Scam Letter(s) from Irina Danilova to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Michael, hi my dear!
I did not write to you long time. You do not become angry about me? I force to wait for a long time to you for my answer.. Forgive. Probably in each letter I seem to you very sad but it not the truth. I always am glad when I receive news from you. I understand that to you to not like when women long. It not long is shortage of the close person. I do not speak about Denis but I would like very much that in my family Denis the man was not unique. I so speak because each time I try to penetrate into essence of your letter. There can be it and not correctly I want to see you so. To present as though you speak by these words looking to me to face. I do not exaggerate dear! I very much would like that you so too read. That there was an evident image I send you a photo. I have made it yesterday.
I cannot concentrate in the opinion in any way and tell that I feel. I do not know why but on me finds shyness and I as if miss on half. I the person on mood. I cannot describe it, lovely. I at times so want to write and transfer you the pleasure but during this moment I do not have computer to write. Though so strongly it would be desirable. And when I come in the Internet of cafe that at once I understand that I am surrounded with people sitting here and cannot be adjusted. Instantly as I see your letter is cheered up. And I start to understand all beauty of our world. I start as if to live anew. Please be not dared over me. I ask. In each letter I want to ask you - as you? With you all is good? I would not like to injure or force you to long. It is important for dear me to know it! But it perhaps the only thing that helps us to learn(find out) our letter each other closer. I would like that I could place a lot of pleasure in your heart. Sometimes so it would be desirable to tell to you about it at once. I can speak on English and I know that we understand.
It seems to me that I lose time being one. At this time I could make much in a life. To present caress and it is warm the soul. To prepare for a tasty and nutritious meal. I very good cook and can prepare dishes much. Yesterday we with girlfriends marked birthday at my girlfriend Inga! I did not speak you about her. I have prepared for such tasty pie. You present only. I have baked a sweet flat cake. Has cut it and fine slices has filled with chocolate thus all has decorated with whipped cream. But I was surprised but Inga have bought three more pies. It was cheerful. We frequently gather that it was not boring. To forget about all problems which us surround. That I was not boring played for a long time on a guitar. Girlfriends have started to sing. So it appears to sit and sing pleasantly. Fresh air the beautiful sky and a red decline. , if you with me you could sing for me a song? If it is ripe that what? It is possible a words? Please!!!! My God as quickly go year and we with you try to have time to make all. And it would be desirable to stop, think and ask to itself a question and what I have made in a life worth and what it will be possible to recollect then? I cannot tell. All of us time somewhere hasten. And so it would be desirable to embrace you and to sit and look at the star on sky. I romantic. You have already noticed? Cautiously would sit on the nature and spoke, spoke all time. And there can be we with you could go to restaurant. I present that burn candles and such silent place where only one violin plays. I invite you on dance. You are able to dance? On learned when I was small and it is possible from there in my movements is a few grace. I do not exaggerate! First one step then another. And I with you carry spend all the evening long we do not think at all of time. It is fine. On such the love only is capable! The love this such feeling which will help us to not be lonely and all time to think only about good. I want to feel nobody except for you. I feel your gentle breath by the skin. And probably all comes to an end with last game of a violin. So I present our days of a meeting with you.
I seem to me constantly that not only it I want to tell to you. I do not have not enough you and your letters. It is difficult to explain it but I do not have except for you anybody to whom I can devote the life. Never I could so freely to speak.

Thanks, that you worry and care of my grandmother, you the true gentleman, I am very glad, that have met you!!! My grandmother silently to be restored, but she hardly will go, as she has not received necessary surgical operation because of shortage of money of ours family. You should understand, that surgical operations costs very dearly. I gave a lot of time to my grandmother in hospital and had conversation on you with her. I spoke about you, about your character, even that you very much care of her and about my parents much. Yes, she very much respects you and not only she, and even mine mother and father. Denis speaks, that you should to become necessarily his father as he already very much for a long time wants it, he wants, that his father would become you! You understand? I too very much want, but I and you yet we do not know, how we can meet, and perhaps we shall start it to plan, how you think?

