Letter(s) from Tatyana Lyadova to Nikita (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Nick!
Your letter big surprise today. I am very glad, that you have answered me!
I am happy will get acquainted with you and I hope that our correspondence will be the beginning of our friendship. Write letters through the Internet new to me and it seems very interestingly!
My name is Tatyana ! To Me 29 years old. I was born on July, 03, 1983. I am beautiful))) I hope you like? I have put my photo for you and I hope that it is pleasant to you. I would like to see your new photos too. If you have them, please send me. I shall be very glad! I live and work in Kazan, therefore I can tell, that I have got used to a rhythm of the big city, but sometimes it tyres.
I live one in a small apartment. I never was married and I have no children. My last relations have ended more two years ago and now I am open for something new. I always dreamt about real happiness, but still did not find it. Possibly it sounds surprisingly for you, but it is valid so. I heard a lot of good about men from your country and have decided to try to find the friend through the Internet. I do not know to what it can result, but sincerely trust in success. It is a little more about me.)))
My growth of 170 sm and weight 50 kg. I very cheerful and warm person! At me it is a lot of friends, but there is no happiness. I can tell, that in my life there is almost all. Only there is no person, who will care and love me. I sincerely trust, that it still ahead!
I shall be very glad to continue our correspondence and it is better to learn you, if you do not object. Probably we shall good friends!
I work fitness club the manager.
I like this work! At leisure I enjoy walks and a meeting with friends.
I think enough for today.) I shall write to you more in the following letter, if you want.
Have good day! Tatyana

Letter 2

Hello my friend Nick!
How are your today? Thanks for your photo very much was pleasant to me.
I waited your letter very much!
Today me in a good mood and after the letter yours and become even better!)))
To read your letters - great pleasure for me! It 's very interesting to me learn anything new about yourself! I am very happy to have found each other! I hope, that we became friends and it is possible more. Who knows.) _) _)
I am an optimist and always have a smile on my face! Me and difficult to find in poor mood. I do not understand people, which is always sad, angry and spiteful.
Why? Actually everything that happens to us is not as bad as it seems. But I also sometimes the pain. I'm not made of stone.)) The person can not live alone for long.
Many believe that the person came into this world to love and be favorite.
I think that's so. The people can not be happy without love. I always wanted, a line with me was a mighty man, than to enjoy every day with me.
Unfortunately I have not met yet, but I sincerely trust that my dream will be executed.
What new to you? There can be good news or events?
I am very romantic person! I often dream and plan!
I am very love music! When I go to the subway to work, I always listen to my Ipod! The time it takes to borrow about half hour. I come to work very cheerful and vigorous! When I get home little 'tired, I like to take a bath under sounds Elton John and Sting and other great singers. This music helps me to relax. Let's go to the movies with friends.
A film show us both Russian and foreign. Many observers speaking, the Russian cinema in the near future will make popular films in all the world. Last Russian film, which I watched and "The Book of Masters". It fantasy. It 'was very pleasant for me. I love watching comedies, fantasy, adventure and melodrama. Most recently I watched "The Wife of time traveler. "It 'a good movie to life and love!
Perhaps these films let in foreign film service under other names. Why of distinction in the translation and I may be wrong.).
My favorite actors - Alik Bolduin, Tom Hanks, Robert Deniro. Do you love movies?
I understand that my English is not perfect, but I try to improve it. And one except for the Russian language, which has been possible to study in school. I speak English well! I have never been abroad and for me a great pleasure to have correspondence with you, despite the great distance that separates us. I told you about before me many friends. But I only two best friends. And 'Sofia and Alexandra. We got to know when yet been studied in school and many years are inseparable. I am proud that I have such good friends, because always help me and support me. My friends my wealth. And this Russian saying. I was always surrounded and only with good people. Probably draw them. I always wanted to meet the man with kind heart! In whose hands I'll feel and trust and protected. It seems to me that for women the most important to be assured in her man. Most of all appreciate the kindness, honesty, courage, responsiveness and loyalty.
I am open to new relationships and is ready to try something new. I can give all my love to the person, in return for his care and love. I think in Main relations understanding, respect and care. I am very pleased that they found each other and now we have the opportunity to have the match!
This great pleasure for me to learn everything new about you!
Know that I have a lot to wait for your new letter and of course new photos!
Have a nice day!
Your Friend Tatyana

