Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Pedro (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello! Though all of us are not familiar, but i hope,that we become good friends. My name is Elena. As me, I`m 30 years old. I am the beautiful girl from Russia. I search the special person in my life!
I want to start correspond with you and to exchange pictures. If you search for serious relations, please answer me. I hope that you write me back and we can konw each other better
p.s. My email:
Letter 2
Hello my warm angel Pedro!!! I am madly glad to receive from you your warm and your most gentle letter. Each your word is filled by such warm solar beams. I always read your letters on some times. I read and I represent you nearby, I close eyes, I look, how you near to me sit. These imaginations it after all so is healthy and so it is pleasant. Darling Pedro, I thought much, and have understood, that we should meet you. I understand, that if we want with you strong relations the meeting is necessary. You with me agree? But I very much wish to arrive to you. Next week on work to me give holiday in a current of 2-3 months. And if you not against, I like to spend this time with you. I would like to visit you in your country. It is very interesting to me to learn culture of your country. Interestingly as you live. You know, that I never was outside of Russia. I very much wish to see you. The darling you is ready to accept me in the country? I had a dream this night. Today you have dreamt me. You have met me at the airport when I have arrived to you. You stood in a white jacket, and in hands you had very big bouquet of a rose. On your person the dazzling smile shone. You have approached to me and have strong embraced me, and I have kissed you for the first time. When we have left the airport, you have suggested to walk on a city and to show me sights. I have agreed, and You have started to show me your fine city.
We went, talked, told different histories from a life. We are surrounded with beautiful green avenue, we go lengthways it, then unexpectedly you pick up me on hands and start to turn with me. I laugh, and even in a dream I have felt warmth of your embraces. Then you have put me on the earth, and we have appeared the person to each other. In your eyes I saw the reflexion, reflexion of the dark blue sky. And at all have not noticed that evening, and began to darken.
You have suggested me to go to you home and to have supper with you.
When we have arrived to you, the table has been already covered. Youset fire two candles and have switched off light. We sat the friend opposite to the friend and have started to eat. We spoke and laughed.
You have included slow music and have invited me to dance. You took me for a waist, and I have compressed your neck, and we have started to dance. On this place the alarm clock has rung out. And I have woken up. This dream such was such distinct, I so did not wish to wake up.
And when I have woken up, it was very a pity to me, that it was only a dream. I very much would want that this dream was carried out. I hope that you liked my dream. I will look forward your letter Yours and only yours Anastasiya P.S. I hope, you will not give up to meet me in the country. If you cannot, simply tell to me about it. I require only your consent, you agree to meet me?????
Letter 3
Hello my darling Pedro, My gentle husband. My strongest desires in this world to embrace you.
To create a reality all your and my desires. To love each other. To kiss. To embrace you. To admire your enamoured sight. To feel your gentle caresses. Which you my lovely prince, will give in our bedroom.
To give each other romanticism. To sit about a fireplace. In our hands glasses with easy wine. But we understand that we get ***** not with wine, and from ours with you love. It was very a shame to me to ask your help. As I love you Pedro I cannot express this feeling. And if I will begin, we will not have not enough also three lives. You are created for me mine Pedro and I for you. Two enamoured hearts fight in distances. They love each other. And their love eternal. I know, our love will go out when. We fill each other. We cannot live the friend without the friend. I fish, but you ocean. You a gentle rain, and I the earth which you will always give to drink the love. I a bird, but you the dark blue sky without which I cannot live. You the sun, and I a flower which you warm the beams. I love you Pedro. You give me a life. I live you my darling. My heart fights. Means we together. All means at us it will be good. And we will be happy together. For ever yours Elena.
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