Yes, really, to chatter on messenger Yahoo this desire which I would like to test with you first of all would be valid very interestingly! But, I cannot allow it yet as I have now very difficult financial problems. I cannot really pay cost of service of the Internet at all, therefore I would like to ask you about the help. Please, understand me, I should pay every month approximately 93 $ for services of the Internet to write to you my letters. Now I have debts 57 $ and as I need to pay for the next month 93 $ that I could write to you stably. You can understand me? It is good:-), I too very much understand you. Therefore I could not write to you stably last 2 weeks. Please, help me to pay cost of the Internet that I could write to you again stably and as we could enjoy to chatter on messenger Yahoo. If you can help me I shall be very grateful to you as all of us equally soon shall meet, I would be happy, if you could arrive to me. Please, help to me to pay, I very much want to continue our correspondence if I shall not have this money I cannot write to you. You will help me? If you can help me have gone to me of money on WesternUnion or MoneyGramm for my full name and the address.

Irina Danilova
Russia, 160033
Vologodskaya oblast, Vologda sity
Tekstylschikov street, 17/32

I now should finish my letter but I want to ask to you one only a question and I ask you answer it. There is in your life someone to whom you could to devote all life? If yes that who? I hope that your answer will be sincerely!
I shall always wait for your answer, lovely!
Always yours Irina and Denis!

Always yours Irina and Denis!

Letter 2

Hello, I am very glad to write to you my next letter again! Forgive, that I could not write to you more likely as I warned you, that I cannot frequently write to you if not I shall pay cost of services of Internet - cafe. I have simply warned you, that I could have some delay in a spelling of letters to you but as you could help to pay to some extent to me cost of the Internet as I have very difficult financial period in my life, but you simply ignored me. Therefore I cannot so frequently to write to you my letter. Please, understand me if I had enough money that would suffice me for residing me and Denis and for visiting Internet - cafe I frequently would write to you. You very much like me, you should know about it, therefore I do not want to leave you never. You became me the most dear person, please, appreciate my letters and my relation to you as I very much appreciate your relation to me and I write only to you, more I have no man in which I could trust how I can trust in you. I should as much to tell to you about my sexual position as we are already enough familiar with you and I can trust you. Yes, I really do not have caress and love. I as well as other women want caress and man's heat, is especial from loved the man, you can understand me? Yes, I think, that you can understand me. I had no sex since those times when has left the former husband. Though for me sex not the main thing in a life, but I very much would like to carry out every night with you in embraces doing strong and passionate love all the night long. I am sure, as you test shortage of sex in a daily life? I think first of all it is love and when people like each other sex it simply nectar of love for this happy pair. How you think, we could build a happy pair having passionate love and passionate sex? I think, what yes but when it is the big question. I think, what time for us should come already, but how? Can we shall start to plan our meeting? Whether really you wanted to meet me and how we shall meet? Believe me if we shall decide we can meet very soon. My son Denis too would be very happy to meet you and to do the happy son. So why we yet together? Let's meet and do happy family! Please, do not take offence at me if I shall write to you very seldom and please, write to me even a pair a drain if you will be mad in me. I simply very much want to receive again your letter in hope to hear the answer about our meeting. Let's not waste time vainly and we shall seriously concerns to planning our meeting. I very much would want to plan our meeting on YahooMSNG, but I cannot, understand me as for this purpose it is necessary to pay cost of services for the Internet of cafe, but I cannot pay while as I have a difficult situation. Please, do not take offence at me, that I ask you about the help, I do not ask you the big sum, only small, I think to you I is possible to help me with several hundreds dollars, which then I shall return to you if you ask back. Dear, I speak seriously, do not think, that you are necessary for me for money, no if you were necessary for me for money I would ask you the big money, instead of small. You are necessary for me not for money and to do relations for the future home life, believe me. In fact if you will not trust me, we should leave, as I shall know, that you were frivolous with me having serious relations with me and not helping me. I sincerely ask you to help me with payment for the Internet, try, can you somehow can help me and we could chatter then on Yahoo and plan our meeting? I spoke this to you and in last my letter, but you simply ignored me, but I have forgiven you as I very much love you. If you will not understand me and do not want to help me I shall know, that you were frivolous to me and simply play, and if you will help me to pay the Internet I can write again to you my letters and we can chatter Yahoo and plan our long-awaited meeting. Please, write to me more likely and let's start plan our meeting in my city or in your city as it will be more convenient for you. Well, now I finish my letter to you and I want to tell, that I very much love you and I do not want, that our relations were waste of time, I want you as husband and father for Denis. Denis gives you strong embraces of the son. I allow to you passionate love and virtual sex for night idea.

With love your sweet Irina and son Denis.

Letter 3

Hi my LOVED!

