Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Arbousova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you!!! Hope you don't mind our communication. I am a serious lady who knows what she wants. I am looking for the same man, for the man who will give me his love and care and who will be honest. Maybe you think that all women tell like this and I am not the special one, but if you would like to know me better you will not regret that you start to contact me. I know what the ideal relations should be and it is obvious that sometimes it is not possible to live without quarrels but there is the saying the falling out of lovers is the renewing of love. You love the person and sometimes it happens that you are not right but you are a couple and you solve all the problems together, spouses should make concessions to each other. You need to appreciate the relations in order not to regret about this, do you agree? If you have serious intentions and looking for the caring, loving, kind, honest and faithful woman than you will continue our correspondence and will know me better. Next time I will tell you about me in details in order you have a right description about me. I am looking for you telling me about yourself and of course the photos. Here there is mine, hope you like them. Take care Maria.
Letter 2
Frank, I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for an answer from you. I I think that the answer you give me or not? Will you remember me or not, and glad that you are responsible. Frank, I want to tell you about myself. I am 30 years old. I was born and live in Tomsk, I live in Russia, I work in a cafe cook. I am very good cook. I think that if you tried something you liked. What do you like eating out?
What kind of food? Frank, I do not know that you are still interested. I think you to represent me in the photo. Like it? Today, I am sending you a picture. from does my friend. I hope you enjoy.
This is a good photographer? Frank, I did not communicate through letters to anybody. But I could not find A man in his city. And recently we had an Internet cafe. They are working on a large plate.
They say that the signal goes through satellite. I do not understand.
But glad that he got to meet you. Frank, Can you tell me what you like girls? What would you like to know more about me? I'll wait for your answer. I hope you read my letter and answer it soon. And to be honest. I like sincerity. Your new friend Maria. You can call Masha!!!
Letter 3
Hi Frank! I was glad to get your answer. I decided to meet in the Internet because could not find her man. Previously, I introduced with men who did not appreciate me or just wanted to ***. Maybe you and I'll be on the other Frank? And you be a man who will be happy with me, and I woman for whom good fortune to be with this man like you.
Frank, I have no brothers or sisters.
Only the mother and best friend Olga .. My friend Olga almost like a sister to me. With Olga, we often walk around the city together, or for a walk in the woods. We always help each other. I live in Russia, city Tomsk. Its not big city!
I hope this is not a problem for you. Frank, I hope that soon I see your new photo and send their own. Frank, do you like my picture?
Tell me about your family? What kind of relationship you have with your family? You had a real love? Can it still? What do you think?
What do you say about me?
I enjoy outdoor recreation, picnics and camping trips.
In my spare time I read books, I like novels.
I love cooking with my mom and I would be happy, cooking something for you.
I like different music and I listen to all kinds of music except heavy.
I love movies, especially romantic comedies and movies about love.
Sometimes, we are Olga and my mom go to the theater. I work in cafe!!!
live in Tomsk city! I have drive license! but, not have car now!
I'm glad that I can communicate with you, I like very much I send you a new photo.
What do you like to do in your free time?
What are your hobbies? What are you hobbies Frank?
perhaps something unusual?
Do you think that there is love at first sight?
Have you ever felt it Frank?
I'll wait for your letter with impatience and I hope tomorrow that it will bring me back a smile Frank. Maria!
Letter 4

Hello my friend Frank, Reading your letter, I smile again. Thanks for warm words.... You are a very handsome man .. I hope you like my photos as well .. I have a college degree. I graduated from culinary school and immediately found work at a local cafe. My mother is very happy to see that she brought me a worthy man, that benefits the people. What is your education? Do you like your job? I told my mom about you. She was glad that I have a new friend. She asks a lot of you, and I told him everything I know. She asked me to give you a "HI". Are you talking about me to her relatives or friends? What are they saying about me? If you have any more photos, please send me, I will be very happy about that! I like you and every day forward when will my job and I can enjoy seeing your new email. I could not even imagine that I could find online friend. With you I can talk about a lot, feel free. You think as? Your letters are very great help to me and thanks to them I am always in a good mood.
When I receive your warm messages, I forget about bad mood at once, on my face once a smile and gets very warm thanks to your letters. I mean, I like summer very much! I love summer because in this season of my vacation from my job and it's very good. I like to spend my holidays with my mother and Olga. In general, during the holidays I like to go camping in the woods, which is located next to our city. I hope you know that our Russian forest is very beautiful. There are pine trees and beautiful Russian birch in our forests. And what time of year do you like? What do you usually do when you have a break at work? You know, I feel that between us there was something special and every day after work I aim at an Internet cafe, and I hope to see your letter here. Have you anything like that? how you feel about me?
