Scam letter(s) from Irina Danilova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my dear Joseph!
Forgive, that did not write at once, simply our Internet - cafe had problems. These days I found out about arrival in your country much. Now I have put the purpose to win you as the husband. To like you this idea? I and Denis now we want to be near to you. I very much dream of our meeting, it would be wonderful!!! You have asked me about flower shop? Well, I shall give you the address on which you can send me these flowers. I only would be glad to receive from you flowers. Please, forgive, that has not given you at once this address, simply I not could trust in you at once. Now I can be sure, that you that person on whom I can be confident. As to the bank account I yet have no the bank account but if it is important I can make it. Tomorrow I shall start to prepare for all documents for my visa. Today I have found out about required for registration of the visa documents. You were right, I need many documents. I will need some days that I could prepare for all documents. Dear that I have received documents, I should have aprocsimarly 400 $, now I think, that while I shall collect some documents which demand less money and when I shall enough have money I can make other documents. That to me gave the information on divorce, I should pay some money. I shall receive the information on my family and on education for 2 days. It too will demand some money. As there is one more big problem. We should give father Denis 500 $ that he did not get into ours with you private life and has allowed me and Denis to leave Russia. I think, that if I shall have this money I can prepare till Monday for all documents for my visa. I do not know while where I shall find this money, but for the sake of you I am ready on all. Dear, I shall make everything, that is necessary for our meeting. You should not worry, I am adjusted very seriously about our meeting. I want, that we became the husband and the wife and had our son happy. Inform me, what you think of our meeting? You can help tomake to me some documents? Now I shall finish my letter. Denis gives you embrace and kisses you as the father. I have told to him, that will be fast at him the daddy which will love him as native. I shall write to you at once as I shall receive your letter. Your Irina and Denis
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