in this territory I communicate only with you. I wish you successful day. I think of you.
I kiss You,
Letter 4

Good day my Darling Mike! I miss You!!! How are you? I hope you having a good day. I want you to know more closer about me so I decided to tell you about my family.
I live alone. I do not have brothers and sisters. And you? My parents live nearby. I'm going to visit them. Just called my mom and said that the cooked pancakes are my favorite. I love going to visit them. My mother always prepares a lot of delicious food. I love since childhood. Do you understand me. The taste of my mother's meal special. The parents remained in the house of my room. There are a lot of old photos. When I come back, there are a lot of memories from my head. So I was very small, still a baby. Here in the camp is already a teenager.
And here is my graduation day. Mom says I'm in this photo I like a princess. I have a magnificent beautiful dress, as worn in the old days. I then had so many ambitions. I then thought and dreamed of how the rest of my life. Almost all come true. I learned, was successful at work, I have been doing things you love, I have many friends. But, lacking a loved one next to him. There is no support and the support, there is no one who will take care of me. And above all do not have to worry about whom I will. I want to love and warmth.
I was distracted from the topic. I talked about my parents. They have always been an example for me. All my life I saw how they cared about each other in sorrow and in joy. Help each other, support, and sometimes inferior. They have been together so long ago and still love each other. And I love them very much. I owe them all that I have and most importantly, they gave me life. This is the most expensive gift. What do you think?
What is your relationship with your relatives? What does the word family for you?
I kiss You,
Letter 5
Hello dear Mike! I want to learn how you behave in different situations. Imagine. We're on a deserted island, and nobody around. I dressed in leaves of vines. I have an orchid in her hair.
Our body is very tanned, under the rays of the sun day
It is not so hot during the day but does not cool.
On the shore of a large rock - our table. It a lot of exotic fruit.
Romantic ocean roars, and embraces us with its warm waves. We bathe in the warm foam.
Sunset. Where will we sleep? We have not home.
Only the endless beach. Palm trees, palm trees and jungle.
But we're on a desert island, we need to get out of here? Or not? What will you do? You will be able to get us food?
How do you save us?
I kiss You,
Letter 6
Hello dear Mike! I was so happy to get your letter. It put a smile on my face.
I want to know all about you. Which sport is popular in your country? Which sport do you like?
Do you have a favorite team?
I like football. All the guys think soccer is a man ... But, it does not. If this thing man, why girls are watching, love, faith, ill?
I'll tell you. I am a fan of "Real Madrid". During the season I watch a lot of games ... Always watching the scoreboard. I watch the news, a lot of time sat on the websites devoted to "Real Madrid". I kept reading and reading and waiting for the weekend, I was madly in love La Liga. I do not miss not one friendly match.
I started watching football five years ago. And initially I was rooting for the Royal Club. I remember the time Zidane, Carlos. Ronaldo. But while I'm not rooting for the "Real" ... I can only say one thing. I just love football. I'm so happy when the season starts .. I think football is not the meaning of my life, but he is one of the most important parts of my life.
Well, I am a fan of "Transformers." You know I believe in this club, and after 5-0 and after the recent 2.3 ... And I have, I believe in "Special One". Jose interesting as a coach and as a person .. As a human being. He loves his boys, he believes in them.
Do you have your favourite team?
I kiss You passionately,
Letter 7
Hello dear Mike! Thank you for your letter! I'm glad that you understood me. Your words are so close to me. Communication is very important. Understanding, caring, sharing the same taste in life is very important.
I love to read your letters too. I like what you want to share their life experiences.
I like to go different ways. Basically I love to spend it outdoors. If this weekend I'm planning a trip to the woods. Not far from my town has a wonderful forest. I love to relax there. In autumn you can pick mushrooms and just a breath of fresh air. In summer and spring, when the heat is already possible to sunbathe on the banks of the river. Generally it is a wonderful place. Just imagine the river and the woods behind the hill.