Letter 3

Hello my friend Nick!
How and time with you?
I woke up with good humor and a smile all day not to leave my face. Your new letter makes my day! This seems to me, that the best is me today. Everything that you write very interesting to me. With each new letter become more close to each other. I consider you as my friend and every day Wait for your letter. Unfortunately not always able to respond quickly. I use Internet office work, and when there is a free time. I can sometimes read mail at once, but as soon as I have a minute to spare - they do it with great pleasure.
I have read many times letters! It seems to me that our ideas are really similar systems are not like that?)))))))
You good person, kind and honest, and I am very happy that we have become friends!
I have always tried only for serious relationships. I believe that to build true happiness not easily. It seems to me that it is necessary not only pleasure, but also put efforts to take action and attention. The happiness and very rare finds us, but if you are verified, and can lose it, if you do not care. Many people talk about, that every person has a destiny.
Speak, that the course of our lives and in advance. But our lives can varies during each instant and consequently have infinite set of variants and stories.
In reality, only our decisions and actions define outcome and rate of our lives.
Only we the responsibility for all that we have done or have not done. I hope that I have not confused with talk like that?)) Do not look at my young age I am intelligent woman and I know exactly what I want.
Relations for a night or only sex I was never concerned.
My parents have learned to respect and appreciate. I know that this self-respect. I am looking for my man unique and would like to share with him this life.
In Russia, a big problem in relationships. Many marriages break almost immediately after creation. Collapse of families and children are homeless and parents. It 's really terrible.
I've had sex before, but had the bad end. Unfortunately, the Russian men are not able to appreciate all, that Russian women give them. Now and very hard to find a good man, who would like to concepts such as respect, love, support, care, family. I do not like to remember the past. Everything already passed, but I have had experience and have designed for me conclusions. For this reason I decided to take to the Internet in the hope to find serious, worthy man. I am very pleased that you have found it! I appreciate our friendship and dialogue very much!
I think that the main thing in relations to be the best friend to each other.
True friendship and the ability to support and care during times when especially necessary. In reality, our life is full not only pleasure, but also the difficulties. Together and better resist when problems overtaking unexpectedly and together and more enjoyable to share pleasure. Certainly the real serious relationships are inconceivable without honesty, trust, care and support. These are the elements of the bases without which the house of happiness collapse.
People who have understood, have already found happiness! It nice to look at these people, because the pleasure radiate heat. When in our lifetime there is a favorite person and full of life with new paint!
I can think of a lot and consider these true ideas. What do you think of it?
Our life is too short to spend it on a game one night novels. I would like to to spend my days for a man to present all that and me just for him. I always wants to be near him, to the delight of each new day together, meeting with hugs open when my man comes with the job, to cook more tasty food to support a difficult time.
The real feelings are necessary for development! It must be attention, care, support and hear each other!
Seeking such relationships.
I sincerely hope that my life there will not be a good person with whom to divide everything that gives us life.
I do not know why, but he wanted me to write to you all! These words of have long been hidden inside me.
But I feel comfortably and easily with you, so to me there are secrets. I always wait your new letter.
Your Friend Tatyana