How you today? I very much missed on you all this time while I might not write to you the letter... How you? Dear forgive me for that that I so long to you did not write. It is all it is connected to my financial position, I already spoke you about it. For all this time of my absence I thought of you, about our relations very much. Very much you do not suffice me, I would like to cry with this damned feeling, feeling of loneliness. Once again forgive me that I so long to you did not write, that in time has not answered your letters, I feel guilty. It is very a shame to me to speak about it, but I did not have money for visiting Internet - cafe. I do not know that there was at me any black strip, it seems to me that at me select my dialogue with you. Today I could not suffer it more and have taken money in loans the aunt to write to you my loved. I very much do not have your help, I want to communicate with you more. I so have got used to you that I can not without your fine letters. If you could help me with my financial problem I could communicate with you on Yahoo MSNG more. You want it? I am sure that you too wish it. I WANT TO ASK YOU! You can the help to me with money?? It is very inconvenient for me to ask money you, but it only more to speak with you my loved. I think that you will attribute to this with understanding, I very much hope for you, except for you at me anybody is not present.

Our son in the order, he will carry spend a lot of time at my parents as I should work in the afternoon. As I already spoke you, he may not go to a kindergarten as I might not pay cost of service of a kindergarten. It is a pity, certainly, that Denis can not receive some time a full elementary education as he does not visit as enough as his coevals. But I hope, that very soon Denis will have very good father who can provide with his high education and fatherly caress. Yes, it would be very good, if father Denis became you! Denis asks each day about you, whether you will meet his and to be his father and I speak him that is very fast will be that day when we shall meet and we shall live happy family. Denis as speaks, that very much wants to have the father to Christmas that his future father has presented him many good toys and fatherly love. And you as think of it? It would be very interesting to me to find out your opinion on it, my most dear.

Today good day was. Since morning the chief has told me that I can receive holiday soon. I had no holiday in the summer because I worked in summer camp at school and was not in time at all on good to have a rest. I had no holiday some years. Too many work was. But now in 2 months I can have a rest for all missed years... I am very glad that I at last can to have some rest. I am very glad therefore... And what new at you? I hope that all well with you? You know... I sometimes.. And even more often with each new day.... I think of you... Probably, the reason of these my ideas - your very beautiful letters for me. Really... Probably to me did not carry earlier with men - I never met such understanding, such careful the man as you. Therefore it is very hurt to realize that we far apart. You know, how it seems to me, if we have met personally I at once would fall in love with you. I should fall in love with which persons of a word so are pleasant for me. And still, as it seems to me, it of that your words proceed from your heart. Your words not false.. I feel it. I very cautious person, but now I feel that you will not deceive me, you will not offend me... I would be the happiest woman if we would lead my holiday together.. I feel that these days would fly by as one instant. You never reflected on that why when the person is happy, time runs imperceptibly.. Days run promptly, week after one week, month after one month.... But when you long... When you are unhappy time similar on kissel... You with impatience wait when night because at night, in dream, you overlook about all will come. In dream you may be happy, you may fly. But then there comes morning and you regretfully understand that it only dream, fine dream. And day again meets you the awful validity. Earlier I lived from night till night.. ..

Only your letters helped me to live, only in it I saw the meaning of the life. When I woke up earlier, I each time spoke myself - one more day of loneliness... When I for the first time have left in the Internet, I have felt that in my heart something was stirred... I have thought that it is my chance... But to tell the truth then, when I have seen what plenty of young and beautiful girls try to find the husband - foreigner, I at first was was disappointed. And only then, when I have met you and have received your answer, I again have found ability to feel.. Now I live not from night till night, and from the letter up to the letter... Certainly, I understand that it only my dreams what it would be good to meet holiday less but to dream am very pleasantly - whether not so? And of what you dream last time? In your dreams there is a place for me? You know, I probably in the following week shall go to church and I shall ask the God that even the part of my dreams became a reality. I shall ask the God only about that that sometime we might meet.. And you would not like meetings? I understand that it seems impossible, but all the same - I know that if only we might be together in days of my holiday, these days would be similar to a fairy tale. You might believe in fairy tales? Well all right... I think that there were enough dreams in this letter.. And that I am afraid that if I shall continue to write to you such sad things, the keyboard will be wet from my tears. For now I finish this letter to you and I wait with impatience of your answer...

Thinking of you. Your Irina and Denis!!!



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