Scam letter(s) from Oksana to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello James
I am very glad to receive your letter.
In the age of, were already advanced and really serious attitudes and happy family want. I think, that you such The person, and I love you. Me oppress, and heart speaks me it.
You write to me and understand me and the answer mutually, that I to you - am not indifferent. And it is very important.
I shall prove you love to you, but it will be difficult for transfer to a word. Love - very much Difficult thing.
But it is necessary to feel and it is checked up together. To understand each other, to show care to loved person, that it Was Possible to divide any problems and to make the decision together.
To be always close to him in pleasure and in mountain. To like, that the friend has helped if to something Impossible. When one person can not live without other person and everything, that they make it for the sake of children.
On the friend I can not explain it.
My hobbies connected to my work, but you completely know, which it not, that to me would like. We not always Receive that we want.
I very much love sports meets, I give a lot of time to him. But me a lot of time should be, spend with you and To make Mad actions it is close to you.
You should understand, that the woman should not be open completely before the person because further Life which she should give many pleasant things which will be surprise for beloved.
My dear, you should understand, which I was in the habit to be one in life, and you now - everything, that in me,
You my unique hope for my life.
My fine I never loved any so urgently as you.
I madly want to be close to you to enjoy your body, I am afraid to thaw from your passionate kiss,
From your Gentle and hot caress.
I dream of that moment when we can take pleasure in each other!
What you think of it, our meeting - the validity?
You can help to be to it executed?
As you understand, I already spoke you, that I once already so have visited abroad, and there nobody has met me. In general - that I would like to meet you in, but I to you have one question. You can send me money for a meeting with You? I ask you because I already was spent once for a meeting with the foreigner and more than it I to make I do not gather.
If you agree with my offer I tomorrow could descend in agency of travel and all to learn that to me It is necessary for what to meet you.
With tenderness and passion in eyes, with warm ideas concerning you, For ever yours Oksana.
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