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Nick!
How there is your day?
Your letter again makes my day and I with pleasure read it!
When I read your letter I plunge into the special world of our correspondence. This most favourite my employment! I could not present at all, that will write letters for you the most important and interesting for me! With each new letter I learn more about you and it seems to me, that we already for a long time know each other! When I write the letter for you time stops! In each new letter I try to write something interesting to you! Our correspondence it becomes necessary for me just as a sleep or eat.))))
Your letters always improve my mood! I read them many times and I think of you. I am surprised as you find these words, emotions and ideas. It touches to me very much and I cannot remain indifferent. It is very interesting to me to learn more about your city, your life, your house and certainly about you! When I write the letter I think, that you do during this moment.
Usually after work I go to eat home and a little rest. Then I meet friends and we think out interesting for the evening.
I often meet my girlfriends! I can go to them on a visit or they come to me. We talk, drink tea or we have a good time. We can go on walk or come into cafe, that eat an ice-cream. To us always it is cheerful together!
Sometimes in weekends I leave to my parents. They are very much happy, when I come. I love them very much!
I already spoke you, that I love kitchen and to prepare very much. What do you like to eat most of all? It would be very pleasant to me to prepare for you for something especial! I know many recipes and secrets.))) It would be possible soup-cream from carrots with cheese or ratatui from eggplants. It is very tasty! You ate something similar?))) You would like to taste any traditionally Russian dish? Usually it is pel'menis, a borshch and an okroshka. How it sounds? Better than ratatui?))))
Yesterday we went with girlfriends to cinema and after have come into a pizzeria! To us it was very fun, but I thought of you and missed your attention. Probably you thought of me too.)))
I have told to my girlfriends, that have got acquainted with you through the Internet. They have been very surprised and set to me many questions. They are very glad, that I have got acquainted with you and asked me to transmit you the best regards!
Unfortunately I should finish my letter! I shall miss you.
I hope, that your new letter soon to visit my mail box.))) I Shall wait very much!
Always yours friend Tatyana

Letter 5

Hello my friend Nick!!!!!!
Today solar hot day! Tonight it was very stuffy and very much hot. How is the weather at you? I have woken up with excellent mood and all day a smile does not leave my face. Your new letter makes my day! This seems to me, that the best that is at me today. All that you write very interesting for me. With each new letter we become is more close to each other. I consider you as my friend and every day I wait your letter. I am very glad, that have found you! I value our friendship and dialogue very much! I think, that in relations the main thing to be the best friend to each other. The true friendship is ability to support and care during the moments, when it is most of all necessary. In fact our life is filled not only pleasures, but also difficulties. Together it is better to resist, when troubles overtake unexpectedly and together it is more pleasant to divide pleasure.
Certainly the real serious relations are inconceivable without honesty, trust, care and support. These are elements the bases without which the house of happiness will collapse. People who have understood it, have already found the happiness!
The real feelings are necessary for developing! It is necessary to be attentive, to care, support and feel each other! I search for such relations. I sincerely trust, that my life there will be a good person with which I shall divide all that gives us a life. I do not know why, but it wanted to me to write all it to you! These words for a long time have been hidden inside of me.
But I feel comfortably and easily with you, therefore at me there are no secrets. Till today I could not dare to give you my phone number as was afraid to get used to you so soon. But it has appeared, that it happens even without telephone conversation. So now I do not see sense to hide from you my phone number and today in this letter have decided to write you my number that you could call me. Here my number of a mobile phone - 89613778850 My darling, to me would be necessary to hear your voice more likely, therefore I ask you call me at once as soon as you can. Very much I hope, that to tomorrow you will read my letter and call me. I wish to inform you my address:
My full address: Russia
city Kazan
Petrova 23 apartment 5
I very much miss on you. With love yours
girlfriend Tatyana