Very'll wait for your answer, learn how to be you doing tomorrow.
I hope tomorrow I can again see your letter, and a happy smile appear on my face. I send you my photo. Your friend Maria!
Letter 5
Very nice read you long letter Frank!!!! I am some busy on my work!!! But, i will write you some later! kiss you and miss you! Maria.
Letter 6
Good morning Frank!!!!!! very sad what inot find you letter in my mailbox! i go to my work now!!! kiss you and have good day!!! Maria.
Letter 7
Hello dear Frank! I am always pleased to receive your letter. Your letters always bring me joy and lifted my spirits! Today, just a great day! I woke up this morning in an unusual mood, in box me the sun shone, as if to say to me - "Wake up, Maria". want to thank you, Frank-you gave me hope and faith, that there are still real men, the true gentlemen, to whom honor and conscience are not empty words, and you can believe in everything. I used to get acquainted with men, but they did not see maybe did not want to see me as a woman. They are only interested in their own desires and dreams. They saw me as just a subject to satisfy his ****** needs. Many people even do not consider myself a person. But I soon realized everything stopped with any relationship. Of course, I met a man with whom I had a good relationship, and love. But soon the love was over and they lost all interest in me. The last time I met with Aleksandr. We had a romantic encounter - we walk under the full moon and watch the sunrise ... He said - I will always love you, Maria. And I believed everything he told me, his every word. And I think that we will be happy together forever. But one day I was walking home from work and on the street I saw how he was hugging and kissing another woman their faces were so happy. Then I thought I had died and the world around me died. I followed them until the last moment did not want to believe what I saw. But seeing as they went to Aleksandr's home I could not calm myself with the thought that it all seemed to me. I will not tell anyone about it, even to her friend Olga. She knows that I just broke up with Aleksandr. But you Frank, I can tell everything, and I do not have any secrets from you. I really like you and I want us to continue to continue to write to each other. And you had to feel the betrayal or infidelity Frank? How much it hurt you for the soul? I hope to learn about you even more and become even closer Frank. With warmth in my heart I am waiting for your answer tomorrow. Your Maria!
89877319539 for sms.
Letter 8
Frank! very very thank you for nice sms! I now try expalin what my ask!!! I have some problem! Sorry for ask, but, i want borrow euro 80 for 10 days! Then i send you money back! Dont worry! i try find money in other place and not result! its need me tomorrow!!! I need pay bills for appartment!!! I think to me will give salary today, but me say i need wait till 14th july! I cant wait!!!! I send you my date: Maria Nizovtseva. city Tomsk. street: Sovetskaya. home 2-31. Russia.
You can send fast! via money gram or western union or other....! I have not far my work western union brunch! Write me when allbe ready!
Thank you!!!! I am writing from work right now, because my break will be later, but i couldn't wait when I will tell you this. Today in our cafe was amazing visitors! older man with his woman.... she is in the invalid chair and can't move. She experienced car crash and since that moment she has the problem with the backbone, so it is not possible to step. But the thing is not in this... she was happy.... you ask why..
she was with her husband and he treated her with love and worried about her. He held her hand and tale care of her.. i was surprised..
Of course i believe that it is possible to have love till death but read this only in book and never saw in the reality. They were so happy that lots of people looked at them with wondering..... it is so pleasant to look at them and it hold your breath. You know that many girls do everything for their men: try to look so pretty, keep fit and do make up... but the men are not able to appreciate this.. and here..
it is like from the book.. I am romantic and hope you understand what I am trying to say... to have such relations is the gift from God...true love... yes it is cold true love and I believe that I will have the true love myself with also a nice story. I want to ask you actually do you believe in love which lasts all your life? What can you do for your beloved woman? Love is not an easy thing and in order it shines to you all the time you need to care of it, don't you? there should be many parts which complete your life.. passion.., the thing which will capture you and make you realize that there is no life for you without your partner. Even animals are bright examples of true love, for example swans which can't live when one of the partners die, another also die because of miss their beloved ones. it means that love is above everything and we need to care about this. I hope you agree with me and share my emotions as well. I hope to get your letter as soon as possible. Take care of yourself! Bye-bye... Maria.
Letter 9
How are you? I am in the way to my work!
today once again hot weather!!! After dinner can be +30 degrees!
I want go to river or beach! But, i need work today!!! Ok, write me when not be busy!!! I will wait! kiss........Maria.
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