On weekdays I try to walk in the park near my house, before going to bed. Or on the way home from work, I sometimes prefer to explore on foot through the city. If you have time I like to go and examine the old building. Sometimes wonder how many different people living in them. What fate has changed. And they all are. And they are so old, the walls are impregnated with history.
If I'm at home, doing household chores. I love the comfort, love cleanliness in the house. I've been decorating my house. I do different falsification of fabrics and colors, and decorate their own house. I love when the house is something original and beautiful. Also, sometimes I like to collect the puzzle. This is a hobby for me since childhood. Can I show you a child. But I love this activity and it is so. What do you like doing in your spare time?
I hug you and kiss,
Letter 8
Hello Dear Mike!
Dear, how are you doing today? My hearts hurts every night. My loneliness is killing me. I am so tired to be alone. I wish my beloved be with me all the time. I dream about such a wonderful guy as you are. I realized that i want to be with you. I love everything about you!!!! I decided that today i should hope that i can be with you in the close future. I felt that today i will have an opportunity to be with YOU!
I want to wake up with you every morning and look into your eyes, kiss your lips tenderly... I want to prepare a breakfast for you. I want to meet you every evening and kiss you and spend passionate night with you. I want to give you all my life, love and passion! I wish i could spend every weekend with you. I have so many plans for our future!!! MY dear, i don't want to bother you. I understand that you also will need a time to be alone. I don't want to make you any problems. I want to fill your life with joy, tenderness and love! I can make you the happiest man in the world!
I have so many dreams about you. I want to take shower with you... I would like to walk on the beach with you and hold your hand and watch stars above us. I want to be with you only. I want to make you massage. would you like that? I will massage your back tenderly and passionately at the same time . I will kiss your body, your feet and bit you tenderly. Dear, i so much want to make these dreams come true. But it's only just my dreams... I can't make them come true without you.
I understand that you have many questions for me. I am ready to answer all of them. I would like to talk to you and tell you some more about my dreams. I do hope that soon my dreams will come true. I hope that you understand what i want to tell you. My heart hurts so much because i am so lonely. I cry every night because you are not with me. I am tired of suffering. I want to be with my beloved man! I want to kiss you every night and feel that my body and my soul belongs only to you. Oh, God! I imagine you are next to me and my heart is beating so fast! I feel so happy when i dream about us together. I feel so happy because I feel like i am not lonely anymore.
All i want is to make these wonderful dreams come true. I want to kiss you and caress you in real life. Do you understand me? I don't want to play any games. I don't want to waste my time on games. I want love, tenderness, romantic!
I am a very romantic girl. I know how to make every evening romantic and unforgettable!
Sweetie! You will be happy only with me and i will be happy only with you!! You are my prince, my God, you mean everything to me! You are my hope and i want to be with you!
I am waiting for your letter with a great impatience.
Send you many kisses,
yours Natalia.
Letter 9
Dear Mike! I need you so much!
It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this.
Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength. I cherish any thought of you. I so much want to be with you and live for the day when will be together.
Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss.
I am waiting for your letters with a great impatience,
yours Natalia.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Mike!
It is difficult for me to talk with you on such a delicate theme, but I have nobody but you who can help. My roommate will no longer live with me and I have to find other flat to live in as this one is too expensive for one person only. It will require some additional money as I have to pay 2 months ahead and the fees of agency to find a new flat for me. And all this happen when my working hours were cut as there is no as much job as it was earlier. I am so frustrated dear mike. I don't know what to do. The only thing that makes me smile is thinking that i have you in my life. I look forward to the day you will come to me and we will have wonderful time.
Today my mood is not good, so I will probably just go to bed and have some rest.
I hope you had a good day.
Your Natalia.
Letter 11
Hi my dear Mike!
I am writing you from work. It was so unexpected to get such an answer from you. I was surprised with your offer to help me in my situation. I am so happy right now. You are like an angel to me. You asked about information how to send money. My full name is Natalia Patskan. You can send me money through Western Union. I heard it's very quick and safe way of money transfer.
I kiss you my prince on white horse.
Only yours, Natalia.
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