Letter 6

Hello again my love Nick!!!!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter it to me to heat my heart. How your day? Constantly thought of why you could not phone to me and it has appeared, that in all you are guilty not, and my telecommunication. I have phoned recently to my communication statement here in Kazan and have asked to explain the operator to me a problem on which you could not communicate with me. At first I thought, that can be simple there was an error in a communication network, but the woman the operator on my question has told to me, that my service of number only across Russia and consequently you could not phone to me. I am not so good to understand all it and that she has told to me, I have understood not at once. Certainly I have asked to explain it to me all and here that this woman has told to me.
She has told to me, that in Russia there are two kinds of communication. There are telecommunications for reception of the international calls and is as communications which are served only in Russia. My communication concerns the second category that is I can receive and send calls only within Russia. The international calls are not accessible to me and in all it my communication is guilty. My darling, madly it is not convenient me before you as I have encouraged you you telephone conversation. I as very strongly wished to speak with you and wished to hear for the first time your voice, but till today I did not know that Service of my number only across Russia. If I knew about it I would tell at once to you about it, but I did not know about it and now I need to ask only from you pardons that I have encouraged you phone call. I hope you are not so strongly upset?
Please not to be upset. I promise to you, that I will think up something. For example, I after all can cause you. Here in Kazan there are many public telephone booths, whence it is possible to call about any points of a planet. If you wish, I can try to cause you from there. Only I ask you write to me your number of a mobile phone where I can always cause you. I do not promise now but if at me tomorrow will be less works I will try to be released from work earlier and to cause you tomorrow. I promise to you to try to make everything to cause you by phone more likely. The love washing, at me not so good mood because of this misunderstanding with telephone conversation with you and the only thing that cheers today me up now, it is your answer for our meeting.
My God, you do not imagine, as I am glad now to that you as wish to aspire with me soon. I at all do not have words to transfer all pleasure and I can tell only to you now, that "is happy". It will be unforgettable holiday for me. Never before I felt anything similar, but with you I feel, that I am enamoured. There can be I now hurry up with my conclusions, but I cannot differently. I should write to you about it because I wish to be fair with you. Honesty is the first step to love and understanding and I promise to you, that I will never lie to you. I will always remember this promise and the god sees, that these words go from my heart. Now I will know, that you wait for me at yourselves and I will hurry up to organise my arrival to you. About expenses do not worry. To you I to pay my arrival itself and you should not think of it at all. I would not allow you to pay for me though many Russian women wish it. You will see, that I am unique and that I to differ from all other women. I can be true, I can love all life one man and most likely this man are you. Remember, I wrote to you earlier in the letter, what for each person in this world second half is defined? Here it seems to me, that my second half are you. I love you mine half. I think, that time as I still have today a lot of work has come to stop. So, towards the end of my letter I only wish to tell to you, that with impatience I will wait for your reciprocal letter. I to make for you a photo I hope to you to like.
Please be not silent on me and write to me more likely. With love your yours girlfriend Tatyana

Letter 7

Hello again my love Nick!!!!!!!
How are you my dear?
My lovely, I very much waited your new message!
Today I am especially happy, because you have written for me the most beautiful words!
You have made me the happiest woman all over the world!
I cannot keep in my feelings and emotions, because you my sweet and lovely my prince!!!!!!!!! My heart is filled by happiness, and I wish to tell all about for you my gentle!
I am raely happy, because you have answered my feelings, and I know, that you only my!
I believed, that you will understand and approve me, because any except for you is not worthy it!
When I read your gentle words in my opinion there are tears. They - tears of happiness and admiration, because I am happy now!
The happiness and love were only in my dreams, but you could transform my dreams to the validity!
The darling you have changed my life and have woken tender feelings in me!
When we have written the first messages the friend the friend, I could not even think, that the happiness is close, but all of you have changed, also I wish to tell, that my happiness it is you, my gentle!
With each new message I have understood, that you very interesting and good person. You have presented me the big attention, cares, tendernesses and love. You really sincere, gentle, beautiful, romantic, noble.
In you the best characters of the person are concluded, and only in your hands I feel a lung, and is protected. I always trusted you and was not mistaken, because you could change my life. This all similarly to beautiful dream! I would like to remain always in that surprising dream together with you, my sweetheart!
You my gentle angel! When I have read quickly through your message, my heart urgently struggled, also a heat have seized me. I never felt so well as my flies of soul to the sky!
I cannot remain indifferent to your warm and gentle words!
I feel, that these words begin with your heart, and I feel to you too.
I know, that you are a unique person for me which I waited all time!
The darling, thanks, that you have woken my dreams and have allowed to dream together with you.
I cannot hide more my feelings, and I shall not do it, because they belong only to you!
I tried be exact in my letters to not frighten you, but now you know all, and I cannot have any secrets from you.
You the best person for me!!!
All which is in my heart, belongs to you!
I love you my sweet!
It not only emotions, because I feel all these tender feelings which is in me, and I shall hold, it for you there will not came nevertheless happy day of our meeting.
I cannot wait, when there there will came this surprising day.
I all time think of our meeting, and very much waits, when our dreams which will be executed.
I love you my gentle, and I dream to be close to you!
I hope, that you too wait for our meeting and would like to see me as strongly as I.
This all of what I dream now. We can write one thousand letters, but it will not replace to us even one day together
Unfortunately I should finish this letter :( But know, that you always in my ideas and my heart!
Know, that I love you and my heart knocks only for you!
I send you the most gentle embraces and sweet kisses!
Yours Tatyana

