Letter(s) from Jouhn Amed to Dileep (India)

Letter 1


thanks for your respond, i want you to know that i am out to help the charity organization now all what i want from you is your trust and honest . i want you to assure me how capable you,re to do these work , i want you to understand me well . this is my late husband money , and this money is in ECO BANK GHANA. and now presently i am sick in hospital california USA. so i want you to help me distribute it to the orphanage homes. now i will like you to send a letter to my lawyer now , because he will be their to assist you. and all what you need is to follow his instruction.
this is his contact address,



Letter 2

TEL: +233-241195004 ,+233236137798.

Dear Sir.

Thanks for your mail.

I receive a mail from Mrs. Joan Ahmad in request to forward you the legal documents of Mrs. Joan Ahmad which she told me on how her fund will be deliver to you as the sole inheritance of her fund and how you can distribute the fund to charity organization, Orphanage home and Motherless babies home. main while this money is 8000000.00$ and 70% goes to the charity organization and while 30% is for you.
, I want you to send your full contact details , your home address, photocopy of your national id, or international passport, and your telephone number, . so that i will use it to raise the power of attorney to enable me get the ownership certificate,
thanks i wait for yours reply.

Brr Sadiku

Letter 3


thanks for your honest. and truth, i understand you. but i can not contact any bank . because is not my work. my work is to change all the document to your name. name and send it to the Ghana bank. that,s why i ask for your contact details. i did not request for your bank account. . so please be specific to me , and tell me your plan,

thanks as i wait for your,s urgent reply

Letter 4


dear i don,t understand you , i told you to send your information to me, so that i will use them for the ownership certificate, and after that i will submit it to the bank. so that they will contact you. . i don,t need any support from you. i only need your personal details. Mrs Joan has paid for the work am doing , please do not waist my time. , you better make a decision now.

thanks as i wait for your,s urgent reply.