Scam Letter(s) from Hailey Macroyson to Dileep (India)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear,

How are you today,i hope that all is well,i know this message may come as a surprise to you as we do not no or see each others before,I write to inform you of a great business opportunity that will be of great benefit to us,I am Miss.Hailey macroyson ,i am from SCOTLAND, but i live and work in London, I work with the Metropolitan Deposit and Diplomatic Company London here in UK,this company is where important personnel from different countries keep their valuables for a save keep which i am Director of Operations.

I met you on internet as i was searching with the name of our Late client to see if i could trace any of his relative or business associate to make this claim but without success,our late client named Mr.Waheed Yaqoob,deposited a trunk box with our company as family belongings containing huge amount of money but non of our staffs knew what the trunk box contained but only me.Mr.Waheed Yaqoob, died in an Auto crash with his wife and children in the year 2007 and from the time of the incident till now,no member of his relatives have shown up for the claim.
This was why i decided to search through the internet to see if i could track any members of his relative to inform them of the trunk box deposited by their late brother without any success before i met you and i have the believe that you will not betray me or run away with the money if i should present you as the late man's next of kin to our company for the claim.

The late man deposited the total sum of $7.8 Million in us Dollars in the Trunk Box, and his documents showed that he was a national of your country and lived here in London with his family,before the incident that claimed their lives, although his origin or Nationality does not matter to this transaction,until his death,he was an oil merchant and i want you to also have in mind that none of our company's staff knew what the Box contain,but only me and as i have informed you.The Trunk Box can be released and delivered to you as his next of kin and rightful owner as i am going to prepare documents which will authenticate you as his next of kin and also attach your information’s to his file in our office.

I need to have your urgent respond regarding this business so that i will inform you of the information i will need from you and what this business will take to achieve this dream.

When the deal is done,you will have 45% of the total money and i will have 45% too,we shall set aside 10% of the money to pay back every expenses we may make in the course of this business.

I wait your reply

Miss Hailey macroyson



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