Letter 8

Hello my sweet Nick!!!
How are you my sweetheart?
I very much missed without your attention and very much waited your message!
Today in me greater happiness, because you have written for me very lovely and gentle words which I ever read!
I am very happy and inspired, because you have made my day!
You my love, my sweetheart !!!!!!!!! I am ready to shout about this all around, because my heart is filled by pleasure and happiness!
I am madly happy, because my feelings are mutual also you my favorite!
I believed, that you will understand me and approve, because you the most good person which I know!
I always dreamed with the big happiness and love, when I have met you, all in my life have changed. You - the reason of my happiness! You my unique hero and the wizard!
When I for the first time have learned about you, my heart spoke me, that you will be the good friend for me.
Certainly I could not know, that it will grow in greater, but it happens, and now I cannot find a word to state my happiness!
Our correspondence proceeded, and with each new message I more and more fascinated by you, because you the surprising person.
I always waited and wished to see close to me directly. I always trusted you and was not mistaken, because you true treasure. It is similarly to dream, and I do not wish to wake up! Tell to me, that it not dream! I am madly happy you! I would like to live in this dream always together with you my favourite !
I constantly thought of our meeting, and very much wait, when this remarkable day will came.
I would like to present All for you, that is in me and to make you happiest.
I love you my sweet and gentle , and I dream to be close to you!
I want, that you knew all about my feelings, because they belong only to you.
In weekend I am going to visit my parents and to tell them all news. They know about our correspondence, and will be very glad for us! They I shall be, are very glad to get acquainted with you sometime.
I shall necessarily transmit them the best regards from you! I would like to receive holiday from my work and to travel to you for this time. It is rest from work, which I can have two times in a year.
Now the most important for me to solve the problem with my chief. I hope that he will not be against and will give to me month of rest from work. I want, that we were together! This all of what I dream now!
I think, that I can approximately receive month of rest from work, and tomorrow I shall try to speak with my chief.
It will be improbable travel for me, because I never was abroad!
Certainly the most important for me to be close to you, that we could enjoy the friend the friend!
My favourite , I should run, because in me still have work much.
My dear , I shall be miss without you!!!!!
Know that I love you!
You always in my heart!
Yours Tatyana

Letter 9

Hello my dear Nick!!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter it to me to heat my heart. How your day?
I very much you like and to be very happy that soon we in a place.
My love I today has visited travel agency and now I have found out that to me will be necessary to travel to your country. I should make many documents the visa and the passport, and some information for you My love I for a long time communicated with manager travel agency and today I have signed the contract with travel agency that they have started to legalise for me all necessary papers that I could travel to you.
I have copied this price a sheet and would like to writenow to you the basic which you knew, that it will be necessary for me 1.
Registration of the visa. (type of visa B1/B2) the visa operates 90 days, Occupies from 5 till 10 calendar days. 100 euro. + Consular going USD 50 euro 2. The passport. Legality - is not less 6 months from the moment of one of prospective departure. The passport for travel abroad 20 euro 3. Medical insurance. 50 euros 4. The information from my work above my incomes, as my marital status. After the travel agency will prepare for me all documents to me, it will be necessary to transfer interview in your embassy. For this purpose to pay it it is not necessary, as this procedure is included in cost of consular gathering. If I, that shall transfer interview I completely is ready to travel to your country. In travel agency to me have told, that they can the help to me from interview. To this it is necessary to pay plus to travel agency for their services. It - 102 euro. Total 302 euro. My dear I as has found out cost of these documents. To me have told that registration All documents 302 euro will cost.
My lovely in travel agency to me informed that I should pay this money during 7 days. I to hand over all my documents and is very happy that my visa and documents will be ready in some days.
I am ready to shout for pleasure what to be fast we in a place and I can give you all my love.
Yours and only yours Tatyana

Letter 10

Hello my love Nick!!!!!
My lovely I it is very much upset and at me now a shock and I do not know that to me to do I think that you to understand me I shall go now in the telephone company and I shall cause you and once again to explain you
My love unfortunately my financial situation at this time very bad. I should receive the salary soon, but my boss today has told that money for holiday I can receive only at the end of my holiday. It is news of me simply shocked. I thought that all I shall pay, but now I am in difficult Situations. My love I did not want you to disturb my problems but nevertheless I would like to ask for you the help. My dear if this money not a problem for you that probably you can pay to me the help my documents??? Please forgive me that I ask you about it, but to me any more whom to ask the help and on this I ask you the help. I all heart hope that you can to me the help as I most of all want that our meeting has taken place. I dream of it each time when I think of you my lovely. my dear you know I cannot find necessary words at all to explain to you As I dream of that that we shall be together, that we will have happy life and that that in the future we shall be happy. I very much want to make you happy and the god I sees is ready on all that it was good you for me. Also know that I always shall be near to you and never I shall not leave you. My love very much I hope that our meeting soon will take place. But if nevertheless you cannot to me the help unfortunately I shall be compelled to refuse my contract And the travel agency will impose on me the penalty, now all hope only on you And then unfortunately I cannot visit you. My love I know that you very sincere, kind and reliable the man and you never will leave me in a trouble.
Please I ask you and I beg to me any more whom to ask about the help you expensive person for me in this world help me please 302 euro.
I you swear that I after my holiday I will give you all money with which you to me helped.
Well my dear. Now I shall close my letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you all heart.
Write to me as it is possible soon. I shall wait.
Yours and only yours Tatyana

Letter 11

Hello my love Nick!!!
Today I had not so good night. I did not sleep almost and constantly thought about You and about my the last letter. I very much worried, how you will consider my letter and I was afraid, that You any more will not write to me. I now very strongly to hate myself from that I have asked the help in money for you. Sees The god, that I did not want it, but at me it was not simple more variants to find money.
My love my angel, please forgive me
For my request in money. One god only sees, how it is now hard for me from that I ask the help you. I to not forgive
Itself if I to offend you and if you will poorly think of me. I do not want to take from you money, but unfortunately I cannot
To arrive to you as I can not pay travel to you my lovely, please do not understand me not correctly. I
Very much I want to see you, I want to be with you, I want to touch you and to your body but if you will poorly think of me
From for money I do not want that you helped me with money. I promise you to return then this money in due course when I to save
This sum from my wages. What do you think of it my love?
The darling now about my information which you asked in your letter for sending your money. My love, is very a pity to me, but
I have no bank account. At us in Russia not so popularly to use the bank account and it have only rich
People. I not the rich woman and me simply was not present sense to have the bank account. So I cannot receive your money through
Bank translation and you have at you the Western Union? These are systems of instant translations. You can
To send your money through these systems? In Russia these systems are very popular in us and many people use these services.
I even some times used these systems when sent money to my girlfriend in other city. You will be
To require only my full name and the address, to send your money. I now to write to you it:

city - Kazan
The address - Petrova 23 apartment 5
countries - Russia

If you will send your money to this address and for my name I without problems can receive your money. You can
To make it through the Western Union? This system to be in any bank in your city
I ask you to send me 302 euro On registration of all documents and the visa in your country Ok?
One of these days I will cause you by phone very much I wish to hear your voice.
Well, I to stop on it and I shall look forward to hearing from you. Please do not keep me waiting for a long time and write to me soon,
ok. I love you.
Yours and only yours Tatyana

Letter 12

Hello My love Nick!!!!
I am very strongly glad to see your letters and I am madly happy about that that our destiny to connect us on the Internet, I promise that I will love you and to care of you, all life, I not when not to bring you, and you not when will not be disappointed in me, I any more do not represent my life without you and if with us that that to happen that I not to go through it
Our love is very strong also I think that it will be even stronger when we to meet you
I will arrive to you I wish to see your house, your life.
As will survive also to that rejoice.
I want, that we were uniform whole in our joint happiness.
I want, that when I will leave the plane you have approached to me and have kissed me.
Certainly first of all I wish to create with you the happiest family.
If it will be real to get children. To find work and to support you to provide our family.
I wish to get acquainted with your native and friends. To get new friends
My love, I to ask from you the help in money? You to help me with these 302 euro? I already to write to you that
I need to pay it in a current of 3 days and I require your help if you not to help me and not to trust, then I ask you not to write to me more, to me such man is not necessary which to throw me during a hard time
Yours Tatyana

Letter 13

Hello My love Nick!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter it to me to heat my heart. How your day?
I very much love you and is very happy that soon we will in a place.
Thanks for your understanding Nick. I will wait your help on the western union, I once again send to you my data:

city - Kazan
The address - Petrova 23 apartment 5
countries - Russia

Write please my data very attentively without errors in bank the western union and I without problems will receive your help and at once I will mourn over my visa and documents.
Send please help Nick in dollars. I very much am grateful to you that you to do all for our meeting.
Yesterday to dream me dream and I want to tell to you about it a little. When I to fall asleep I to see that at last that I arrive to you and my plane does landing. I leave from the plane and to look where you my lovely but I and could not find you. I to stand and wait where you my lovely but you all was not. Then I already hardly was to not begin to cry, but here suddenly someone to approach to me behind and to close to me eyes hands. Then my heart for an instant has stopped. But suddenly a voice I have made "IT my LOVE "And here I to understand all that it to be you my lovely prince Nick. I to turn to you and we strong to embrace each other and kiss.
In a flash at me even tear has leaked. But this tear was with happiness. Then we together with you to move ahead to you in the house, and on road you to show me a lot of interesting. We were so we are happy that at last together. Now I shall finish the letter and to wait for yours. Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your love Tatyana

Letter 14

Hello My love Nick!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter I it with impatience to wait. How your day? I very much on to love you and with impatience I wait for our meeting.
Understand me please correctly to me it is necessary to pay urgently my visa and documents and I very much hope for your help.
I completely trust you and I ask you please do not bring me before firm of travel. I cannot send you a copy of my visa and the passport for travel abroad.
When I will mourn over my documents then I can send you these documents about which you to ask. I to want that you embraced me the strong hands.
I would like to nestle on your breast and that you whispered to me on an ear gentle words. When I to go to bed that I to represent that you near to me and I hopes that when I will wake up that I shall see you and you to me to tell good morning my love. It is very cold to me and it is empty without you. I should finish the letter and I shall wait for your fine letter. About love and tenderness for you and only you yours Tatyana KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.